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have a 100-degree fever, taking q's (TSINAH)    06/16/21  (7)
Can't wait for James O'Keefe and Project Veritas to deliver THE GOODS today    06/16/21  (50)
Lifeguards saving blacks nonstop.    06/16/21  (2)
Mr Jinxs Pidgin opera Lets Make Sex With a Men provoked riots in Accra    06/16/21  (33)
I’m a really bad lawyer and I should probably be homeless    06/16/21  (1)
I have no internal monologue, I just walk around like a golden retriever all day    06/16/21  (18)
Trump was just on Hannjtu    06/16/21  (1)
Spaceporn angrily confronting Glacier Park employees about Going to the Son Road    06/16/21  (1)
what was the most difficult period of your life    06/16/21  (10)
All of the “hot” black women are at least 30 percent white LJL    06/16/21  (1)
its unfair that whites are better at nearly everything    06/16/21  (3)
The Lives of Others (2006) about the surveillance snitch state of E. Germany    06/16/21  (11)
Not gonna wipe my ass anymore. Don't believe in playing God.    06/16/21  (12)
How come no one uses the ANTHILL method of suicide?    06/16/21  (2)
POLL: Are you vaxxed?    06/16/21  (23)
Why is Bam Margera all over the news again?    06/16/21  (10)
what whisk(e)y, bourbon or rye should i grab right now?    06/16/21  (5)
so our infrastructure is aging because boomers wanted to stick us with the bill?    06/16/21  (7)
How is Ben Simmons this bad at shooting free throws?    06/16/21  (8)
am i a domestic terrorist    06/16/21  (1)
Rate this anti-stonetoss blog.    06/16/21  (9)
Why is the political propaganda and rhetoric so amped up these days    06/16/21  (4)
68yo judge claims 401k of 23yo clerk he was having an affair with    06/16/21  (45)
950 GA military ballots came back in sequential order, 100% for Biden    06/16/21  (22)
Oliver Darcy died how he lived: head in a toilet & ass full of semen    06/16/21  (31)
Maybe the world government is just the next America    06/16/21  (7)
FLW's wall of nintendo paraphernalia tp    06/16/21  (3)
do people still join the french foreign legion to reboot their life?    06/16/21  (5)
"The Verge" (Vox "tech reporting") PC build video is fucking hilarious    06/16/21  (6)
Hillary Clinton offers condolensces ahead of Tucker Carlson suicide    06/16/21  (1)
Tucker Carlson is going to get assassinated after tonight    06/16/21  (142)
"I'm autistic and gay" (to U2 its a beautiful day)    06/16/21  (172)
Rate this Wikipedia excerpt about a lawyer who went solo and failed    06/16/21  (2)
Rate this house for sale    06/16/21  (14)
Elizabeth Holmes looks like Fievel the mouse    06/16/21  (1)
Anyone else want to buy a C8 corvette? I'm such a boomer    06/16/21  (7)
Hunter hitting some heat    06/16/21  (6)
Do any unhappy people poast here?    06/16/21  (1)
Why did Upset Jew get run off the board?    06/16/21  (40)
ONE NOTHING WRONG WITH ME    06/16/21  (18)
Slangin' low-level TRIVIA questions ITT    06/16/21  (38)
Tucker Carlson DEAD in horrible car accident!    06/16/21  (1)
"One Set Of Footprints": Obeezy was out for a hike with his beloved family    06/16/21  (9)
McCain was a piece of shit traitor to his country    06/16/21  (30)
Digging a proper grave is probably really tiring    06/16/21  (4)
McCain was one of the most worthless, low IQ pieces of human garbage in history    06/16/21  (57)
Barry Lyndon | Amadeus | The Duellists    06/16/21  (2)
Discernment of spirits.    06/16/21  (2)
Adderall’s destruction of the INTP mind.    06/16/21  (11)
Obeezy, what makes it harder to get girls, being short or ugly?    06/16/21  (1)
retiring    06/16/21  (26)
To Be Fair tp, i would fuck you into an absolute stupor    06/16/21  (19)
ITT: Please rank MV towns from most to least prole    06/16/21  (1)
Fauci's book really just disappeared?    06/16/21  (1)
How much are you saving for your kids' college?    06/16/21  (17)
Tucker 1/6 FBI claim has been DEBUNKED: FACT CHECK: FALSE.    06/16/21  (98)
so every single jewish person has had his cock sucked by a rabbi?    06/16/21  (5)
Slate: "Jon Stewart Embraced the Lab Leak Theory on Colbert. Was He Joking?"    06/16/21  (29)
I get held down, and get squanched again, mommy never hears me shout    06/16/21  (154)
just saw a dad berating his son at the gym    06/16/21  (6)
To Be Fair tp has utterly gaped and humiliated Upset Jew and now dupa    06/16/21  (13)
Dupa: "Hey all big 'free speech' guy here haha but let's stop the antisemitism"    06/16/21  (7)
splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind tp    06/16/21  (1)
how to stop hiccups? (aside from drinking cum)    06/16/21  (6)
REAL TALK: Is "Dupa" dun here after TBF spat over the past two days?    06/16/21  (1)
LOL at that "Hard Foul" that led to Jokic's ejection    06/16/21  (22)
god forbid our FBI stop a palace coup. thx for Waco& Ruby Ridge tho i guess    06/16/21  (7)
Had a really chill vacation in Hawaii. Mainly ranted about cumskins online    06/16/21  (82)
The liberal mind is a preview of hell: a place without rest and without hope.    06/16/21  (1)
Libs are not behaving like they feel they won fair and square    06/16/21  (4)
normal to have entire political system married to jews or jews themselves?    06/16/21  (3)
Imagine working someplace where the boss never talks to you    06/16/21  (1)
Religious Census of XO 2021: State Your Affiliation / Denomination    06/16/21  (150)
hi welcome to faggy cuts    06/16/21  (12)
THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal.    06/16/21  (1)
fake pipe bursting, overnight miraculous Biden win + 2 senators, car C4'd    06/16/21  (13)
Probably a coincidence that Henry Aaron was quiet during RSF's bachelor weekend    06/16/21  (3)
Anyone ever stay at andaz Maui before?    06/16/21  (3)
libs seem really faggoty    06/16/21  (1)
WOW LOOK AT THAT GUY BOUNCE THE BALL!!!!!    06/16/21  (6)
why are we still locking down for asymptomatic ppl if asymptomatic    06/16/21  (34)
Just exchanged $20k cash for Gemini USD coin earning 8.6% interest. Shrewd?    06/16/21  (5)
Your move, Kirkland    06/16/21  (3)
LJL at anyone who thinks Jokic is more valuable than Embiid    06/16/21  (31)
crypto retard here, if you had $50,000 to throw at a coin, what would you buy?    06/16/21  (35)
Mark Pedowitz is the current chairman and CEO of The CW Television Network.    06/16/21  (14)
"our" leaders hate the US Flag & the demographic that fought all our wars?    06/16/21  (3)
Anyone else here have abysmally low conscientiousness    06/16/21  (52)
North Korea Defector Says That US Similarities To NK Are "Insane"    06/16/21  (1)
Congress passes bill making Juneteenth federal holiday for black employees only    06/16/21  (4)
how often do u sleep w/ a butt plug inside?    06/16/21  (2)
i'm low T, low IQ, and bald    06/16/21  (4)
Where do you get those bars for your windows    06/16/21  (13)
If you’re debating killing yourself take this as the go ahead sign brother    06/16/21  (6)
Cowgod/phenotype elitist 100% has underage porn on his HD and here's why    06/16/21  (11)
Rate this white woman Age 18 vs Age 25 (pics)    06/16/21  (5)
Dolly Parton-Juneteen.mp3    06/16/21  (3)
Dominion servers! Pipe bursts! Bamboo ballots! Watermarked ballots!    06/16/21  (33)
Blonde Houston reporter announces on air that she's spilling info to Veritas    06/16/21  (60)
June 19 (Juneteenth) new federal holiday:    06/16/21  (9)
shitlibs publish lulzy editorial opposing EBOLA QUARANTINE    06/16/21  (53)
Lol that obeezy posts in every single Biden thread    06/16/21  (3)
Dupa going down to 168 to fight Boo Boo Andrade.    06/16/21  (6)
Flag Day will never be recognized again. Only black power flags near Juneteenth    06/16/21  (3)
dupa/To be fair fight would never be sanctioned by a responsible commission    06/16/21  (2)
Civ4 notification: George Soros has created a nigger demon statue in NYC    06/16/21  (16)
Letterman destroys Leno on air re Conan    06/16/21  (20)
Russiagate | wet market | Biden won | White supremacy | Jan. 6    06/16/21  (7)
xo is sick    06/16/21  (2)
God put mankind on different teams.    06/16/21  (1)
Two pivotal NBA playoff games tonight    06/16/21  (7)
700 Years of House of Lords could come to an end for not supporting Brexit    06/16/21  (4)
at this point what thinking person actually agrees w lib insanity    06/16/21  (8)
british 'house of lords' mostly arriviste wogs and globalist trash now    06/16/21  (7)
2nd cousin: Ooh I love dares! Shrew gf: They're abusing VAERS!    06/16/21  (6)
POLE: Are you waxed?    06/16/21  (1)
POLL: Are you waxed?    06/16/21  (2)
2nd cousin: Wait for me :-) Shrew gf: Downlow BIPOCs created society!    06/16/21  (5)
how can Sandy Hook parents sue Alex Jones for saying it's fake    06/16/21  (10)
the US needs a house of lords my brothers    06/16/21  (2)
Anyone here got Wall Street Bets Reddit account with clout? Got a short squeeze    06/16/21  (1)
penises are 180    06/16/21  (1)
House of Lords BLOCKS Brexit    06/16/21  (12)
Odd Fact: Columbus, OH has more than 2x the population of Cleveland, OH    06/16/21  (2)
Just feasted on BLUE CRABS, brothers    06/16/21  (3)
one day we will deeply regret not listening to the schizophrenics    06/16/21  (2)
a lot of those Eastern European surveillance states most of the equipment didn't    06/16/21  (1)
stalin is upset jew level bad    06/16/21  (9)
Before 1492, non-whites were noble savages living in Avatar-esque utopias    06/16/21  (3)
700lb bronze St. George Floyd statue unveiled in Newark    06/16/21  (12)
fat poor depressed chandler was better than fat rich depressed chandler    06/16/21  (4)
wtf is the point of "sex"    06/16/21  (2)
Some dude on Twitter has an account devoted to documenting journalist failures    06/16/21  (23)
would you enjoy watching a hot guy jerk & stroke?    06/16/21  (2)
"YES, Mom, it's a 'meme', OK? But also, I literally have sex, with men, for mon    06/16/21  (1)
Is modern art a scam?    06/16/21  (3)
paranoid schizophrenia    06/16/21  (11)
theres nothing more pure than the love of stalin    06/16/21  (2)
Rate this province in Afghanistan based on its wikipedia page photos    06/16/21  (26)
Just ordered 30 Cheddar Bay Biscuits from Red Lobster through Uber Eats    06/16/21  (3)
Barry Goldwater on UFOs    06/16/21  (5)
Think I'm having a shellfish-induced gout flare-up bros    06/16/21  (1)
Please rate my 95 IQ chubby Mexican wife. tyia    06/16/21  (5)
Weren’t most of these labor shortage jobs supposed to be replaced by AI?    06/16/21  (5)
As a woman it must suck that you basically don't know if he's got a big dick    06/16/21  (62)
Bort is slow. I demand everyone poast more. Boot up some alts if necessary    06/16/21  (5)
why is this John Krasinski duffus forcememened upon us all?    06/16/21  (16)
So you wanna be a cock superstar. Stim large. Big Rods.    06/16/21  (55)
Das Boot, except with Africans at war with privative spears.    06/16/21  (1)

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