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ITT: British Media LIST all of DRUMPF'S EMBARRASSING GAFFES during UK visit

Reminder that any Republican is literally Hitler https://...

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Date: July 12th, 2018 6:51 PM
Author: DrakeMallard (Let's get dangerous)

Reminder that any Republican is literally Hitler


On the special relationship: 'Our Anglo-Saxon heritage'

Strictly speaking, this one isn't Romney's fault, but still, the media loves a narrative, and this comment certainly plays into it. Before the trip had even begun, a Romney "adviser" was quoted as saying the Republican contender would be better placed than Barack Obama to sustain the transatlantic relationship with the UK because of a shared "Anglo-Saxon heritage.

The racially-tinged remarks prompted outrage, and cued a stinging attack from vice-president Joe Biden. Andrea Saul, the senior Romney spokeswoman, attempted to row back but the damage was done.

Red-face rating: 8/10. What a way to begin.