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Trump calls Stormy Daniels “Horseface”    10/16/18  (89)
LOL @ how classy Obama is compared to Trump    10/16/18  (81)
Long time lib here. I have to say, conservative agenda seem to benefit me much    10/16/18  (76)
CNN: Elizabeth Warren fucked up with this DNA test gambit (link)    10/16/18  (55)
Wapo Datelab not even trying anymore... white guy feels unworthy of fat negress    10/16/18  (55)
relationship falling apart at age 32...really don't want to start dating again    10/16/18  (47)
Biden topped poll of 2020 Dem nominee field with 33 percent support    10/16/18  (46)
Lindsey Graham offers to take DNA test, promises to beat Warren like war drum    10/16/18  (45)
this tweetstorm is BY FAR the best explanation of the NPC meme i've seen    10/16/18  (45)
Worst parts about living in Colorado?    10/16/18  (39)
sometimes I stop and think about TMF's life and I'm just like LJL    10/16/18  (36)
Really into Nessa Devil lately (NSFW)    10/16/18  (35)
should I leave work to grab a juul mango right now?    10/16/18  (34)
Going to LAS VEGAS this weekend. What should I do?    10/16/18  (26)
black fiancee's mother jewed me out of $45 and I'm MAF    10/16/18  (24)
u thought Trump was being hard on Warren? rate this Honduras tweet    10/16/18  (22)
Prole Tell: NOT reading the Financial Times    10/16/18  (22)
xo bros what is the CR response to Saudis murdering reporter/chopping body    10/16/18  (22)
RATE this cute vegas brunette who needs implants    10/16/18  (18)
Have any of you bros defeated chronic insomnia?    10/16/18  (18)
rate Pat Buchanan's immigration policy from the early 2000s    10/16/18  (17)
Uber Proposals Value Company at $120 Billion in a Possible IPO Eye-popping offer    10/16/18  (14)
If someone sees the NPC meme and doesn't 'get it' fairly immediately: low IQ?    10/16/18  (14)
will probably vote for Biden in the primary. I want to win goddamnit.    10/16/18  (14)
Jews in 1920s Berlin hosted "artshows" where hogs deflowered blonde German girls    10/16/18  (13)
Why are there azns that are supporting Harvard in the lawsuit? Uncle Chans or w/    10/16/18  (12)
Scandal as JD Power reveals Jeep Grand Cherokee only 1/256 native    10/16/18  (12)
Trump is like a general who is brilliant at picking his ground    10/16/18  (12)
real talk: elizabeth warren is quite attractive & put together for her age    10/16/18  (12)
Trump got a porn star to PAY to fuck him. Truly a 180 man    10/16/18  (11)
i basically derealize and disassociate like a prostitute when i walk into office    10/16/18  (11)
Pocahontas (the bad version)    10/16/18  (9)
Rate Elizabeth warrens family tree (pic)    10/16/18  (9)
3 diff times today Pence checks Trump's twitter & spits hot coffee    10/16/18  (9)
The Star of David > Some lame cross    10/16/18  (9)
Dark Horse Dem POTUS 2020 Candidates?    10/16/18  (9)
Here's how the SC could do a big work around on AA    10/16/18  (9)
Reddit shrews coming to terms that made a mistake waiting to have kids    10/16/18  (9)
so 180 that Trump has moved Overton window so much that "Horseface" doesnt matte    10/16/18  (9)
Is Rodgers a better QB than Brady?    10/16/18  (9)
Need a goood responde to a message on Hinge    10/16/18  (8)
Huge anthropomorphic yarmulke the villain of new Studio Ghibli film    10/16/18  (8)
Trans teen Jazz Jennings tells ABC how they used taint to build frankenvagina    10/16/18  (8)
Trump raises only 206,000 for 2020 campaign, fundraising virtually nonexistent    10/16/18  (8)
You poast on Autoadmit so that means you have a 130 IQ.    10/16/18  (8)
Hot 25 yo teacher caught with 16 yo Chad    10/16/18  (8)
"7 ways Elizabeth Warren is just like your enisi" (Warren campaign website)    10/16/18  (8)
BROS i am TERRIFIED of TRUMP DYING    10/16/18  (8)