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Trump UNLOADS on Liz Warren 😀😀😀😀😀    10/16/18  (149)
Trump calls Stormy Daniels “Horseface”    10/16/18  (89)
Cherokee Nation: Liz Warren’s disgusting spectacle dishonored us.    10/16/18  (88)
LOL @ how classy Obama is compared to Trump    10/16/18  (81)
Long time lib here. I have to say, conservative agenda seem to benefit me much    10/16/18  (76)
rural asians are done at Harvard    10/16/18  (70)
Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Dismissed, Trump Entitled To Legal Fees    10/16/18  (70)
Is the Liz Warren thing the biggest selfpwn in recent memory?    10/16/18  (67)
Charity functions are the best way for UMC/Upper class people to socialize    10/16/18  (57)
CNN: Elizabeth Warren fucked up with this DNA test gambit (link)    10/16/18  (55)
Wapo Datelab not even trying anymore... white guy feels unworthy of fat negress    10/16/18  (54)
🚨🚨🚨 Pocahontas is in a current tweet storm🚨🚨🚨    10/16/18  (52)
upset jew i have no idea why you hang out with all these internet stormtroopers    10/15/18  (51)
no idea why all jews wouldn't just go to Israel    10/16/18  (47)
relationship falling apart at age 32...really don't want to start dating again    10/16/18  (47)
Partner screamed at me for cc’ing him on an email. FML.    10/16/18  (47)
Imagine waiting until your career is established to start dating then Tinder com    10/16/18  (46)
Biden topped poll of 2020 Dem nominee field with 33 percent support    10/16/18  (46)
Lindsey Graham offers to take DNA test, promises to beat Warren like war drum    10/16/18  (45)
this tweetstorm is BY FAR the best explanation of the NPC meme i've seen    10/16/18  (45)
μ™ΈμΏ‘μΈμŒλ†ˆλ“€μ•„ 화났냐?    10/16/18  (44)
last 1/1024ths of the mohicans    10/15/18  (41)
Worst parts about living in Colorado?    10/16/18  (39)
Packers preparing to dominate tonite    10/16/18  (39)
sometimes I stop and think about TMF's life and I'm just like LJL    10/16/18  (36)
πŸ”΅πŸ”΄ Connect Four πŸ”΅πŸ”΄    10/16/18  (36)
β™ž xo chess β™ž    10/16/18  (36)
⚾⚾⚾ Official LA Dodgers v. Milwaukee Brewers NLCS Game 3 Thread ⚾⚾⚾    10/15/18  (35)
Meta-analysis of Warren's retarded blunder    10/16/18  (35)
Really into Nessa Devil lately (NSFW)    10/16/18  (35)
should I leave work to grab a juul mango right now?    10/16/18  (34)
Backspace mailed me a lot of tea. Pretty 180    10/16/18  (33)
ITT XO is Shark Tank.    10/16/18  (33)
How do you know if bartenders etc. arent changing your tip amount on CC?    10/16/18  (33)
keep yukking it up about pocahontas while no wall, exploding debt & entitlements    10/16/18  (33)
what r ur work hours    10/15/18  (31)
LOL@ retarded DISHONEST Trumpmos pretending Warren isnt STRAIGHT Injun    10/16/18  (30)
Trump thinks "rogue killers" killed the journalist?    10/16/18  (30)
Another victory for Trump as Julia Louis-Dreyfus's sister dies of coke/booze OD    10/15/18  (29)
I'm an actual native American. Should I be using that to my advantage?    10/15/18  (29)
Rate Kylie Irving's $755k home in WESTLAKE, OH (down from $1.7M)    10/16/18  (29)
What is the latest time you've seen someone roll in to work?    10/16/18  (28)
Ann might lurk    10/15/18  (28)
Controversial film "First Man" (which removed US flag) blows away expectations    10/16/18  (26)
Any chance SNL goes at Warren on this?    10/15/18  (26)
Media really circling the wagons on Liz Warren    10/15/18  (26)
Going to LAS VEGAS this weekend. What should I do?    10/16/18  (26)
black fiancee's mother jewed me out of $45 and I'm MAF    10/16/18  (24)
NYUUG Talks About Oslo Trip Like A 21y/o College JR Just Back From Study Abroad    10/16/18  (23)
JFC Leslie Stahl brutalized Trump on 60 Minutes    10/15/18  (22)