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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
one skill you need to learn: saying "ok" to wife's dumb ass questions/requests    12/07/21  (15)
NoVax Bros...are basically banned from Epic Ski Resorts?? Only Ikon I guess?    12/07/21  (1)
Gatormo has enough money to buy his own Flying J    12/07/21  (1)
so Obeezy is going to jail?    12/07/21  (66)
Gatormo has enough money to buy his own army    12/07/21  (23)
HORRIBLE thing women do that’s never talked about or in movies    12/07/21  (14)
Do you guys understand there’s no way we can compete with China?    12/07/21  (134)
Is Russia going to invade THE Ukraine?    12/07/21  (1)
Does your wife / gf know about Xo?    12/07/21  (61)
Officer, I swear, he sent accurate public info to the Bar. That's a felony!    12/07/21  (9)
Single shot J&J is objectively the optimal response to covid imo    12/07/21  (52)
*** MPM 2021 NOMINATIONS AND SEEDING THREAD ***    12/07/21  (124)
China is actually fucked in the short/medium term    12/07/21  (26)
Is The FBI Telling Us The Truth About Jan 6? It Doesn't Feel That Way (Salon)    12/07/21  (1)
exeunt 12/7 megathread — Taking questions on life, USDT, crypto, politics,    12/07/21  (6)
Rate my x-mas gift purchases so far    12/07/21  (11)
prince tp switched from math to physics after they changed the meth formula    12/07/21  (5)
Bros, I finally copped dat breakfast    12/07/21  (21)
Are there studies which show natural immunity>>>>>natu
ral immunity + vaccine??
   12/07/21  (6)
Tinder girl sent pic of her butthole with the tattoo "Fuck My Little Asshole!!!    12/07/21  (16)
Biden removes all sanctions against Russia after Putin call    12/07/21  (2)
Ghislaine: "Those kids could've continued sucking crack pipes. I gave them cocks    12/07/21  (2)
Tommy's shilling for China instead of his own TTT ShitIndia is LMAO    12/07/21  (5)
Bhattacharya talking sense: pandemic is over when we declare it over    12/07/21  (1)
is biglaw actually more profitable than it was five years ago?    12/07/21  (3)
XO should have poaster bios like law firms    12/07/21  (5)
Ghislaine: "I wouldn't fuck you with his dick." *she points to you, judge*    12/07/21  (1)
Fat, barrel-shaped young women with surprisingly small breasts    12/07/21  (1)
Frat bro brings "emotional support keg" on Delta flight (link)    12/07/21  (22)
Evolutionary background of Native Americans?    12/07/21  (11)
Ghislaine: "Have you ever even had champagne on ice?" Lawyer: "Is that relevant?    12/07/21  (1)
Ghislaine: "Let's be honest, if you could have, you would have." Lawyer: "I don'    12/07/21  (1)
Ghislaine: "You got a problem with my huge English tits, too?" Lawyer: "Oh, wow    12/07/21  (2)
CNN: Biden working with mainstream media outlets to create state run media    12/07/21  (3)
Ghislaine: "I have to answer about sex to some virgin dork?" Prosecutor: "Uh, ex    12/07/21  (2)
video of WI cops stopping NBC reporting following juror bus    12/07/21  (2)
cowgod thread 12/7/21    12/07/21  (4)
skinny broads wit yuge tits    12/07/21  (5)
chorus of all the girls you boinked silly sobbing at your funeral    12/07/21  (1)
XO is so painfully brainwashed and stupid about 180 CHINA    12/07/21  (6)
evan39 my credit union checking balance is $1,848,999.72(Boom)    12/07/21  (8)
If you hate China so much why fly BOEING, use an iPhone, watch TV?    12/07/21  (1)
Biden is polling lower than Hitler at a Shabbat dinner.    12/07/21  (1)
Never go all-in or all-out    12/07/21  (1)
Dupa what do you think of the Matriarch II    12/07/21  (2)
Hegemon is pretty fucked up    12/07/21  (94)
Kyle calls out Binger    12/07/21  (30)
Ideological Tests for Student Loan Debt Forgiveness    12/07/21  (1)
Filipino Man saying 'Yes Sir' over and over again to Golden Retriever tp    12/07/21  (10)
evan39, sometimes I print my ATM receipt and leave it there to impress proles    12/07/21  (14)
New meme says Crypto is Herbalife for Men.    12/07/21  (1)
cr crypto play seems to be P2E "metaverse" games    12/07/21  (1)
cr to let cancer ravage your body & leave this piece of fucking shit world?    12/07/21  (2)
Idealogical Tests for Student Loan Debt Forgiveness    12/07/21  (1)
North and South America must unite in the "Alliance of the Americas"    12/07/21  (3)
the opposite of belief in god is not atheism but agnosticism    12/07/21  (7)
Obezzy? Sounds like Drew Brees played for Purdue and saints    12/07/21  (1)
evan39 crazy how athletes make over. Billion $ and end up homeless    12/07/21  (11)
XO needs a year end class photo    12/07/21  (2)
The Vegas strip isn't even Vegas and I'm kinda glad angry xoxxoers avoid Vegas    12/07/21  (10)
NSAM 57 leading you down a subthread wasteland    12/07/21  (22)
Hey ya    12/07/21  (3)
China is going to become increasingly belligerent - here's why    12/07/21  (8)
Hello, 911? Yes, somebody online was mean, and now I can't make new threads.    12/07/21  (2)
"I guess we're shorting" *nyuug measuring his cock*    12/07/21  (1)
Do bank tellers flirt when someone comes in with 2M+ in their bank account?    12/07/21  (7)
all college girls are on SA?    12/07/21  (42)
Trump: "I mean my supporters and I, socially, economically, nothing in common    12/07/21  (1)
so Ghislaine & Epstein were prosecuted for having most 180 life imaginable?    12/07/21  (6)
Guess where I took these pics    12/07/21  (16)
Watching Richard Spencer interview on CNN now, he talks real faggy    12/07/21  (32)
me in what is clearly China: "o I'm sorry, I thought this was America"    12/07/21  (1)
"Hello my name is Surdeep "Xiaowang" Patel and I'm an unpaid intern for the Chin    12/07/21  (6)
One nice thing about Dubya impressions in pop culture is he's portrayed as nice    12/07/21  (1)
It is insane Mississippi changed flag and no one talks about it    12/07/21  (12)
Protip: We lose World War III    12/07/21  (1)
Average prole has roughly $1k in the bank right now    12/07/21  (5)
The truth is white people have plenty of states to choose from if they want    12/07/21  (32)
There are men out there who commit themselves to (1) woman for rest of their lif    12/07/21  (9)
BIRDSHITS could learn a lot from East Asians, Indians & Mexicans    12/07/21  (7)
Incredibly Poor and Extremely Fat    12/07/21  (1)
I hate lawyers. I figured it out from this law board where I dont belong (UJtp    12/07/21  (1)
All lawyers should be beaten, choked, gassed    12/07/21  (5)
KYLE RITTENHOUSE has his first folk ballad    12/07/21  (8)
longest two weeks of my life    12/07/21  (1)
what the fuck is ASMR / mukbang? do people jerk off to it?    12/07/21  (27)
Rittenhouse attorney says Kyle got "over 400 marriage proposals from liberal wom    12/07/21  (3)
Any scholarship on the longterm effects of adderall use?    12/07/21  (5)
Peterman: "Cost you ex--" Trucker: "extra, I know, jesus" *tosses another 5 doll    12/07/21  (2)
NYT: “We have to hide the fact that Jews aren’t white”    12/07/21  (14)
you're NUTS if you're not eating a big bowl of SWISS MUESLI every day    12/07/21  (3)
Is Chicago as ghetto as/less ghetto than/more ghetto than Philadelphia?    12/07/21  (16)
West Virginia has a higher human development than Shanghai    12/07/21  (2)
*dupa dons kimono* *unsheaths spyderco* "i am battousai the manslayer"    12/07/21  (6)
rate this 19 y/o indian tiktoker from NZ    12/07/21  (41)
Apple's Tim Cook SECRETLY BRIBED CHINA w $375B to ensure he could sell iPhones    12/07/21  (20)
Grimes rumored to be dating Henry Kissinger    12/07/21  (15)
They’re preparing the vaxxed for the upcoming blood clots    12/07/21  (5)
"The Crown" must be so emasculating for Prince Charles    12/07/21  (23)
the White House press corps is literally anti-American foreigners    12/07/21  (21)
They are trying to cancel Mel Gibson again    12/07/21  (6)
Swiss realize giving people nitrogen is an easy, peaceful way to euthanize    12/07/21  (30)
Hey man, I noticed your mask wasn't covering your nose at the team meeting.    12/07/21  (13)
MkUltra's 2.0 secret "Project Benzo" will be declassified in 2075    12/07/21  (5)
Does smoking weed help COVID?    12/07/21  (1)
seems weird 'US' 'media' is 90% foreigners fomenting anti-white violence    12/07/21  (4)
Most of the angry Asian pumos are probably just Jewish trolls    12/07/21  (2)
Think I have Omicron    12/07/21  (2)
Omicron ? Ljl sounds like some geek sci Fi movie    12/07/21  (1)
the pillsbury doughboy is now BLACK?!!? LOOOL    12/07/21  (10)
Rate these A1C results 12/6/2021    12/07/21  (25)
Anyone read a lot of Summa Theologica (Aquinas)?    12/07/21  (94)
Is there ANY amount of money you would take to trade lives with spaceporn?    12/07/21  (149)
Cravath ends lockstep    12/07/21  (1)
I'm Asian, and here's what White people should do.    12/07/21  (6)
In Chicago, a New Approach to Gay and Bisexual Men With Prostate Cancer    12/07/21  (1)
If y're not a stone cold atheist you are probably not that smart    12/07/21  (119)
Cook: "What will it take?" China: "Hmm, me dunno. 275 birrion sound light though    12/07/21  (2)
Completely INSANE any non-Redneck US Birdshit would not move to Europe    12/07/21  (52)
It's settled science that diversity improves companies. Period. Full stop.    12/07/21  (20)
I don’t get how anyone puts up with corporate culture bullshit    12/07/21  (9)
"No, Big Earl. I'm back to BUY this place" Peterman triumphantly enters Flying J    12/07/21  (13)
Topless Jen Psaki pinning her hair: “meeting in ten. Keep that dick up”    12/07/21  (24)
Jen Psaki: "Of course I tried it in college. Order me another chenin blanc."    12/07/21  (13)
I cld never have children b/c I couldn't bear looking them in the eyes as they    12/07/21  (9)
Summon: Hegemon    12/07/21  (1)
Peterman slams Oliver Darcy against stall: "You think you're balder than me!?!?"    12/07/21  (86)
Best an actor/actress has ever looked in a movie?    12/07/21  (165)
Protip: Do NOT suggest a restaurant near you for a date. You will be cancelled    12/07/21  (108)
"and now Rach won't let me poast!" TSINAH explained to bewildered cop    12/07/21  (2)
The biggest poasters all have large joint stock accounts running them.    12/07/21  (1)
Poasting long enough to realize you're the alt of a methed out megapoaster    12/07/21  (1)
Rumor: Winds of Winter will be released before Xmas (link)    12/07/21  (4)
favorite christmas movie    12/07/21  (74)
going to waste $4.2k on a new MacBook jfc    12/07/21  (21)
evan39, where are you on the Jews?    12/07/21  (3)
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on record Chicago murders: "Other crime is down lol    12/07/21  (2)
going to murder the next millennial who says "fair enough" to me    12/07/21  (27)
Latest season of HBO's Veep is fucking hialrious, 40-50x better than Silicon Val    12/07/21  (16)
Whatever happened to that Indian dork who invented Alexandria Cortez?    12/07/21  (2)
That's it. That's the poast. That's it. That's the poast. That's it. That's the    12/07/21  (1)
Christian Discipline. That's it. That's the poast.    12/07/21  (2)
Need NASHVILLE suggestions ASAP BROS    12/07/21  (59)
do your part to save america and beat a woman's ass today    12/07/21  (1)
Hot take: Hollywood movies would be WORSE if they didn't have to sell in China    12/07/21  (14)
roombas are incredible. house looks great    12/07/21  (15)
Rate this photo of Jen Psaki at a press conference    12/07/21  (1)
Why are SOL and AVAX in the shitter? I was promised a rocketship for Xmas.    12/07/21  (6)
Woman reportedly breastfed cat on Delta Airlines flight    12/07/21  (1)

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