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Charles Fried: Kavanaugh Raided The Grilled Chicken At HLS Buffet (Bos Globe)

His courses were popular, and he developed quick relationshi...
Naomi Bat Osaka

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Date: July 13th, 2018 1:27 AM
Author: Naomi Bat Osaka (*)

His courses were popular, and he developed quick relationships with students, often dining in Cambridge with small groups and offering them references or career advice.


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Is Brett Kavanaugh a ‘promising choice’ or a ‘disturbing’ one? Depends who you ask

Left- and right-wing advocacy groups have sharply different views on the fitness of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the Supreme Court if confirmed.

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“He had large signups. The students obviously appreciated him,” said Charles Fried, a longtime Harvard Law professor who was solicitor general under president Ronald Reagan but later supported Barack Obama.

Kavanaugh dined in the faculty lunchroom, grabbing a salad and grilled chicken from the buffet and having polite discussion with other faculty members.

“He sits and talks with everybody. He’s a very nice colleague — a very intelligent, interesting, and well-spoken man,” Fried said. “I don’t agree with a number of decisions he’s handed down on the D.C. circuit, but I think people are discreet enough — it’s not an occasion to confront anybody, and I don’t believe he has been.”