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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/10/18  (213)
PACKED up and READY TO GO BOIS, HERE WE GOOOOO!    12/11/18  (4)
Single women above age 30 must be desperate af    12/11/18  (30)
@KamalaHarris f we want to live in a world that looks more like Wakanda, the fir    12/11/18  (28)
lot of acrimony on the bort lately. can't we just chill during this holiday seas    12/11/18  (16)
ITT, I give you three women. Pick one to be yours (as gf, fling, whatever u want    12/11/18  (131)
Colleges forcing comedians to sign contracts promising to be PC    12/11/18  (13)
Rate this South Park scene depicting modern wageslavery    12/11/18  (81)
chilmata, how's your Dodge Challenger doing?    12/11/18  (12)
Is Pyrrhic Victory a good book?    12/11/18  (3)
The end of America: Underclass can't afford Walmart anymore, Dollar Tree booming    12/11/18  (15)
HAPPY HANUKKAH    12/11/18  (1)
Trump debates with Pelosi/Schumer in Oval Office in front of press (link)    12/11/18  (6)
If I prefer sex with transwomen over genetic women, does that make me gay?    12/11/18  (33)
And another story of natural selection . . .    12/11/18  (1)
10 years ago: hope and change; now: universal democracy is a disaster    12/11/18  (5)
What problem was blockchain created to address?    12/11/18  (1)
Bort Jews: Do you put up a Christmas tree? Does Santa Claus come to ur house?    12/11/18  (1)
maori the fact that you dont have a les paul custom w gold hardware means youre    12/11/18  (2)
a list of crappy batman returns 'alternate batman' action figs    12/11/18  (12)
Columbia investigating sophomore who verbally accosted students about white supe    12/11/18  (9)
What are you getting your WIFE/GF for XMAS?    12/11/18  (104)
ITT: my favorite picture of Hall of Fame MLB player Harold Baines    12/11/18  (4)
This biglawyer got fired as a 6th year and re-started at new firm as 1st year    12/11/18  (3)
yo ironside, u wanna talk 90210?    12/11/18  (3)
572K Settlement Check (CSLG)    12/11/18  (23)
You could have been a geologist. Study actual rocks, tell lawyers what to do.    12/11/18  (2)
i feel like WRISTWATCHES are becoming kinda FAGGY    12/11/18  (2)
No one is keeping up with the Kardashians: Viewerships dips below 1 million    12/11/18  (2)
New job wants me to take a drug test    12/11/18  (37)
π–“π–Žπ–Œπ–Œπ–Šπ–—    12/11/18  (5)
Selfish Asshole Brought Booze To Shabbat Dinner For Only Him & Host To Enjoy    12/11/18  (130)
Hebrew is a hideous-sounding language    12/11/18  (36)
earl: she is 1 on a binary scale Thunder Collins: TY for the compliment of a    12/11/18  (9)
12yo you, seeing you now & fighting back tears- "why doesnt he fight back"    12/11/18  (140)
Tantalus reaches; the fruit does not shrink away. He eats it. Is he happy?    12/11/18  (3)
coen brothers new netflix western "ballad of buster scruggs" cr?    12/11/18  (82)
Amended tax returns, got around $12K, immediately went to Omega store    12/11/18  (1)
Wife brought up swinging to me on "date night"    12/11/18  (46)
TRUMP to FINALLY FUCKING unveil INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN in January    12/11/18  (41)
Confused - why does Trump need Pelosi for wall funding when Mexico is paying?    12/11/18  (1)
not right now honey I am posting your body shots on that weird forum    12/11/18  (2)
9 year old black girl in AL suicides after being constantly bullied about race    12/11/18  (29)
Thoughts on the Seiko SKX007    12/11/18  (19)
Uh has anyone done a thread on the mega-cuck story in the NYT yet?    12/11/18  (83)
if ETH drops below $15 by 1/15/19 ill send 1.5 ETH to rdm poster in honor of lui    12/11/18  (4)
*CSLG singing "We are Farmers" as he fucks his wife on a pile of money*    12/11/18  (24)
Truckstop humiliation    12/11/18  (1)
Friend is pumping a ton into crypto (EOS, lmao) now. Ridicule him?    12/11/18  (23)
This website tells you if you have a "likable" face (link)    12/11/18  (14)
LONZO BALL fucking sucks    12/11/18  (43)
Lawyer disbarred for using 5 sock puppets on anonymous web blog chat forum    12/11/18  (23)
   12/11/18  (49)
Earth Defense Force 5 has SHAMELESS Austerlitz/C12 trolling    12/11/18  (1)
If ETH drops from $86 to $40 it won't have much of an impact on Luis's losses    12/11/18  (4)
Wife has been busy, sick, and sexually unavailable. Fuck whore on work trip?    12/11/18  (40)
What's a solid, higher end but not super fancy MFH restaurant?    12/11/18  (73)
Pradeepwater Horizon telling Gulf of Mexico "beautiful ocean,,pls add"    12/11/18  (12)
Pls review draft: "TINY LOVE STORIES" for NYT Modern Love column.    12/11/18  (2)
some guy named Boaz Manor posed as a goy to start scam ICO    12/11/18  (2)
One voluntary exchange: CGM put your order in the oven at 5:26    12/11/18  (50)
Xo believes devry when he says nyuugs Korean sux but not when he says    12/11/18  (6)
In hot tub smoking pack of menthols retiring tonight for good taking last qs    12/11/18  (24)
Going to WAR with my coop board    12/11/18  (160)
Just ate two cans of spinach for lunch. How maf are anti-spinach cucks?    12/11/18  (1)
Guy i know been married 2 years. Hasn't eaten wife's pussy in 5 years.    12/11/18  (6)
180 cruel irony that chill Luis is located right in heart of Silicon Valley (DTP    12/11/18  (16)
Time traveller Rowan angrily confronting FATCEPS after Egypt tri    12/11/18  (27)
PSA: of all the CHOBANI yogurts PASSIONFRUIT is BY FAR the worst    12/11/18  (14)
Men who have sex with an obese wife/partner are actually more deviant and perver    12/11/18  (8)
New genetics paper shows blacks have archaic hominid ancestry    12/11/18  (1)
Meng Wanzhou (born Meg Whitman) is a Chinese business executive, political activ    12/11/18  (2)
β“β“˜β“–β“–β“”β“‘    12/11/18  (7)
The Forcememeing of the Board by the Coward Dot Comma Dot Dot Dot Comma Comma C    12/11/18  (3)
How mad will libs be when James Fields is acquitted on all counts?    12/11/18  (22)
I can't imagine being a mid-30s shrew on a dating app    12/11/18  (35)
πŸ…πŸ…˜πŸ…–πŸ…–πŸ…”πŸ…‘    12/11/18  (3)
A WGWAG Haiku    12/11/18  (4)
Its not the strongest that survives but the one most responsive to change-Darwin    12/11/18  (2)
ETH is UP over the last hour. moon incoming?    12/11/18  (1)
The Libel of Joel Osteen By The Coward Upset Jew    12/11/18  (9)
The Appropriation of James Damianos Songsby the Coward Bob Dylan    12/11/18  (6)
I enjoy the company of straight men, particularly when they are naked and hairy.    12/11/18  (3)
The ass insemination of whokebe by the coward mr jinx    12/11/18  (16)
Barron invites Wayne Rooney to White House. Towers over him. (pic)    12/11/18  (10)
The assassination of the Big 12 Conference by the coward ESPN Longhorn Network    12/11/18  (8)
The Gaslighting of Lawman8 by the Coward Coldplayfan    12/11/18  (23)
race realist ned flanders    12/11/18  (2)
The pwning of the Coward NYUUG by the Doughboy RSF    12/11/18  (2)
Verizon buys Marissa Mayer's Yahoo for $4.5B. Immediately writes off all value    12/11/18  (20)
What people think and the reality are two different things    12/11/18  (4)
Thoughts on True Detective Season 3?    12/11/18  (38)
peterman recovered his monocle, wore it to Google CEO hearing on Capitol Hill    12/11/18  (1)
Required reading for freshman GOP class: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie    12/11/18  (2)
Tuesday Inspiration (DevryMastersCandidate)    12/11/18  (1)
Holy shit nyuug “speaks Korean at a 1st grade level”    12/11/18  (249)
Can we start a Jewish autonomous oblast in the USA?    12/11/18  (4)
Pretty 180 how utterly impotent Donald turned out to be    12/11/18  (58)
Citing low quality of US cars China lowers tarriffs on them    12/11/18  (2)
Is KRAV MAGA the most cr and most useful martial art to learn?    12/11/18  (3)
I agree with Kamala. Wakanda has far better border security than US    12/11/18  (3)
Russia gave Jews "Jewish Autonomous Oblast"    12/11/18  (11)
You need to check out the “Hot Guys Fuck” pornhub channel immediately. ASAP.    12/11/18  (6)
HOUSE RENO BROS - How $$ to raise the roof and add a story?    12/11/18  (17)
"wakanda", gasped the WW1 soldier with his dying breath    12/11/18  (1)
How does NFL create so much revenue with just a 16-game season    12/11/18  (15)
"LaMarcus" aka Jin Park (born Chaim Rosenfeld) best known as Tom Brady superfan    12/11/18  (6)
What are you getting your EX WIFE/GF for XMAS?    12/11/18  (1)
Google CEO: Russia spent $47,000,000 in Google ads in 2016 Election (link)    12/11/18  (7)
Remember when lil donald put North Korea on same level as US?    12/11/18  (1)
XO John McWhorter: Is Social Justice the New Religion?    12/11/18  (4)
Better reader: nyuug or Floyd Mayweather?    12/11/18  (1)
Meet the "involuntarily celibate" women (dailymail)    12/11/18  (4)
Bye bye weird Korean guy, drove his Mustang to noraebang then went home to cry    12/11/18  (76)
Ian Samuel accused of sexual harassment    12/11/18  (51)
Trump supporter goes on 180 screed on Trump lying about middle income taxes    12/11/18  (35)
Remember when the reality TV show “POTUS” “denuclearized” N Korea?    12/11/18  (33)
Trump is going to throw a military parade after the Korean peace treaty signing    12/11/18  (25)
North Korea bends the knee and denuclearizing. MAGA!    12/11/18  (2)
Lawman8 - get ITT and guess all of Obeezy's alts    12/11/18  (6)
Mueller speaks at granddotter's commencement, bashes Trump + his grifter family    12/11/18  (31)
Uber notification: krampusnacht is arriving    12/11/18  (28)
Crypto dorks, you should've just bought NK Summit coins    12/11/18  (2)
RSF: 100% Catholic, speaks perfect Hebrew, circumcised, bar mitzvah pictures    12/11/18  (37)
Time Person of the Year    12/11/18  (38)
just a bunch of chill, circumcised catholic bros performing hagbah    12/11/18  (2)
videos of women getting into parking lot fights while not wearing panties    12/11/18  (1)
anyone know when this mueller shit will end? trump's approval rating is 49 and    12/11/18  (1)
how maf is jjc that tctp has a job in finance    12/11/18  (60)
Lana Del Rey- Art Deco.mp3 + Eyes On Fire (feat. Kirsten Stubbe Teglb...    12/11/18  (9)
Chandler Trial #2 Day 3 - Closing Arguments (CSLG)    12/11/18  (48)
Shrew Gf: Blows the Shofar; 2nd Cousin: Blows the Chauffeur    12/11/18  (6)
2nd cousin: Skips seconds; Shrew GF: Table to bathroom in 6 seconds    12/11/18  (7)
Discuss Changes in Biglaw Past Decade    12/11/18  (74)
Beto O'Rourke is the top vote-getter in latest MoveOn.org 2020 straw poll    12/11/18  (1)
2nd cousin: Sloane to your Bueller; Shrew GF: Rooting for Mueller    12/11/18  (20)
Avi, I love the feeling of the sun on my skin in the summah.    12/11/18  (10)
Which one of these images is Kiki and another BOuba?    12/11/18  (2)
It's painful to watch these Tech hearings    12/11/18  (1)
Has anyone tried Omaha steaks?    12/11/18  (13)
TCTP should lend JJC some money. I heard the laundromat isn’t going so well    12/11/18  (2)
Krampusnacht bawling, vomiting dal, screaming Wakanda Forever at 8pm showing    12/11/18  (10)
You can go a long time and not be recognized for your talents/efforts    12/11/18  (4)
Peterman screaming 'OUT ME!' to Benzo & 20 RigPigs as they zip up and leave    12/11/18  (6)
have any of you ever checked ur kids game time on the app monitors?    12/11/18  (14)
"i drive a mustang and im incel"    12/11/18  (5)
princel    12/11/18  (5)
Why didn't Trump nominate Ted Cruz for SCOTUS?    12/11/18  (1)
Hank Johnson: "My fear is that the firewall will get wet and expose private data    12/11/18  (1)
goddam new UN Ambassador Heather Nauert is hot    12/11/18  (31)

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