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SCOTUS rules 9-0 that Philly cant force Catholics to send foster kids to gays    06/17/21  (6)
McCloskeys plead guilty to misdemeanors, forfeit guns    06/17/21  (62)
Is rape bad? If so, why?    06/17/21  (3)
REAL TALK: When they truly commit to it, Jews actually make the best antisemites    06/17/21  (5)
Rate Tali Farhadian Weinstein    06/17/21  (6)
I have enough McDonalds rewards points to buy my own franchise (Ricky)    06/17/21  (7)
Can anyone recap what Biden has done so far?    06/17/21  (39)
was jung gay    06/17/21  (2)
Lol at 400k multiple kid haver obeezy poasting about his cooming habit    06/17/21  (2)
i believe Claire - Zappin is making his story up    06/17/21  (39)
Reminder: Anthony Zappin runs the TBF account, not “Claire”    06/17/21  (24)
Need advice on buying a Montblanc wallet    06/17/21  (4)
🚨Chicago Mayor Lightfoot declares racism a "public health emergency" 🚨    06/17/21  (5)
ITT: We list Billionaire's dotters that we would marry and procreate    06/17/21  (34)
Theyre not sending their best    06/17/21  (2)
bald Liberal Artist taking ?s    06/17/21  (26)
In "hot water" over Juneteenth joke I made with coworker    06/17/21  (10)
I hope I never get on TBF's bad side wow    06/17/21  (36)
instead of getting tomorrow off, we are now having a "discussion"    06/17/21  (1)
Should I start mining ETH now? I have 3 GPUs    06/17/21  (1)
reminder to all males under 25, your dad may seem scary but he's a total bitch    06/17/21  (1)
internet nigger    06/17/21  (1)
I am suicidal and I hate myself and my life and my family and it must end    06/17/21  (6)
Rogan: Libs need to calm down, calls Jan 6th commission a dumb idea    06/17/21  (12)
Trump: American Jews Don't Love Israel Enough and Too Few Voted for Me    06/17/21  (11)
Court just abruptly made tomorrow a federal holiday LJL    06/17/21  (1)
CSLG completely disproves XOs phenotype theory    06/17/21  (35)
there seems to be a dangerous virus that is going to kill everyone    06/17/21  (1)
redditors are alway complain about unmet emotional needs they cant articulate    06/17/21  (60)
Is dirte alive?    06/17/21  (2)
cowgod is such a huge faggot. he's king of the faggot clique. clique nigger. lol    06/17/21  (8)
Experiencing no feelings other than rage and hate tp    06/17/21  (3)
"America Should Become a Nation of Renters" (((Bloomberg)))    06/17/21  (126)
its amazing how the sp spamming has been going on 24/7 nonstop for years    06/17/21  (1)
REMINDER: TommyT sold his password to the CCP    06/17/21  (1)
You jealous shitheels will NEVER have a poetry MA from Montana state    06/17/21  (4)
If I’m so “old” could I do this (epah)    06/17/21  (113)
Got a saucy text from a girl who's section I'm TA-ing    06/17/21  (5)
Property Taxes are nowhere near this high in other countries    06/17/21  (4)
1993's "Reign of the Supermen" by Clique    06/17/21  (4)
What clique would CSLG be? Ascended Scumbag?    06/17/21  (9)
2022: Trump and Avenatti trying not to make eye contact in prison shower    06/17/21  (4)
Clique Theory will never be debunked.    06/17/21  (3)
come talk to me in my thread    06/17/21  (1)
I hate niggers! I hate them so much!!!    06/17/21  (4)
libs, have you personally ever done anything to help anyone, ever?    06/17/21  (1)
White heterosexual males are also being buck broke too, you know.    06/17/21  (1)
fucking hate faggots. cocksuckers. i love to beat them senseless and fuck them.    06/17/21  (6)
One weird thing about TBF    06/17/21  (4)
Reminder: boomers also got more pussy than you    06/17/21  (12)
Faggots are fucking disgusting. Getting POZZED in their greedy little SCUZZholes    06/17/21  (1)
No, Blackrock and Wall Street aren't buying up all the single-family homes (Vox)    06/17/21  (17)
Obeezy, do you promise to return on the day the election is overturned?    06/17/21  (21)
Why do people keep referring to TBF as a “he”?    06/17/21  (1)
Scientists should be lumped in with liberal artists    06/17/21  (11)
Blown Out Pauper Fuckhole Securities    06/17/21  (3)
talk me out of getting a GLS    06/17/21  (1)
Summon DBG: Rafa suspiciously withdraws from Wimbeldon and Olympics.    06/17/21  (1)
This female "rabbi" tried to shake my hand. I ran away screaming SHOMER NEGIAH!    06/17/21  (13)
I only consume the finest New American cuisine. Your aioli was flat, and I am ne    06/17/21  (1)
Metallica was never good    06/17/21  (63)
Manhattan DA Candidate: Let's not prosecute any criminals.    06/17/21  (68)
Misogynist demanding Yale profs be like: "Why fail you when we can YALE you!"    06/17/21  (24)
"Trump Built This" signs on new bridges in rust belt INFURIATE coastal libs    06/17/21  (35)
peaceful demonstrations in honor of George Floyd    06/17/21  (1)
Are reptile cheating megathread    06/17/21  (2)
jung was a sex pervert    06/17/21  (1)
Baron Samedi projecting astral phantom racism onto your useless black coworkers    06/17/21  (2)
OCI updating name to GirlsDoLaw    06/17/21  (8)
Will XO close in observance of the Juneteenth holiday?    06/17/21  (1)
Any golf bros use a DRIVING IRON?    06/17/21  (16)
Calif. man sentenced 20 years for coercing women into doing porn    06/17/21  (54)
holy computer batman    06/17/21  (1)
As a woman it must suck that you basically don't know if he's got a big dick    06/17/21  (88)
SCIENCE! HAS FAILED! OUR WORLD!    06/17/21  (3)
LOL so if you were scheduled to be in court tomorrow suddenly ur fuct    06/17/21  (1)
A man’s worst fear should be his father-in-law outliving him    06/17/21  (10)
diversity, equity, & inclusion management strategist    06/17/21  (1)
Pink Pussyhat Judge sentences Girls Do Porn actor to 20 years    06/17/21  (13)
reminder: FBI covered up their informant rented room to 9/11 hijackers    06/17/21  (1)
whats a good album you have listened to recently    06/17/21  (18)
Federal holiday tomorrow seems like it really fucks a lot of people    06/17/21  (3)
Lol @ libs and their "ideas" being destroyed with the slightest scrutiny    06/17/21  (1)
Oh wow that's so edgy and blackpilled    06/17/21  (1)
At least a third of drivers should not have drivers licenses    06/17/21  (12)
I want to bulldoze my entire yard and start from scratch. Any tips?    06/17/21  (1)
everything needs to be fixed    06/17/21  (1)
POTUS DeSantis replacing Breyer with Louie Gohmert    06/17/21  (2)
Kidmos: how does your house not get destroyed by kids?    06/17/21  (38)
   06/17/21  (1)
Have Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton ever been in the same room?    06/17/21  (2)
doing computer    06/17/21  (1)
chinese defector working with DIA provided info on china's bioweapon program    06/17/21  (8)
picture this we were both butt naked squanchin on the playroom floor    06/17/21  (17)
GOP to poor white voters: Fuck minorities, btw I'm gonna shit in you mouth    06/17/21  (39)
veins popping out of ur arm like venomous snakes as you get your "vaccine"    06/17/21  (3)
I can't believe I'm online    06/17/21  (1)
If you want NYC salary, you need to lick my taint    06/17/21  (5)
Girl I hooked up with finally admitted I was SMALL    06/17/21  (74)
Trump completely failed at implementing the pro-gun agenda he promised in 2016    06/17/21  (1)
Study shows giving blacks off for Juneteenth will actually increase productivity    06/17/21  (2)
Federal courts closed tomorrow!    06/17/21  (2)
Opposing Counsel wants sanctions for being late with Discovery Responses    06/17/21  (21)
Uglier: CSLG on the inside or his wife on the outside?    06/17/21  (15)
paid trolls are insane and pathetic    06/17/21  (5)
*fed govt employees inventing new holidays for blacks to get more time off*    06/17/21  (2)
πŸ–• β˜‰..β˜‰ πŸ–•    06/17/21  (12)
There is a possibility Gay Grandpa is forced to poast "I am OK"    06/17/21  (3)
libs, you voted for this    06/17/21  (1)
"Odds of women editing all 16 top law journals is 1 in 100K. It happened"    06/17/21  (1)
Paul Skallas went to Chicago-Kent for law school.    06/17/21  (1)
SPACEPORN is the most ALPHA current poaster    06/17/21  (2)
biglaw firm said we could take off one (1) day in june ending in "teenth"    06/17/21  (1)
at this point what thinking person actually agrees w lib insanity    06/17/21  (13)
"chill" bort libs spreading lies and evil 100% of the time    06/17/21  (1)
californication music vid but its olive oil lubed luis and mall security chasing    06/17/21  (9)
Taking Qs on surviving my bachelor party (RSF)    06/17/21  (82)
Will GJR ever show its face ITT again?    06/17/21  (19)
I want to kill myself    06/17/21  (1)
doodikoff, are u getting the zelda nintendo game & watch?    06/17/21  (1)
worth it to read david irving's hitler's war?    06/17/21  (10)
Have a "race in the workplace" meeting today on teams    06/17/21  (102)
Click on ur 2020 Amazon orders then click on items. Observe up to 50% price jump    06/17/21  (1)
To Be Fair is basically DTP but focused on poster's character flaws not crypto    06/17/21  (3)
if you have any PTIX, sell it right now there's a buying frenzy after-hours    06/17/21  (1)
South Carolina executions halted because they can't form a firing squad    06/17/21  (1)
Remember when Trump was gonna file "Big Cases" and be POTUS again? lol    06/17/21  (46)
Benzo taking “we’re all gay and retarded” meme very literally    06/17/21  (12)
I’m gonna laugh my ass off when SPjr gets SNATCHED UP    06/17/21  (15)
180 brother    06/17/21  (1)
Erin Burnett eagerly gagging on your cock, oh wait --- that's Peterman    06/17/21  (14)
BAM! coworker asks u in front of group 'What are your thoughts on white privileg    06/17/21  (62)
Pompeo: we all need to be gay    06/17/21  (7)
What's come out in the last month or so re: lab leak?    06/17/21  (23)
double masks, triple vaccines, quadruple lockdowns, oh hey it’s over    06/17/21  (10)
Need some help decoding this girl's cryptic texts    06/17/21  (3)
i like the tiktoks where girls post old hot photos then show they're obese now    06/17/21  (3)
Yale Law Students are both incredibly obnoxious but also always successful    06/17/21  (13)
Bloomberg: who goes to Yale should be decided randomly    06/17/21  (47)
Why doesn't Yale have a business school, seems like a cashcow    06/17/21  (4)
Libs are dragging out Beto again? Wtf?    06/17/21  (2)
I’ve been buying a lot of WW2 era watches lately    06/17/21  (16)
5'3" 56 year old jewish man telling you on the internet that oligarchs should ow    06/17/21  (1)
rate this shitlib musical celebrating Fauci (video)    06/17/21  (3)
Guy getting road head barrels truck into outdoor diners. You: dressing on the si    06/17/21  (3)
Scientists on fire this week: study finds that humans cannot stop ageing    06/17/21  (4)

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