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What is the appeal of country clubs?    02/19/18  (198)
I think Miami was a massive mistake    02/19/18  (105)
Not flame: my dog was killed by two pit bulls today    02/19/18  (99)
My fellow shitlibs are driving me insane with gun control ranting    02/19/18  (87)
Julia cashes out; S&P 500 posts biggest weekly gain in 5 years. Lmao    02/19/18  (77)
When would you realistically retire if you were me? (CSLG)    02/19/18  (75)
Definitive list of 1st tier, 2nd tier, and 3rd tier American cities    02/19/18  (66)
Single 30yo going through major sex binge taking Qs.    02/19/18  (59)
Amazing article on Trump immigration crackdown in Chicago    02/19/18  (59)
People who get married w/in one year of meeting....?    02/19/18  (57)
yelp review: "I was really disappointed by how easy it was to find this place"    02/19/18  (56)
I've missed work for 4 days after serious flu. Still feeling shitty.    02/19/18  (53)
Phineasgage, Why Are BT Girls So Dumb?    02/19/18  (52)
How much do you think this case is worth? (CSLG)    02/19/18  (49)
do u guys tip on the pre or post-tax amount?    02/19/18  (48)
Cohabitating Before Marriage: PROLE TELL    02/19/18  (46)
Ironside & Tennis Fans Pls RATE #tennis    02/19/18  (45)
How did "hard-working" become an extolled virtue of the immigrant?    02/19/18  (45)
RATE Jill Stein going off on MSNBC anchor re: Russian Collusion    02/19/18  (45)
the hellish dating landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area (WaPo)    02/19/18  (44)
Russia Committed an Act of War on Par With Pearl Harbor and 9/11.    02/19/18  (44)
DESCRIBE habits/capabilities of diff IQ ranges (eg 100-110, 120-130, etc)    02/19/18  (44)
In all seriousness, what does drive these mass school shooter types?    02/19/18  (41)
JIm kelly why didnt you do interviews w Buffalo firms coming out of cornell    02/19/18  (41)
I'm afraid I'm about to fail the BAR EXAM for the 4th fucking time.    02/19/18  (35)
Gun control runs into 2nd amendment problems    02/19/18  (33)
Real talk: Black Panther was GOOD, but not GREAT    02/19/18  (33)
America has turned into one of the most ruthless, savage places in the planet    02/19/18  (31)
Toxic realization for avg heightmos: way you feel about shorts is how tall men f    02/19/18  (30)
Eyes Wide Shut is a criminally underrated movie    02/19/18  (30)
What are prole things that proles consider "classy"?    02/19/18  (29)
Dem Senator to Mueller: Release your investigation results after the midterms    02/19/18  (29)
Currently writing a brief responding to a shitlaw brief that's so bad its good    02/19/18  (29)
Money grubbing med residents are always so miserable    02/19/18  (29)
I met a guy on Tinder. He said he was not looking for "casual sex"    02/18/18  (29)
Is it true 1/3 of Americans couldn't come up with $1,000 for an emergency?    02/19/18  (28)
Poll: Name one city less suited for Peterman than Miami    02/19/18  (28)
Why Don't More Female Figure Skaters Wear Pants? (The Atlantic)    02/19/18  (28)
February retakers check-in thread.    02/19/18  (27)
Cernovich: McCabe altered 302 of Flynn interview & deleted all history of revisi    02/19/18  (27)
Reptiles apoplectic Black Panther is actually a good movie    02/19/18  (27)
Has Trump ever condemned Russia for trying to interfere with US democracy?    02/19/18  (27)
Really enjoy deadlifting but hurt my back every ~18 months. time 2 quit?    02/19/18  (26)
SRS Q: Do people at top 10....even top 5 law schools ever get nojerbpwned and    02/19/18  (25)
what is with bort's bizarre fixation with jim kelly?    02/19/18  (24)
Should I buy my kid a 300 bat for little league?    02/19/18  (24)
How do I get a job hunting down deadbeat millennials for not making loan payme    02/19/18  (24)
How do i keep from being a dick while wife is deadly sick?    02/19/18  (24)
white ppl use dogs as a replacement for human contact    02/19/18  (23)
Reminder: odds are you will get divorced at least once in your lifetime    02/19/18  (22)