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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Top 3 Vegas hotels to stay at?    05/25/22  (17)
Bull Festival Goer Literally Stripped By The Beast In Colombia    05/25/22  (1)
In the last 30 days, my home has appreciated 80k    05/25/22  (1)
Any flipphonemos here? Need some recs.    05/25/22  (5)
The Saturn cars company dovetailed perfectly with the Sega Saturn    05/25/22  (7)
Who is the most alpha Chad poa? Earl? Muscadine? Lemma Time? Arkan?    05/25/22  (26)
I fucking hate how somber people get whenever kids get shot in the states    05/25/22  (57)
Boom are you ok? you dont seem schizo anymore! its not like you to be coherent!    05/25/22  (2)
NBA betting master man giving out free $$$$$$$$ for Heat Celtics Game 5    05/25/22  (5)
Dem 2022 platform: confiscate all guns, send them to ukraine    05/25/22  (1)
Post triumphant Sega games that no one cares about    05/25/22  (27)
XO Israel BLOCKS The Ukraine from receiving German missiles    05/25/22  (6)
Everything is always expensive under libs who claim they're for the poor    05/25/22  (1)
I'm starting to love me some Wayne Jenkins. He off the chain, yo.    05/25/22  (1)
Doctors are scum! Am suing for malpratice    05/25/22  (7)
Xo is rich and out of touch with reality    05/25/22  (10)
Dude Pulls Out a Fucking Shovel to End Street Fight    05/25/22  (5)
The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer.    05/25/22  (15)
Prole tell: owning “guns”    05/25/22  (4)
Muscadine Wine, other South Carolina attorneys, come ITT    05/25/22  (3)
If you're not selling 24/7 you're done here    05/25/22  (1)
Why does it say "Do Coke" at 1:46 of this Top Gun trailer?    05/25/22  (2)
Love Steve Kerr flipping out he's 180!    05/25/22  (9)
Blue is for the American sky. White is for the race that pioneered the continent    05/25/22  (2)
Best watch under $25k?    05/25/22  (5)
ATTN: Muscadine. Describe your interactions w/ the Wigger Law Firm    05/25/22  (2)
An HHM lawyer doesn't die without some red flags being raised    05/25/22  (9)
"So...after all that. A happy ending." BCS bros come ITT to dx this Gene preview    05/25/22  (8)
No one wants to work    05/25/22  (7)
Vanna White touching letters easiet job?    05/25/22  (2)
Of Counsel wonders if he should apply to Schweikart & Cokely    05/25/22  (4)
redditors are poor because they are infantile    05/25/22  (14)
Grizzly vs Black Bear Sow with cubs    05/25/22  (2)
the following posters have unposted phenotypes and need to disclose at once    05/25/22  (2)
I've got 10+ guns and I've never shot any of them. where to start?    05/25/22  (5)
If the name’s Ramos, libs will vamos    05/25/22  (3)
Is Rolly Romero, the boxer, literally rertarded.    05/25/22  (2)
Prole tell: Levi’s and Adidas    05/25/22  (3)
i like dicks on my head but dont call me a dickhead    05/25/22  (3)
ITT list BS jobs    05/25/22  (5)
if the name is Vasquez, don't even ask us    05/25/22  (1)
Why are lawyers such unmitigated scum?    05/25/22  (5)
"mental illness" isn't real..just a weak excuse like everything else    05/25/22  (13)
Prole tell: ankle socks    05/25/22  (2)
if his names Jorge libs will say oy vey    05/25/22  (1)
maybe the answer is to ban schools?    05/25/22  (12)
Don’t rewrite history; COVID lockdowns worked    05/25/22  (1)
The Romans had modern shoes    05/25/22  (1)
REAL TALK: howard hamlin is an alright dooder    05/25/22  (12)
AssFaggot telling greedy developer the kids @ his dance studio are his life    05/25/22  (1)
The pictures from Uvalde Texas are depressing.    05/25/22  (124)
why did CSLG pay for the $2000 dinner?    05/25/22  (96)
jews have killed like 10 million children in mindless neocon wars    05/25/22  (3)
Kate Miss really vouched for Depp on the stand    05/25/22  (6)
IMO even if some dude killed like 10k children i still have the right to own gun    05/25/22  (2)
Ban the Brown    05/25/22  (1)
The issue was never guns..it was security of the building you fucking dumbasses    05/25/22  (1)
xoers fuck whores because they're infertile    05/25/22  (2)
how many more children will libs kill b4 they give up anti gun theatrics    05/25/22  (1)
21 dead now on ti wheel of fortune! Pat Saaajakkl vanna white    05/25/22  (1)
You'll never pry my guns from my cold dead hands!    05/25/22  (6)
corporations propped up by money printing are rugged individuals too, my friend    05/25/22  (1)
how do i get started on fucking young chicks on Seeking Arrangement like tonight    05/25/22  (18)
Physicians go around calling ppl "nigger" and "cunt" and "pumo scum?"    05/25/22  (3)
Kate has such a chavette face/phenotype, but somehow still classy    05/25/22  (1)
we've got some true 'legal eagles' posting here    05/25/22  (5)
shoutout 2 TBF shoutout 2 gibberish. bigups to CapTTTain 4 always holding it dow    05/25/22  (9)
drugged individualism    05/25/22  (1)
College sport is all fraud now with "transfer portal" all pro sport fraud    05/25/22  (1)
Board libs: You're never taking the guns. NEVER.    05/25/22  (62)
IMO the FBI shouldn’t hand out free AR-15s to mentally unstable kids    05/25/22  (2)
****OFFICIAL BETTER CALL SAUL S607 DISCUSSION****    05/25/22  (132)
Imagine True Lies being made today    05/25/22  (1)
Mike Flood    05/25/22  (1)
Mental illness is a LIE few people act on this weak excuse flame    05/25/22  (1)
Implant an artificial womb into Luis, creampie him, then make baby    05/25/22  (2)
Hedgemon testifying in front of Senate as to superiority of Daniel Defense rifle    05/25/22  (4)
Beto interrupts Governor conference at Uvalde school    05/25/22  (32)
we need solutions bros    05/25/22  (4)
Texas fast food work must pay rill good money to buy guns at 18 like nbd    05/25/22  (8)
Hey guys I'm gay    05/25/22  (2)
BCS Fatal Flaw: HHM on suburban campus, has parking deck    05/25/22  (11)
LOL JFC NOWAG and a black guy FOUGHT at pickup hockey today    05/25/22  (33)
rate this Redditor and his new car    05/25/22  (6)
Si el tirador es mexicano, el liberal sera preocupado    05/25/22  (3)
Howard: ArchPrep (but not Ascended Prep)    05/25/22  (2)
Please stop using the offensive term "lawyer"    05/25/22  (1)
So libs stole the election in 2020 but they’re gonna let Trump win in 2024?    05/25/22  (5)
Is being called "Jackie" really that traumatizing?    05/25/22  (19)
Just had my heart broken by a girl I *thought* liked me    05/25/22  (9)
Cons, why are most white countries lib?    05/25/22  (4)
Libs are retarded how do those strict illinois gun laws work in Chicago?    05/25/22  (6)
Are pro-Russia poasters still pretending Russia/Vlad are winning?    05/25/22  (98)
Well we can't restart loan payments when market is tanking & gas costs $8/gal    05/25/22  (2)
xo: Calling whites evil = WRONG! Also, dead mex-american kids in TX = GOOD!    05/25/22  (8)
Half of GOP field for Michigan governor ruled ineligible due to fraud    05/25/22  (10)
Are Nivada watches credited    05/25/22  (1)
Shooting is sad but Mexican aren’t American to me    05/25/22  (79)
Obama's Uvalde / George Floyd tweet    05/25/22  (13)
So RSF is a MY MASTERS travel shrew who now has a FURBABY?    05/25/22  (107)
Did RSF megapoast about Ohio State Sports when everyone thought he went to Ivies    05/25/22  (26)
One of the funniest things about RSF is the shrewy MY MASTERS & aborted journal    05/25/22  (29)
"We need to kill the babies" *LIBS CHEER* "…with guns." *LIBS SHRIEKING*    05/25/22  (4)
what kind of idiot drives an acura or infiniti?    05/25/22  (12)
Is WELLBUTRIN elaborate flame?    05/25/22  (28)
best way for average biglaw drone to build a book of business?    05/25/22  (56)
Is no one going to talk about how Sexy the 10 y/o Uvalde shooting victim was?    05/25/22  (10)
I don't side with any political party I attack equally and call as I see it    05/25/22  (1)
Is the Depp judge a literal retard? I don’t think she knows what hearsay is    05/25/22  (5)
🚨🚨🚨 STOCK MARKET CRASHING AGAIN 🚨🚨🚨    05/25/22  (45)
Starting my night shift    05/25/22  (2)
My whole plans are fucked help.    05/25/22  (3)
arch manning is a 2-star walk on if not for his last name + media hype    05/25/22  (5)
Sex, with Luis, for pleasure    05/25/22  (3)
Luis' hand on your thigh as you await your DUI verdict    05/25/22  (56)
thousands of dollars of sushi...COMPED    05/25/22  (45)
Aircraft carriers are obsolete. We need submarine aircraft carriers    05/25/22  (2)
18 yo fast food worker purchasing AR 15s legally no one "knew"    05/25/22  (1)
Uvalde? Some sort of salsa chip dip?    05/25/22  (1)
Guns were legally purchased..killer dead.    05/25/22  (4)
Alabama a good chill value or Arkansas?    05/25/22  (3)
"we will move forward"... Forward to what?    05/25/22  (3)
State Farm Launches a New Program    05/25/22  (24)
Quitting $200k/yr sinecure to pursue a MA in Liberal Arts    05/25/22  (3)
Shooter purchased guns legally..he had no criminal record or mental illness hist    05/25/22  (1)
Young investors lose big in crypto crash: ‘I didn’t sleep for days’    05/25/22  (50)
Americans are weird trash..no one know the shooter    05/25/22  (1)
core problem isn’t any particular gun restriction, it’s that libs are liars    05/25/22  (64)
why not ban assault rifles    05/25/22  (50)
leaving law w/ like 750k to play with, what should I do next    05/25/22  (14)
Any details on why or how the gunman crashed his car before the shooting?    05/25/22  (1)
i just quoted $1300 to clean pool tiles    05/25/22  (2)
Obama: “fuck those dead kids, we doin George Floyd today”    05/25/22  (4)
If you're mad at anyone here fucking anyone 18+ you're a jealous loser    05/25/22  (1)
was just quoted $1300 to clean pool tiles    05/25/22  (10)
As moral foundations and cultural cohesion are eroded the left are correct    05/25/22  (23)
I get Guam and Grenada confused. One of them is in the Pacific.    05/25/22  (1)
Rate the effect of filter girls are now using on pics    05/25/22  (12)
Lamarcus hasn't taken off his Son jersey since Saturday    05/25/22  (6)
LinkedIn: Black person does something unremarkable, 3 million likes    05/25/22  (17)
Steve Kerr has meltdown that GOP Senators wont sign background check bill    05/25/22  (42)
AMC announces BCS spin off based on early Howard Hamlin    05/25/22  (25)
Catholicism is dead    05/25/22  (1)
Rate this VC's unhinged tweets    05/25/22  (30)
FTC Fines Twitter $150M for Using 2FA Phone Numbers for Ad Targeting    05/25/22  (1)
The recent CIA coup in Pakistan is turning into a debacle    05/25/22  (8)
Kissinger: Ukraine must surrender to Russia immediately (link)    05/25/22  (3)
take away these dipshit's guns lmao    05/25/22  (1)
how does anyone even have sex with skinny women    05/25/22  (129)
RSF what are some underrated/underappreciated U.S. cities?    05/25/22  (18)

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