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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
29 y.o. banking chad from LA one of the dead from White House lightning strike.    08/07/22  (3)
Thousands of Biden “I did that stickers” now pointing at $3 gasoline    08/07/22  (3)
If you had the opportunity to meet Bernie Sanders one on one would u do it?    08/07/22  (2)
Biggest figures in politics/academia you've seen in person or met    08/07/22  (2)
Made a Gettysburg battlefield tour guide FUMING MAD by asking about 20th Maine    08/07/22  (8)
What would happen if RSF saw Benzo walk into the lobby of a San Remo hotel?    08/07/22  (5)
If you had a car in 60 BC you could drive from Paris to Baghdad on Roman roads    08/07/22  (4)
REMINDER: abortion is legal, Biden is president, and gas prices are down    08/07/22  (3)
Did electing Trump help combat crime from 2016-2020?    08/07/22  (3)
Going through a lot in my life need some feedback    08/07/22  (24)
Beware of Overclass Immigrants Who Want to Dispossess White America    08/07/22  (40)
white women are the rightful property of white men    08/07/22  (9)
NEED XO LEGAL ADVICE: Getting bad advice from my shitlawyer re: eviction    08/07/22  (75)
do you believe Biden gained 15 approval points over the past two weeks    08/07/22  (29)
to see yourself as equal to jews is antisemitic (link)    08/07/22  (60)
CFB starts week after next 🌽    08/07/22  (3)
Who is trying to destroy America more: libs or cons?    08/07/22  (6)
evan39, does it suck being single in your late 50s?    08/07/22  (2)
I literally can't imagine having sex with anyone with a non-American accent    08/07/22  (1)
Taylor $wift! $eriou$ ? From a friend! Be$t way to find Med Mal lawyer?    08/07/22  (1)
NOT FLAME Putin caught using a body double    08/07/22  (7)
"Is Reepicheep Lives Matter movement a front for Gondoran Supremacist's?" (VOX)    08/07/22  (21)
Little league baseball is very similar to the WNBA    08/07/22  (1)
Current PGA Leaderboard: Im, Wu, Huh & Kim    08/07/22  (6)
Someone needs to smash “To Be Fair”’s head into a paste    08/07/22  (52)
'No, YOU'RE the real party of violent criminals!" sneered the retarded lib    08/07/22  (14)
Cut all the crap..let$ talk truth    08/07/22  (1)
ITT: link me some good loafers    08/07/22  (1)
You could have alway$ done what you wanted all along.. no one $eem$    08/07/22  (1)
Am I crazy or is working from home toxic as fuck for most people?    08/07/22  (47)
This is actulaly a good reddit repoa - What happens when one company owns dozens    08/07/22  (5)
planning on fucking my wife tonight, taking tips and questions (zurich)    08/07/22  (12)
Tightrope: Americans Reaching for Hope FULL SPECIAL | PBS America    08/07/22  (2)
Puppycam Live    08/07/22  (31)
Mobile Gas & Incineration Unit    08/07/22  (2)
Hold fast to that which is good.    08/07/22  (18)
Chiropractor just killed my aunt    08/07/22  (12)
Statistics about aggressive dog breeds    08/07/22  (33)
Ever hire a private investigator? worth it?    08/07/22  (2)
cowgod: help me find a post you made about women randomly absconding    08/07/22  (3)
Stalin tp: "hehe im gay and mentally il--"*bludgeons head in w/ a loaded diaper*    08/07/22  (1)
Median Net Worth in Haiti is TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. LJL    08/07/22  (19)
i care about the survival of the white race, tout court    08/07/22  (1)
Blueberries are up there with pep and tilapia imo    08/07/22  (3)
How long til American Farmers start doing what Netherlands Farmers are doing?    08/07/22  (2)
Jews spending money so black and brown people can rob whites.    08/07/22  (8)
overclass Indians    08/07/22  (4)
There is no reason for me to be alive    08/07/22  (15)
stfu Stalin tp, stfu.    08/07/22  (1)
screens    08/07/22  (2)
Are Canadians simply higher IQ Americans?    08/07/22  (18)
Have you ever sat at your dining room table on an idle summer sunday and thought    08/07/22  (33)
Public schools have all kinds of "fees" now ljl    08/07/22  (3)
PSA: in 1893 the US had a Vatican City allegedly built in two years    08/07/22  (34)
gay | homosexual | faggots    08/07/22  (1)
Jews Literally Control XO    08/07/22  (8)
a mobile incinerator pulls up    08/07/22  (1)
just witnessed a prole goy family order $300 of food at airport kiosk    08/07/22  (8)
Is there an anime even close as good to Evangelion?    08/07/22  (46)
It$ all not adding up    08/07/22  (1)
;)everything i$ a fraud! "Adele" i$ a fraud    08/07/22  (1)
Paul Krugman pwns inflation truthers.    08/07/22  (68)
REMINDER: spaceporn is literally PROUD of being a shitlawyer    08/07/22  (1)
xo Daily Mail with an in depth report on situation in Kherson (link)    08/07/22  (15)
Russian rats try to take away one of their dead, end up w/ more (video)    08/07/22  (22)
Christopher J Gravens has Downs Syndrome    08/07/22  (37)
How to block XO on my phone ?    08/07/22  (6)
When the price of one BTC reaches my income (0k) I will post my imdb profile    08/07/22  (1)
Why is the average Japanese person so much wealthier than the average American?    08/07/22  (24)
C.S. Lewis on clownworld    08/07/22  (12)
LA Times: Californians flooding Portugal    08/07/22  (28)
Pete Rose to reporter on statutory rape claim "STFU babe, that was 55 years ago"    08/07/22  (1)
thanks for bumping all of my mental illness threads    08/07/22  (1)
Hoover: "A chicken in every pot!" Biden: "An IRS agent for every household!"    08/07/22  (2)
What are some good movies out lately    08/07/22  (3)
Pretty interesting that leabians are so fat    08/07/22  (9)
i’m severely mentally ill    08/07/22  (3)
i’m severely mentally ill    08/07/22  (2)
i’m severely mentally ill    08/07/22  (3)
i’m severely mentally ill    08/07/22  (5)
i’m severely mentally ill    08/07/22  (4)
i’m severely mentally ill    08/07/22  (2)
i’m severely mentally ill    08/07/22  (7)
some people just aren’t gay enough for xo.    08/07/22  (10)
this weekend i’m poasting mentally ill gay shit & prepping for a FAANG intervi    08/07/22  (2)
bald men who try to “own” the bald look    08/07/22  (2)
Sam Bankman-Fried on a private plane to Tel Aviv    08/07/22  (2)
society openly sexualizing/molesting kids is a development i did not foresee    08/07/22  (125)
David Cole with an incisive article on Soros    08/07/22  (52)
Do girls in LTR's with Chad's come to resent them?    08/07/22  (4)
Benzo can you try robbing an Asian-owned vape store and report back?    08/07/22  (1)
Help: my landlord is a 5yo and increases rent by same % as his age each year    08/07/22  (4)
I need to breakthrough    08/07/22  (1)
"He's stabbing me! I'm dead! I'm dead..."    08/07/22  (316)
Lex using time machine to endlessly play back his HS years as a dating sim    08/07/22  (2)
wagies pining for 'offices' = recidivist cons longing for 'structure' of prison    08/07/22  (5)
Anything more boring than LOGISTICS? But its all my parents want to talk about    08/07/22  (8)
Instagram is just teens posting pics in bikinis with 100k followers    08/07/22  (1)
The Talentless Mister Gravens    08/07/22  (16)
interesting 2009 tweet    08/07/22  (2)
Quoth the Gravens: Always Poor    08/07/22  (8)
Christopher "benzo" Gravens is subhuman white trash    08/07/22  (10)
5 year old son closing on first investment property a week from tomorrow (CSLG)    08/07/22  (67)
I think FTX is rugging us hard rn, can’t log in jfc    08/07/22  (5)
Just bought my dumb bitch gf plane tickets to move out with her dog back home to    08/07/22  (6)
A Textbook Case of Regulatory Capture (Karlstack)    08/07/22  (3)
% of women you see IRL you actually find sexually attractive?    08/07/22  (35)
I didn’t lead, I didn’t communicate…    08/07/22  (1)
elena kagan unironically wearing a no fat chicks shirt tp    08/07/22  (1)
AMC announces Chuck McGill centric Better Call Saul prequel "American Statesman"    08/07/22  (14)
Little caesars have been stepping up their game like mad crazy.    08/07/22  (8)
People calling ANYONE in New Mexico the 'new Clarence Darrow' is utterly unreali    08/07/22  (1)
Chuck Yeager is simply too gorgeous for words    08/07/22  (6)
Ideal WFH situation- WFH 2-3x/week, in-office the other 2-3 days    08/07/22  (3)
Is Little Caesar's Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni Pizza Pie cr?    08/07/22  (3)
Senate Passes Democrats’ Climate, Healthcare and Tax Bill    08/07/22  (6)
Bowling & taking q’s (TSINAH)    08/07/22  (31)
Jordan Shanks goes off on SJWs and white liberals in newest vid    08/07/22  (42)
Roadles, i'd pay you so much money to be my bf    08/07/22  (6)
epah and tsinah were involved in a legal scuffle? cliffs?    08/07/22  (2)
Teachers are the most entitled job ever and it's not even close    08/07/22  (95)
FUUUUUUUUUUCK LIBS!    08/07/22  (3)
Ukraine war update 8/7/22: Griner's lawyer says an appeal could take months    08/07/22  (2)
hang on, mom, i just posted a bizarre gay sex cartoon to own this 'incel'    08/07/22  (1)
Video compilation of hot women noticing Chad, strutting by and flaunting bodies    08/07/22  (9)
Is it possible to get a hot girl in a big city if you're 5.9.5 and bad phenotype    08/07/22  (26)
if a woman opens a convo in an elevator    08/07/22  (19)
remember that video of the guy shooting his prole neighbors over snow shoveling?    08/07/22  (24)
Saw a redneck boomer yesterday from Indiana with cheerful 30 something AZN wife    08/07/22  (1)
xo: weird nonwhite geeks lusting after white women,flogging clits to blacked.com    08/07/22  (2)
GOOD GAME TRUMPMOS: "What Alex Jones Verdict Means For 'Conspiracy Culture'"    08/07/22  (1)
Real talk: the US and China are destined to fight to the death    08/07/22  (94)
famous phrases made better by adding “my dude” or “my guy”    08/07/22  (111)
bug girl with faggot nigger "bestie" pursuing her god given right to HANDSOME    08/07/22  (5)
Lol at xo poasters thinking their inability to make small talk is bc of high IQ    08/07/22  (8)
azn women are the rightful property of white men    08/07/22  (2)
Brian Jacques Book Covers ITT (Pics)    08/07/22  (17)
The one issue our country simply cannot overcome    08/07/22  (34)
How many inches is it acceptable to lie about your height?    08/07/22  (14)
Animalmos have sex constantly and don’t need “pickup lines” or “PUA”    08/07/22  (2)
diaper meat    08/07/22  (1)
"no grandpa, you give them real money and you get the computer money."    08/07/22  (142)
Anne Heche (1969-2022)    08/07/22  (26)
FINALLY made it to Soo CR GREECE (RSF)    08/07/22  (19)
Jews and Asians claim to be smart, but when u look at a list of inventions, WASP    08/07/22  (45)
at least griner blends in with all those 5'2 albinos    08/07/22  (1)
English-speaking man wakes up from coma speaking fluent in Mandarin    08/07/22  (5)
Tolkien's "Leaf by Niggle" flagged for hate speech (link)    08/07/22  (8)
remember when libs were dancing from their balcony & yelling stay the fuck home    08/07/22  (9)
Sorry White Boyz. White women don't even want CHADs anymore    08/07/22  (9)

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