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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/12/18  (197)
Friend killed himself    11/13/18  (53)
'Big Law Killed My Husband': An Open Letter From a Sidley Partner's Widow    11/13/18  (554)
Be embarrassed if everyone in your workplace looks like you --Natalie Portman (v    11/13/18  (48)
New Mueller indictment(s) about to drop (link)    11/13/18  (2)
getting a girl to dress up like a vampire so you can have sex with her    11/13/18  (1)
RATE the complaint in CNN v Trump    11/13/18  (54)
Florida Everglades venus flytrap filmed devouring 3lb swamp rat    11/13/18  (6)
GQ finally put a transgender person on the cover    11/13/18  (41)
GC sending thunderbolts of rage as you teach your son how to fix his bike    11/13/18  (8)
How many Sissybois on Autoadmit like wearing women's underwear?    11/13/18  (4)
A 50-plus poast thread looks impenetrable to start in, I just keep it moving    11/13/18  (1)
CA passes bill that only licensed AAA agents can change a flat tire (link)    11/13/18  (2)
Melania fires Trumps WH mistress    11/13/18  (12)
dirte tp asking Naples waiter for the honey crust    11/13/18  (9)
GTTR, why are you married to a rancid shitlib?    11/13/18  (24)
Ancestor: conquer trans-alpine Gaul. You: pegged by trans Appalachian ghoul.    11/13/18  (15)
Hate it when Restaurants charge me extra for (((side salad))) with burger    11/13/18  (2)
Lying to investigators is part of Republicans' way of life. How can it be a crim    11/13/18  (1)
If XO was broken down into eras, what would they be called    11/13/18  (3)
21 yr old Seminarian files 40 lawsuits under TCPA, pwns ATT/Verizon, wins $$$    11/13/18  (23)
LOL@ARE REPTILE and Russians: Merkel calls for REAL and TRUE European Army!    11/13/18  (1)
realized why I hate small talk: there is no purpose    11/13/18  (14)
Would you rather your wife make 30k or 300k    11/13/18  (89)
Diversity is important.    11/13/18  (7)
Got hit on by a 40 year old whitey..does that mean i look 40    11/13/18  (3)
🚨Mueller getting fired watch 🚨    11/13/18  (9)
Any investment bros here long on oil?    11/13/18  (10)
Sex with three trannies in one night    11/13/18  (6)
anglican lawyer just isnt funny, bros.    11/13/18  (80)
tumblr of tall, jacked, fratty chads and ugly, frumpy, and dumpy wives    11/13/18  (1)
Being ugly & gay isnt enuf in this competitive environment. Need to be retarded    11/13/18  (4)
Diversity is the most important thing in world, more impt than air or democracy    11/13/18  (2)
Night janitors lock office w/man still inside. He breaks window. Next day:FIRED    11/13/18  (2)
(((John Bolton))): No evidence Saudi prince involved in Khashoggi death    11/13/18  (1)
watching Blood in Blood Out for the first time    11/13/18  (2)
Miami NYE Reccos    11/13/18  (2)
Jack be nigger, Jack be shit    11/13/18  (22)
Jojoba oil, NOFAP and Fiber used to be a big thing on Autoadmit    11/13/18  (1)
Sitting at an outside bar on Paris Hilton Head Island. Just finished lunch. S    11/13/18  (4)
HEINRICH put your Jew in the oven at 9:46 PM    11/13/18  (28)
My 25yo Latino cousin makes 10k /month GROSS income in his Drywall business    11/13/18  (13)
The arc of desire bends towards homosexuality    11/13/18  (8)
Rate this rich elite white woman who only dates white guys    11/13/18  (4)
Surprise! CNN's Acosta lawsuit is fake news    11/13/18  (1)
Rate the sideboob on this prom dress (pic)    11/13/18  (121)
In retrospect it was REALLY weird Monica Lewinsky saved cum-stained dress    11/13/18  (26)
Why disaffected young men need more pornography (link)    11/13/18  (10)
Cold Truth: Ur GF went on antidepressants after Chad dumped her*    11/13/18  (8)
Its only okay for a country to have closed borders if its the size of New Jersey    11/13/18  (1)
Trump should announce mueller has until 12/31/18 to finish up    11/13/18  (6)
even tho CNN thinks it's okay to assault women, i disagree    11/13/18  (6)
Second date: fingered her in my car until she squirt.    11/13/18  (12)
realized why I love xoxo: there is no purpose    11/13/18  (2)
The United States has more holocaust museums than schools    11/13/18  (18)
you know I myself dabbled in pacifism. not in ‘Nam of course    11/13/18  (1)
Millennials Are Abandoning Uber For Urban Ostriches (link)    11/13/18  (22)
RATE these Latvian women welcoming alpha German soldiers in 1941 (PIC)    11/13/18  (1)
Tucker Max tries MDMA, feels overwhelming love    11/13/18  (45)
Ocasio-Cortez comes out against Amazon takeover of DC/NYC    11/13/18  (29)
charles, why doesn't your family just set you up with someone    11/13/18  (1)
The actual number of people who are for open borders is probably around 10%    11/13/18  (36)
Trump fucked: Maryland asks judge to declare Rosenstein acting AG, not Whitaker    11/13/18  (28)
Trump Has His First DC Circuit Appointment Now    11/13/18  (18)
Hilarious how objectively bad literally all "rap" music is - the GOAT kike scam    11/13/18  (111)
Will Alexandra Cortez have to do same fundraising grunt work as other freshmen?    11/13/18  (21)
Friendsgiving is Yet Another Lame Millennial Trend    11/13/18  (130)
scent of a woman sucks and is too long jfc    11/13/18  (1)
Outting assfaggot and his Asian girlfriend itt    11/13/18  (6)
GTTR is that really your husband or some asshole running flame?    11/13/18  (1)
Rate Virginia's pitch basically bribing Amazon with Federal regulatory approvals    11/13/18  (4)
"Crystal City is called National Landing now" "yes lord Bezos"    11/13/18  (1)
wait lmao wait that skanky hispanic chica from NY actually WON?    11/13/18  (7)
Any chance of crypto moon before Christmas?    11/13/18  (3)
Fast casual sex with men for money    11/13/18  (5)
Hi Shlomo, your Uber Oven will be arriving shortly    11/13/18  (1)
Atheism is low IQ, I'm convinced *something* is going on. Not sure what.    11/13/18  (65)
Sensible, humane immigration policies for Israel    11/13/18  (6)
*me braying autistically as a pack of pumos run train on me doggy, no stim    11/13/18  (1)
"This bussy was made for rig pigs" said Peterman bending over, huffing poppers    11/13/18  (3)
Report: Massive extinctions by 2050. Planet is dying quickly.    11/13/18  (6)
“Rig Pigs Killed My Anus:” An open letter from Peterman    11/13/18  (10)
Crypto update: Chainlink shows parabolic potential (link)    11/13/18  (14)
Chainlink partners with Wanchain; non-linkies irate (link)    11/13/18  (5)
Chainlink - The Missing Piece to the God Protocol (link)    11/13/18  (14)
Will House Dems think it too much to investigate Devin Nunes?    11/13/18  (3)
93 year old slowly typing "What's his name" with arthritic hands    11/13/18  (42)
They're making a live action Pokemon movie and it looks not terrible    11/13/18  (3)
KFC to launch new fast casual restaurant - KFC's Table - in Sendai, Japan    11/13/18  (3)
White Homeowner found NOT GUILTY of shooting at Black teen    11/13/18  (6)
Videogamemos- should I cop Mark of the Ninja for Nintendo Switch?    11/13/18  (5)
XO is 180 if for no other reason than it makes you desensitized to insults    11/13/18  (8)
what Warcraft 3 "on-click" unit voice lines do u still have echoing in yr head?    11/13/18  (13)
California firefighters are the highest paid in America. Cant even put out a fir    11/13/18  (9)
TCtp officially a wagecuck now :(    11/13/18  (12)
Really suck at indoor soccer on hard surface.    11/13/18  (5)
Disney World bans Man who waves Trump banners on roller coaster rides (link)    11/13/18  (15)
Mandy, why are you fucking a rancid shitpit?    11/13/18  (1)
In honor of America's veterans, I am giving hypos (Krampusnacht)    11/13/18  (135)
He was an active shooter but an inactive sex-haver    11/13/18  (6)
Stacy Abrams still at it...    11/13/18  (9)
Is there any doubts boomers will start global nuclear war before they die?    11/13/18  (2)
Will be weird when Stacy Abrams finds enough votes to become 1st black governor    11/13/18  (2)
‘WeWork Street' Brings Coworking To Unused NYC Phone Booths    11/13/18  (10)
Retired poaster. Looks like u guys still havent listened to Terence McKenna....    11/13/18  (2)
I’m done. This place is a racist cesspool.    11/13/18  (20)
Goodbye everybody    11/13/18  (10)
Wtf Tezos is only worth $1.25 now?    11/13/18  (3)
listen you dumb antisemite, israel doesn't have a statute of liberty poem. okay?    11/13/18  (1)
Biz idea for XO bros: WeDon'tWork    11/13/18  (1)
500k WWII vets are still alive, along with 2 million holocaust surviv    11/13/18  (3)
Trump is a bully, but he’s right about bad forest management.    11/13/18  (1)
Government workers retire. Collect pension. Get another government job.    11/13/18  (12)
SAD killed himself and I said nothing, then boner police, then AssFaggot    11/13/18  (1)
But one waitress has a bad memory of working with Ocasio-Cortez, 28    11/13/18  (10)
Taco Bell to launch fast-casual "Cantina" in northern Virginia:    11/13/18  (12)
ethereum.org now redirects to lemonparty ... sad    11/13/18  (3)
Explain this Romanian traffic accident    11/13/18  (3)
luis selling his last Persian rug to buy more dragonchain coins    11/13/18  (1)
WeWork Stalls brings WeWork to Flying J's    11/13/18  (1)
And on the 8th day, god created low IQ atheists    11/13/18  (1)
GC glaring at you as you introduce yourself to your neighbors    11/13/18  (19)
anyone tried charred egglpant calyx toothpaste?    11/13/18  (1)
We need to land on the moon again    11/13/18  (3)
Teenage Bengali Girl Found Naked in Stomach of Maneating Tiger    11/13/18  (2)
Chilmata (dogshit) is a Bald Fraud with an 1100 SAT score    11/13/18  (5)
Anyone tried activated charcoal toothpaste?    11/13/18  (13)
Yeah it's going to be fast-casual, like sex with your mom    11/13/18  (1)
And so it begins    11/13/18  (1)
Neomi Rao to DC Appeals Court    11/13/18  (1)
The right wing racism here is pretty shocking, worse than ever. Its scary    11/13/18  (16)
Fucked a hard core shitlib last night who works at some refugee resettlement ag    11/13/18  (13)
Tolstoy story about Benzo: "How much GAPAGE does a man need?"    11/13/18  (2)
Tolstoy completely pwning lawyers in death of Ivan illiych    11/13/18  (32)
I really Love you all    11/13/18  (10)
conservahero CharlesXII: getting ripped as fuck. lib pumos: getting anus ripped    11/13/18  (5)
ITE2 just around the corner folks    11/13/18  (22)
*throws hot keurig carafe at giant floating Corey Wayne head*    11/13/18  (1)
There are people that graduate from TTT with 6 figure debt & never can pass bar    11/13/18  (22)
Rate this now-deleted tweet by a virtue-signaling doctor    11/13/18  (22)
CNN files lawsuit against Trump administration for banning Acosta    11/13/18  (58)
Anything more alpha than making fun of a female posters husband?    11/13/18  (8)
2 Lamar High School (Houston) teen boys dead in murder-suicide    11/13/18  (1)
started crying and sreaming like an infant until someone gave me my juul    11/13/18  (2)
its been years since any quote unquote "comedian" made me laugh    11/13/18  (12)
possible to use Corey Wayne style tactics @ work?    11/13/18  (5)
Day 2: CIVIL WAR. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez strikes at Nancy Pelosi.    11/13/18  (28)

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