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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Being successful v. being a failure is like 25 seconds a day of decisions (CSLG)    08/14/22  (71)
2 lowest IQ senators in history are now POT"US" and VP    08/14/22  (1)
CSLG makes 50 inflammatory posts in each of his threads to get to "100"    08/14/22  (1)
How the fuck do people get paralegal/HR/compliance jobs    08/14/22  (11)
Work insanely hard to become rich and jacked like CSLG    08/14/22  (1)
True Story: I used to be one of the top Yahoo! Pool players in the world    08/14/22  (2)
Dystopian Disney    08/14/22  (3)
What is best current flame being run on the board?    08/14/22  (16)
How much nagging is typical in a relationship?    08/14/22  (5)
1990s schoolyard-isms    08/14/22  (57)
Literally no one here has a wife higher than a 6    08/14/22  (10)
Wife wants to name daughter Æthelflæd, says Wynflæd sounds servile.    08/14/22  (1)
Exactly 13 days until CSLG & disco fries tp meet up in LOS ANGELES, CA    08/14/22  (3)
poast ITT and i will submit your moniker to advanced AI to generate an image    08/14/22  (320)
imagine Gordon Ramsay visiting cslg’s sushi restaurant    08/14/22  (3)
Really disappointed in Gen X after watching Netflix Woodstock 99 documentary    08/14/22  (17)
ITT: we poast encouraging messages to GJR about her LSAT tomorrow    08/14/22  (63)
weird unfunny jews pretending to be niggers online tp    08/14/22  (3)
Remember when muslims burned down Notre Dame?    08/14/22  (9)
Wife wants to name kid Otto    08/14/22  (7)
Why are Asians so against keeping dogs as pets?    08/14/22  (29)
Why does whokebe always have some faggy moniker of some obscure nigger?    08/14/22  (18)
'Woodstock '99' nostalgia seems like a forcememe. It wasn't that big at the time    08/14/22  (21)
thanks to xo and all the years of doobs-threading, when i see the word 'fuck'    08/14/22  (2)
FBI announces it has "probable cause" to think Trump broke the law    08/14/22  (1)
Watches red state America turn into violent, no abortion, drug addled shithole    08/14/22  (2)
Most important thing in WORLD is that USA is DESTROYED for good    08/14/22  (26)
"More Claypool" with some strong poasting lately    08/14/22  (17)
If it becomes reasonably likely Trump was engaged in selling national secrets    08/14/22  (23)
Being a kike and PI scam artist is a lifetime commitment, brother.    08/14/22  (8)
MDH’s moniker is coded pedospeak: “aurochs” = little boys, “angels” =    08/14/22  (27)
CSLG Sushi Testing Night Photos - Volume 2 (CSLG)    08/14/22  (28)
Painter paints "White Women Done Here"    08/14/22  (3)
my best HS friend died of a marijuana overdose    08/14/22  (32)
Carl Spackler tp's IRL name is Govinder Lakshminarayan and he works at BCG    08/14/22  (11)
so basically jews got whites hooked on heroin and porn, then opened borders?    08/14/22  (26)
CSLG greeting migrants coming off buses from Texas - why?    08/14/22  (1)
Guys, rate this painting (pic)    08/14/22  (1)
hehe maybe if i make my moniker "Ghostface Billah" the law board will like me    08/14/22  (50)
What percent of people are millionaires by age 40?    08/14/22  (47)
Would you rather be short with huge dick or tall with tiny dick?    08/14/22  (6)
Dupa: "Billable hour? More like CHILLABLE hour, heyo! PS: Shut the fuck up, goy"    08/14/22  (24)
does day crew even appreciate that Emilio tp watches over them at night?    08/14/22  (43)
LMAO the FBI sexed & smoked marijuana with Gov. Whitmer kidnapper    08/14/22  (12)
Historically Unimportant Poster: signed up case that could 10x CSLGs net worth    08/13/22  (213)
Lol at this softbatch “im gay” bullshit on modern xo    08/13/22  (1)
lol wesley yang retweeted autoadmit    08/13/22  (33)
Anyone use "discord"?    08/13/22  (14)
Salman Rushdie stabbed    08/13/22  (51)
LOL Teofimo is going to get KOd today.    08/13/22  (13)
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨TRUMP FACES 33 YEARS IN PRISON🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨    08/13/22  (7)
does business school even have scholars    08/13/22  (1)
Respect your betters (seethes with hate abt everyone in life, bank owns everythi    08/13/22  (3)
ITT we list and mock posters who voted for Biden    08/13/22  (34)
He’s bouncing up and down on your dick my man    08/13/22  (2)
"Just take some Truvada, bro."    08/13/22  (1)
50/50 with Cristobal?    08/13/22  (3)
mainlining I'm writiing here and tell me what you think...    08/13/22  (147)
Very toxic here if you don't take xo as comedy and entertainment    08/13/22  (5)
Dating apps and a drastically changing relationship landscape    08/13/22  (132)
Fact: there is a totem pole that exists and some poasters are higher and lower    08/13/22  (17)
and then Jesus said, "Do as thou wilt"    08/13/22  (2)
wtf how did this little gremlin score such an objectively good looking wife    08/13/22  (2)
Trump's passport seized. Private jet searched    08/13/22  (1)
Ragnar breaks into the top 1000 male baby names    08/13/22  (2)
CSLG and other small firm lawyers: how do you manage the trust account?    08/13/22  (3)
Merrick Garland sure sounds like he’s planning to indict Trump    08/13/22  (75)
No one in the FBI today has ever brought a successful Espionage Act charge    08/13/22  (2)
"I can't, My Masters!" he screeches, failing to grasp elementary concepts    08/13/22  (1)
Chinks and Jews are so cheap!!! *ancestors too cheap to send nigs back to Africa    08/13/22  (7)
Imagine Dragons Zoom Call with Zelynskyy (Twitter)    08/13/22  (16)
Trump: Hold these boxes for me until I come get them. If anybody asks, we never    08/13/22  (2)
What's the point of being in NATO if Ukraine gets the same protection?    08/13/22  (27)
Ukraine destroys Russian supply bridges, one-fifth of ground forces    08/13/22  (1)
His urethra was narrow but his mind wasn't: Hank Hill the radical moderate (nyma    08/13/22  (1)
ITT elite athletes who died while still in or near their prime.    08/13/22  (28)
Every Netflix show features extremely dark Africans and men kissing    08/13/22  (5)
living in California is 180, don't give a fuck about national politics    08/13/22  (117)
Would you rather drown in a hurricane or trust a known snitch    08/13/22  (1)
Lol    08/13/22  (1)
Don’t care about Trump or whether he runs. Voting republican anyway    08/13/22  (1)
Did you guys know that rich southerners get married on slave plantations STILL.    08/13/22  (15)
In like 4 short days, I will be in Grad School (cowshit)    08/13/22  (12)
Good news Trumpmos: Trump can still run for POTUS from prison    08/13/22  (10)
Not flame this classified documents thing is beginning to sound serious    08/13/22  (3)
Yankees can't hit for shit.    08/13/22  (2)
why is gay sex so amusing?    08/13/22  (7)
Wife spent $300 on an iPhone watch and $200 on a strap; always trying to justify    08/13/22  (16)
Wow they're really gonna charge a former POTUS with espionage?    08/13/22  (98)
Trumpmos are complete losers who want to bring society down to their level    08/13/22  (3)
does mad (1-100, inclusive)    08/13/22  (1)
Oakland teachers irate their reading program was effective.    08/13/22  (60)
ITT: who was the glowie that ratted out Trump?    08/13/22  (2)
Petraeus: We could have won in Afghanistan    08/13/22  (5)
how decayed was Alexander's body by time Ptolemy brought it 2 Alexandria?    08/13/22  (6)
'Pope' Francis is apologizing to pagans because Catholics converted ancestors?    08/13/22  (25)
come itt and rate me as a poaster and a scholar    08/13/22  (8)
Ben & Jerry’s to give free cones out if Farisa’s Crossing published in 2022!    08/13/22  (1)
Tiger snatched Chinese woman (video)    08/13/22  (26)
out of nowhere I've suddenly become scared of heights    08/13/22  (11)
Teens visit a Caribbean restaurant in Philadelphia    08/13/22  (25)
List women over the age of 50 you would happily fuck.    08/13/22  (51)
Thirteen Lives on Prime - Holy shit that was harrowing    08/13/22  (13)
Rejecting Christ as your personal savior is like 2.5 seconds a day of decision    08/13/22  (3)
Salman Rushdie looks like spaceporn    08/13/22  (3)
does CSLG just do california cases?    08/13/22  (4)
Young fuckable girls legal hang on 4chan hmm    08/13/22  (3)
Chick just texted me: "Absolutely frothing over the mashies". What did she mean?    08/13/22  (1)
In the Berkshires. Just saw Yoyo Ma at Tanglewood.    08/13/22  (5)
This is benzo's future (pedophile kills self in court)    08/13/22  (2)
Just bought a motor racing team (CSLG)    08/13/22  (4)
Dominick "The Armflapper" Cruz    08/13/22  (2)
We've messed up and allowed way too many online..    08/13/22  (3)
41 year old prole making "$100k a year" asks MarketWatch about prenup    08/13/22  (21)
Are MSM journalists mentally ill?    08/13/22  (4)
Rushdie killer cased the venue for THREE DAYS while FBI watched 1/6 videos    08/13/22  (3)
I honestly hope that Biden's DOJ prosecutes Trump & seeks death penalty    08/13/22  (2)
The internet is full of the worlds worst..hurtful losers and terrorists    08/13/22  (1)
Fatal flaw in Big Pun "It's so Hard" - calls guy who want to fuck his wife loser    08/13/22  (11)
How hard do you think the FBI laughs while reading this place?    08/13/22  (1)
Most GOY musical instrument?    08/13/22  (30)
Camouflage - The Great Commandment.mp3    08/13/22  (1)
Rate this gorgeous new singer the media is gushing over    08/13/22  (3)
Morning sex vs night sex, where does xo fall on this    08/13/22  (13)
Robyn - Hang With Me.mp3    08/13/22  (5)
me and Mainlining dancing like no one’s watching    08/13/22  (2)
wow this moniker was available    08/13/22  (1)
lololololololol    08/13/22  (4)
This is the most unintentionally XO centric video of all time. YOU MUST WATCH IT    08/13/22  (33)
Rate this ridiculous article    08/13/22  (2)
Thread to track FEDPUMOS    08/13/22  (6)
You can get a free Cinnabon treat on Monday thanks to ‘Better Call Saul’    08/13/22  (7)
Music has gotten extremely annoying lately    08/13/22  (1)
I'm staying in tonight, anyone want to discuss anything? (Mainlining)    08/13/22  (1)
Dem plan: remove Kamala, install Newsom, then remove Biden?    08/13/22  (4)
Tatis 80 game PEDs suspension lmao    08/13/22  (13)
Food πŸ˜‹πŸ€€πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰    08/13/22  (1)
Sex is deeply animalistic and gross    08/13/22  (1)
Real life doesn't resemble XO at all    08/13/22  (3)
Socializing so absurd    08/13/22  (2)
Neanderthals were autistic geniuses. Were their women into big cocks and height?    08/13/22  (8)
Vacationing Europeans stranded on Biden's broken Death Valley roads (vid)    08/13/22  (1)
Solos: how many cases are too many?    08/13/22  (49)
Libs love making inaccurate statements about things related to Trump    08/13/22  (3)
My boss telling me Trump isn’t smart    08/13/22  (3)
Should I use protonmail?    08/13/22  (5)
Wife spent $300 on a dildo and $200 on a strap; always trying to justify    08/13/22  (3)
Allahu Ackbar    08/13/22  (2)
you’re insane if you’re not having panic attacks every single day    08/13/22  (2)
Think if the cold hard truth was always expressed..    08/13/22  (1)

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