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Reminder: Tax revenues are at an all time high despite Trump “tax cuts”    10/17/18  (51)
Rate this opening from Bumble 5:    10/17/18  (32)
Depressing quotes from article about living in NY on minimum wage    10/17/18  (21)
Being a shitlawyer on thumbtack was the most demeaning work I've ever done    10/17/18  (19)
Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee: Crab with Tomato Mayonnaise Dressing    10/17/18  (18)
Scrolling through "Teen Vogue" "News & Politics" section is very sad    10/17/18  (17)
Pornography should be illegal but prostitution should be legal.    10/17/18  (14)
Roseanne to release "Roseanne". In pilot rest of family die in Muslim terror at    10/17/18  (12)
I hate the new millennial speak of news headlines    10/17/18  (11)
who did the best at insulting Trump, seems like all have majorly failed    10/17/18  (10)
RSF is basically the only gook poaster left on xo    10/17/18  (8)
Is your ring finger longer than index? That's why u gay (Daily Mail)    10/17/18  (7)
Which poster should I date?    10/17/18  (7)
A New Study Shows White Families Getting Four-Fifths of Trump’s Tax Cut    10/17/18  (7)
China plans to launch an "artificial moon" in 2020    10/17/18  (6)
Rate these mail order brides with their happy husbands    10/17/18  (5)
Why aren't juries just given transcripts of testimonies?    10/17/18  (5)
Any of you fools switch majors from one Liberal Art to another?    10/17/18  (5)
holy shit how can everyone be so loud in the.morning!!    10/17/18  (5)
Why does Hillary still have Secret Service servicing her?    10/17/18  (5)
Describe the HIGH you got when you 1st finger banged a chick    10/17/18  (5)
Met a girl last night that NEEDS a moniker. She would be a POTUS poster    10/17/18  (5)
Actual descendant of POCAHONTAS calls on Warren to APOLOGIZE    10/17/18  (5)
On the Infestation of Small-Souled Bugmen (article) (semi longread)    10/17/18  (4)
I swear to god, internet posters call it "Hard Science" because it's difficult    10/17/18  (4)
worst part about hell has got to be the gnashing of teeth    10/17/18  (4)
Female cops struggle to deal w/rapefugee; local men intervene:    10/17/18  (4)
"Pow Wow Chow," by Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee and Minority Prof at HLS    10/17/18  (4)
best BMW if i want to look like a faggot striver?    10/17/18  (4)
Something I don't "get" about MEDIA responses to TRUMP insults    10/17/18  (4)
More odious: Bill Kristol or Max Boot?    10/17/18  (3)
still no motive for that thing that occurred in nevada last year    10/17/18  (3)
World Economic Forum ranks USA DEAD LAST in G-8 for economic competitiveness    10/17/18  (3)
why are libs so angry all the time    10/17/18  (3)
180 how Trump humiliated that pathetic whore. and also his client Stormy Da    10/17/18  (3)
The best feeling is when you know a woman knows you’re doing her a favor fucki    10/17/18  (3)
⚒⚒workers of xo unite⚒⚒    10/17/18  (3)
All 80s-90s Quarterbacks seem like the same guy    10/17/18  (3)
Wilbur Ross's neck looks like a vagina    10/17/18  (3)
Daily Stoic, 10/17/18    10/17/18  (2)
Is Hillsdale College the prole version of what Ivies used to be?    10/17/18  (2)
Trump's October: Like d-day scene in Private Ryan, if Germans won    10/17/18  (2)
"Yes, we're actually a German administrative aid staffing company, Seig File"    10/17/18  (2)
3 🦍 🦐    10/17/18  (2)
What a bull$hit $ociety in amerikkka! Burn it all    10/17/18  (2)
Notre Dame's second-half schedule: San Diego, Chicago, South Bend, NYC, LA    10/17/18  (2)
180 part of the "journalist" killing...he was Saudi version of never trump cuck    10/17/18  (2)
"The Connors: fantastic! Last Jedi: brilliant! Other opinions are Russian bots    10/17/18  (2)