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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Kind of weird that SCOTUS is about to end AA and no one here cares    01/24/22  (51)
Assurances ITT: If you buy SOL now, you will get 50x returns when it's $4000 eac    01/24/22  (1)
Go ON RECORD, how does Ukraine situation end?    01/24/22  (49)
Dumber WW3 scenario: Ukraine or Taiwan ?    01/24/22  (80)
🚨 Biden writing military orders. WWIII IS HAPPENING 🚨    01/24/22  (3)
Putin Has the U.S. Right Where He Wants It (NYT Guest Essay)    01/24/22  (20)
if youre cramming yourself into "coach" w/ ppl making $30k/yr ur insane    01/24/22  (1)
goal is to write 10k words today    01/24/22  (20)
xoJohn Stockton: The vax has killed "over 100 professional athletes"    01/24/22  (7)
You ever see a plane passenger make a stink about being between two fatties?    01/24/22  (22)
bitches want Jim from The Office but they get Caleb from West Elm    01/24/22  (2)
Today is going to be a bloodbath for DJIA , NASDAQ, and Crypto FWIW    01/24/22  (10)
Stock up on food: Biden’s new vaccine requirement will destroy supply chains.    01/24/22  (17)
How to know if my autism is "natural" or vax-based?    01/24/22  (2)
NASDAQ about to be down 20% from it's ATH in November    01/24/22  (1)
Julia Boorstin CNBC is hot as fuck    01/24/22  (20)
On a long enough timeline, the value for all crypto drops to zero.    01/24/22  (7)
TT, what's the best juice-based alcoholic beverage?    01/24/22  (54)
Wait is RFK Jr. based?    01/24/22  (1)
More like the DOWN Jones amirite guys 😉    01/24/22  (23)
OH Gawd, Shiva, Vishnu, Buddha, Allah wtf is this shit it just keeps going DOWN    01/24/22  (11)
Why did they fake 1986 Challenger disaster? It was so fake    01/24/22  (16)
Spaceporn flipping thru milk cartons: “would, would, girl, girl, would ...”    01/24/22  (56)
"Of course she's unvaccinated" says Judge in Sarah Palin trial    01/24/22  (1)
We used to be just like shark boy and lava girl…    01/24/22  (6)
"Josh Allen" sounds like a flame movie QB name ft. Keanu Reeves.    01/24/22  (3)
Mahomes had a legendary performance last night    01/24/22  (3)
Bill Simmons: "OMG! Thports!"    01/24/22  (84)
wife suggesting we move "down south". wut do?    01/24/22  (132)
Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win    01/24/22  (1)
New Zealand's Prime Retard Jacinda Ardern has cancelled her wedding    01/24/22  (16)
Seeking arrangement?    01/24/22  (99)
COVID was a bio-attack on the Chinks. The Chinks will retaliate. Bump this threa    01/24/22  (3)
China is the real problem    01/24/22  (17)
Spics moved in next door and they are loud as FUCK    01/24/22  (58)
Are home prices finally going to drop    01/24/22  (14)
Getting the newest and best iPhone right now!    01/24/22  (24)
Manchin looks pretty good now not agreeing to Build Back Better    01/24/22  (2)
Smoothie Dad is only 48? JFC yt peepo (pic)    01/24/22  (1)
Bought slacks at dillards online. took in to store for adjustment.    01/24/22  (1)
how old is this escort?    01/24/22  (17)
Lost almost 200k now in 11 days ljl    01/24/22  (23)
"WHERE'S THE MONEY, exeunt!" *shoves his gook panface into his golden toilet*    01/24/22  (5)
"Just wait until the grid goes dark!" xo doomer posts after he can't afford elec    01/24/22  (2)
Board libs awfully quiet today    01/24/22  (4)
What are the former Real World/Road Rules Challenge contestants doing for $ now    01/24/22  (1)
Play kike carnival games, win kike carnival prizes    01/24/22  (3)
Why has no one beaten the shit out of Grayson Allen?    01/24/22  (2)
HYPO: Henry Aaron on life support but u need to unplug to charge ur phone    01/24/22  (93)
My double vaxxed and boosted step-sister just died with covid    01/24/22  (12)
I knew Biden would be bad times, but Jesus fucking christ    01/24/22  (52)
Is a former president allowed to get in a bar fight?    01/24/22  (4)
Reminder fuck the Chinese communist party this is the real enemy    01/24/22  (1)
Rating Poasters as Biglaw Inspired Giallo Titles    01/24/22  (20)
NASA is tracking an asteroid the size of Statue of Liberty that will hit Tokyo    01/24/22  (21)
Whorelando, Tampax, Gaytona Beach, Jacksoffville, Tallaassee, Peniscola    01/24/22  (9)
Seeking xo arrangement    01/24/22  (3)
CNBC's Seema Mody giving you a HUG on this tough day    01/24/22  (1)
*Obeezy checking SOL, calling TSINAH for debt collector advice*    01/24/22  (1)
RATE this Jewess who wrote a book about cucking her husband    01/24/22  (17)
Homeless man threw a bottle at my Miata this weekend (Mainlining)    01/24/22  (11)
Weird that Rudolph and libs have stopped screaming about number of US covid deat    01/24/22  (6)
Hot CNBC reporter dropped onto NYSE trading floor as sacrifice to traders    01/24/22  (1)
what are the Dems gonna run on for 2022 midterms?    01/24/22  (7)
Smoothie throwing dad episode is a crysis actor psyop.    01/24/22  (2)
really enjoying ZoZo today, getting 2008-09 vibes    01/24/22  (11)
ITE Part II: Diaper    01/24/22  (1)
So we should be taking Psyllium Husk Powder or something else?    01/24/22  (6)
What to do if you're sitting on a bunch of cash?    01/24/22  (15)
2025: Chinese troops in California; Russia in Paris, burrito bowl $25    01/24/22  (12)
Biden has actually been a pretty good president. Especially considering covid.    01/24/22  (90)
new variant 6,000,000x worse than Omega variant. Get your fucking shots    01/24/22  (3)
Theoretical Astrophysicist discusses "Dark Variants" (((Science)))    01/24/22  (1)
How’s everyone weathering the crash brothers    01/24/22  (43)
BA.2 -- new omicron subtype detected in India and UK    01/24/22  (7)
What’s the status on the Harvard Asian AA case?    01/24/22  (12)
To blame Biden for this is stupid tbh    01/24/22  (18)
Merrill Lynch FIRES top 25 producer because of 'racist tirade' (link)    01/24/22  (257)
Kate Rooney On CNBC Now.    01/24/22  (3)
North Dakota big law    01/24/22  (3)
Reminder: Wag the Dog (1997)    01/24/22  (5)
Canadian journo vacays in FL to escape lockdowns, complains about no lockdown    01/24/22  (55)
What’re some good buy/hold small cap stocks right now (1/24)?    01/24/22  (2)
When it hit 45 I almost cried    01/24/22  (1)
Just watched Courage the Cowardly Dog/Scooby-Doo Movie... 180 (CSLG)    01/24/22  (1)
is using Zoom instead of Teams a prole job tell    01/24/22  (2)
soLOLana    01/24/22  (2)
hourlong agenda free zoom meetings    01/24/22  (4)
German Navy Chief Handsome is racist XO Poaster    01/24/22  (18)
BOLD PREDICTION: all 4 road teams win in NFL Divisional Playoffs next week    01/24/22  (49)
Let's assume your worst autoadmit "enemy" is on life support, and    01/24/22  (1)
How is the deep state spinning Ukraine?    01/24/22  (2)
Georgia Tech in state vs Stanford out of state?    01/24/22  (18)
Stock Market doesn't like Darker Skinned Individuals    01/24/22  (3)
Any plans for Lunar New Year?    01/24/22  (1)
That xo Asian got every last dime with that scam It was worth it just to learn t    01/24/22  (3)
Just copped a little QQQ bros    01/24/22  (4)
Do any poasters personally know anyone who got RAVAGED by covid?    01/24/22  (37)
If youre not on UkraineDate.com youre ngmi (link)    01/24/22  (1)
humor was a desirable long-term-partner trait in men by women, but only if the m    01/24/22  (1)
my whole team is gender fluid    01/24/22  (8)
US Army reports massive surge in recruits willing to occupy Ukrainian women    01/24/22  (1)
Massive food shortages incoming    01/24/22  (6)
Economy isn't fully crashing, but i hope it does soon    01/24/22  (1)
can someone fill me in on ukraine?    01/24/22  (11)
Last 6 mos: S&P500 -2%, USD -4%, SOL +150%    01/24/22  (7)
will this crash trigger a great WAGECUCK reduction?    01/24/22  (1)
OldHLSDude, with no job or responsibilities, just lurks on xo all day    01/24/22  (16)
Really hope this is the start of a decade long 50% or more crash.    01/24/22  (8)
Really wish I died in the Iraq War (2003)    01/24/22  (1)
Basically my whole city smells like weed now at all times    01/24/22  (43)
*Simpsons monorail guy* What's it called??? Solana!!!    01/24/22  (13)
Just put money in stocks to beat inflation they said    01/24/22  (2)
XO Raul Castro offers to send food and aid to TLS United States    01/24/22  (1)
Attn exeunt    01/24/22  (4)
Lawman when xo ban?    01/24/22  (2)
7th Circuit vacates reprimand after lawyer says she's $543k in debt    01/24/22  (56)
You with a negative NW being shipped to Ukraine to fight among butch lesbians    01/24/22  (2)
Coinmos, u rubbed ur "wealth" in for a year, u do deserve the abuse this week    01/24/22  (5)
Bros, it's cool! It's a W-shaped recovery, we'll be peaking in March!    01/24/22  (1)
Nation flushing down toilet, Congress and Media focusing on Jan 6 trespassers    01/24/22  (1)
The only thing that will take my mind off the markets is dying in a war    01/24/22  (4)
It's 180 how I'm down$60k on pltr    01/24/22  (15)
why are these idiots doing this    01/24/22  (2)
Another year of absolutely zero crypto utility or adoption, how can it be crash    01/24/22  (4)
Footage showing Tonga ‘volcano’ was caused by a weapon system (video)    01/24/22  (19)
you dont understand honey, if i took my profits theyd call me a 'sellcuck'    01/24/22  (66)
What net worth at 40 to be considered middle class?    01/24/22  (104)
ITT we post pictures of dumbfounded CHINGCHONGS staring at STOCK CHARTS    01/24/22  (293)
Guy rides giraffe down Wall Street (pics)    01/24/22  (6)
Lust looked at stock charts and fuckin puked and my dog is eating it now    01/24/22  (1)
Anyone else think this NASDAQ/crypto crash = END OF AMERICA?    01/24/22  (11)
Oceans rise. Cities fall. Cohen benefits.    01/24/22  (93)
stock photo of bald lawyers with mouths agape, staring at their portfolios    01/24/22  (1)
“I used to party too,” you mumble as you look at SOL ticker    01/24/22  (2)
crypto is crashing (TSINAH)    01/24/22  (11)
Just got pissed off that most people dont know that Cornell is in the Ivy League    01/24/22  (3)
"it's priced in," explained Henry Aaron to the john concerned about his HIV risk    01/24/22  (79)
BTC is up 17% from July, 6 months ago. LJL    01/24/22  (2)
Only 100 Oz of physical gold. Wish I bought more (CSLG)    01/24/22  (8)
Joe Biden nudes (nsfw)    01/24/22  (1)
$33000 lmao holy shit    01/24/22  (5)
2022 ITE is going to make 2008 ITE seem like a trip to Disneyland    01/24/22  (1)
McKayla Maroney nudes    01/24/22  (50)
LOL 3 more years of Biden.    01/24/22  (3)
Law firms just raised salaries, market crashing again. Shades of 2000/2008 - ITE    01/24/22  (9)
On the bright side even if you had the money there’s nothing to buy with it    01/24/22  (2)
The market is so tasty!!!    01/24/22  (2)
JFC @ the volatility in QQQ calls/puts    01/24/22  (1)

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