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Shit eating faggots Research Boner and Stalin tp go on shit eating brunches    06/28/22  (1)
VERY HARD XO TRIVIA: Which poaster had GORILLA HANDS?    06/28/22  (121)
Day in the life of Chicago 22 yo working in tech    06/28/22  (8)
Benzo should violently rape Stalin tp    06/28/22  (3)
Lol why does RSF keep poasting here    06/28/22  (29)
Hypo: Your homely teen daughter has 29K "likes" on this Tiktok (link)    06/28/22  (5)
Research boner is also shit eating faggot, just like Stalin tp    06/28/22  (1)
found three typing mistakes in my appellate brief and want to quit law    06/28/22  (39)
Fuck my ass at hospital. Fucked my knee up hoping a fence.    06/28/22  (39)
This "psycho karen" character seems way more mentally ill than any of us realize    06/28/22  (61)
CGWMT 22yo conservativemo is now CGFWMT    06/28/22  (7)
How much shit would Stalin tp eat if Staling tp would find some shit?    06/28/22  (1)
Should I cheatmo on wife with 20 yo stunner?    06/28/22  (69)
Starbucks large iced latte is now $5.70    06/28/22  (18)
Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in prison    06/28/22  (1)
Tip: tell ( : {| ] he’s schizophrenic    06/28/22  (3)
Anyone have GENEVA recommendations? (RSF)    06/28/22  (45)
How about another croissant this weekend 😃 my treat    06/28/22  (1)
adding “tp” to any phrase is good for a chuckle    06/28/22  (25)
Shrew gf: Trump lunged at him in rage! 2nd cousin: I’m less than half your age    06/28/22  (4)
Why does shit eating faggot Stalin tp claims to "be severely mentally ill"?    06/28/22  (1)
RATE my view RIGHT THIS SECOND (RSF)    06/28/22  (51)
why did gorbachev have a satanic birthmark on his forehead    06/28/22  (1)
Panera has very rapidly become a festering TTT.    06/28/22  (32)
( : {| ] = literal fag    06/28/22  (7)
Eat shit, Stalin tp    06/28/22  (3)
Stalin tp and his alt ego/bort alt research boner = shit eating faggots    06/28/22  (2)
Wife is 2 weeks pregnant. We are going to abort tomorrow as a “fuck you”    06/28/22  (90)
which famous pop culture libs WOULD now be con?    06/28/22  (29)
“Granted, it’s built to a price point, as everything is, but”    06/28/22  (9)
Just an FYI, Trump is done here after today    06/28/22  (44)
billing 12 hrs to construct artisanal, hand-crafted Table of Contents    06/28/22  (12)
TP for my bunghole tp    06/28/22  (1)
Stalin tp, who do you suspect have wronged you?    06/28/22  (17)
Stalin tp = faggot    06/28/22  (3)
How Queer Chefs Are Reclaiming Bottom Food - The idea that bottoms need to adjus    06/28/22  (23)
John Toland Hitler bio is incredible.    06/28/22  (87)
Alito logging onto his “Bro. Peter Dimond” account    06/28/22  (3)
Bros, did you realize it is ICED TEA, not ICE TEA? What in the absolute fuck?    06/28/22  (23)
BROTHERS where should I go for a solo trip this summer?    06/28/22  (22)
The best thing about bein Of Counsel, is the prerogative to have a little fun    06/28/22  (5)
5 weeks of snake diet starts now    06/28/22  (50)
Rudolph fucking his dead mother's corpse on 6/28    06/28/22  (2)
I like associates RATCHET, I like Of Counsel's bad, I like a cost unconscious    06/28/22  (1)
The phrase "quality of life" is only used in reference to biglaw and hospice lol    06/28/22  (28)
Being a "partner" is retarded    06/28/22  (2)
Why do libs get so angry they can’t murder innocent babies?    06/28/22  (10)
Better Of Counsel in Heaven than partner in Hell.    06/28/22  (1)
This place is fake. If you write something a mod disagrees with politically, he    06/28/22  (3)
Lockdown for Midterms now impossible. Were mail-in-vote rules temporary?    06/28/22  (10)
Any other bros trying to get into house dancing in late 30s?    06/28/22  (8)
There's no point in discussing politics here--only one side remains unmodded    06/28/22  (1)
You know Trump lives you and you will do the right thing at the depositions.    06/28/22  (2)
OYT tp's only redeeming characteristic is that he has a pleasurable ass    06/28/22  (7)
RATE this jew deli I just went to in NJ (TSINAH)    06/28/22  (4)
Rudy asking for a presidential pardon on 1/6    06/28/22  (2)
Who is this TOTAL BABE that is testifying to Congress right now?!?!    06/28/22  (5)
OH MY GOD BECKY, look at his bottomless portafilter    06/28/22  (4)
Amtrak goes off the rails Missouri 3 DEAD 40+ injured thanks Biden!    06/28/22  (4)
$21.50 for a Blowjob tp    06/28/22  (4)
Sorry I was late getting to the board this morning    06/28/22  (20)
John Roberts logging into xo with his “LathamTouchedMe” moniker    06/28/22  (55)
RSF has been demoted from “member” of his firm to “counsel”    06/28/22  (182)
Bought 2 BTC at 20K and 15 ETH around 1K (CSLG)    06/28/22  (7)
Trump hurls a plate of french frist & ketchup against the White House wall    06/28/22  (12)
Dorothea scuffling with RSF making him spit eggs out of his mouth    06/28/22  (2)
You could cover everything you actually need to know from law school in 3 months    06/28/22  (2)
i’m severely mentally ill    06/28/22  (5)
I am back on the Trump bus (anyone but Desantis (especially Trump Jr))    06/28/22  (1)
things retards say to sound smart: price point, "operating in this/that space"    06/28/22  (4)
Vaxcucks officially infertile (link to a LOOK at the DATA)    06/28/22  (3)
We are on the precipice of losing our Democracy forever.    06/28/22  (1)
why are redditors so poor    06/28/22  (1)
Which video does David Bowie look better? See these two    06/28/22  (7)
HVAC my doctor just upped me to 54 mg Concerta    06/28/22  (3)
This broad is hot. Not law school hot, but hot hot    06/28/22  (1)
Longed Island Iced Tea    06/28/22  (1)
white women w/ 1000 yard SSRI stare    06/28/22  (10)
Of course not! Some of my best friends are Of Counsel! But then again...    06/28/22  (2)
It's certainly a big ticket item, but at that price point it's a steal.    06/28/22  (2)
You’re Old: Subway’s $5 Footlong is now $23.50    06/28/22  (7)
Just made partner at a V100. What would happen if I started showing up to work i    06/28/22  (10)
people who say "price point" should be drawn and quartered    06/28/22  (17)
Why stock market up big then down big    06/28/22  (1)
Pool table duders — recommend a manufacturer at sub-$10k price point    06/28/22  (2)
People who say "price point" - Lets bash these TTTs    06/28/22  (2)
A jock and cowgod in the locker room (pic)    06/28/22  (10)
Jeb is a mess. Jeb is a waste. Jeb is a big fat mistake.    06/28/22  (9)
You’re a law nerd — you love complex problems, you read about the law for fu    06/28/22  (2)
Damn it feels good to be Of Counsel    06/28/22  (12)
If SCOTUS repeals Lawrence v. Texas then there truly is a God    06/28/22  (1)
"Just an FYI, Trump is done here after today" - Libs in 2016,17,18,19,20,21,22..    06/28/22  (1)
God damn, I wonder if Putin is tired of winning yet    06/28/22  (6)
RSF, did your parents throw a BRIKFUSS celebration for your demotion to counsel?    06/28/22  (4)
Any indian girl that isn't specifically trad is only into white guys. Discuss.    06/28/22  (2)
Just got out of a meeting with Rach; he's promoting me to managing associate.    06/28/22  (1)
Banned episode of Rugrats where Tommy discovers his sexuality    06/28/22  (9)
suits are such a fucking scam    06/28/22  (1)
Remember when at least half this place was virusbad    06/28/22  (24)
Sonia Sotomayor logging in with her "Express Maids" moniker    06/28/22  (1)
Anyone have a link to any of Benzos crimes or rap sheet?    06/28/22  (8)
Clarence Thomas logging into xo with his "LongDongSilver Touching You" moniker    06/28/22  (5)
At the Halford, Halford Cantina, Doobs Rape with Passion was Always in Fashion    06/28/22  (11)
1979 1980 1981    06/28/22  (1)
Kavanaugh 'solving' Roe v. Wade on blackboard during his graveyard janitor shift    06/28/22  (42)
Vodka GF: help me put on this dog collar / Shrew GF: worships at Fauci's altar    06/28/22  (3)
Doobs making the noise at start of Disturbed "Sickness" after 1st hit of QUICK    06/28/22  (188)
Dark-skinned Indians have the best of both Worlds. Black masculinity and white    06/28/22  (15)
DrakeMallard getting passed around a bachelor party of bitch titted Indian guys    06/28/22  (14)
"Not now babe I'm explicating the explicitly Jewish nature of 'Rugrats' online"    06/28/22  (5)
Samuel Alito logging into xo with his "FatherNelson Touched Me" moniker    06/28/22  (4)
Seeth Birdshits, Seeth    06/28/22  (1)
RSF checking Pornhub Verification Videos to assess his next GF's English skills    06/28/22  (5)
Life Imitates Art as Doobs presents to children's library    06/28/22  (2)
The most prejudiced against short men: not short chicks by HIGH IQ ones    06/28/22  (19)
*rugrats intro begins playing* *diaper glides onto undressed junior associate*    06/28/22  (69)
reminder: there a thousands of bros just chillin in paradise    06/28/22  (13)
It's 2005. Your organic gf silently leaves as you type "3.6/172, HYS autoadmit?"    06/28/22  (13)
quick q: what exactly does the FBI do nowadays?    06/28/22  (7)
*quotemo's diaper lands* *rugrats theme starts*    06/28/22  (2)
only just now realized how depraved and jewish rugrats was    06/28/22  (50)
"what else is jewish. rugrats? fuck it, well go with it. meme it."    06/28/22  (15)
I have to make sure your name never goes on the internet. "Why?" A pauper - RSF    06/28/22  (2)
NYT's Liptak: Roberts got "humiliated" by 5 Doobs justices & lost his power    06/28/22  (36)
Hey you religious morons cheering this SC on. They're coming for porn next    06/28/22  (151)
My whore wife loves me for my personality (RSF)    06/28/22  (1)
rate this Boy Meets World clip about Israel    06/28/22  (15)
"Don't just stare at it Doobs. Eat it!" barks Halford    06/28/22  (5)
Doobs on toys r us PA screeching PAPAA as Halford sprints around    06/28/22  (138)
It is NOT okay to have typos in an appellate brief. How embarrassing.    06/28/22  (4)
Mrs Dooberstein? Yes, he again demands to be called Stinkerella    06/28/22  (23)
RSF.exe failed to write. Abort? Y/N    06/28/22  (3)
Fully intact vintage Burger King found behind wall at Concord Mall in Wilmington    06/28/22  (1)
"One time, at band camp, I stuck a flute in my penussy!" blurts Doobs in court    06/28/22  (16)
Brown v BOE was wrongly decided    06/28/22  (7)
can someone please find the doobs boxing video    06/28/22  (1)
Hey... Kashyap Pramod Patel here but you can call me "Kash"    06/28/22  (3)
Two Gorgeous Peaceful Musbros BEHEAD Hindu Man in INDIA    06/28/22  (7)
Hunter Biden wrote whores checks instead of using cash    06/28/22  (3)
"Mr. Halford, are u stating that Doobs ASKED u to put him in the Humblr?"    06/28/22  (60)
Give it to me. Gimme that Heh, that wet, that weird, that mushy stuff    06/28/22  (1)
We need HINDU Nationalism Now!    06/28/22  (1)
CNN: “It’s still HER turn”    06/28/22  (13)
i did it all for the mushy, heh, the mushy, heh...so you can dat    06/28/22  (80)
St. Halford looking down on Doobs & Peterman from Heaven: "What hath I wrought?"    06/28/22  (15)
Libs can’t find another Obama-esque candidate anywhere in their bullpen?    06/28/22  (32)
"Extra bread sticks make boss man happy" (Sotomayor, J. bustling)    06/28/22  (7)
Leaving a "voice" text is a horrendous crime    06/28/22  (1)
Remember double and triple masking? Lmao    06/28/22  (5)

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