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My nihilistic glee in watching this fraud economy burst outweighs my regret over    01/24/22  (2)
Rate this literal shootout that happened a few blocks from my place last Sat    01/24/22  (3)
Remind me; were Kirov airships hard to kill or something    01/24/22  (4)
🚨 Biden writing military orders. WWIII IS HAPPENING 🚨    01/24/22  (54)
DOW -1100 | WAR OVER UKRAINE | 70M COVID CASES | downloading Red Alert 3    01/24/22  (2)
Justice Thomas penning the opinion killing AA will be wonderful    01/24/22  (9)
If you're not buying more SOL at these prices, you're Not Gonna Make It    01/24/22  (27)
How are a lightbulb and a pregnant woman not alike?    01/24/22  (1)
goal is to write 10k words today    01/24/22  (27)
I’m losing so much money hehe, handful of 50 pills hehe    01/24/22  (1)
πŸ‡·πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡·πŸ‡ΊFrom Kiev to New ArchangelskπŸ‡·πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί    01/24/22  (1)
Graham Greene only wrote 400 words per day    01/24/22  (2)
Top UVA lawyer fired for being a seditious traitor    01/24/22  (17)
do you know any IRL serial / vexatious litigants?    01/24/22  (3)
Hey Mitt, the '80s called and they want their foreign policy back    01/24/22  (6)
I can see a fleet of Kirov airships approaching from my Seattle law office    01/24/22  (8)
If Russia invades will Ukraine defend itself?    01/24/22  (10)
Assurances ITT: If you buy SOL now, you will get 50x returns when it's $4000 eac    01/24/22  (7)
Merrill Lynch FIRES top 25 producer because of 'racist tirade' (link)    01/24/22  (258)
Are home prices finally going to drop    01/24/22  (32)
Is it a dolphin in a bathtub, oi?    01/24/22  (1)
No more of this halfway thug shit. Time for Biden to say we're going into Kyiv    01/24/22  (1)
Dumber WW3 scenario: Ukraine or Taiwan ?    01/24/22  (86)
"Comrade? AFFIRMAATI." *Russian heavy tanks move forward*    01/24/22  (2)
Why do Russian women all become huge shitlibs when they come to America    01/24/22  (25)
Reminder: Libs hate Russia only because they are conservative and white    01/24/22  (4)
Hypo: This woman is sitting on ur bed at the Marriott, dressed as so. "I need    01/24/22  (35)
LIQ hanging in there    01/24/22  (1)
New Zealand's Prime Retard Jacinda Ardern has cancelled her wedding    01/24/22  (22)
I knew Biden would be bad times, but Jesus fucking christ    01/24/22  (60)
I am currently out of the office laying naked in bed watching crypto crash and p    01/24/22  (2)
“Gender Reassignment Surgery complete.” “Need more minerals.”    01/24/22  (2)
"US" general to colleagues plotting WW3 in Teams Chat: "are you in the document?    01/24/22  (1)
"New construction options." *clicks on Tranny Radar Dome* "Building."    01/24/22  (3)
Trump would not have resisted Russia’s invasion of Ukraine cr?    01/24/22  (1)
government.ru has poll on which US city to bomb first. LA currently leading    01/24/22  (5)
Jews won't rest until we're ALL holocaust survivors    01/24/22  (1)
Libs were histrionic re Russia for 3-4 yrs. Why would they back off now?    01/24/22  (3)
How will the war affect the supply of Russian escorts?    01/24/22  (3)
NATO dolphins equipped with advanced sensors and ATGMs swimming to East Russia    01/24/22  (1)
Ukraine's NATO-supplied Prism Tanks obliterated by 1 Apocalypse tank    01/24/22  (5)
Red Alert 2 / XO Libya / Demolition Trucks    01/24/22  (6)
Mahomes had a legendary performance last night    01/24/22  (5)
Today is going to be a bloodbath for Soviet army when I load up Red Alert 3 FWIW    01/24/22  (3)
Smoothie throwing dad episode is a crysis actor psyop.    01/24/22  (3)
Amy Schneider could beat Matt Amodio’s streak on this evening’s ‘Jeopardy!    01/24/22  (3)
SOLocaust    01/24/22  (1)
Just sold ALL my cryptos, including SOLRISE. Bear market CONFIRMED.    01/24/22  (162)
can't wait to die for israel    01/24/22  (1)
Do any poasters personally know anyone who got RAVAGED by covid?    01/24/22  (40)
Kind of weird that SCOTUS is about to end AA and no one here cares    01/24/22  (64)
German Navy Chief Handsome is racist XO Poaster    01/24/22  (19)
so Biden tanks the economy and is now starting a war?    01/24/22  (1)
V | SHAPED | RECOVERY    01/24/22  (3)
Let's be real: If Putin had 4 KIROVs & 3 Crazi Ivans, Ukraine would BE DONE HERE    01/24/22  (7)
I turned off email notifications on my phone after I stopped practicing.    01/24/22  (4)
Russian intelligence report to Putin that "all of NYC" has been Havana-Syndromed    01/24/22  (1)
Today is going to be a bloodbath for DJIA , NASDAQ, and Crypto FWIW    01/24/22  (12)
McKayla Maroney nudes    01/24/22  (51)
Maeking Russia Strong! / Pride of the Working Class! / Location Confirmed!    01/24/22  (2)
If crypto crashes further make sure you load up for next cycle (CSLG)    01/24/22  (18)
China is the real problem    01/24/22  (18)
A cackling Kamala rolls through Kiev in a tank    01/24/22  (2)
Fuck bros, I have to file in federal court again    01/24/22  (4)
XO conservatives, can you point to 1 thing you think liberals get right?    01/24/22  (71)
Ukrainians pledging fealty to Putin after seeing female US soldiers (link)    01/24/22  (1)
Really enjoying the twist from crypto/stock crash to red alert 2 threading    01/24/22  (4)
"A little C4 knockin' at your door" noted Boom before exploding    01/24/22  (3)
Imagine being a lib    01/24/22  (2)
how old is this escort?    01/24/22  (21)
Chinese maneuver to takeover Taiwan while Biden Admin is focusing on Ukraine (li    01/24/22  (1)
V2 rockets travelled at supersonic speed, impacted without audible warning, an    01/24/22  (1)
Biden warned us of a 'winter of death' (war, food shortages, economic suicide)    01/24/22  (5)
Mammoth tanks currently lining up at Russian border    01/24/22  (5)
How are people going to pull together and stay on track in a generation ship?    01/24/22  (1)
Flakking the fukk out of your Allied rocketeer noobs    01/24/22  (3)
ITT state how many CAVITIES you’ve had    01/24/22  (2)
Biden completely imploded the stock market. Pretty impressive tbh    01/24/22  (1)
Biden stops in mid-speech as he hears, "KIROV REPORTING" from afar    01/24/22  (4)
tmf/dbg explain    01/24/22  (3)
President Trump warping in pylons to power photon cannons on Mexican border    01/24/22  (13)
Red Alert 2 | 3 vs 3 in Tour of Egypt with Crates    01/24/22  (3)
Building / Training / Unit Lost / Unit Ready / Ore Miner Under Attack    01/24/22  (4)
Construction Complete / New Construction Options / Cannot Deploy Here    01/24/22  (2)
The Women of Red Alert 3 (video    01/24/22  (7)
Putin Has the U.S. Right Where He Wants It (NYT Guest Essay)    01/24/22  (24)
Smoothie Dad is only 48? JFC yt peepo (pic)    01/24/22  (3)
πŸ’₯ Market crash πŸ’₯ stonks to buy??    01/24/22  (3)
Ukraine stuff has me glad i played a lot of Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2    01/24/22  (23)
To blame Biden for this is stupid tbh    01/24/22  (19)
Tesla Motors (TSLA) up +124% on news they are manufacturing TESLA TANKS    01/24/22  (3)
You ever see a plane passenger make a stink about being between two fatties?    01/24/22  (23)
Getting the newest and best iPhone right now!    01/24/22  (25)
Georgia Tech in state vs Stanford out of state?    01/24/22  (19)
Gap generators being installed along Ukraine border    01/24/22  (1)
More like the DOWN Jones amirite guys πŸ˜‰    01/24/22  (24)
TT, what's the best juice-based alcoholic beverage?    01/24/22  (56)
IRL "Chronosphere" tech currently being developed at Caltech (link)    01/24/22  (1)
Stock market 2021 Gains have basically been ERASED --- thanks BIDEN!    01/24/22  (2)
Citing close allegiance to Putin, Biden floats internment camps for right winger    01/24/22  (1)
Rate this vid of a coked out slurring Don Jr giving Hunter a run for his money    01/24/22  (1)
Prism Tower Chain / Control F Self-Attack / Base Walk / Nuke Reactors / Boom    01/24/22  (2)
if youre cramming yourself into "coach" w/ ppl making $30k/yr ur insane    01/24/22  (10)
What to do if you're sitting on a bunch of cash?    01/24/22  (20)
πŸ”₯ π–“π–Žπ–Œπ–Œπ–Šπ–— πŸ”₯    01/24/22  (3)
We'll be lucky if we have homes after Biden gets us in the war today    01/24/22  (2)
Red Alert 2 intro video    01/24/22  (2)
Sold all but $100k of my STONKS 1 month ago. 180.    01/24/22  (1)
why don't we just bomb moscow?    01/24/22  (2)
what's Daniel Larusso earning a year? (cobra kai)    01/24/22  (1)
Does Russia have a pretense for invading Ukraine?    01/24/22  (4)
Hi. Your client's discovery responses remain deficient. See you in Court.    01/24/22  (22)
Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge    01/24/22  (3)
BAM! Hawt 3some with CNN's Pamela Brown & HLN Robin Meade, but...    01/24/22  (4)
Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win    01/24/22  (2)
2016-2020: endless lib memes about Trump starting WW3. 2022: Biden starts WW3    01/24/22  (3)
How to know if my autism is "natural" or vax-based?    01/24/22  (3)
the game Lawn Mowing Simulator is surprisingly deep and engaging    01/24/22  (1)
YOUR OLD: Sarah Palin's retard son "Trig" to "Graduate" from H.S. this year    01/24/22  (1)
Go ON RECORD, how does Ukraine situation end?    01/24/22  (49)
xoJohn Stockton: The vax has killed "over 100 professional athletes"    01/24/22  (7)
bitches want Jim from The Office but they get Caleb from West Elm    01/24/22  (2)
Stock up on food: Biden’s new vaccine requirement will destroy supply chains.    01/24/22  (17)
NASDAQ about to be down 20% from it's ATH in November    01/24/22  (1)
Julia Boorstin CNBC is hot as fuck    01/24/22  (20)
On a long enough timeline, the value for all crypto drops to zero.    01/24/22  (7)
Wait is RFK Jr. based?    01/24/22  (1)
OH Gawd, Shiva, Vishnu, Buddha, Allah wtf is this shit it just keeps going DOWN    01/24/22  (11)
Why did they fake 1986 Challenger disaster? It was so fake    01/24/22  (16)
Spaceporn flipping thru milk cartons: “would, would, girl, girl, would ...”    01/24/22  (56)
"Of course she's unvaccinated" says Judge in Sarah Palin trial    01/24/22  (1)
We used to be just like shark boy and lava girl…    01/24/22  (6)
"Josh Allen" sounds like a flame movie QB name ft. Keanu Reeves.    01/24/22  (3)
Bill Simmons: "OMG! Thports!"    01/24/22  (84)
wife suggesting we move "down south". wut do?    01/24/22  (132)
Seeking arrangement?    01/24/22  (99)
COVID was a bio-attack on the Chinks. The Chinks will retaliate. Bump this threa    01/24/22  (3)
Spics moved in next door and they are loud as FUCK    01/24/22  (58)
Manchin looks pretty good now not agreeing to Build Back Better    01/24/22  (2)
Bought slacks at dillards online. took in to store for adjustment.    01/24/22  (1)
Lost almost 200k now in 11 days ljl    01/24/22  (23)
"WHERE'S THE MONEY, exeunt!" *shoves his gook panface into his golden toilet*    01/24/22  (5)
"Just wait until the grid goes dark!" xo doomer posts after he can't afford elec    01/24/22  (2)
Board libs awfully quiet today    01/24/22  (4)
What are the former Real World/Road Rules Challenge contestants doing for $ now    01/24/22  (1)
Play kike carnival games, win kike carnival prizes    01/24/22  (3)
Why has no one beaten the shit out of Grayson Allen?    01/24/22  (2)
HYPO: Henry Aaron on life support but u need to unplug to charge ur phone    01/24/22  (93)

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