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eastern europe is infuriating proof that west has been POISONED by cultural marx    11/20/17  (90)
SELFIE THREAD! November 2017 edition. Do it, pussies (NYUUG)    11/20/17  (86)
U.S. cities with surprisingly large skylines?    11/20/17  (69)
Graduate student who showed Jordan Peterson clip in class is disciplined    11/20/17  (64)
Any of you guys mess around with GENETIC ALGORITHMS?    11/20/17  (63)
ITT we discuss the best songs of the 90s    11/20/17  (61)
TRAVELMOS: My review of Cathay Pacific FIRST Class HKG-JFK    11/20/17  (61)
Every race is equal! *arts, sciences, culture completely dominated by whites*    11/19/17  (61)
ITT we discuss our fun thanksgiving plans    11/20/17  (59)
Fucked a new SWEDISH GIRL Fri night AND new 38 yr old last night. Taking ?s    11/19/17  (55)
Flame aside, is t14 law school worth it for the average polisci shithead?    11/20/17  (51)
My dad's slave mentality really pisses me off    11/20/17  (49)
RATE My Mom's Unhinged Email To PDDJ Re What To Call Her #Sickly    11/20/17  (44)
Libs even turning on Lena Dunham    11/19/17  (44)
Father texts me "good night" every single night. How should I feel?    11/20/17  (42)
Is "Hey Jealousy" the best rock song of the 90s?    11/20/17  (42)
People from Arizona (as a whole) are the most vapid, cultureless trash in the US    11/20/17  (42)
if i become seriously rich, my kid will get 0% of it    11/20/17  (38)
Poasters who delude themselves into thinking modernity makes them mentally ill    11/20/17  (38)
get sad thinking about earth's eventual fate: humans are so absurd and special    11/20/17  (38)
Over 30 and do not have a woman    11/20/17  (38)
why is the Fed still keeping interest rates low    11/20/17  (36)
So love to rub in the prestige and culture of NYC/LA/SF but then act poor?    11/20/17  (34)
Eduardo Saverin is such a punkass bitch for moving to Singapore to dodge taxes    11/20/17  (34)
Summon: XOXO WORKOUT CREW. Post your pics ITT!    11/20/17  (34)
I now realize why rich guys typically do well with chicks.    11/19/17  (34)
Should I go JOG or LIFT bros    11/20/17  (34)
what is tcr workout for a slightly plump 30 yo azn female    11/20/17  (32)
How I Told My Husband and Boyfriend I'm Dating Another Man (Vice)    11/20/17  (32)
jcm taking and giving questions for the next hour while bored at work    11/20/17  (28)
Have you ever seen an elderly person TERRIFIED that they're about to die    11/20/17  (28)
ok. set up in maui. now, how do i get weed?    11/19/17  (28)
anyone else never not weirded out by the SECRET LIVES of middling INTROVERTS?    11/20/17  (26)
UNGHHH, girl I met for 15 minutes invited me to stay w her in Miami    11/20/17  (26)
Have serial killers become more likely to cross racial lines?    11/19/17  (26)
I'm going back to live at home at 35 to get a STEM My Masters    11/20/17  (25)
Should the Upper Middle Class Take the Biggest Tax Hit?    11/20/17  (24)
Im moving back home    11/19/17  (24)
Alpha pickup move at church: do NOT take the Eucharist    11/20/17  (24)
Nyuug what do you do for a living in Seoul?    11/19/17  (24)
ITT we focus on the GOOD THINGS about American Women    11/19/17  (24)
i really, really fucking hate indian people    11/20/17  (23)
still cant believe how "US" media acted on Nov 8 - crying & thrashing    11/19/17  (23)
lots of scott frost news/rumors lately    11/20/17  (23)
need a new meme stock    11/20/17  (22)
RATE These Three Early -30s MFH Jewesses (PIC)    11/20/17  (22)
so the Roy Moore thing pretty much blew over?    11/20/17  (22)
Making friends after you're done w/ school & in a new city, jfc this blows    11/19/17  (22)
Trump: "Sen. Jeff Flake(y), who is unelectable in the Great State of Arizona..."    11/19/17  (22)
This slut teacher fucked not one but two of our teenage boys!    11/20/17  (21)