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So making 100K in Texas >>> 300K in NYC?    11/24/17  (74)
serious q ITT: how jealous do you get over your so/wife's former partners?    11/25/17  (72)
Top 15 College Football Jobs RANKED    11/25/17  (71)
If you're not a Christian you're insane.    11/25/17  (65)
LMFAO @ law cucks: Emergency Med docs in TX cop $435k work 40 hrs/wk    11/25/17  (62)
Why Putins Foes Deplore U.S. Fixation on Election Meddling [NYT]    11/25/17  (58)
Did you know that some people study YEARS for the LSAT?    11/25/17  (56)
SUMMON: consuela    11/25/17  (50)
Rating poasters (no pumos/quotemos) as incidents from 2016 election cycle    11/25/17  (48)
How much $ would you have right now if you'd just HELD your ETH    11/25/17  (47)
Ever been around kids (4-6yo) who u can tell are gonna be very smart?    11/25/17  (46)
Why are all doctors asians and indians now?    11/25/17  (42)
Working on Black Friday is boring. Rating posters as Roman/Byzantine emperors    11/24/17  (38)
Anyone awake? I'm posting drunk from bed    11/24/17  (36)
do any straight males have a "Plus" size iphone?    11/24/17  (34)
How to get high with no drugs?    11/25/17  (33)
Hypo: wife drawn randomly from Instagram or from Gathering of Juggalos    11/24/17  (33)
600K in SF, 500K in NYC, 400K in DC, 300K in LA, or 200K in Chicago?    11/25/17  (32)
give me crypto instead of chandler    11/24/17  (32)
My MIL wants my husband to become a surgeon (he's in his 30s)...WTF?    11/25/17  (31)
Any Houston O&G mastermen here? I have a couple of qs    11/24/17  (31)
po$tradamus is 180 and everyone who talks shit about him him should die    11/25/17  (28)
rate these chicks at their 10 year high-school reunion (pic)    11/24/17  (28)
More about Christianity's metaphysics is wrong than right. But the cost of being    11/24/17  (28)
Xo can't face the truth. The Chicago skyline is beautiful.    11/24/17  (28)
Remember pied piper of retards exuent advising xo to "invest" in "tezos" lmao    11/24/17  (28)
jcm would you sph your bf if he asked you to?    11/25/17  (28)
Should I become a lawyer?    11/24/17  (26)
Why isnt the iPhone X more praised here?    11/25/17  (25)
lawman8s knockout of exeunt is one of the bloodiest gapings in xo history    11/24/17  (24)
Holey shit single 30 year old men not on marriage track are sps    11/24/17  (23)
Why does Trump promote those ridiculous black women "Diamond and Silk"?    11/24/17  (23)
NET WORTH CHECK IN    11/25/17  (22)
max iq of someone who believes 9/11 was a government conspiracy?    11/24/17  (21)
Live-poasting my day pretending to work instead of seeing GF's family    11/24/17  (21)
PSA: earl/nutella/imanagecat make 600k-1.2M+/year as wagecuck households. u?    11/24/17  (21)
Would YOU buy this Orange County, .CA home for $26 million???    11/25/17  (20)
Chandler how much eth have u accumulated via begging    11/25/17  (20)
Are you a clean cut, chill, wiry dude? Or are you a neckbeard depressive?    11/25/17  (20)
PSA: turn on the S. florida-UCF game on ABC/ESPN    11/24/17  (20)
Reminder: Peterman's NW almost as high as Nutella's LJL    11/25/17  (20)
Thanksgiving is the one year anniversary of my first time fucking a hooker    11/24/17  (20)
Why is it creepy to date 19yo at 30+?    11/24/17  (18)
Rex Tillerson making high level foggy bottom libs do FOIA requests all day.    11/25/17  (18)
Slightly thiccc college girls you wouldnt have looked at twice at that age    11/24/17  (18)
best feeling in sports - crack HR off a fastball?    11/24/17  (18)
Miami is losing to UPenn in the 4th quarter    11/24/17  (18)
Eth cost 250ish a few days ago    11/24/17  (17)
Sesame Street is pure shit now.    11/24/17  (17)
Hypo: $10 Million to spend 1 year alone in Siberian wilderness    11/24/17  (16)