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Biglaw More Profitable Than Ever    01/22/19  (105)
car bros - considering striver car. which one    01/22/19  (91)
TRUMP tweets about MAGA teens    01/22/19  (76)
Rate these Montana med school graduates. Not very diverse. (Pic)    01/22/19  (73)
what would you say to an indian who said "go back to europe"?    01/22/19  (69)
Heroic company makes vid response to Gillette: "We see the good in men"    01/22/19  (67)
Why are companies so stupid re: raises/promotions? Rather lose talent that give    01/22/19  (67)
Graduating in '08, ITE humilation, being fired, all made me an IRL cuckold    01/21/19  (62)
The MAGA teens were yelling at random women in DC (video)    01/22/19  (60)
Covington story just got really weird    01/22/19  (55)
440 lb man made flight attendants wipe his ass on flight, moaning "Go deeper"    01/22/19  (52)
my wife is going to leave me because i don't make enough money lol    01/22/19  (48)
Aus Open Day 9 (1/22) Official Thread #tennis #truesttest    01/22/19  (47)
NYMag writer on MAGA teens: "I just want these people to die, simple as that"    01/22/19  (46)
Elon wants this fat pussy    01/22/19  (44)
Do any of you still watch movies at the theatre    01/21/19  (44)
Just finished 3some, finished inside girl who sent video of her to bf in Europe    01/22/19  (44)
Here’s what Trumpmos don’t understand about the MAGA teens    01/21/19  (43)
Which dem POTUS candidate infuriated you the most? Gilibrand? Kamela?    01/22/19  (42)
Salary went up 6K, nothing else changed. Net take home only went up 2.5K. How?    01/21/19  (41)
Pictures of innocent Covington students engaging in light blackface resurface    01/21/19  (40)
Shrew doctor, 38, sends WARNING to young working women re: FERTILITY    01/21/19  (40)
Anyone ever hand dig a grave? 6 ft seems VERY arbitrary    01/22/19  (38)
Seems weird how "moving to California" used to be a middle class white dream    01/22/19  (38)
And of course he wasn't a Vietnam vet. (cnn)    01/21/19  (37)
Is getting a brand new iPhone worth it?    01/21/19  (37)
Found a good job, but horrid commute.    01/22/19  (36)
PSA: nicotine is not harmless, causes blindness, tumor growth, etc.    01/22/19  (36)
Rate: This random sweet anonymous text I just received    01/22/19  (35)
To succeed as pi lawyer you have to push clients to get unnecessary treatment?    01/21/19  (35)
What's the deal with LEVEL airlines? Prices are too cheap    01/21/19  (34)
why do lawyers put 2 spaces after every period    01/21/19  (34)
The reason civilization collapses: career women    01/22/19  (32)
i havent seen a decent movie in 8 yrs    01/22/19  (32)
Lol at letting your kid ride the school bus with blacks (video)    01/21/19  (31)
Doesn’t seem hard to get into a TTT low ranked MD program    01/21/19  (31)
Brexit on HBO is a masterpiece    01/21/19  (30)
RATE this shitlib's artistic work showing his killing of the MAGA teens    01/22/19  (29)
programming bros need help    01/22/19  (29)
real talk: fem poasters significantly better looking than male poasters    01/21/19  (28)
NFL Overtime needs to allow the defense to win    01/21/19  (28)
why hasn't spaceporn lost custody to child protective services ?    01/21/19  (26)
Is the MAGA teens incident the most shameful MSM moment ever?    01/22/19  (26)
If I were a rich dude, like 50MM kinda cash, I'd have 8 kids    01/22/19  (25)
true detective s3 crack in the case (spoilers)    01/22/19  (24)
(((Trump))) offers not one word in defense of MAGA teens    01/21/19  (24)
Boart former ball players: what's your getting ready to play some fucking footba    01/22/19  (24)
MIG intently pondering Veggie Tales: Noahs Ark, brow furrowing    01/22/19  (23)
Gen Z will save this country    01/21/19  (23)
Democratic congressman "goes there" calls Trump "grand wizard"    01/22/19  (23)