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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
you're old: we're all dead    09/25/18  (3)
Un-retiring for an hour to share what the divorce attorney told me (Muscadine)    09/25/18  (104)
Can any BMW owners opine as to the cost of ownership?    09/25/18  (61)
Avenatti was punked by 4chan?!?!    09/25/18  (14)
I do freelanth work, lisped boner police, as he sucked off a guy named lance    09/25/18  (8)
Rate this Latina stripper. Deport or keep?    09/25/18  (15)
Its there a dating site for neo platonists    09/25/18  (6)
Troutman associate buys fiance $100k engagement ring, she leaves him, keeps rin    09/25/18  (212)
David Axelrod: Avenatti is the "avenging angel" fighting Trump    09/25/18  (1)
this is the ceiling of achievement- rape accusations from ugly chicks    09/25/18  (3)
RATE the Nike CEO's artwork    09/25/18  (23)
sorry if I got a little handsy last night haha. Im a virgin btw    09/25/18  (7)
Boner police, how long have you kept up the day drinking alcoholic lifestyle    09/25/18  (7)
"And then in 2nd grade you tagged Mary Sue and said she had coodies, didn't you?    09/25/18  (10)
Avenatti flew too close to the sun    09/25/18  (3)
I'm short NKE at $80    09/25/18  (124)
inspired scholarship on the daily stormer today    09/25/18  (16)
RATE this tweet correction by BBC    09/25/18  (11)
Like a virgin / Raping for the very first time    09/25/18  (2)
I have a client with a claim that can't be disproven. No you CANT question them.    09/25/18  (5)
Worst thing about all this is Dems will just pat themselves on back for effort    09/25/18  (1)
Eth is bottom is in. Last chance to buy under $200 ever    09/25/18  (7)
*wakes up at 6:45* *cracks knuckles* *searches "nugget play" on xoxohth.com*    09/25/18  (1)
DU, DU HAST, DU HAST MESH    09/25/18  (38)
Xo full of poorfags using dirty 2nd hand CPAP machines    09/25/18  (1)
Why does the "media" project an image of Englad from 20, 30 years ago?    09/25/18  (1)
REMINDER: The woman you love? Your future wife?    09/25/18  (58)
AR-15s are only $500 dollars now    09/25/18  (43)
Have any XO men not had their ass/junk grabbed at a bar or club?    09/25/18  (15)
libs have crammed us like sardines into metro areas. i need LEBENSRAUM    09/25/18  (2)
Pre / Post XO    09/25/18  (1)
Martinez says Kavanaugh was into "nugget play"    09/25/18  (1)
*Bloodacre searching "cum carafe" on Waterford Crystal website*    09/25/18  (1)
Tinder and Bumble bros, is it me or are we in the golden age of 40plus chicks    09/25/18  (7)
The Zionist evangelicals all need to be gassed too btw    09/25/18  (22)
Rumor that Feinstein suspected Dr. Ford of being a GOP plant    09/25/18  (12)
RANCH    09/25/18  (1)
Look at what libs have done to Hooters    09/25/18  (21)
Deserve to be heard. Courage. Serious allegations.    09/25/18  (1)
Giant octopus in Singapore zoo made a sand drawing of MA flight 370    09/25/18  (4)
Absolutely lulzy the womyn that Cosby is going to prison over    09/25/18  (1)
Girls washing car windows with they boobs (your in the car)    09/25/18  (7)
Just want an 80 IQ Brazilian woman who lacks the language skills to go to the PD    09/25/18  (6)
Some girl flashed her tits at me in college, Im ok    09/25/18  (17)
a den of proles i found god and am no longer an alcoholic    09/25/18  (7)
ljl boom here...will do what I want..could've always was never "bullied"    09/25/18  (16)
thoughts on shorting cannabis companies in canada?    09/25/18  (1)
can't believe the crusades were already 1000 years ago. WOW.    09/25/18  (4)
Lil @ Whitey and their irrational love for dogs.    09/25/18  (10)
you're old: perish is 947    09/25/18  (1)
The FBI serving a search warrant on your home, looking for HS memorabilia    09/25/18  (1)
you're old: julius caesar is 92    09/25/18  (1)
I'd like to address the charges i ground my boner on a girl's ass at a HS dance    09/25/18  (1)
you're old: the french revolution was 229 years ago    09/25/18  (5)
Rate this escort    09/25/18  (30)
She's way happier without me    09/25/18  (3)
Raccoon reporter unearths hazy but credible Kavanaugh Allegations    09/25/18  (1)
Shirtless Texas men arrested for murder in dispute over $100k engagement ring    09/25/18  (1)
you're old: 9/11 was four decades ago, not much after discotheques    09/25/18  (1)
Future SCOTUS nominees should be castrated or look like Kagan/Sotomayor/Ginsberg    09/25/18  (1)
1998 was 355 years ago    09/25/18  (20)
you're old: jonathan taylor thomas is 45    09/25/18  (1)
if Kav agrees to be gelded, can we reach a detente    09/25/18  (1)
you're old: flea from rhcp is 84    09/25/18  (1)
First 6 figure settlement taking ? (Verne Lundquist TP)    09/25/18  (31)
Next month is best time to rob banks; FBI will be busy reading yearbooks    09/25/18  (2)
you're old: bruce willis is 79    09/25/18  (1)
Montage of FBI agents reading microfilms about SCOTUS nom 6th grade dances    09/25/18  (2)
you're old: justin bieber is 31    09/25/18  (1)
3 to 10 years for an innocent man?? Just let him out    09/25/18  (3)
Congressman Davidson (OHIO) will go down in history as the visionary    09/25/18  (1)
Scott Frost regrets and knows he fucked up leaving UCF    09/25/18  (5)
They're all laughing at Trump!!    09/25/18  (3)
How much smarter are physicists to lawyers?    09/25/18  (13)
Normal to take midday naps at 10am    09/25/18  (1)
Cosby/Kav silliness in news on same day: we have reached Total Gynocracy    09/25/18  (2)
LAST CHANCE TO BUY SUB 220 ETH    09/25/18  (12)
You have to be INSANE to continue practicing law after trying it out    09/25/18  (23)
Starting to feel like i need a vacation bros.    09/25/18  (13)
Chuck Schumer: there is no presumption of innocence (link)    09/25/18  (7)
Ford flying in loops SkyKing style over Baltimore as Air Force scrambles jets    09/25/18  (1)
THOT_RAVAGER is 180    09/25/18  (12)
I fucking hate work    09/25/18  (7)
There are 2,849 miles to D.C. We have a full tank of gas, half bottle of xanax,    09/25/18  (4)
my hair is sufficiently long to get tangled if i don't brush it, like a girl    09/25/18  (2)
Blasey-Ford in a diaper, doing 95 mph on I-80    09/25/18  (2)
Wilbur Mercer is dead?    09/25/18  (32)
libs have become demented maniacs    09/25/18  (1)
BREAKING: Ford spotted a truck stop diner in Nevada    09/25/18  (1)
Ford Looking for An Exit Option?    09/25/18  (44)
Feinstein: "I don't know if Blasey-Ford will show up"    09/25/18  (8)
HOLY CRAP, 3rd Kavanaugh accuser steps forward    09/25/18  (5)
Feinstein calls for Blasey Ford hearing to be CANCELLED due to new allegations    09/25/18  (37)
Locavore Chad fitting an entire heirloom tomato in your future wife's pussy    09/25/18  (1)
how important is it for you to share "yourself" with a woman you fuck    09/25/18  (33)
Even if 4chan story is false, lmao at Avenatti having to defend against that cla    09/25/18  (1)
theres something to be said about adhering to millennia of a Saturn and moon ba    09/25/18  (1)
Its an amazing feeling when you finally start to like yourself    09/25/18  (91)
We should start trolling journalists with fake news    09/25/18  (14)
Whats stopping you from going solo?    09/25/18  (19)
The history of Byzantium is sad. Just slow, painful retreat into Constantinople    09/25/18  (75)
AVENATTI RESPONDS TO 4CHAN RUMORS (link)    09/25/18  (1)
Yale prof says Kavanaugh lied about being a virgin    09/25/18  (105)
Mitch McConnell introducing an amendment to repeal the 19th amendment    09/25/18  (6)
2nd Kavanaugh accuser refuses to testify under oath to Senate committee    09/25/18  (4)
So Feinstein's strategy is to go hard SJW to hide her corruption/neoconnery?    09/25/18  (2)
An illegal arrested in March was released. What he did next will surprise you!    09/25/18  (4)
If Kav "caused her to touch it... as she pushed him away" is his cock massive?    09/25/18  (1)
Nuttiest lib belief: "The Klan" is still a huge organization and a major force    09/25/18  (13)
Ljl @ whitey and their rational love of drugs    09/25/18  (1)
idea: spam message boards with crazy shit using names of rising political stars    09/25/18  (4)
properly accessing her memories lol    09/25/18  (3)
dmtp    09/25/18  (2)
not enough DAD HER AROUND scholarship on xo anymore    09/25/18  (3)
Bert Kavanaugh's bama bangs    09/25/18  (5)
One of TVs greatest villains is a biglaw partner who killed self over a typo    09/25/18  (1)
I want to found my own music festival    09/25/18  (13)
Bart o'Kavanaugh passed out in truckbed. Too drunk to get it up, still a virgin.    09/25/18  (1)
Made my magic mushroom capsules    09/25/18  (21)
this entire spectacle has been created/perpetuated by jew women    09/25/18  (2)
How many bankers under 45 are in "take your shirt off" shape    09/25/18  (5)
Judge Brett Kavanaugh entering Senate hearing to "Return of the Mack"    09/25/18  (1)
how does one become detached from material things?    09/25/18  (26)
round trip to belize for $199    09/25/18  (1)
Dog mom to fur babies. Wanderlust. Adventures. $100k ring minimum.    09/25/18  (5)
we all suffer for the ones we love    09/25/18  (14)
luis do you think our families could live together in this arkansas compound    09/25/18  (10)
Porn Star Lena Paul bears striking facial resemblance to...Alize Cornet #tennis    09/25/18  (3)
Rape accusers in criminal trials should be able to pick their cross-examiner    09/25/18  (1)
step 1: emasculate/neuter white men step 2: flood country w/ aggressive barbaria    09/25/18  (1)
depose US government. replace it with literally every active xo poster (even pum    09/25/18  (1)
Lib hero Brian Krassenstein admits that he is paid to tweet anti-Trump stuff (vi    09/25/18  (13)
Ambulance chaser said insurance company offered me 15k for my accident    09/25/18  (18)
Livestream of DR. Ford cross-country caravan departing Palo Alto rn (link)    09/25/18  (2)
Youre INSANE if youre not buying hairshirt, flagellum, discipline, cilice now    09/25/18  (2)
how does one become detached from marital things?    09/25/18  (1)
Kavanaugh: "That night was foggy. I remember lots of flipping. Heh."    09/25/18  (1)
Happy Tuesday, Obeezy! End it all yet?    09/25/18  (2)
how many concussions can you think of    09/25/18  (3)
Big Breasts Wow Real Sex For You Sexy Man You Want Fuck (you are not a lawyer)    09/25/18  (1)
If Avenatti succeeds in sinking Kav he's the presumptive 2020 Dem nominee right?    09/25/18  (11)
Thousands of law teens to descend on New York this week:    09/25/18  (1)
Final two contestants on The Bachelor Vietnam ding NOWAG for each other (link)    09/25/18  (12)
Hojrakso P. Coletrain    09/25/18  (1)
ill say this: if avenatti comes through with legit stuff ill be legit impressed    09/25/18  (7)

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