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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/10/18  (213)
What is the end point for CFB realignment?    12/11/18  (24)
2020 Trump rally: "And where is James Alex Fields? GET UP HERE, JIMMY!" *cheers*    12/11/18  (16)
BJJ outfits are so thin and uniform... it's not really cloth-ing    12/11/18  (4)
*Random Pumos standing up to Henry Aaron* "I'm Obeezy", "NO, I AM OBEEZY!"    12/11/18  (9)
Rate this post on Trump and China    12/11/18  (9)
“This needs a lot of work” *fixes 3 typos*    12/11/18  (2)
weird gooks/kikes giggling about Fields getting railroaded will all be gassed    12/11/18  (2)
1st degree murderer James Fields premeditated murder for months    12/11/18  (3)
if you're not excited about the Lion King remake you are dead inside    12/11/18  (88)
criminal genius James Alex Fields    12/11/18  (2)
the level of methodical planning by James Alex Fields is breathtaking    12/11/18  (2)
Trump debates with Pelosi/Schumer in Oval Office in front of press (link)    12/11/18  (30)
RATE this email exchange i had with amazon    12/11/18  (42)
Would you give up 35 IQ points at the age of 25, to be Buff Chad until 50 yo?    12/11/18  (17)
List the top 5 NJ suburbs to live in for NORTH and SOUTH    12/11/18  (21)
Hanukah-mos, how much did you spend on gifts vs. receive?    12/11/18  (2)
real talk wtf was goin on in that M Night shadyshitter movie 'the happening'    12/11/18  (2)
Pls review draft: "TINY LOVE STORIES" for NYT Modern Love column.    12/11/18  (13)
due to a recent visit from the FBI, I am now officially retiring (pepito)    12/11/18  (2)
WSJ: Baby Boomers are the "loneliest generation"    12/11/18  (23)
18000 how badly I have triggered that pumo today    12/11/18  (6)
NBA players file grievance against coach for making them practice too hard (link    12/11/18  (2)
SO fucking sick of women's incessant bullshit    12/11/18  (4)
Bort Jews: Do you put up a Christmas tree? Does Santa Claus come to ur house?    12/11/18  (8)
You need to check out the “Hot Guys Fuck” pornhub channel immediately. ASAP.    12/11/18  (7)
RSF: 100% Catholic, speaks perfect Hebrew, circumcised, bar mitzvah pictures    12/11/18  (38)
how long did 50 y/o pants-shitter charlie brown tp's latest "retirement" last?    12/11/18  (2)
Despite all my AIDS, I'm still just a whore at Flying Js (Smashing Petermans)    12/11/18  (50)
Local idiot wins lottery, reinvest 100% of winning on more lottery tickets    12/11/18  (2)
xo needs to go all in on the post-crypto FIGHT ME IN IRL FAGGOT mentality    12/11/18  (9)
Hebrew is a hideous-sounding language    12/11/18  (41)
i have to hand it to upset jew tp    12/11/18  (1)
Big Lebowski is only 20 years old but feels like a lifetime ago    12/11/18  (4)
trump's biggest problem wasn't the deep state but his inability to pick personne    12/11/18  (9)
What's a solid, higher end but not super fancy MFH restaurant?    12/11/18  (85)
Just looked through entire HS yearbook on facebook that was depressing    12/11/18  (19)
In hot tub smoking pack of menthols retiring tonight for good taking last qs    12/11/18  (25)
"exeunt" swindled and hoodwinked a lot of people    12/11/18  (24)
luis - book me four nights in a 4-Star hotel and I’ll come kick your ass    12/11/18  (46)
Rate this 180 business idea    12/11/18  (11)
Leaving TOMORROW for a ~2month TRIP (RSF)    12/11/18  (146)
Queering Brexit in a post-Cecil world: Reflections on Race, Trump and police bru    12/11/18  (47)
Blonde Scandinavian white woman hates white "men"    12/11/18  (6)
How long do you wait to confirm a FB friend request?    12/11/18  (12)
What are you getting your WIFE/GF for XMAS?    12/11/18  (116)
Millennials are afraid stocks are too risky, so they’re investing in bitcoin    12/11/18  (5)
Trump awarded $293K from Stormy.    12/11/18  (4)
Biden Should Run on a Unity Ticket With Romney [POLITICO]    12/11/18  (6)
'Moonlight' is an amazing film    12/11/18  (1)
How mad will libs be when James Fields is acquitted on all counts?    12/11/18  (24)
Children of Ted [NYMag]    12/11/18  (4)
Lucy holding the football but its exeunt giving investment advice    12/11/18  (1)
Chandler Trial #2 Day 3 - Closing Arguments (CSLG)    12/11/18  (56)
ETH has fallen to $93 but its market cap is still $10 bil. can fall 90% easily.    12/11/18  (17)
charles, do you ever pig out?    12/11/18  (3)
is it too late to short on eth?    12/11/18  (4)
I feel to pity giving out high interest loans to businesses    12/11/18  (6)
Charles, you got to try BJJ. Most tactical sport I ever played    12/11/18  (17)
Phenotype is real - almost all chiropractors look retarded/prole    12/11/18  (2)
Protip: You don't need a gargage. Just duct tape a hose from exhaust into car    12/11/18  (1)
How Meng Wanzhou’s Arrest Might Backfire [Bloomberg]    12/11/18  (29)
Ariande Grande looks like an inbred Mayan anorexic    12/11/18  (62)
i want to live in a world where it's common for men to cite DUTY as their motive    12/11/18  (1)
Lawman8 did you see i warned people about crypto ponzi in 2017    12/11/18  (7)
Bart, how many times has your wife cheated on you?    12/11/18  (2)
Ironic that consuela didnt use a smart contract for his bet    12/11/18  (1)
Lib animal rights activists steal homeless man's puppy (vid)    12/11/18  (17)
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Airlines, by RSF    12/11/18  (9)
squat 90 iq mayan nanny raising your kid while you turn redlines    12/11/18  (14)
business idea: Ethereum but it doesn't crash    12/11/18  (7)
"Nooo don't be mean to that poaster!!" the 38 yo man shrieked    12/11/18  (3)
extremely tall white woman blessed by short mayan shamancleansing ritual (video)    12/11/18  (4)
Rate this opinion piece on how to properly queer The Lion King for stage    12/11/18  (26)
i hope crypto re-moons so ghostface billah kills himself    12/11/18  (1)
odds on new lion king making timon and pumbaa overtly gay?    12/11/18  (3)
Video of Ragnus deadlifting with perfect form (ragnus)    12/11/18  (3)
*buries millennia of genetic development into a squat mayan*    12/11/18  (15)
Rate this Green Beret's list of "must have" tools to have on hand    12/11/18  (1)
The Green Beret who went on a one man Rampage to save his Comrades    12/11/18  (41)
Wife brought up swinging to me on "date night"    12/11/18  (70)
Uh has anyone done a thread on the mega-cuck story in the NYT yet?    12/11/18  (100)
ITT: I rank the L.A. neighborhoods    12/11/18  (9)
CSLG Kenny & Chandler LLP just got 825K settlement offer w client still treating    12/11/18  (7)
Bitfinex lets you use BTC as collateral to get USD margin which you can then use    12/11/18  (11)
Blockchain "technology" is fucking stupid and so are you. Here's why    12/11/18  (63)
Jew "shabbat" dinners are always too loud and harshly lit    12/11/18  (5)
Lol ETH has a theoretical maximum of 15 transactions per second    12/11/18  (39)
ESPN ranks top 20 athletes in world: 6 of top 9 women    12/11/18  (7)
Video of losers Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi debating Trump    12/11/18  (1)
Imagine you're a HUFFPO blogger AND you put ESQ in your twitter handle    12/11/18  (1)
I'd invest in ETH if it wasnt for peterman and chandler    12/11/18  (131)
NYT article about children masturbating    12/11/18  (7)
Xo believes devry when he says nyuugs Korean sux but not when he says    12/11/18  (7)
Chubby 35 yo screaming "let's rage bros" as crumbs fly out of his mouth.    12/11/18  (88)
boy that thread full of JJC and Obeezy alts really nails Trumptards    12/11/18  (1)
Anybody else cop RSF's book off amazon?    12/11/18  (1)
Nigger Semen, Doo Doo & Feces LLP    12/11/18  (1)
Reminder those obsessing over politics are pepperoni faced virgin autists    12/11/18  (9)
*Loses 40 gerrymandered House seats with 3.7% unemployment + 4% growth*    12/11/18  (70)
Women complain about toxic masculinity but prefer hyper masculine men    12/11/18  (9)
post ITT if u are still FOR EXEUNT    12/11/18  (6)
Pretty 180 how utterly impotent Donald turned out to be    12/11/18  (65)
What is your favorite salad dressing?    12/11/18  (28)
Lots of libslurper120 types think DOJ IG is getting ready to indict Comey (LINK)    12/11/18  (2)
Selfish Asshole Brought Booze To Shabbat Dinner For Only Him & Host To Enjoy    12/11/18  (136)
why aren't libs posting about the "Blue Wave"?    12/11/18  (11)
Alexa buy my safely diverse frizzy-haired mulatto wife a Lexus w/ a huge red bow    12/11/18  (18)
ur future wife fighting the urge to cum as she is raped for the first time    12/11/18  (3)
This pic of Chuck Schumer is practically a meme    12/11/18  (16)
George Conway humiliating his wife at 5:30am. She’s in the house probably.    12/11/18  (10)
clint eastwood makes UGLY CHILDREN (photo of all 8 children together)    12/11/18  (5)
Theresa May as Gollum    12/11/18  (1)
PACKED up and READY TO GO BOIS, HERE WE GOOOOO!    12/11/18  (24)
kihote something is "off" about dems-- i'm predicting midterm red wave    12/11/18  (7)
Niggerballllls, niggerballllls. It's Niggertime in the city!    12/11/18  (2)
A poker player bet $100k that he could last 30 days in a dark room    12/11/18  (219)
xo is on the verge of becoming an underground street fighting board    12/11/18  (1)
The end of America: Underclass can't afford Walmart anymore, Dollar Tree booming    12/11/18  (23)
Canadian Goatse: is this TCR winter attire?    12/11/18  (4)
Getting my braces off tomorrow    12/11/18  (55)
Rate Posner's analysis of RAPE    12/11/18  (7)
Hey, guys. I had this stroke of genius...what if we ONLY nominate WOMEN???    12/11/18  (23)
XO right wingers: What are the legitimate roles/functions for government?    12/11/18  (26)
oopsies :) (link 2 compendium of articles describing recent scientific reversals    12/11/18  (4)
This was Time's Person of the Year "short list" ---    12/11/18  (7)
5,000 niggers from South Side ghetto moved to Israel as "African Hebrew Israelit    12/11/18  (2)
CEO asks Quora how to get his employees to work longer hours for the same pay    12/11/18  (2)
ETH is mooning    12/11/18  (1)
What problem was blockchain created to address?    12/11/18  (6)
Just IRL fought a guy, that's four so far in December, gonna hit 10 (Pedestrian)    12/11/18  (2)
𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖌𝖊𝖗    12/11/18  (8)
Israel surpasses Japan in per capita GDP.    12/11/18  (10)
Rate this movie idea: nerd invents time machine, goes back to HS & gets bullied    12/11/18  (1)
Cool about owning Schumer, now pour some concrete, faggot    12/11/18  (1)
why are whites on this board so preoccupied with race mixing?    12/11/18  (2)
Doobs, quietly crying as he totters in high-heals, amazed as Peterman cartwheels    12/11/18  (5)
Rate this South Park scene depicting modern wageslavery    12/11/18  (92)
Great photo from Oval Office today    12/11/18  (1)
When collusion?    12/11/18  (1)
completely forgot the concept of "layaway" existed    12/11/18  (7)
*wild eyed man in the street grabs u by the lapels* "Crypto WILL MOON AGAIN!"    12/11/18  (3)
Clutchable tranny “Miss” Spain is odds on favorite to win “Miss” Univers    12/11/18  (3)
Ordered a blue moon poured into a shock top at the bar they call it a corp slave    12/11/18  (2)
Rofl crypto grabbed the attention of entire world - then went -90% (DTP)    12/11/18  (6)
very bullish development for crypto: hedge funds    12/11/18  (114)
Going to WAR with my coop board    12/11/18  (164)
ITT, I give you three women. Pick one to be yours (as gf, fling, whatever u want    12/11/18  (154)

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