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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Roles are going to people who they shouldn't be going to    07/02/22  (8)
1990s RadioShack CEO invents time machine, horrified by RS twitter account    07/02/22  (1)
Woman who escaped to Costa Rica just had to cross into Nicaragua & would have    07/02/22  (19)
RATE this epic of Clarence Thomas meeting Trump & Melania (link)    07/02/22  (3)
Libs love to charge everyone with "lying to the FBI"    07/02/22  (4)
ITT list your top 5 hardcore records of all time    07/02/22  (178)
Elon musk and his tranny kid with pope (pic)    07/02/22  (3)
I'm heading to Baha Mar Nassau Bahamas! U like?(Boom)    07/02/22  (1)
fbi FINALLY arrests someone who paid to rape kids on Epstein’s island    07/02/22  (5)
REAL TALK: Salami is much better on a pizza than pepperoni. Pep is for schleps.    07/02/22  (2)
Isn't it obvious that crypto is going back up to new highs just like before?    07/02/22  (1)
Lib Parent Of the Year Award was just announced    07/02/22  (13)
Is "The Sooo CR JUGGERNAUT tp" IRL TSINAH's property manager?    07/02/22  (1)
Well Mainlining my friend libs are saying fuck the 4th..hmm    07/02/22  (1)
Grandma just died. Totally ruins my 4th of July weekend plans    07/02/22  (35)
rate this app girl's profile (pic)    07/02/22  (18)
MAINLINING had greek and Taco Bell today! Tomorrow Papa Murphy's pep    07/02/22  (7)
Why have you inflated women so the worst demand the best?    07/02/22  (1)
Rate this June 23 Tweet by Ukraine’s defense minister, Oleksiy Reznikov    07/02/22  (1)
Let's talk about the "LOST COAST" region of California    07/02/22  (9)
Rubbing his cock and feeling him getting rock hard in his MESH SHORTS    07/02/22  (30)
My wife fucked our racist neighbor.    07/02/22  (223)
The 20-Somethings Who Help the 70-Somethings Run Washington (NYT)    07/02/22  (5)
Got a 180 holiday weekend planned friends    07/02/22  (1)
do you think he ever misses me?    07/02/22  (19)
Man Escapes Encounter With Black Bear by Using Bear Spray    07/02/22  (55)
Girls survives violent gruesome rape attempt. (Reddit)    07/02/22  (9)
Silver and silver miners down 35% from cuttingtable’s recs. Ty cuttingtable    07/02/22  (12)
Why won’t Biden just confirm that Ukraine will never join NATO??    07/02/22  (173)
I get second hand embarrassment whenever my ex slam piece poasts about me here    07/02/22  (1)
FRIENDS: Please vote on the MOTION to REVOKE "COOL" tp's Poasting Privileges    07/02/22  (3)
MOTION to expel from the Boart "COOL" tp for ONE WEEK    07/02/22  (3)
RATE this argument between two fecal libs in Oregon    07/02/22  (4)
Hey GJR need some advice    07/02/22  (3)
Describe the type of person who wants to become a D.C. "staffer"?    07/02/22  (3)
requesting treeman 4th of july    07/02/22  (3)
"Your Honor, it's not 'deeply rooted in our history or traditions'" = 2022 autow    07/02/22  (1)
how did TSINAH find out about eviction here? don't they need to serve him?    07/02/22  (3)
TBF, list the Jews that you appreciate ITT    07/02/22  (2)
Update on my eviction proceedings and shitlawyer    07/02/22  (14)
Spaceporn puts on Stephen King's It to fall asleep; Clown reminds him of home    07/02/22  (2)
They call him "the muncher"    07/02/22  (2)
Business idea: Buy a used submarine and do brunch on it in New York Harbor at    07/02/22  (57)
i had a dream GJR got back together with her ex bf    07/02/22  (4)
just ate a handful of peanuts    07/02/22  (1)
Has Stephen Miller returned to The Shire yet?    07/02/22  (3)
Describe the worst nightmare you've ever had and can still remember    07/02/22  (6)
Per Capita, which country filled with the most ALPHA males?    07/02/22  (10)
Been dating a chick for 3 months. Decided to ghost her today.    07/02/22  (135)
the usa better off if putin or fauci dies?    07/02/22  (3)
Should I go to Moscow, Russia in Aug/Sept before we nuke them?    07/02/22  (6)
Woody Harrelson in No Country saying so what plenty of clitdick psychos on xo    07/02/22  (1)
Conspiracy theorist friend thinks FBI does all domestic terrorism    07/02/22  (1)
.,,.,.,.,,,,. who is this deranged clitdick    07/02/22  (1)
My GF legit just came over to me and asked if I had ever heard of AutoAdmit.    07/02/22  (63)
XO '07: L.S. Admission. XO '12: In-House Migration. XO '22: Apartment Eviction.    07/02/22  (1)
REMINDER: In Jan of 1999, Yahoo bought GeoCities for $3.57 BILLION. LOL.    07/02/22  (23)
I have celebrated doobs publicly.    07/02/22  (3)
Lmao no one cares about the poison jabs now. Thank you God for protecting me fro    07/02/22  (3)
Call me old-fashioned, but sodomy is wrong    07/01/22  (11)
Gonna be in NYC next week. Will ask every deli to make sandwich the "Acki way".    07/01/22  (3)
Just saw a dad and extremely retarded son, son was wearing TRUMP shirt    07/01/22  (11)
Have you publicly celebrated Dobbs? How’d it go?    07/01/22  (1)
is this Flip escort really a teenager? (hvac)    07/01/22  (7)
Why not? Have fun and enjoy this place 😊    07/01/22  (2)
Teen boy (18) literally walks around the block in mEsH SHoRtS    07/01/22  (26)
Come ITT and go off and say everything you want about Chelsea Handler    07/01/22  (1)
The Marriott app fucking sucks    07/01/22  (2)
Just saw a Mercedes on the road. They look like fucking Suburus now.    07/01/22  (21)
Welcome to another holiday weekend of obeezy/psycho karen megapoasting!    07/01/22  (11)
Libs especially lib "women" are stupid    07/01/22  (4)
women should really be tossed in solitary confinement during their "periods"    07/01/22  (25)
Hoppin in my MF WHIP at 5-6am tomorrow to beat traffic    07/01/22  (1)
I hate both libs and cons    07/01/22  (4)
“Hallstatt plateau” invented to hide that lost tribes are Celts.    07/01/22  (44)
Is this vaxxed autopsy tissue sample normal?    07/01/22  (22)
"America" can't be taken seriously giving "Chelsea Handler" wealth&fame    07/01/22  (1)
Stuck in hours of traffic on I-95, taking q's (TSINAH)    07/01/22  (52)
This place is infested with sodomites.    07/01/22  (1)
Chechens only fear interior decorators    07/01/22  (2)
“Anyway, we delivered the bomb.”    07/01/22  (6)
So this freak who was legit banned from xo keeps spamming my email    07/01/22  (45)
Are Amerikans really that "tough"?    07/01/22  (1)
Predict SPY price at the bottom and date it will happen    07/01/22  (11)
It’s hard to look @ pics of Tom cruise/Hugh grant bc he looks too much like th    07/01/22  (1)
UCLA & USC to Big 10 (Twitter)    07/01/22  (123)
Looks like spike proteins stick together and make spaghettis in the blood.    07/01/22  (6)
Tolkien was asked why they didn't fly Eagles to Mordor    07/01/22  (21)
What would have happened if Trump had gone to Capitol on Jan 6?    07/01/22  (6)
TSINAH is a real embarrassment for Trumpmos    07/01/22  (1)
I spend $629/month to park my car in MFH    07/01/22  (6)
Just to recap todays events: TSINAH stuck in hrs of traffic + new eviction    07/01/22  (1)
Of all poasters u go after Research Boner? Great guy leave him alone    07/01/22  (1)
Don't forget, we are the lucky few who made it out of the COVID pandemic alive    07/01/22  (4)
Stop looking at pornography.    07/01/22  (31)
TSINAH your apartment filed ANOTHER eviction lawsuit against you    07/01/22  (111)
hysterical queer lib articles about trump    07/01/22  (39)
Guy I met at the bar last week wants to "cruise" with me sometime soon    07/01/22  (4)
Anyone else feel bad about rarely calling grandparents?    07/01/22  (29)
This video of a G wagon can't be real, right?    07/01/22  (11)
Genetically Modified Sodomites Pox, basically    07/01/22  (1)
Why not enjoy your life? You could do it! Anything you want    07/01/22  (1)
TRUMP TO ANNOUNCE HES RUNNING IN 2024    07/01/22  (4)
Any capeshit film/TV bros here? explain why you like this TTTrash?    07/01/22  (6)
I Googled Chechnya. And bro....they’re crazy!    07/01/22  (17)
NY: Want a gun permit? Turn over all social media info …    07/01/22  (48)
When will car prices become reasonable again?    07/01/22  (2)
I will be donating to Liz Cheney's senate campaign.    07/01/22  (8)
BOOM I think I just coughed up some blood 🩸    07/01/22  (1)
XO you should enjoy this while you can! It could all vanish instantly    07/01/22  (1)
I still see idiots wearing masks    07/01/22  (35)
do people still go to see females perform "concerts"?    07/01/22  (2)
Screenman the poaster    07/01/22  (2)
"Hey babe, what does LJL and 180 mean?"    07/01/22  (2)
What’s the most prestigious TV cast of the last decade?    07/01/22  (8)
Why You Don't Mess with the Chechens (video)    07/01/22  (6)
Texas pastor says gay people should be 'shot in the back of the head    07/01/22  (2)
XO is spot on being an "only" child fucks you up it's not cool!    07/01/22  (2)
Megan da Rappinhoe to receive presidential medal of freedom    07/01/22  (33)
Guys married several years still having regular sex, what's your secret?    07/01/22  (48)
Need to reinvent myself, professionally, and am pretty clueless about what to do    07/01/22  (62)
Zillow still predicting 10% home price appreciation over next 12 months    07/01/22  (22)
Biden predicts states will try to arrest women who travel for abortions (link)    07/01/22  (1)
Wife doesn’t want more kids. Have only 1 now :/    07/01/22  (22)
The Big Chill director's cut is 5 hours 43 minutes    07/01/22  (5)
6:00 on a Friday, time to start drinking booze and debate TSINAH's finances    07/01/22  (12)
What’s a 180 mid life crisis hobby to take up    07/01/22  (29)
Japanese porn is big on stringing out pussy slime - nsfw    07/01/22  (2)
Do you like bossing subordinates around?    07/01/22  (1)
180 poaster = research boner    07/01/22  (33)
the bleating pacifism of Mittwillard/CharlesXII shows why paganism preferable    07/01/22  (13)
Hey, pedos, leave them kids alone!    07/01/22  (2)
Papa Murphy's Triple Pepp    07/01/22  (2)
Which frozen pepperoni pizza is best? I ate 7 pizzas so you don't have to.    07/01/22  (1)
See you on a dark night, freddie    07/01/22  (4)
Is TSINAH the most pathetic poaster in history?    07/01/22  (1)
I cannot even process a "woman" wanting to murder a baby:(    07/01/22  (5)
what's the scorching heat of summer a metaphor for?    07/01/22  (2)
D3 (Deranged Woke White Women) are our greatest domestic threat    07/01/22  (3)
Why don't we all be friends?    07/01/22  (12)
Observations on the Ukraine War 2022-06-28    07/01/22  (4)
No double left that Nick Fuentes poasts here.    07/01/22  (14)
My COVID-19 headache has a certain stabbing quality...180    07/01/22  (6)
Boom I have COVID :(    07/01/22  (5)
US military recruiting numbers this year are SHIT PURE SHIT    07/01/22  (1)
Who travels more extravagantly, RSF or TSINAH?    07/01/22  (10)
why don't we really push adoption of Hybrid Vehicles first?    07/01/22  (12)
BACK home in Orlando (TSINAH)    07/01/22  (24)
TSINAH how much does your girlfriend weigh?    07/01/22  (7)
THEORY: TSINAH is a flight attendant    07/01/22  (4)

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