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Young investors lose big in crypto crash: ‘I didn’t sleep for days’    05/25/22  (12)
Its weird how some shootings and black guys killed by cops just seem MORE IMPORT    05/25/22  (1)
TBF using his "diamond hands" to pick food out of 7/11 dumpster    05/25/22  (8)
cant get the Star Trek: Enterprise song out of my head    05/25/22  (8)
It's Sick but today is a YUUUGE political win for libs    05/25/22  (26)
How much wealth is realistic to achieve as a lawyer?    05/25/22  (10)
protip: go to county tax records, find raw land where taxes aren't being paid,    05/25/22  (7)
Another shitpit makes the news    05/25/22  (3)
U.S. Preparing Plan To Destroy Russia's Black Sea Fleet—Ukraine    05/25/22  (2)
second generation americans shouldn't be allowed in public schools    05/25/22  (3)
neoliberal feudalism / consuela is an absolute moron    05/25/22  (12)
Are the american masses really that blind and stupid? How is this possible?    05/25/22  (5)
Pics of the lil beaners we lost. One girl is white    05/25/22  (9)
Any XO approved solutions to school shootings?    05/25/22  (145)
the shooter was a tranny?    05/25/22  (1)
Omnipotent, omnipresent "god" lets a bunch of kids get shot, why    05/25/22  (35)
'school shooting' will be least of our problems once beaners bring cartel terror    05/25/22  (1)
Jordan Peterson on Rogan show: "I haven't taken a shit in 17 weeks"    05/25/22  (13)
correct ratio of thoughts/prayers to stop trannies from playing sports?    05/25/22  (4)
guessing it was all beaner/DREAMer kids who got murked, in which case IDGAF    05/25/22  (4)
Just took this selfie for fulano    05/25/22  (3)
Ljl so that is kenny in the cslg group photo    05/25/22  (21)
Today's shooting totally validates TT and libs today    05/25/22  (23)
everyone about to find out 90% of our economy is fraud make-work bullshit    05/25/22  (12)
gatormo you gotta buy this (LINK)    05/25/22  (1)
We have a sickness in this country. In the world really. Only China does it righ    05/25/22  (1)
Do skinny/fit girls prefer small dicks?    05/25/22  (30)
Seems like they're really 5G'ing all the mass shooters out at once    05/25/22  (1)
honestly nutella doesnt even look that bad    05/25/22  (133)
*edits moody piano under Jordan Peterson vid: 'I've eaten 100% meat for 5 years    05/25/22  (1)
So this gay tranny Mexican killed a bunch of Mexican kids because he was a huge    05/25/22  (1)
boomer tards falling for 'carnivore diet' grift post their insane cholesterol #s    05/25/22  (6)
Watching The Leftovers on HBO. Did XO ever get into this?    05/25/22  (14)
shooter looks like a cpr dummy    05/25/22  (2)
If the race is omitted, the left has forfeited.    05/25/22  (3)
Taylor Lorenz trying to police journalism again (link)    05/25/22  (10)
Is Biden the most 120 POTUS since Carter?    05/25/22  (79)
Biden voters should not be allowed to own guns    05/25/22  (1)
TV is all joo advertisements ! Anything actually worth buying?    05/25/22  (2)
How big/small is CSLG's cock?    05/25/22  (8)
sucks that Biden voters are allowed to openly share their thoughts    05/25/22  (5)
evan39: are you still dying from COVID?    05/25/22  (1)
"Time" is a lie..not even the same "day" depending where you are lol!    05/25/22  (1)
Rate my Michelin Star Dinner at Pasta Bar + Wine Pairing (CSLG)    05/25/22  (45)
Rate this 180 photo from last night... (CSLG)    05/25/22  (581)
CNN coverage on Buffalo was all about the shooter, this is all about victims    05/25/22  (2)
Paying for TSINAH to do a fitness boot camp (CSLG)    05/25/22  (14)
Why did Border Patrol respond to school shooting??    05/25/22  (24)
Have TMF and MND given their hot takes on Ukraine Z War    05/25/22  (2)
a stout lout lost in a rout in a poasting bout, lost his clout, now is in doubt    05/25/22  (1)
Went on a 5-mile run this evening, what % of lawyers under 50 can run 1 mile?    05/25/22  (25)
Box is the Aella of this board    05/25/22  (2)
i keep making 5-para poasts & new threads abt internet stranger i don't care abo    05/25/22  (1)
what % of xo posters are actual diagnosable sociopaths?    05/25/22  (2)
2018: Sergio Ramos 2022: Salvador Ramos    05/25/22  (3)
Three states full of subhumans: Kentucky, Idaho, Montana    05/25/22  (3)
True or False: running a mile and walking a mile burns the same calories    05/25/22  (55)
American Psycho 2 starring Mila Kunis, directed by Morgan Freeman    05/25/22  (1)
am i really below average to you guys or are people just being mean?    05/25/22  (272)
Is there a bigger prole tell than “gun ownership”?    05/25/22  (84)
If the name is Ramos, libs will "vamos!"    05/25/22  (18)
amazing that libs will haveTexas very soon    05/25/22  (7)
Burger king coupon 3 whoppers 3 cheeseburgers 3 fries 3 drinks $12.99    05/25/22  (25)
Quick spatial reasoning test ITT: Are u a SHAPE ROTATOR?    05/25/22  (30)
ITT: i ask 4 ur opinion about me then call u a hater & say ur obsessed w/ me :)    05/25/22  (3)
better not speak up or do anything, we might get punished    05/25/22  (1)
do you guys have any idea how stupid the faggots running America are    05/25/22  (6)
NOBODY CARES BITCH BOIS    05/25/22  (1)
Sadly Russia is just stronger than Ukraine in broad-front battles    05/25/22  (8)
Texas = constant mass shootings, lights can't stay on, rampant illegal immigrati    05/25/22  (9)
Start adding "dictated but not read" to all ur poasts for plausible deniability    05/25/22  (3)
Texas is like TSINAH. Large and useless.    05/25/22  (1)
Guns don’t cause mass shootings, the media does (academic studies)    05/25/22  (1)
Don't mess with Texas (because it probably has AIDS)    05/25/22  (1)
Rate 26 yo Kendall Jenner's dating history. Would you marry if you had the chanc    05/25/22  (13)
Doordash inflation is insane    05/25/22  (6)
ppl paying $200+/night to stay in literal camper trailers with kooky themes    05/25/22  (2)
Exeunt what crypto should we buy now    05/25/22  (5)
EVERY single time google reroutes me for a "faster" route its always a lie    05/25/22  (4)
the entire amber herd/johnny depp trial seems like a satanic ritual    05/25/22  (9)
how do i get started on fucking young chicks on Seeking Arrangement like tonight    05/25/22  (3)
do you guys have any idea how big the universe is    05/25/22  (20)
A dozen kids shot in elementary school mass shooting. USA! USA! USA!    05/25/22  (156)
Texans aren't real Americans    05/25/22  (1)
Shittier state: Florida or TTTexas?    05/25/22  (1)
Texas should secede so we don't have to keep providing it welfare.    05/25/22  (3)
Trumpmos want the whole US to be like failed state of Texas    05/25/22  (3)
TOP GUN: Maverick was fucking GREAT    05/25/22  (27)
Adult, professional black woman using the term "booty hole"    05/25/22  (11)
Brother Peter Diamond ARRESTED in his Van early yesterday morning    05/25/22  (1)
They could've just stopped stranger things 2 seasons ago and no one would rememb    05/25/22  (1)
Libs voted the anti-trump guy in so Stacey Abrams can win against him    05/25/22  (13)
Shamelessly soliciting things to listen to    05/25/22  (28)
New text-to-image network from Google beats DALL-E    05/25/22  (12)
Congrats Birdshits! You KILLED some Children!    05/25/22  (3)
pray to God every night that these stupid faggots suffer some more    05/25/22  (1)
Which GOP Senator has received most NRA contributions? Answer may surprise you!    05/25/22  (1)
An HHM lawyer doesn't die without some red flags being raised    05/25/22  (7)
Can you imagine how cringe George Carlin would be if he was still around today    05/25/22  (51)
Black shooting spree every day. msm:    05/25/22  (2)
List of COWARDS who make fun of me ONLINE but won't submit to backyard KUMITE    05/25/22  (9)
What red state area is CR for home prices?    05/25/22  (35)
New photo shows Texas shooter was a tranny wtf    05/25/22  (29)
what do hedge fund managers who blow up their funds do after?    05/25/22  (34)
3 years as a solo--here are my numbers    05/25/22  (19)
Ricky Gervais new Netflix show is very xo 180    05/25/22  (1)
****OFFICIAL BETTER CALL SAUL S607 DISCUSSION****    05/25/22  (125)
HHM associate laughing about faggot named partner dying on ABQ rooftop bar    05/25/22  (2)
Are law firms going to email about this incident? they emailed about Buffalo    05/25/22  (3)
How can i become a Scientist at age 40?    05/25/22  (14)
CNN beginning to pre-explain to vax retards why their immune system has AIDS now    05/25/22  (54)
Para… para… parabably not gonna be working here anymore    05/25/22  (3)
If the Mavs win Game 5 then they'll win the series    05/25/22  (3)
Wtf Zelensky just "won" a bunch of attack helicopters in a Mr Beast video    05/25/22  (24)
Top Signal: "how overweight do you have to be to get disability" - Google search    05/25/22  (1)
Yup, the shooting was a TRANNY (pic)    05/25/22  (28)
babyface killah    05/25/22  (1)
Zelensky is like a homeless dude who doesn't want food, just money    05/25/22  (13)
Bboom shut the fuck up you weird faggot before i rape you    05/25/22  (14)
Could you live off $100K? Be honest    05/25/22  (43)
Wtf Parkland shooter is a time traveler from the year 1982 (pic)    05/25/22  (1)
Luis, I’m eating nothing but cheeseburgers again    05/25/22  (1)
if the name is Ramos, libs will vamos    05/25/22  (3)
How many of you have an Oyster sailing yacht in the 60'-90' range? Thanks.    05/25/22  (2)
i unironically feel like a real bitchboi tonight    05/25/22  (7)
George Takei: I'm more of a MAN than Tucker Carlson    05/25/22  (18)
I only view 4 websites now: 1. Gmail. 2. Info Wars. 3. XOXOHTH.COM. 4. Discord    05/25/22  (44)
Ukraine FUCKED; Russia deploying new state of the art tanks (link    05/25/22  (10)
The authorities come when it's too late..very sad    05/25/22  (2)
Trying to figure out why deaths by gun are highest in reptile states.    05/25/22  (1)
LOL LOL Trump endorsed candidate for Gov of GA loses by over 50 points    05/25/22  (1)
Mavs in 7    05/24/22  (2)
What does board hate TINSAH    05/24/22  (7)
If shooter is from south of the border, libs will say Covid is not over    05/24/22  (1)
Unlimited bread sticks*, *TSINAH is no longer welcome at our establishment    05/24/22  (2)
Why is the news misgendering the school shooter?    05/24/22  (1)
The bitchmade faggot trash masquerading as "christian" "men" in america    05/24/22  (1)
hypo: u print a nude pic of ur wife to 1 work printer, xo nig thread to another    05/24/22  (7)
If you give a single shit about this shooting you are a huge worthless fag    05/24/22  (3)
Are defense contractors ok with Afghan withdraw Now in light of Ukraine?    05/24/22  (5)
Uvalde shooting just proves Mexicans are really assimilating as Americans    05/24/22  (1)
trump kills last mosquito, places tiny make america great hat on zikahead baby    05/24/22  (134)
Classics has been skinsuited for years and years    05/24/22  (44)
if Texas doesn't want kids to die, maybe they shouldn't act like faggots 🤷    05/24/22  (1)
The Book of Ricky    05/24/22  (2)
Why does board hate TSINAH just because he's hateable?    05/24/22  (1)
How do I buy BTC for CASH    05/24/22  (4)
Every NBA game is a blowout now lol    05/24/22  (7)

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