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Literally going through a future wife getting pumped and dumped meme IRL    05/21/18  (172)
What became of the biggest chad at your HS?    05/21/18  (121)
xo Mountain Lion Kills Female Cyclist in Washington State    05/21/18  (98)
Netflix negotiates multibillion dollar deal with the Obamas    05/21/18  (91)
what is the point of "wineries"    05/21/18  (81)
Does anybody know any successful Trumptards IRL?    05/21/18  (62)
why would anyone NOT own rental properties?    05/21/18  (61)
Suburbs are literally a fraudulent creation    05/21/18  (61)
Fordham law prof: MS-13 only responsible for 0.3% of all US murders    05/21/18  (59)
Congrats, Trumpmos: turns out Gorsuch is a true conservative    05/21/18  (58)
Any dumbasses on here want to defend Obama's spying on Trump?    05/21/18  (57)
Babbydood measured at 98th percentile head size at 4 months    05/21/18  (54)
Sleeping pill didnt work for the first time    05/21/18  (45)
What meaningless hobby brings you joy but no money    05/21/18  (43)
Best, safest way to suppress appetite. Need to drop about 5% bf.    05/21/18  (42)
Conturds, why do you think a racist rant is ok?    05/21/18  (41)
Re: Schlossberg, what the right is really mad about is that the left has the num    05/21/18  (41)
Kanye West tweets about Century of the Self doc (link)    05/21/18  (38)
Job interview process is exhausting    05/21/18  (37)
"What You Need To Know About The Violent Animals Of MS-13"    05/21/18  (37)
Californian Woman Gives Birth to Baby on San Francisco Street (video)    05/21/18  (37)
Pretty sure my dad is going to die in the next few years    05/21/18  (36)
trump allowing states to set medicaid work requirements is 18000    05/21/18  (35)
Trumpmos, get ready to lose your shit    05/21/18  (34)
Med school in US: $278,455. Med school in Germany: "A symbolic fee"    05/21/18  (34)
Yanked off wife's panties while she was sleep, had my way with her: U MAD LIBS    05/21/18  (32)
USC grad claims doctor fisted her.    05/21/18  (31)
Dream job at Cadwallader    05/21/18  (30)
Remember when Hillary Clinton insulted bakers across America with "cookies" line    05/21/18  (30)
I think black women are undervalued on xo    05/21/18  (30)
You cant get HIV unless youre a degenerate    05/21/18  (30)
Going to wedding. What's etiquette when my gf's longtime ex-bf will be there    05/21/18  (29)
Terror Attack in France    05/21/18  (29)
Trump should pardon Obama    05/21/18  (29)
ITT: contradictory positions taken by modern liberals    05/20/18  (29)
bought 2 Aero Precision lowers and a 7 shot model 686 4"    05/21/18  (28)
What does this Netflix Obama deal even mean? Obama will "produce" content? How?    05/21/18  (28)
cold hard truth tp = PauliePorsche    05/21/18  (28)
Rate this text conversation with cute blond Tinder girl I fucked a few weeks ago    05/21/18  (28)
ITT: Lib endgame wrt police. Pretty horrified bros.    05/21/18  (28)
How many of your high school classmates are dead?    05/21/18  (27)
The only 4 critical traits for a wife: non-fat, pale skin, smart, non-lib.    05/21/18  (27)
Guy on twitter in the know says OIG report on Clinton Investigation is disappoin    05/21/18  (26)
why are not a lot of these AI (artificial intelligence) startup bros technical?    05/21/18  (26)
Lmao is you think a DC jury will convict anyone for "spying" on Trump    05/21/18  (26)
Haha wow holy shit, just got MONKEY'S PAWED by a tinder chick lmao (DDC)    05/21/18  (25)
How long does it take to learn to swim?    05/21/18  (25)
Everyone on the internet knows who JJC is. How does he still get jobs?    05/21/18  (25)
what became of the biggest incel melvin at your HS?    05/21/18  (24)
imagine some people literally have 0 family help with house downpayment    05/21/18  (23)