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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
I’ve been buying a lot of WW2 era watches lately    06/17/21  (16)
i like the tiktoks where girls post old hot photos then show they're obese now    06/17/21  (1)
Trump: American Jews Don't Love Israel Enough and Too Few Voted for Me    06/17/21  (4)
Calif. man sentenced 20 years for coercing women into doing porn    06/17/21  (35)
5'3" 56 year old jewish man telling you on the internet that oligarchs should ow    06/17/21  (1)
Manhattan DA Candidate: Let's not prosecute any criminals.    06/17/21  (65)
Will GJR ever show its face ITT again?    06/17/21  (7)
rate this shitlib musical celebrating Fauci (video)    06/17/21  (3)
If I’m so “old” could I do this (epah)    06/17/21  (105)
Libs are dragging out Beto again? Wtf?    06/17/21  (1)
Guy getting road head barrels truck into outdoor diners. You: dressing on the si    06/17/21  (3)
McCloskeys plead guilty to misdemeanors, forfeit guns    06/17/21  (2)
OCI updating name to GirlsDoLaw    06/17/21  (3)
Scientists on fire this week: study finds that humans cannot stop ageing    06/17/21  (4)
POLL: Are you vaxxed?    06/17/21  (42)
since i'm 5'5 maybe that means i could be your "short squeeze" haha    06/17/21  (2)
"America Should Become a Nation of Renters" (((Bloomberg)))    06/17/21  (121)
BAM! coworker asks u in front of group 'What are your thoughts on white privileg    06/17/21  (60)
Any of you ever stop in the "Visitors Center" outside town, with pamphlets etc    06/17/21  (9)
whats a good album you have listened to recently    06/17/21  (5)
could u beat all ur coworkers in a 200 yard footrace?    06/17/21  (1)
Mods, please delete... again    06/17/21  (38)
I have engaged in epic shitlaw prole whispering this week    06/17/21  (9)
ok to rub smegma on a baseball in major leagues?    06/17/21  (1)
Are the other ARK funds better than ARKK?    06/17/21  (3)
As a woman it must suck that you basically don't know if he's got a big dick    06/17/21  (86)
Getting the vaccine is communion for libs    06/17/21  (9)
ITT: We list Billionaire's dotters that we would marry and procreate    06/17/21  (32)
MLB: anything on the ball other than rosin or sweat = 10 game suspension    06/17/21  (1)
Dominion servers! Pipe bursts! Bamboo ballots! Watermarked ballots!    06/17/21  (44)
Attn Boom: Tow truck driver killed in shooting at apartment complex    06/17/21  (1)
Birdshit gets destroyed re: critical race theory    06/17/21  (23)
so xo wised up to exeunt's gook slop ponzi scheme & he ran away? 180    06/17/21  (2)
Girl I hooked up with finally admitted I was SMALL    06/17/21  (64)
Rate this LA homeless man’s ‘mansion’    06/17/21  (7)
Benzo taking “we’re all gay and retarded” meme very literally    06/17/21  (11)
WaPo op-ed: "Working Juneteenth Is Another Badge of Slavery."    06/17/21  (1)
have you been vaxxed? pozzed? queered?    06/17/21  (2)
Trumpmos, thoughts on Juneteenth    06/17/21  (15)
I would murder EPAH's whole shit family for some Beijing beef right now    06/17/21  (1)
Vermont delights in preparation for a joyous Juneteenth (WaPo)    06/17/21  (1)
What chink food I should I order tonight?    06/17/21  (5)
Just had “super greens” at Panda Express. LmAO at this flame, never again    06/17/21  (25)
Anyone want to explain SCOTUS Obamacare ruling?    06/17/21  (6)
Clique Theory will never be debunked.    06/17/21  (2)
how many of you sing Eishet Chayil to your asian wives every shabbat?    06/17/21  (11)
Some nice photo-op moments during the Biden Putin summit    06/17/21  (1)
This is how you know you’re red pilled in 2021    06/17/21  (50)
Opposing Counsel wants sanctions for being late with Discovery Responses    06/17/21  (16)
99% of u parentmos will be forgotten by 50 years of ur death; noparentmos by 20    06/17/21  (6)
Flipped out on girl and accidentally texted shes gonna get SNATCHED UP    06/17/21  (13)
Michael Burry: “Bitcoin will reach $300K by Q4 2022”    06/17/21  (3)
POLL: Is there anything that FBI says that you believe?    06/17/21  (8)
Kidmos: how does your house not get destroyed by kids?    06/17/21  (31)
1993's "Reign of the Supermen" by Clique    06/17/21  (3)
communism destroys productivity,fascism kills people,lib democracy withers souls    06/17/21  (20)
fascism is literally the only way to defeat shitliberalism    06/17/21  (1)
Slangin' low-level TRIVIA questions ITT    06/17/21  (325)
poly gf creates flowchart for when carny bf should tell her about new conquests    06/17/21  (2)
should i keep raping my fat spic cleaning lady?    06/17/21  (3)
Real talk u can SNATCH a boy, make $eriou$ profit or keep him 4 urslf    06/17/21  (3)
Have a "race in the workplace" meeting today on teams    06/17/21  (101)
At least a third of drivers should not have drivers licenses    06/17/21  (3)
Kanye West accused of trying to 'sabotage' court deposition by (XO DM)    06/17/21  (1)
poasting on the internet to save the white race    06/17/21  (1)
Rate this heroic security guard stopping a cheap thug in Walgreens    06/17/21  (8)
GUNNER AT A TTT is the moast 180 current poaster    06/17/21  (2)
Should I get a beer with my ex tonight?    06/17/21  (57)
starting to think that the "BLM riots" thing was an election year stunt by Dems    06/17/21  (20)
Julia on porn set: "Thank you for the compliment of anus horribilis"    06/17/21  (1)
boner police    06/17/21  (3)
ITT: I post old posters that I bet no one else can correctly identify    06/17/21  (682)
Lol so TBF called a grown man with two kids "old" and now he's posting beach vid    06/17/21  (29)
"Teens" destroy AirBnb property in Dallas (link)    06/17/21  (23)
i need this job    06/17/21  (3)
It's practically Monday already    06/17/21  (20)
Ribs and chicken wing futures explode with Juneteenth added to summer holidays    06/17/21  (1)
rate this invite my school's diversity office just sent    06/17/21  (2)
Started signing briefs (when people come up for an autograph) "Kurdt"    06/17/21  (1)
Gay Grandpa disappeared, probably kidnaped by libs    06/17/21  (9)
San Francisco: Niggers robbing Walgreens openly and brazenly    06/17/21  (47)
Whats your power level?    06/17/21  (2)
Do you guys think the psycho spammer is the Law Center Cyberstalker?    06/17/21  (16)
So the dollar is strengthening. Will real estate fall?    06/17/21  (2)
Tough market out there, but I bought a house.    06/17/21  (1)
“orange chicken is better than tutu,” luis told prince in the food court    06/17/21  (11)
"Two somehow turned out trans and we support them since there are kids."    06/17/21  (1)
What else can I say, this document is GAY. Cleary! Simpson!    06/17/21  (1)
shit lib ex gf making shadow puppets of her tits from projector light    06/17/21  (58)
Phillies' mascot transforms into the "Pfizer Phanatic" to combat vax disinfo    06/17/21  (14)
Best song of 1993: Round Here, Creep or All Apologies?    06/17/21  (4)
264k miles on my truck this morning    06/17/21  (3)
"At this point you can just say it." "You have a small dick"    06/17/21  (1)
They call me Panini Davis    06/17/21  (1)
I literally do nothing all day not flame    06/17/21  (27)
Trump’s lasting legacy: a conservative Supreme Court. Whoops its gone!    06/17/21  (3)
Rate this sunset    06/17/21  (3)
MIT appoints woke WOC chancellor    06/17/21  (12)
5 TON Oprah statue unveiled in Little Rock    06/17/21  (1)
Twitchy lisping faggots who wear flip flops in the office    06/17/21  (2)
AWOOGA    06/17/21  (4)
TSINAH might actually lose a couple pounds if he has fraudvirus    06/17/21  (7)
do you kiss your boyfriend every morning before you leave for work?    06/17/21  (1)
Are gays catty that Juneteenth is crowding out PRIDE MONTH    06/17/21  (1)
June 19 (Juneteenth) new federal holiday:    06/17/21  (33)
1 of my favorite memes here, which I hope is true, is bored FBI agents watching    06/17/21  (2)
got my first $280k "Personal Injury Judgment" today    06/17/21  (57)
emotional literacy    06/17/21  (1)
does anyone have a clean dark web source for good MDMA? need it bad ty    06/17/21  (9)
Van Morrison goes full 1488, 'red pilling' Boomers    06/17/21  (16)
Judge denied motion to dismiss for improper venue b/c of "fairness"    06/17/21  (18)
Wait till you find out what else they are lying about    06/17/21  (1)
BAM! u locate cowgod by IP, kidnap him @ night, bring him to woods, @ rape him    06/17/21  (1)
trauma bonding    06/17/21  (1)
BAM! DMtp presses glock to ur skull in Jersey City HSBC conference room & sucks    06/17/21  (2)
Soros sent a hit squad after Gay Grandpa? Am I getting this right?    06/17/21  (9)
What's with GAY GRANDPA?    06/17/21  (4)
BAM! Coworker smashes ur head on bathroom wall, unbuckles his pants, & rapes u    06/17/21  (1)
Bryson DeChambeau tp have u ever wanted to physically assault somebody    06/17/21  (1)
BAM! coworker asks u in front of group 'What are your thoughts on SPH?"    06/17/21  (1)
BAM! coworker asks u in front of group 'What are your thoughts on white chicks    06/17/21  (1)
i know tons of losers who dont even have 1 sinecure    06/17/21  (2)
why are russian men high T violent introvert chads    06/17/21  (5)
Cocounsel has great tits how to raise?    06/17/21  (1)
☉..☉    06/17/21  (53)
Biden visited USSR more than any other US politician. He liked it.    06/17/21  (10)
really want to physically assault someone    06/17/21  (1)
I hope I never get on TBF's bad side wow    06/17/21  (8)
No, America was never about local communities or families (Bloomberg longread)    06/17/21  (4)
this country is basically complete anarchy outside of new england    06/17/21  (3)
New reports that the vaccine turns people into queers    06/17/21  (2)
does spaceporn really have a spreadsheet of all the schoolboys he’s raped?    06/17/21  (2)
Things Jews & Italians get together on-Killing Jesus, Organized Crime, big noses    06/17/21  (2)
John Cena is half Italian    06/17/21  (1)
Give me tomorrow off you bigots    06/17/21  (2)
if I'm so "hetero" could I do this? (xo'er)    06/17/21  (2)
the 2nd dose of these vaccines seems excessive    06/17/21  (1)
man screw China for causing this and libs for freaking out    06/17/21  (1)
stocks    06/17/21  (6)
Was offered a fully remote job with about the same pay. Pretty torn    06/17/21  (1)
If my meth pipe is so "empty" could I hit this (benzo)    06/17/21  (1)
13 States will likely soon be joining #AmericasAudit (lsd)    06/17/21  (2)
Just because the virus leaked from Wuhan Virology doesn't mean it was engineered    06/17/21  (2)
8 months later and cons best evidence of fraud is plumbing problems?    06/17/21  (5)
Bonfire of the Vanities was based af    06/17/21  (14)
how do i convince my psychiatrist to give me Adderall    06/17/21  (9)
Operation Paperclip 2021: FBI recruits ex-Stazi for their experience    06/17/21  (2)
why are men so much more attractive than women?    06/17/21  (2)

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