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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/18  (212)
Eventful Sunday on xo    12/09/18  (13)
luis I am 4 you    12/09/18  (1)
Fox News: Latest DOJ Filings Exonerate Trump    12/09/18  (46)
Business owners hate me until they get dinged for a loan at their bank    12/09/18  (5)
Article: Smart people do BJJ. Are you smart?? BTW I own an MMA gym    12/09/18  (5)
Come ITT to rate my latke from last night's Hanukkah party.    12/09/18  (22)
bye    12/09/18  (1)
luis is a nasty guy    12/09/18  (74)
Are tech bros extremely 105 IQ?    12/09/18  (8)
there is still time in the day to go to church    12/09/18  (1)
Lol omg everything fucking sucks shit    12/09/18  (13)
charles do u just get paladins and teutonic knights to protect trebuchets    12/09/18  (17)
bloodacre is a 180 poster    12/09/18  (1)
boart is very very sick lately    12/09/18  (4)
jew matador using knitted sweater to "tame" black bull for commercial    12/09/18  (2)
We’ve reached peak mental illness tonight    12/09/18  (14)
luis is 180    12/09/18  (9)
Statistics don't mean shit if you aren't counting *everyone*.    12/09/18  (4)
lawman8: "so, basically, it is what it is. copyright, lawman8, 2018."    12/09/18  (2)
lots of mental illness today it seems, the board never disappoints    12/09/18  (2)
xopoa proud of "internal monologue" even tho it's like an indian's IG comments    12/09/18  (10)
Prescribe to me the Sex Pill and chocobar will touch the heaven Please    12/09/18  (9)
Leaving TOMORROW for a ~2month TRIP (RSF)    12/09/18  (114)
poverty does not ennoble, it embitters    12/09/18  (6)
really need more h1b indians shipped over to work on zero sum gc "apps" & php sh    12/09/18  (2)
Leaving TOMORROW for a ~forever TRIP (RSF's brother)    12/09/18  (2)
lawman8: 'where's the footnote?'    12/09/18  (1)
Truvada commercial tranny did a nude photoshoot in 2016    12/09/18  (6)
sick and tired of having to "get the app" and fully integrate my "logins" and    12/09/18  (1)
Lol at the RCC having its own country    12/09/18  (6)
there's clearly only one solution to save france: depose macron, restore the    12/09/18  (2)
Remain in Light is a top 10 GOAT album    12/09/18  (1)
never steal another man's analysis    12/09/18  (10)
The Great Mass XO Retirement thread 12.9.18    12/09/18  (1)
Bart Starr played mop up duty in 1994 NFL regular season game    12/09/18  (1)
Don Hewitt, former head of 60 Minutes, sexually assaulted a female employee    12/09/18  (2)
me: "like it or lump it"; lawman8: "ah, i see you've read my analysis."    12/09/18  (1)
kevin Durant is a beta faggot    12/09/18  (1)
Jerry Falwell Jr. extremely intellectual.    12/09/18  (1)
*Doobs cock cage clanking on the porcelain as he squats to piss*    12/09/18  (30)
Yale students PROTESTED having GWHB library there. So he went to T A&M    12/09/18  (14)
PSA: There is no such thing as sexual desire    12/09/18  (9)
If this arrested Chinese CFO spirals out of control, it will backfire on America    12/09/18  (43)
Doctor is doxed for supposedly racist online postings, med board investigated    12/09/18  (4)
DOOBS getting HONKY BONKY off dat CHINCHILLA JUICE    12/09/18  (162)
Add up the PRO/CON: Was it WORTH being born?    12/09/18  (2)
Ken Bone just got his ass beat by the sexy felon guy (worldstar)    12/09/18  (1)
Why is luis being so mean now?    12/09/18  (29)
FACT: Women marry a lifestyle, not the man.    12/09/18  (21)
me: hm, raining outside; lawman8: ah so u refer to my analysis of the wet window    12/09/18  (1)
RATE These NYT Weddings Puppydoods (PICS)    12/09/18  (2)
i am 4 luis. and now, more than ever, literally don't b mean 2 luis.    12/09/18  (1)
Rate my 5x5 workout today    12/09/18  (1)
Almost told wife about the extent of my crypto losses    12/09/18  (101)
"Hi, I'm chill, solvent luis..." "And I'm destitute, bitchy luis."    12/09/18  (2)
X-mas gift idea for Blasey-Ford: Double-doored cuckoo clock w/ two cuckoos    12/09/18  (1)
The alcohol-smoker Le Pen    12/09/18  (4)
the alcohol-smoker Hillary Clinton    12/09/18  (2)
Explain why you think crypto will come back. Which coins and when?    12/09/18  (4)
Nancy Leong shows us why we all love her, scolds Bush for giving gum to Obamas    12/09/18  (11)
luis puffy combs - no money, mo problems.mp3    12/09/18  (1)
SHOULD I BUY A NEW PHONE???    12/09/18  (1)
Running list of people luis has destroyed lately    12/09/18  (17)
I know why Chris Watts snapped    12/09/18  (4)
A couple of nice photos can really up your Tinder game 1000%    12/09/18  (10)
anyone know where I can buy pheromone infused soap?    12/09/18  (2)
Wait did Luis get fired and lose all his crypto cash?    12/09/18  (5)
Individual-1 here, taking ?s    12/09/18  (1)
Best Pseudonym: Individual-1, David Dennison, John Miller, or John Barron?    12/09/18  (2)
Donald Trump is the POTUS of Individual 1s    12/09/18  (3)
manhattan DA definitely looking to indict trump    12/09/18  (2)
Work 70 hours in a gig economy -> alcohol and Netflix binge    12/09/18  (1)
If Somalia adopted a Swedish model of government, they would have the same GDP    12/09/18  (1)
Xo John Rocker    12/09/18  (2)
lol, CowGoesMoo tries to scam reddit for free pizza    12/09/18  (121)
FACT: women are essentially pets, like cats    12/09/18  (3)
Individual 1ize your monikers ITT    12/09/18  (4)
if u guys think boomers are horrible wait for the social media generation 2 age    12/09/18  (1)
blacks don't blame libs at all for mass immigration?    12/09/18  (1)
the boi with the dragonchain tattoo    12/09/18  (21)
luis wearing holiday sweater exits stage, leather jacket luis smoking cig enters    12/09/18  (1)
You're a mean one, Mr. Boom. You're an autistic, retarded freeaak    12/09/18  (187)
Dollar stores feed more Americans than Whole Foods    12/09/18  (29)
O holy night is not the best Christmas song (Rudolph)    12/09/18  (12)
bloodborne is pretty 180    12/09/18  (1)
RESOLVED: Luis is an unchill self-absorbed obnoxious thin skinned faggot (TBF)    12/09/18  (1)
If I prefer sex with transwomen over genetic women, does that make me gay?    12/09/18  (28)
RATE This Applied Mathematics Scholarship On How Long A DREIDEL GAME Should Last    12/09/18  (7)
Any lawyers here want to explain the Charlottesville murder 1 conviction?    12/09/18  (102)
the xo heel turn of "Hollywood" Luis    12/09/18  (1)
I like the maori poaster, chimes in on topics with relevant takes seems chill    12/09/18  (5)
Boart Jews: What Are The CR Rules Of DREIDEL?    12/09/18  (2)
Invite the following posters To come to San José and I will fight them    12/09/18  (4)
dressing up pigs    12/09/18  (1)
the Church of Latter-day Saints is clearly the superior religion    12/09/18  (2)
luis is so unchill. he called a bunch of faggots faggots i mean wtf    12/09/18  (1)
go to church tomorrow you fucking loser    12/09/18  (29)
Why is there a stereotype that New Yorkers are "tough"    12/09/18  (38)
I hate chubby white guys with beards, glasses and a clean cut haircut    12/09/18  (11)
oh no luith thaid faggot heth not chill anymore    12/09/18  (3)
mr jinx wearing a diaper and sucking his thumb as two ladyboys fuck his ass    12/09/18  (5)
It's so weird that people here don't use IPhones.    12/09/18  (9)
Whatever happened to the Balkan/Russian trolls HoldUp and backspace?    12/09/18  (10)
How much to retire at 40 (CSLG)    12/09/18  (58)
SDNY showboats involved, think of the NY Post stories in our future.    12/09/18  (2)
Prophecymos: Describes AOC's 2020 DNC speech    12/09/18  (1)
What if WLMAS was a Clarence Thomasian conservative who is bad at articulating    12/09/18  (2)
Comic book movie fanboy audience reactions are disturbing (vid)    12/09/18  (4)
“Adventurous” means traveling to a city that speaks English    12/09/18  (1)
Reminder: being woke = okay; being red-pilled: not okay    12/09/18  (1)
xo Uncle Ted wrote back!    12/09/18  (120)
Mark Sanchez's Career: 60 TD's, 86 Turnovers    12/09/18  (84)
Wow Amazon thanks for all this cheap chinese shit! Great way to celebrate Christ    12/09/18  (3)
lost interest in cslg since his schtick Is all bragging/ (((marketing)))    12/09/18  (1)
Random life advice (CSLG)    12/09/18  (196)
RATE This Jewish US Army Colonel At The White House (PIC)    12/09/18  (8)
Photos of Plaintiff's Car From Chandler's Trial (CSLG)    12/09/18  (59)
Not sure I "get" inflation    12/09/18  (12)
Libcrusher180 -- who is this deranged shithead?    12/09/18  (20)
Petition to ban libcrusher180    12/09/18  (25)
(((libcrusher180)))    12/09/18  (10)
This libcrusher poster is a catty fag    12/09/18  (4)
ljl at libcrusher180. this beta nocoiner needs to be put in his place    12/09/18  (6)
Almost forgot libcrusher180 is a hook nosed thieving kike    12/09/18  (15)
hey libcrusher, do you use the yarmulke just to cover your bald spot?    12/09/18  (2)
pretty devastated to learn libcrusher180 is a kike    12/09/18  (11)
If libcrusher is truly a jew i dont know how i can continue my career here    12/09/18  (4)
"libcrusher180": how mentally ill?    12/09/18  (23)
93 octane Kirkland Signature gas about $2.30 a gallon    12/09/18  (1)
cheese steak jimmys cheese steak jimmys cheese steak jimmys cheese steak jimmys    12/09/18  (4)
So SDNY just elbows in and says fuck u Bob we want some of this?    12/09/18  (1)
Partition of North America would be 180    12/09/18  (27)
Is this prudent legal advice?    12/09/18  (1)
Prediction: Luis will continue to hold and his money will return some day    12/09/18  (4)
The Green Beret who went on a one man Rampage to save his Comrades    12/09/18  (11)
dissa vely brad!    12/09/18  (1)
Bort Shitlibs and Trumpmos can agree on something: Chinks r the real enemy    12/09/18  (1)
What is XO thoughts on Queen ruled monarchies in middle ages Europe    12/09/18  (9)
Canada Teams Up with China to Install Ocean Monitoring Devices in NW    12/09/18  (4)
xo 2018: discussing crypto market cap xo 2019: disgusting stains on trucker hat    12/09/18  (1)
Love you my friend$! Want you to have a lot    12/09/18  (1)
Snoop Dogg to Kevin Hart: Tell the Academy to suck a dick    12/09/18  (9)
Ljl if your wife "works" somewhere other than a church    12/09/18  (2)
Trump goes off on John Kelly in unhinged series of tweets    12/09/18  (1)
MBAs are worthless. There are salesman at my company w MBAs who cant sell    12/09/18  (5)
President Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Elected 2028)...    12/09/18  (2)
luis what’s up    12/09/18  (4)
Lana del rey "I loved getting ass fucked by Harvey's coke can jew cock" (twitter    12/09/18  (2)
Good Goyim Trump: NEVER AGAIN (VID)    12/09/18  (1)

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