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As Russia's economy collapses, Ukrainians can't stop buying luxury goods    11/26/22  (1)
🚨The Game 11-0 Michigan @ 11-0 tOSU Official Thread 🚨    11/26/22  (21)
I’ve decided that tcr is impregnate one or more women and not marry them    11/26/22  (3)
Donnie Brasco might be Pacino’s best acting outside of Godfather    11/26/22  (6)
Disney+ asking for your age and gender to use their service    11/26/22  (1)
Russian car dealerships report decreased sales as production shifts to artillery    11/26/22  (1)
πŸ’™πŸ’› WOLVERINES πŸ’›πŸ’™    11/26/22  (1)
Men pay to be "cleaned out" by financial doms    11/26/22  (1)
The bottom like 20% of THAIS are historically STUPID    11/26/22  (7)
Reminder to spaceporn: you are not a father, your genetic line is dead    11/26/22  (17)
Russian motorcycle sales tank as 2-cylinder engines used to make drones. GDP dow    11/26/22  (1)
The sterile eunuch sure is riled up today by people who can have kids.    11/26/22  (5)
Ann Coulter on why soccer is shit.    11/26/22  (73)
Libs: we know exactly how much the Russian government is spending. Putin TOLD US    11/26/22  (17)
If you have stepchildren you’ve messed up bigly    11/26/22  (30)
Would anonymously hiring a hitman to kill you = suicide?    11/26/22  (7)
Russia using chips from old washing machines to make missiles = GDP is FUCT    11/26/22  (4)
After making love to a woman Roger Scruton would shout "you've been Scrutonized!    11/26/22  (2)
Bump this thread whenever Harbaugh shits the bed at Michigan    11/26/22  (62)
Can't wait to watch the infamous Maryland vs Rutgers rivalry today    11/26/22  (2)
Trying to get back into religion but hard knowing evolution is true. fML    11/26/22  (51)
who are the most preftigious people in your friend circle?    11/26/22  (49)
How much teen pussy did Justin Burger’s dad slay    11/26/22  (1)
I just shit an entire pumpkin pie    11/26/22  (4)
Who is the least prestigious muppet?    11/26/22  (2)
Nick Fuentes and Ye are both 5’6” - PERFECT to 69 each other    11/26/22  (1)
Soccer is so fucking boring, randomly started jerking off haha    11/26/22  (1)
watching No Country for Old Men rn    11/26/22  (26)
How many men did your wives sleep with before you?    11/26/22  (17)
*drunk in hotel room at 2 AM in Qatar. there's a knock on door.it's Rick Steeves    11/26/22  (4)
Colt McCoy quietly entering his 13th NFL season    11/26/22  (2)
I would sincerely enjoy beating obeezy within an inch of his life    11/26/22  (5)
Poll: what happens when we die?    11/26/22  (6)
how awkward is it when you're around a guy who has jizzed in or on wife/GF?    11/26/22  (3)
Do you think you’d be more masculine if you’d never played JRPGs    11/26/22  (8)
Is the dad of TJ, Derek and JJ Watt the most alpha man in America?    11/26/22  (1)
Remember sitting in "American History" class at age 13? Could u have imagined    11/26/22  (42)
There is 0% chance Glenn Greenwald's husband is gay    11/26/22  (20)
LJL. Mother in law caught me pissing in a cup in the kitchen.    11/26/22  (6)
best thing about psychiatric meds is they don't work & there are side effects    11/26/22  (9)
Wife caught me cheating, has me on KP duty and peeling potatoes    11/26/22  (1)
ITT: Brands that have declined precipitously over the last ten years    11/26/22  (175)
Szechuan is the GOAT POTUS of AZN cuisine. ITT, the perfect order.    11/26/22  (15)
this place has significantly contributed to my foaming at the mouth mental illne    11/26/22  (9)
SIXAGAIN    11/26/22  (1)
i can't, my generalized anxiety disorder    11/26/22  (7)
Libs: how come every time you talk about statistics you sound like John Fetterma    11/26/22  (6)
why do i drink coffee? i don't even like it really    11/26/22  (2)
Libs with math degrees from Princeton furiously clicking refresh on RT.com    11/26/22  (1)
my wife wants to name our son "fairy boy"    11/26/22  (1)
taking five weeks of PTO total this year -- will it ding my bonus?    11/26/22  (1)
Live in SoCal, perfect weather and city, but constantly think about Arizona    11/26/22  (3)
I love cum and cocks, brother (CSLG)    11/26/22  (48)
Russia to NATO: Whoa those sanctions are killing us, no need to tighten the noos    11/26/22  (1)
ITT: Boards that have declined precipitously over the last ten years    11/26/22  (1)
Accel World...so good    11/26/22  (4)
JMU is beating Coastal's a$$ and is the true Sun Belt Champ    11/26/22  (1)
TBF vindicated, Russia experiences wartime economic boom    11/26/22  (129)
Russia's latest GDP figures are in: missile production is way down. "We're losin    11/26/22  (1)
spanking FizzKidd’s ass raw with her copy of SICP    11/26/22  (13)
how often do people back out of home purchase bc of inspection?    11/26/22  (36)
So 95% of soccer is just watching dudes get in some cardio?    11/26/22  (1)
Nebraska gets Matt Rhule!    11/26/22  (6)
Matt Rhule on a plane to Lincoln for real!    11/26/22  (4)
anyone own Blundstones and/or Red Wing Iron Rangers? worth it?    11/26/22  (6)
If you refrain of doing whatever u want when u want you're a pu$$y    11/26/22  (1)
TTTexas throwing bags of gold bricks at Matt Rhule this offseason why?    11/26/22  (3)
Who is the WORST QB to win a Super Bowl in the last 30 years. Defend your answer    11/26/22  (13)
Creampur your legal age $tepdotter$ all ko$her die fag$    11/26/22  (1)
*sings "I love cum and cocks" to tune of "Feliz Navidad"*    11/26/22  (38)
Claire is Yeezus ever going to kick off this redneck revolution?    11/26/22  (8)
Sonic Creator Yuji Naka arrested for insider trading (link)    11/26/22  (11)
Matt Rhule thanks Bbooom at Nebra$ka introductory press conference    11/26/22  (7)
Pretty great weekend for Nebraska! They get Matt Rhule and beat Iowa    11/26/22  (2)
2nd Cousin: Not in your nuclear family; Shrew GF: Nods for nuclear catastrophe    11/26/22  (8)
Held a World Cup themed swingers event. Juicy details ITT (CSLG)    11/26/22  (5)
45 extra minutes after first half of Argentina Mexico    11/26/22  (1)
Let$ poa$t a bunch of noood$ and porn link$    11/26/22  (3)
thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind    11/26/22  (4)
Murdering your$elf in u.s. hotel room on jew fraud xma$ cr?    11/26/22  (8)
Thi$ world all outright theft and fraud..pure evil    11/26/22  (3)
Everything $uddenly going right for Nebraka! Xoxo $ilent ljl@the fraud    11/26/22  (3)
Old enough to remember Obeezy being short + incel AND tall + hot wife    11/26/22  (1)
So lolzy seeing Eastern Euro Birdshits with hawt thin Birdshit ladies    11/26/22  (6)
I fucking hate my wife and kids    11/26/22  (27)
Lol at fal$e American pri$oner$ alway$ Turing weirdly "religiou$" al$o addict$    11/26/22  (1)
22 year old Stanford Soccer Kyootie drops dead due to fraudvax    11/26/22  (49)
"Could the anal rape of Steven Spielberg be simply the manifestation of a cultur    11/26/22  (1)
Karlstack reminds me a lot of pensive    11/26/22  (7)
*discovering my son busted in 5 trans girls in one night* that's crazy... girls    11/26/22  (1)
It was a real playroom hotdog sort of night. A real "who hid the biscuit" evenin    11/26/22  (2)
Keep being brainwa$hed jew prisoner$&pri$oner$ of your own mind    11/26/22  (3)
Libs: We FEEL like Russia's economy is shitting the bed. We can just FEEL it    11/26/22  (1)
How many terrible poems did you write before giving up on being a poet?    11/26/22  (5)
How many orphans & adopted asian kids did u sleep with before finding "the one?"    11/26/22  (2)
the stock market is never going to crash bigly it seems. boomers maintaining    11/26/22  (1)
How many of your friends did your mom sleep with before divorcing your dad?    11/26/22  (1)
How many men did your mom sleep with before being with your dad?    11/26/22  (4)
Ricky I'm playing golf tomorrow in a scramble tournament    11/26/22  (6)
Stanley Kubrick’s daughter: “Eyes Wide Shut was a documentary”    11/26/22  (4)
How many dads did ur dad sleep with after becoming ur third dad?    11/26/22  (2)
Objectively bitch bois: TBF, TSINAH, RSF, Voodoo, Avg/Ord    11/26/22  (3)
🚨🚨🚨 BENZO VIOLATED PROBATION 🚨🚨🚨    11/26/22  (79)
It ain't lookin too good    11/26/22  (1)
FLW let's form a posse and clean house    11/26/22  (6)
Matt Campbell on a plane to Columbus    11/26/22  (4)
This is the kind of shit that goes on in Florida    11/26/22  (2)
How many wives did your men sleep with before you?    11/26/22  (1)
Rate this lifelike painting of FizzKidd that lex made    11/26/22  (4)
i must kill tsinah to watch everyone acknowledge I'm smarter than he is (benzo)    11/26/22  (1)
ur attentive wife noticing ur boxers soaked w/ precum after long hangout w/ sist    11/26/22  (1)
imagine the massive orgasms benzo & rsf would have as they fucked each other    11/26/22  (164)
Biden's new rule authorizes gambling away your 401k on diversity nonsense    11/26/22  (39)
Cadwalader of counsel, visibly erect in “banana thong” during ALS ice bucket    11/26/22  (10)
Have You Ever *RUINED SANTA* For a GOY CHILD?    11/26/22  (23)
it must kill tsinah to watch everyone acknowledge I'm smarter than he is (benzo)    11/26/22  (123)
Just caught Black wife "getting busy" with Carpet bear (chilmata)    11/26/22  (3)
Nate Shalev • 2nd LinkedIn Top Voice | Inclusivity expert, advisor, & speaker    11/26/22  (6)
I have to go do stuff, 'Beez -- congrats on "driving me into a short retirement"    11/26/22  (4)
Impossible not to cackle at aunt in law's thick Menorcan accent    11/26/22  (1)
Whats the cognitive dissonance explanation libs give supporting literal Nazis in    11/26/22  (2)
High energy PRICES expected to kill 30-300k Europeans this winter    11/26/22  (1)
dirty sneeds done dirt cheap    11/26/22  (4)
Ding Dong bell, niggers really smell    11/26/22  (11)
DeSantis's voter fraud unit finds widespread systemic voter fraud. Libs????    11/26/22  (1)
Poll observers report problems with Maricopa process    11/26/22  (69)
Sneezus    11/26/22  (1)
“Yeezy will lead the Redneck Revolution and unite my people!” - TBF    11/26/22  (12)
sneed    11/26/22  (1)
FTX US declares bankrupcy. TBF is a mendacious, obfuscating KIKE    11/26/22  (39)
rate this poast of TBF blowing himself the fuck out (hint its 180)    11/26/22  (50)
Someone stole an experimental section of the LSAT and posted it on scribd    11/26/22  (8)
This new Wednesday Adams show on Netflix is obnoxious    11/26/22  (1)
Voodoo Child is so 180    11/26/22  (2)
Well the little shitheel doesn't realize is that I own mommy too    11/26/22  (17)
not a lot of sister in law threading this holiday season    11/26/22  (50)
What do you think is the best way to start all over again?    11/26/22  (3)
100% guarantee your COCK will get hard seeing this Gorgeous Indian Man πŸ˜˜πŸ’•    11/26/22  (5)
Mexican authorities seek extradition of Dindu for Shanquella’s murder    11/26/22  (1)
Why did nick jonas marry an ugly Indian bitch 10 years older than him?    11/26/22  (4)
Best guitar setup to gift a kid who's just starting out?    11/26/22  (50)
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, TBF version    11/26/22  (29)
The Ancient Greeks and Romans didn't Deadlift...    11/26/22  (2)
Simpsons: Hit and Run (Xbox). Scum? Loser? Discuss.    11/26/22  (12)
Video of Ukrainian "invincibility" shelter - link    11/26/22  (1)
BICEP TRACKING THREAD    11/26/22  (9)
Exeunt - Prospects for the most censorship resistant coin    11/26/22  (19)
EPAH, Spaceporn, Benzo: genetic dead ends    11/26/22  (1)
I lick at the gape of the Devil's Taint, snarls TSINAH    11/26/22  (1)
"Enter the polycule" says Caroline Ellison as she lowers her hold onto your face    11/26/22  (1)

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