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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
why does okcupid allow shit like this?    06/16/21  (12)
99% of u parentmos will be forgotten by 50 years of ur death; noparentmos by 20    06/16/21  (3)
Biden gave Putin list of “critical infrastructures off limits" from cyberattac    06/16/21  (12)
any taibbi subscribers here?    06/16/21  (6)
ITT: The most based article you'll read today. (AmRen)    06/16/21  (9)
Pompeo: we all need to be gay    06/16/21  (6)
Putin lectured Biden on human rights today. Spoke to jornos re same. LJL    06/16/21  (1)
Jimmy Carter should take over for Biden. Still has 4 yrs of eligibility left    06/16/21  (5)
Todd Driskill shooting witness: “he was having sex with the victim beforehand    06/16/21  (4)
Taking Qs on surviving my bachelor party (RSF)    06/16/21  (74)
Is CSLG uglier on the outside or on the inside?    06/16/21  (5)
Putting truth above envy-driven “woke” ideology is racist and anti-Semitic    06/16/21  (9)
What is your take on Tolkien’s One Ring and magic rings in general?    06/16/21  (3)
"One Set Of Footprints": Obeezy was out for a hike with his beloved family    06/16/21  (14)
Not gonna lie -- I really like it here.    06/16/21  (1)
As a woman it must suck that you basically don't know if he's got a big dick    06/16/21  (65)
I have been to a CIA black site before not flame    06/16/21  (3)
Litespeed University graduation pics (link)    06/16/21  (4)
Rate this San Francisco bicyclist    06/16/21  (1)
If I’m so “old” could I do this (epah)    06/16/21  (38)
Jay Dyer hosts the last hour of Alex Jones Show today    06/16/21  (1)
There are IRL teams like shareblue. They actively plot against Trump supporters    06/16/21  (1)
Most prestigious fish?    06/16/21  (2)
Can't wait for James O'Keefe and Project Veritas to deliver THE GOODS today    06/16/21  (52)
LSD vs. Lawman vs. Obeezy in a triple-threat match— who wins?    06/16/21  (13)
have a 100-degree fever, taking q's (TSINAH)    06/16/21  (34)
McCain was a piece of shit traitor to his country    06/16/21  (34)
Russian Duma to ban porn    06/16/21  (12)
Ever call around to area funeral homes to price out cremations?    06/16/21  (2)
Lebron James is the least likeable bitchass faggot of all time    06/16/21  (17)
Tucker Carlson is going to get assassinated after tonight    06/16/21  (147)
Slangin' low-level TRIVIA questions ITT    06/16/21  (45)
"Garfield what are you doing?" *hides box w 'Burkina Faso' scrawled on label*    06/16/21  (1)
All of the “hot” black women are at least 30 percent white LJL    06/16/21  (3)
There is no afterlife, just an eternity of nothingness approaching for you    06/16/21  (6)
Lawman8 is a black-pilled Leather Daddy Bear #Pride #LoveWins #TrustTheScience    06/16/21  (12)
"Maybe the world doesn't revolve around black people." *monocles shatter*    06/16/21  (11)
another Ohtani home run today    06/16/21  (2)
Post ITT if I've sent you a shirt (CSLG)    06/16/21  (80)
reading xo in bed, muffled laughs shaking wife awake    06/16/21  (7)
How come more NBA players get hurt during the playoffs than NHL players?    06/16/21  (18)
Family    06/16/21  (2)
Nerd    06/16/21  (1)
“Hey guys. Whoa, Big Gulps, huh? Alright. Well, see ya later”    06/16/21  (12)
there is an undeclared succession crisis in the US    06/16/21  (25)
Lol p0astradamus    06/16/21  (16)
Philly blew it, flame?    06/16/21  (5)
What’s the point of being a lawyer if you can’t afford a good life?    06/16/21  (9)
Just had “super greens” at Panda Express. LmAO at this flame, never again    06/16/21  (11)
Reditors congregate to discuss their experimental vaccine side effects.    06/16/21  (8)
Democrat Senator pushed Reddit to quarantine The Donald due to "inciting hatred"    06/16/21  (84)
How is Ben Simmons this bad at shooting free throws?    06/16/21  (30)
The liberal mind is a preview of hell: a place without rest and without hope.    06/16/21  (3)
not flame BTC in perfect Wyckoff Distribution, GET OUT NOW - 20K incoming    06/16/21  (6)
1993's "Reign of the Supermen" by Clique    06/16/21  (2)
epah seems kind of dull for an SLS guy    06/16/21  (1)
re: the "rich inner world" of INTPs    06/16/21  (50)
Samoyedcoin (SAMO)    06/16/21  (244)
Moving to sydney, gonna be training at whok's boxing gym    06/16/21  (2)
I developed a large imaginary city in order to defeat insomnia    06/16/21  (27)
ONE NOTHING WRONG WITH ME    06/16/21  (19)
Visual of Solana ecosystem (bullish as FUCK)    06/16/21  (14)
If bucks beat nets I could see hawks making Finals appearance    06/16/21  (9)
holy shit Solana's CEO and founder Anatoly just retweeted nyuug!!    06/16/21  (16)
ITT: We list Billionaire's dotters that would marry you    06/16/21  (7)
Real Talk: Joel Embiid is the best big man in the NBA right NAO    06/16/21  (3)
gonna watch Major League sometime soon    06/16/21  (1)
Rate this engagement ring    06/16/21  (3)
Not flame I’m posting from Tehran    06/16/21  (11)
Your mental suffering is not in vain. You are not alone.    06/16/21  (5)
Boomer Lives Matter! After all we've done for u ungrateful young whippersnappers    06/16/21  (5)
Lifeguards saving blacks nonstop.    06/16/21  (4)
Goodnight you princes of Maine, you kings of New England    06/16/21  (2)
Adderall’s destruction of the INTP mind.    06/16/21  (16)
TSINAH and doodikoff both died from COVID    06/16/21  (3)
Why doesn’t Islam have a sabbath?    06/16/21  (2)
"... prostate shuddered. Hi, who just joined?"    06/16/21  (57)
***let’s go hawks***    06/16/21  (6)
".....and when I say 'they,' who do I mean?"    06/16/21  (1)
Joel embiid is a fucking bum    06/16/21  (16)
I still believe Joel Embiid can be a dominant, MVP level, bigman    06/16/21  (17)
Joel Embiid riding Barbaro in hell    06/16/21  (5)
I’ve been buying a lot of WW2 era watches lately    06/16/21  (11)
Movie idea: "The Terminator" but he comes back to kill JJC    06/16/21  (1)
Embiid is Top 3 in scoring, and Top 10 in Rebounds and Blocks. He's the MVP.    06/16/21  (20)
Jokic white power murdering bum nigger Embiid!    06/16/21  (2)
Seinfeld skit where they discuss rebunking the lab leak theory    06/16/21  (44)
Your life is more than halfway over and you wasted it all    06/16/21  (3)
The grim reaper is looking over your shoulder. Not long until endless sleep    06/16/21  (7)
just lmao at obeezy posting on like 8 different pumos in the 1/6 tucker thread    06/16/21  (5)
Cowgod/phenotype elitist 100% has underage porn on his HD and here's why    06/16/21  (14)
bro    06/16/21  (1)
"CRT is retarded faggoty anti-white shitlib horseshit; prove me wrong," - GENIUS    06/16/21  (2)
Lsd tp, please rate the following two poasts at your earliest convenience:    06/16/21  (3)
LJL at anyone who thinks Jokic is more valuable than Embiid    06/16/21  (38)
Is there anyway to tell my Meyer Briggs without doing faggy 200 q test?    06/16/21  (3)
THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal.    06/16/21  (2)
what was the most difficult period of your life    06/16/21  (21)
MiG tp and prince tp spearheading the autoadmit chapter of Jews for Jesus    06/16/21  (10)
Conan's abysmal ratings    06/16/21  (33)
honey, shut the fuck up. my niggerball game is on tv    06/16/21  (28)
Is Oksana the hottest name for a girl?    06/16/21  (3)
Why is Conan’s staff so feeble looking    06/16/21  (6)
Conan Has Questions About Andy’s Updated LinkedIn Profile - CONAN on TBS    06/16/21  (2)
Lily King is Jock Clique    06/16/21  (4)
Are reptile cheatmo megathread    06/16/21  (1)
greasy right wing shills lmao    06/16/21  (1)
Hypo: $50 billion but you have to get plastic surgery to look like a dog    06/16/21  (10)
Rate this anti-stonetoss blog.    06/16/21  (13)
Embiid choking away a 24 pt lead, out there jacking up 3s now.    06/16/21  (3)
Unindicted co-conspirators proves nothing    06/16/21  (1)
What is this "shareblue" thing poasters poast about?    06/16/21  (46)
brb, heading to panda    06/16/21  (4)
Part of problem is way too much debunking, need more bunking    06/16/21  (1)
Embiid is STRAIGHT TRASH    06/16/21  (8)
shitlaw boss ordered a treble cheeseburger    06/16/21  (128)
POLL: Are you vaxxed?    06/16/21  (34)
Rate this law chad on tiktok. future cslg hype house member!?!?    06/16/21  (1)
The Lives of Others (2006) about the surveillance snitch state of E. Germany    06/16/21  (15)
still cant believe they figured out how to connect all the computers    06/16/21  (4)
Can’t believe only fans is legal. Shouldn’t be.    06/16/21  (4)
What’s a decent salary for a fifth year in a second tier city going in-house?    06/16/21  (12)
Why are you on Facebook?    06/16/21  (1)
Tucker 1/6 FBI claim has been DEBUNKED: FACT CHECK: FALSE.    06/16/21  (99)
on that sigma male grindset    06/16/21  (5)
LEGO releases "Mecca" set and Jihadi figurines (link)    06/16/21  (2)
Key West bartender crew is nothing but 25yo girls who suck & fuck at 5AM    06/16/21  (1)
I bet kamala could sucks like a hoover    06/16/21  (3)
Disgusted by reality    06/16/21  (2)
This place is a dump    06/16/21  (6)
ith it plant bathed    06/16/21  (2)
Rate this wife's weight gain (tiktok)    06/16/21  (52)
POLL: What grindset are you on?    06/16/21  (1)
the person who makes graphics for Fox News isn’t paid enough    06/16/21  (1)
oh wow man nice grindset    06/16/21  (2)
on that gay sex with men at gunpoint grindset    06/16/21  (2)
The FBI/CIA/NSA instigated BLM and 1/6 riots    06/16/21  (1)
Lol at people like Tsinah who get really fat despite hot as fuck Florida weather    06/16/21  (12)
The CIA/NSA runs the media    06/16/21  (1)
Lena Dunham looks sexier than ever celebrating her hysterectomy (pics)    06/16/21  (70)
Carl Jung psychoanalyzes Hitler's personality    06/16/21  (5)
This has been debunked    06/16/21  (1)
Anyone ever stay at andaz Maui before?    06/16/21  (4)
To be fair tp is an upper-caste Indian princess, the Punjabi Princess Jasmine    06/16/21  (11)
Religious Census of XO 2021: State Your Affiliation / Denomination    06/16/21  (151)
Rather eat Rapinoe's pussy as she says 'I deserve this,' or rawdog lena dunham    06/16/21  (38)
hi welcome to faggy cuts    06/16/21  (14)
Odd Fact: Columbus, OH has more than 2x the population of Cleveland, OH    06/16/21  (3)

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