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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
you are nothing but utter shit in 2019 without at least a half mill family money    02/21/19  (2)
this board is finished    02/21/19  (7)
lonely and shitty    02/21/19  (2)
Ruh-roh Jacksonmos, looks like MJ's estate really wants this doc SHUT DOWN    02/21/19  (2)
about to kill this uber driver than launch this car off a bridge    02/21/19  (2)
i think im gonna go live in a tent in a natioanl park    02/21/19  (2)
Describe the moment you realized Money is God here on Earth    02/21/19  (3)
cant stop thinking about killing myself due to zero family money    02/21/19  (2)
the replacements - can't hardly wait (no horns).mp3    02/21/19  (1)
Is Zion’s injury worse for Nike or the NCAA?    02/21/19  (33)
Pretty lulzy and 180 how Henry Aaron lives rent free in board libs’ heads    02/21/19  (1)
Is dating a physician worth it?    02/21/19  (14)
i need to emergently marry into a rich family    02/21/19  (4)
does anyone *feel* like we are living in economic boom times?    02/21/19  (3)
Hate crimes are rising, regardless of Jussie Smollett's case. Here's why    02/21/19  (1)
Anyone here stop to consider whether human life is worth perpetuating l?    02/21/19  (1)
I'm anti-immigration, but we should let in all 99%+ European Venezuelans    02/21/19  (12)
Will Lomachenko ever fight anybody?    02/21/19  (12)
Mike Trout is better than Manny Machado and Bryce Harper COMBINED    02/21/19  (12)
Describe this one NJ Town    02/21/19  (4)
NYT: America's Professional Elite: Wealthy, Successful and Miserable    02/21/19  (98)
Haskell bros data constructors seem superfluous?    02/21/19  (1)
Describe these NJ Towns    02/21/19  (72)
By 2100, 50% of world's population will live in Bangladesh, India, Africa, Pakis    02/21/19  (1)
Just got my 280 dollar Barbri class action check    02/21/19  (1)
I’m literally taking a day off work tomorrow so Imcan keep reading this book    02/21/19  (1)
Hot mom arrested for posting video of blacks fighting at her son's school    02/21/19  (126)
no amount of money is worth this spiritual degradation    02/21/19  (11)
Fat Agassi: Just Do Coin Toss At 6-6 In 5th, Don't Play Out Sets #tennis    02/21/19  (2)
Dr Federer Chooses Madrid As His Pre-RG Clay Event #tennis    02/21/19  (4)
Venezuela situation leading to CUCKINGS.    02/21/19  (8)
killing joke - eighties.mp3    02/21/19  (7)
you guys ever see Y Tu Mama Tambien?    02/21/19  (8)
holy fucking shit it all sucks beyond comprehension    02/21/19  (7)
Germans probably actually *are* the 'master race'    02/21/19  (9)
Jussie Smollett's GMA interview juxtaposed with CPD Chief press conference (link    02/21/19  (23)
GC: "Oh you dont like 80 hr workweek and smartphone ball&chain? Mandatory yoga!"    02/21/19  (1)
Why does this video of a cerebral palsy patient have 2.5 million views?    02/21/19  (15)
Elizabeth Warren goes full-retarded race-baiting; endorses RACIAL REPARATIONS:    02/21/19  (76)
The team that signs Harper for $300 million is guaranteed to be sps    02/21/19  (2)
when are poasters going to start killing themselves    02/21/19  (7)
Prole co-worker has a "breathalyzer" in her car (evan39)    02/21/19  (1)
Only starting pitchers are worth the big bucks $$$    02/21/19  (2)
19,000 Gov workers in IL get pensions >$100k every year    02/21/19  (18)
Keep it real.. is your non xo life actually great?    02/21/19  (126)
Describe this NJ chain store    02/21/19  (4)
Can one of u bros link me to the Yale Clowns thread    02/21/19  (1)
I put baby pictures of myself in my dating profiles, chick magnet    02/21/19  (4)
DOOBS getting HONKY BONKY off dat CHINCHILLA JUICE    02/21/19  (169)
Lol Jews    02/21/19  (4)
DESCRIBE what a NEW YORKER expose on XO would contain    02/21/19  (3)
Explain the COASE THEOREM to me like I'm a retard    02/21/19  (7)
literally everything sucks fucking shit haha    02/21/19  (2)
Sapporo, Japan seems like a 180 city.    02/21/19  (28)
Now that Tumblr is RIP, where do I go for my forced sissification porn?    02/21/19  (27)
Remember the Balloon Boy Hoax in 2009?    02/21/19  (12)
Foreign language bros, how long did it take you to learn another language?    02/21/19  (2)
I've read Mueller's draft report. Taking Q's.    02/21/19  (7)
GSP retires from MMA to "fight grey aliens"    02/21/19  (4)
95% of the time, if you've been together >1 year, you won't do better    02/21/19  (1)
New Jersey Passes Law Banning Trump From 2020 Ballot    02/21/19  (3)
Indian Army literally fucking their enemies in the ass (video)    02/21/19  (135)
Dem POTUS 2020 candidate proposes $100B reparations for slavery (link)    02/21/19  (20)
NYT: Guy born in Bangladesh gets called Bangladeshi, pens lengthy, irate screed    02/21/19  (35)
How many people were in your HS graduating class & how many are dead?    02/21/19  (12)
Why is the media giving so much attention to tge Smollett story?    02/21/19  (3)
Only lasting thing from my law school days: this shithole chatbort    02/21/19  (14)
Falcon Heene took the LSAT in January    02/21/19  (1)
MPA, give yourself a chance to love her    02/21/19  (3)
weird how an Apollo 11 movie suddenyl shows up once people start (((catching)))    02/21/19  (1)
Uh oh! New MAGA HATE CRIME in SAN FRANCISCO    02/21/19  (66)
Why are the Asians at Harvard ug so freaking smart?    02/21/19  (26)
has anyone seen ROMA? worth seeing?    02/21/19  (1)
Is there even one pic of Roger Stone and Trump together?    02/21/19  (4)
TSINAH - your website's header formatting is all fucked.    02/21/19  (2)
It's about time for someone to step up to the plate and attempt world domination    02/21/19  (1)
Remember studying economics, lsat, statistics?    02/21/19  (28)
Describe this NJ place    02/21/19  (1)
Rate this 21 yr old (pics)    02/21/19  (27)
U R old: megan fox's daughter has cheereader instagram account    02/21/19  (2)
OMG! Krystal did you hear he's a licensed circuit court mediator?    02/21/19  (1)
Describe these other NJ Towns    02/21/19  (1)
lib's "goal" is to destroy every country via open borders?    02/21/19  (4)
apparently, exeunt used to be a wikipedia nazi    02/21/19  (4)
Mr. Jinx's unsolicited offer of 'anal reparations' is deeply offensive to black    02/21/19  (13)
✡✡✡✡✡All Goyim are CATTLE✡✡✡✡✡    02/21/19  (7)
Holy shit at this McSweeney’s article (link)    02/21/19  (7)
Remember everyone.....    02/21/19  (3)
fuck me in the rump    02/21/19  (2)
has crazy pills posted since white terrorist neonazi's arrest?    02/21/19  (1)
If you could relive your life and only choose one game console from each gen    02/21/19  (6)
Rach has $4 mil contract with gov. to keep mentally insane people on here    02/21/19  (3)
your 16 yr old crush having group anal sex and needing a colostomy bag for life    02/21/19  (1)
Lol at every philosophy/poli sci/legal theory prof troting out Rawls    02/21/19  (2)
demanding that you come itt and rate my friend's IG pic    02/21/19  (26)
The Deep State gets to Audacious Epigone (link)    02/21/19  (3)
why are you letting political posting distract you from scholarship's fat rump?    02/21/19  (1)
Musak volume in restaurants should be regulated    02/21/19  (1)
i quit my mfh jerb today    02/21/19  (11)
how much would you pay to have someone kill you right now    02/21/19  (5)
Trump spent the day honoring black history while Smollett was getting indicted?    02/21/19  (4)
Wealthy white Boomers assigning racial debts to their own kids    02/21/19  (2)
The patriatchy oppresses men too!!!    02/21/19  (3)
Trump, Stephen Miller, and the ‘national sovereignty’ lie    02/21/19  (7)
Trendy sushi place happy hours are a 180 source of hot bitchy shrews    02/21/19  (5)
Help: ADHD + Biglaw    02/21/19  (70)
ATP Feb 18-24 Thread - Marseille | Rio | Delray #tennis    02/21/19  (22)
even if USSR hacked all of OH & NC Trump still would have won?    02/21/19  (2)
Excluding US citizens from America bc of their political beliefs IS NOT NORMAL    02/21/19  (14)
Fatceps here: why didn't you phaggots tell me about Hinge, holy shit    02/21/19  (10)
You know, this Jew broad’s gotta a lotta money    02/21/19  (1)
Wikipedia says AutoAdmit dissolved in 2012. Are we dead and poasting in hell?    02/21/19  (9)
Do you bros enjoy saunas and steam rooms    02/21/19  (31)
Mueller releases report, salutes Trump, and gives him his Bronze Star    02/21/19  (2)
Now friend asking me to be a stripper for her friends    02/21/19  (1)
NYU Journalism Prof: CNN should never hire a single conservative    02/21/19  (9)
Is Zion's injury worse for the Shriners or AIPAC?    02/21/19  (1)
Y/N: Can Trump beat Biden?    02/21/19  (11)
how stupid to quit wellbutrin cold turkey?    02/21/19  (10)
Kamala RESPONDS to Jussie Smollett hoax (link)    02/21/19  (27)
Told a friend that anyone can just go and edit Wikipedia. He didn't believe me.    02/21/19  (1)
lib fantasy Mueller Report: "Jail 4 TraitorTrump" IRL: "irregularities occurred"    02/21/19  (5)
fall out boys from under the cork tree is an absolute classic album    02/21/19  (3)
XO parents, how would you react if this happened to your kid?    02/21/19  (2)
China's "social credit" system crackdown: Millions banned from flights/trains    02/21/19  (66)
MSNBC floating theory that Trump-supporting cops may have framed Jussie Smollett    02/21/19  (4)
Rate this totally normal and sane asian college volleyball coach    02/21/19  (3)
demanding that you come itt and rate my friend's GI pic    02/21/19  (1)
XO Ro Khanna co-chairing Bernie campaign. 180    02/21/19  (1)
poast ITT if ur realistically BLACKPILLED    02/21/19  (47)
He wrote a fucking check    02/21/19  (2)
it's obvious that lawman doesnt care about usa because he doesnt have children    02/21/19  (27)
I think Dana Perino is hotter today as a Fox News Milf than she was 10 years ago    02/21/19  (7)
Rate this 12 yr old (pics)    02/21/19  (1)
Alright. That's it for Obeezy. Godspeed XO.    02/21/19  (31)
if assfaggot kills himself im going to kill myself    02/21/19  (1)
“Sorry about your father. Also, where are we on Project Red closing checklist?    02/21/19  (1)
TCtp, did you know you can marry a Jewess and convert?    02/21/19  (2)
do boomers see any connection between their own actions and shittiness of US now    02/21/19  (1)
poast ITT if ur gf is realistically BLACKED    02/21/19  (1)
Ever take a shit so perfect I grab it with ur bare hand?    02/21/19  (165)
הגויים הם בקר    02/21/19  (2)
Uber notification: Tommy is arriving.    02/21/19  (113)
46y/o Shitlawyer Has Now Passed Bar Or Waived Into Bar In 46 States (Link)    02/21/19  (3)
Legit 9 agreed to come over to apt tomorrow for 1st date. Taking ?s ITT.    02/21/19  (4)
whats the most prestigious stainless steel stovetop espresso maker?    02/21/19  (30)
Can we talk about the plan to destroy the electoral college?    02/21/19  (4)
Jewish Penis is Better than Christian Penis, by Isaac ben Yedaiah    02/21/19  (10)
Daily reminder for lawman8 to spit out the black pill    02/21/19  (9)

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