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The Starbucks arrests shouldn't be trivialized.    04/19/18  (104)
My friend dated a girl from 26-33 then dumped her. Is this fucked up    04/19/18  (73)
Lil Tay, 9-year-old asian wrapper who uses the N-word    04/19/18  (37)
Popular childrens books but they are about XO poasters    04/19/18  (32)
Starbucks employee morale at an all time low. Libs will ruin this place    04/19/18  (28)
Even better is Woah Vicky, a JAP who claims to be black and uses the N-word    04/19/18  (27)
Libs have completely sanitized and erased Southern culture and heritage    04/19/18  (24)
Recruiter calling me about a 280k jerb with startup, what do    04/19/18  (22)
Trying to hang on a few more months to cop bonus at job (peterman)    04/19/18  (19)
Ggtp I copped another second round    04/19/18  (15)
Top 10 most famous active poasters...    04/19/18  (15)
Do you wear the same pair of shoes every day? If so, how often do u buy new ones    04/19/18  (14)
How many rounds of interviews do boutique firms w 20 partners and 2 associates d    04/19/18  (14)
I'm super liberal, but I'm baffled by this Starbucks outrage.    04/19/18  (12)
Big-timed by Ultimate Shrew On Date 1    04/19/18  (12)
In any culture war event, has XO ever taken the side against racists?    04/19/18  (11)
the Beyonce force meme is unreal    04/19/18  (11)
made my own 180 cold brew coffee, FUCK YOU GC    04/19/18  (10)
To be clear, this isn't a cushy gig. You will work weekends and cancel vacations    04/19/18  (10)
The Cetaphil Challenge: How do I make this go Viral?    04/19/18  (10)
PSA: Trump "staffing" fictional 2020 campaign = desperate witness tampering    04/19/18  (9)
Starbucks thing already empowering bitchy black ladies    04/19/18  (9)
btw, I've been to the Starbucks where this happened    04/19/18  (8)
Wholly shit, Project Pat Radio on Spotify is 180 as fuck    04/19/18  (8)
If u ever agree to chemo ur insane    04/19/18  (8)
Starbucks To Open Express Lane For Non-Whites    04/19/18  (8)
99 percent of repubs don't realize Obamacare was the conservative solution    04/19/18  (8)
black bro who demanded free coffee was a LITERAL NAZI    04/19/18  (7)
Biglawyer asking if call is at 930 am or pm    04/19/18  (7)
Mom diagnosed with aggressive cancer at 55...    04/19/18  (7)
Mueller to be fired by weeks end    04/19/18  (7)
Fun Legal Hypo (From Talmud Law Class) - Laptop Stolen From Repair Shop    04/19/18  (6)
In what year will each of the following become an OFFICIAL LANGUAGE of the USA?    04/19/18  (6)
im coding daddy    04/19/18  (6)
for my next wife i think i'll marry a sweet asian girl    04/19/18  (6)
Starbucks cautions managers about the term "black coffee."    04/19/18  (6)
is it worth it to have sex with a danish woman?    04/19/18  (5)
I hear lots of UT girls strip on the side    04/19/18  (5)
lots of HS girls (juniors & seniors) are strippers?    04/19/18  (5)
What do shanty town people do in their 3rd countries day in and day out    04/19/18  (5)
If you don't keep little drier sheets in your shoes, you're crazy    04/19/18  (5)
ITT go on the record about if we are missing a CRUCIAL element of starbucks stor    04/19/18  (5)
Does anyone here use Slack? Any point to using it?    04/19/18  (5)
montage of ggtp applying to every inhouse job in NE set to Shipping up to Boston    04/19/18  (5)
Nights tp if you could do it over would u be a high powered litigator?    04/19/18  (5)
thinking of getting an above ground pool, bros.    04/19/18  (5)
Reptile friend wants 30 round interview    04/19/18  (5)
Rating poasters as names of music genres that dont exist    04/19/18  (5)
Crazy how one night u meet an xo poster and next thing u know ur sharing an acct    04/19/18  (5)
Benzo, do u know how many dicks you've sucked? Is there a tallywacker tally?    04/19/18  (5)