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what is the TT-approved ranking of juices    12/01/21  (3)
Parag (Hindi: पराग) is a Sanskrit word, meaning pollen    12/01/21  (1)
Imagine a birdshit going to India and becoming CEO of Tata Motors or something    12/01/21  (10)
Something about this Parag Agrawal promotion that seems different    12/01/21  (11)
guy flamethrowing some homeless with Rocky Mountain High playing in bckgrnd (vid    12/01/21  (1)
ITT: Actual 10/10s (aka not the ugly roasties you poast about)    12/01/21  (1)
The Malevolent Parag Agrawal    12/01/21  (3)
Shiv on Succession is attractive for 48 years ol…. Wait she’s only 34?    12/01/21  (2)
Parag Agrawal faces racist abuse after being appointed new Twitter CEO    12/01/21  (37)
Do we have a compilation of JJC poasts anywhere?    12/01/21  (15)
Are there ways to find niggers to bottom for in Miami condos (BooR)?    12/01/21  (2)
Best documentary on Moon Landing being Fake (link)    12/01/21  (8)
First day of Ghislaine trial: CEO's of Twitter, Walmart, and CNBC resign    12/01/21  (2)
Connecticut elementary school renaming the "Trumpet" to the "Bidenet"    12/01/21  (4)
There’s clearly an XO poaster that writes for Succession    12/01/21  (2)
Fall asleep just fine but wake up in middle of night fully awake. Why?    12/01/21  (2)
Caste breeding seems credited. Exhibit A: Agrawals    12/01/21  (1)
Why SOL is fucked long term vs ETH/rollups (link)    12/01/21  (14)
Indian street shitting jokes are LAME cause where do you think Birdshit hobos sh    12/01/21  (10)
Does she have a nice body?    12/01/21  (5)
Parag Agrawal’s wife is hella prestigious    12/01/21  (9)
Is Montreal the undisputed "best" North American City?    12/01/21  (34)
Something going on with SOL    12/01/21  (27)
Why do Target stores have such hot women?    12/01/21  (6)
Knowing when to post “im gay” is an amazing posting skill. Takes years to ma    12/01/21  (30)
The Most Prestigious Parag Agrawal Discussion Boart in the World    12/01/21  (2)
Parag Agrawal still hasn’t updated his LinkedIn yet    12/01/21  (4)
CNN Factcheck: No Evidence Parag Agrawal is a "Street Shitter"    12/01/21  (1)
no wonder all the poasters are retiring, this place is dumb as shit    12/01/21  (11)
TT: that's enuff shitposting for today. go to sleep, u worthless POS.    12/01/21  (3)
fake peterman making 1 mill a year and worth 30 mill in crypto lmao    12/01/21  (3)
**Amerikkka is fucking garbage at least 3 dead 6 injured Michigan HS Shooting**    12/01/21  (8)
i never understood that God has a sense of humor until peterman made $45 mil    12/01/21  (10)
Will daily reading of WSJ and NYT make me super smart?    12/01/21  (2)
Everyday in this CLOWN world my love for the CCP grows    12/01/21  (16)
JJC 2022: More prestigious to work on mass grave or funeral pyre?    12/01/21  (2)
PURITY RING | Shrines [FULL ALBUM]    12/01/21  (1)
JJC: poor, peterman: rich    12/01/21  (2)
Omaha will be a top 5 "ppl are moving to" destination in under 5 years    12/01/21  (10)
Let the one who was not once a Street Shitter cast the first stone    12/01/21  (1)
French POTUS candidate Zemmour: WE WILL NOT LET THEM REPLACE US    12/01/21  (78)
lmao @ faggot Tucker lecturing Fox viewers about "loyalty"    12/01/21  (20)
There isn’t a single problem in this world that’s fixed with blockchain.    12/01/21  (6)
This Beterbiev-Marcus Browne scrap should be solid    12/01/21  (1)
Could someone like Luka get an Azn chick?    12/01/21  (4)
CNN suspends Chris Cuomo indefinitely    12/01/21  (14)
The only credited move is for conservatives to act authoritatively    12/01/21  (9)
Who thought it was a good idea to let women into congress? (link)    12/01/21  (6)
Making $850k this year just doing sales (peterman)    12/01/21  (124)
"Teach like no one is watching"    12/01/21  (9)
what's your passive weekly income from farming/staking crypto?    12/01/21  (34)
last japanese rpg that made you cry?    12/01/21  (13)
RATE my gf's handwriting (TSINAH)    12/01/21  (25)
Anyone want to rate my $895 OTR suit from Bloomingdale's?    12/01/21  (4)
i hope the cyberwhistle is some willy wonka golden ticket type shit    12/01/21  (1)
there is nothing more gorgeous than a Japanese rpg    12/01/21  (20)
autistic retard elon musk keeps hinting of something happening on 12/9    12/01/21  (1)
I'm retarded. World is gay. Niggas are shit.    12/01/21  (9)
DALITS fucking disgust me    12/01/21  (3)
Give me a list of disturbing movies.    12/01/21  (28)
imagine if US blacks were chill like in JRPGs: Barret ff7, Shenmue hot dog guy    12/01/21  (2)
gary beating ash's legs with tire iron as he leaves prof. oak's house    12/01/21  (1)
was your mom in the original pokemon a single mom?    12/01/21  (5)
#GAYSOVERCOVID    12/01/21  (2)
germans are about to make poisonvax MANDATORY    12/01/21  (3)
LuiS:Automata    12/01/21  (2)
*about to die in nier: automata credits* [EMILIO has sacrificed his save file]    12/01/21  (2)
the houses in the shenmue 1 starting town would all be $3-5m in 2021 america    12/01/21  (1)
Reminder: $200k is the new minimum salary to not be a nigger    12/01/21  (2)
XO is very news dependant. Boring news headlines & traffic goes way down    12/01/21  (3)
Michelle Obama starring in 'Altered Beast' (1981) reboot    12/01/21  (3)
who or what gets cut on the table?    12/01/21  (3)
had no idea scott stapp did the NieR:Automata soundtrack    12/01/21  (1)
SOL AVAX LUNA    12/01/21  (23)
anyone else following the 12/9 tesla schizo conspiracy    12/01/21  (1)
Top physics PhD at MIT says Creed's "Higher" is mathematically flawless (link    12/01/21  (2)
hey man we ever gonna grab that beer? haha im free most nights.    12/01/21  (4)
What are XO's thoughts on a late 20s chick dating early 20s dude?    12/01/21  (10)
chances are you’ll never be top 2% at anything you ever cared about doing    12/01/21  (16)
name 1 other bort of only 6’4”+ d1 athlete t14ls autistic shut-in jews/india    12/01/21  (1)
Who is the hottest Asian fem poaster of all time?    12/01/21  (6)
It's really dumb that we're not all on metformin and rapamycin    12/01/21  (46)
Tidus “cuttingtable” X-2    12/01/21  (4)
Fucking terrifying that nutella, BPM, and LH have kids.    12/01/21  (64)
the subtle racism of “judas and the black messiah” (2023 slate article)    12/01/21  (1)
Would you quit your job if you had $10 million saved up?    12/01/21  (99)
Cuttingtable tp pulling Tidus’s Brotherhood sword from the stone    12/01/21  (4)
remember the taper tantrum? this will be the taper holocaust    12/01/21  (1)
Double the pleasure: pickup azn chicks in target    12/01/21  (4)
Labeling yourself as "gay" or "straight" is offensive to non-binary people    12/01/21  (2)
LMAO - TSINAH shitmodded thread about his massive debt    12/01/21  (19)
sony re-rebooting men in black with gabourey sidibe and stephen hawking hologram    12/01/21  (2)
your "contrarianism" is actually just a separate, parallel zeitgeist    12/01/21  (9)
*the big important lawyers eagerly rush home to browse their racist chatboart*    12/01/21  (196)
women should be left in pits and chained to things and have zero agency    12/01/21  (18)
Women should have literally ZERO agency or be mute sex slaves    12/01/21  (4)
🖕    12/01/21  (3)
Check out new amateur porn website called skinnyfans.com    12/01/21  (4)
“retired” historically important poaster jshad is an active mod    12/01/21  (1)
whok, rate my as a sex toy jinx has shove up your a******    12/01/21  (1)
When Texas flips, the GOP is megafucked    12/01/21  (105)
It’s fucking bullshit that RSf makes fun of benzo    12/01/21  (81)
can we all just agree to the fact that clown boner is a twink and a little bitch    12/01/21  (1)
really into organizing    12/01/21  (6)
chances are you suck dick    12/01/21  (1)
please let me help with the prep    12/01/21  (1)
Hey TSINAH - this will literally be your life soon (vid)    12/01/21  (1)
In <10 years seeking to make white children will be DSM-V territory.    12/01/21  (1)
1    12/01/21  (1)
Rating poasters as divisive Thanksgiving dinner conversations    12/01/21  (414)
oh no degenerate twink clown boner coming to sweaty tit TSINAH's defense!    12/01/21  (1)
Average house in Boise: $920,000    12/01/21  (93)
Sleigh Bells - Sugarcane plays as me and ricky dp short bus retard cheerleader    12/01/21  (7)
in the remotest realms of abstraction, a mind feeding on its own waste product    12/01/21  (4)
Where are the best Montreal Whores?    12/01/21  (1)
This department needs fewer Hilbert spaces and more safe spaces.    12/01/21  (12)
SOL INVICTUS    12/01/21  (65)
tsinah I just kind of find you disgusting    12/01/21  (3)
PARTY | SOLANA | FIESTA | FOREVER    12/01/21  (127)
you simply cannot give in to cancel cultu...brb firing my writer & friend.    12/01/21  (35)
'some days we were told to wear masks, other days that the masks did not help..    12/01/21  (6)
IF you quit your job, what would you do every day?    12/01/21  (33)
This girl makes 6 figures PER DAY giving Excel tips on Instagram/TikTok (link    12/01/21  (5)
You need to make “getting shredded” into your next goal    12/01/21  (28)
the future is 1million vpn foreigners catcalling ur wife as she vr grocery shops    12/01/21  (2)
This is the greatest play in college football history    12/01/21  (7)
Indian-American flag: rattle snake in street w/ caption 'Don't Shit On Me'    12/01/21  (7)
they literally put Lyndon LaRouche in prison for 5 years    12/01/21  (4)
xo'er: 'Fuck my ass and find out'    12/01/21  (3)
NYT: White parents/schookids in Minneapolis are getting fucked    12/01/21  (212)
making little kids gay is infrastructure    12/01/21  (5)
9 mins of French women pronouncing 'Derek Chauvin' in sultry French accent (vid    12/01/21  (2)
Remember when Obama “evolved” re “gay marriage”?    12/01/21  (9)
Twitter bans posting photos or videos of private individuals without consent    12/01/21  (111)
French voters: actually I want to be replaced haha.    12/01/21  (2)
writ large, what does xo stand for?    12/01/21  (6)
'Keep on acting like a faggot!' <to the tune of Keep on Rockin in the Free World    12/01/21  (4)
Why are some of you so gleeful over Benzo's legal problems?    12/01/21  (77)
Was CSLGs wife hot when younger?    12/01/21  (3)
NYUUG what happened when you met with the solana folks?    12/01/21  (8)
Security cam captures the sounds of daily life in suburban Atlanta:    12/01/21  (1)
*upbeat saxophone music plays* 'Good morning, welcome to Diaper Talk!'    12/01/21  (4)
What's the best thing to do with $SPELL? Stake somewhere?    12/01/21  (10)
So Michelle was born Michael Obama, the product of a human/chimp experiment ?    12/01/21  (36)
something unpredictable but in the end it's right, jews tried to kill us all out    12/01/21  (2)
Did any predictions of the future ever foresee never ending “pandemic”?    12/01/21  (5)
what is the most exotic food you've eaten?    12/01/21  (19)
Age of Empires IV / 4 is out and no one here has talked about it? WTF?    12/01/21  (7)
Have you ever dated a girl with BPD? What's it like?    12/01/21  (105)

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