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Long Haul Truckers Share Crazy Stories

Carl, who’s logged two years on the road, while he was looki...
XO The Galleria of LGBT Fuckfests

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Date: June 13th, 2018 1:40 PM
Author: XO The Galleria of LGBT Fuckfests

Carl, who’s logged two years on the road, while he was looking at cowboy hats at a Flying J Travel Center:

“We’re way up above most traffic, sitting in the truck, so we have a view of everything going on below us, which includes what everyone is doing in their cars. A lot of people are jerking off. Not saying I see that all the time, but it’s more often than you’d probably think, especially if traffic is stuck. All guys, of course. I’m thinking that if you can’t take care of that at home before you have to go to work, you might have what we call a time-management problem, but I guess for some of them it’s probably a thrill. But at least if they’re masturbating they’ve got their eyes on the road. At this point I feel better about seeing some guy jerking off than I feel if I see him looking at his phone.”