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Gavin McEnnis to Kanye: should Jews be judged individually like blacks?    12/07/22  (3)
how quickly after the US bans TikTok with be the first xo suicide?    12/07/22  (1)
LJL @ coders creating a tool (GPT3) that will replace millions of coders.    12/07/22  (35)
Happy Feast of St. Ambrose!    12/07/22  (8)
I shall glorify you, Lord, for you have rescued me.    12/07/22  (3)
cop calls blm terrorists "terrorists" on facebook. gets canned.    12/07/22  (26)
good evening    12/07/22  (2)
Have you ever been a member of a union?    12/07/22  (1)
So Matt Araiza's career is over?    12/07/22  (3)
yale promises 90% minority faculty by 2022    12/07/22  (20)
anyone else get sleep paralysis?    12/07/22  (6)
strategy i talked about in that other thread had a 1 hour return of >100% (benzo    12/07/22  (108)
Had sex with an asian escort last night (Buses tp)    12/07/22  (19)
Epah sure is good at not responding once he gets pwned    12/07/22  (17)
Reminder: AZNgirls are literally sex toys for Handsome.    12/07/22  (3)
The Onion is so fucking overrated    12/07/22  (3)
This is the hard part of Ukraine taking Crimea - link    12/07/22  (98)
diagnosed schizophrenic pumo taking questions    12/07/22  (21)
Finland is BEGGING for Pradeep immigrants from INDIA    12/07/22  (27)
Ukrainians are now using Ford F150 Raptors as technicals    12/07/22  (8)
Discuss Jeep grand Cherokee vs Porsche    12/07/22  (47)
ITT: RATE is absolutely PERFECT TIKTOK 10    12/07/22  (17)
gee hyphen dee    12/07/22  (1)
why can't libs leave people and their families and kids alone    12/07/22  (2)
Obeezy, who's your side piece these days?    12/07/22  (2)
Q 4 feds: is there a secret reason Trump was sabotaged, or just dem corruption?    12/07/22  (1)
Do you guys "wash" your rice?    12/07/22  (47)
Online safety experts notice alarming spike in hate attacks on M. Taibbi (chart)    12/07/22  (10)
Goddamn GOP is so fucking retarded    12/07/22  (76)
Leader of the REAL world, Gorgeous Xi Jinping given GRAND welcome to SAUDIARABIA    12/07/22  (1)
Why are people even interviewing Kanye?    12/07/22  (18)
ur cat's head spins around and it says only 3 wks left to donate to Kars4Kids    12/07/22  (1)
Simply IMPOSSIBLE ppl weren't "happier" hundreds of years ago    12/07/22  (57)
Not so long ago "Women" use to take pride in obeying men    12/07/22  (8)
"... prostate shuddered. Hi, who just joined?"    12/07/22  (71)
Gunnerattt (or anyone), could you tell me about the northern suburbs of phoenix?    12/07/22  (3)
Rogue whale breaks cruise ship window, eating passenger    12/07/22  (2)
Rate this Azn TikTok pornstar    12/07/22  (2)
Libs: do you secretly agree with conservatives?    12/07/22  (3)
Have laptop AC adapters in every room I use laptop (3). Neurotic/weird or CR?    12/07/22  (26)
Amazon: send $5 tip to your driver for free | DansDeals Jew: do I get $$?    12/07/22  (1)
POLL: Trump, DeSantis, Ye or Biden in 2024    12/07/22  (2)
Ever get beat by a very very tall man? Like a guy taller than you won the girl?    12/07/22  (1)
the guy who killed Dahmer is still alive    12/07/22  (1)
Sex with men whose heads hit the ceiling    12/07/22  (2)
People who seem Jewish but aren't    12/07/22  (65)
LSD when is the party to celebrate the CYBER NINJAS overturning 2020 election?    12/07/22  (20)
No AZ audit chatter? Hmph.    12/07/22  (129)
Prediction: UFOs will be used as a distraction from audit results (lsd)    12/07/22  (33)
HATP and gunneratt still yuge GOPe cucks despite n-threading    12/07/22  (15)
Thinking about becoming a foster parent    12/07/22  (33)
There will be a LOT more whistleblowers coming (lsd)    12/07/22  (70)
Libs: why are you reading xo? What's the attraction? What do you get from it?    12/07/22  (142)
What's the best place to learn about Qanon? Where can I get Q's insights?    12/07/22  (15)
Did you notice all US MNT team members look and sound like Trevor Noah?    12/07/22  (26)
Just met lil baby in Atlanta not flame    12/07/22  (2)
Collaborator in Donetsk gets wiped out (video)    12/07/22  (12)
based and redpilled dark elf tp    12/07/22  (4)
Wow. Second day here and you people are idiots    12/07/22  (8)
Rogue wave breaks cruise ship window, killing passenger    12/07/22  (33)
anonymous troll demons    12/07/22  (2)
Michael Doodikoff: is dating apps really that bad?    12/07/22  (72)
Not flame, I think a lot GOPers are jumping ship after this    12/07/22  (2)
SHOCK REPORT: Nobody wants to teach black/poor kids:    12/07/22  (4)
have any of u guys played Zero Sievert? 180 2D tarkov style shooter    12/07/22  (1)
Nigger bartender acted like a nigger and almost got into a fight with my BIL    12/07/22  (2)
gunnerttt is starlight bourbon good or swill    12/07/22  (2)
Possible to fuck recruiters as an informal signing bonus?    12/07/22  (5)
American Girl Doll: hey girls get puberty blockers but don't tell mom or dad    12/07/22  (103)
Baked onion is extremely underrated.    12/07/22  (6)
Update: I'm still dirt poor (benzo)    12/07/22  (3)
Reminder: Obama is currently on "extended vacation" in a non-extradition country    12/07/22  (143)
Crying while listening to Aphex twin- #3 on repeat tp    12/07/22  (4)
ChainLink is the most satanic thing possible    12/07/22  (7)
Will Deion Sanders succeed at Colorado?    12/07/22  (10)
ATLANTA IS AWFUL    12/07/22  (2)
Remember the "Obama birth certificate" literally being exposed as a PDF forgery?    12/07/22  (8)
doodikoff and sealclubber are retarded    12/07/22  (6)
Get all of this out of your mind    12/07/22  (1)
Buy equity index (VTI) now or Hold Cash?    12/07/22  (59)
I can only talk to a soothing womans voice irl at this point    12/07/22  (1)
Do any lonely gymcels poast here?    12/07/22  (5)
Need Exeunt, TBF, Donny and other LINKmos ITT RFN ALL HANDS ON DECK    12/07/22  (24)
Wife: "I'm literally not white. I'm Norwegian, so, maybe check your privilege?"    12/07/22  (4)
PSA: McDonald's is offering 50 cent mcdoubles Thursday/Friday    12/07/22  (1)
"Impressive. Very nice. Let's see Paul Allen's 'Early Life.'"    12/07/22  (3)
Alvvays - Blue Rev is AOTY and it's not even out until October    12/07/22  (9)
Girls have to take their rompers entirely off to shit    12/07/22  (113)
WORST night you ever had in college?    12/07/22  (41)
Should I re-install Fallout: New Vegas?    12/07/22  (1)
how do women in dresses pee?    12/07/22  (18)
guess the insane $$$ estimate dentist quoted me    12/07/22  (37)
Everything is becoming quickly unrecognizable    12/07/22  (6)
Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani gets 13 years of PRISON    12/07/22  (2)
Should I buy a rice cooker?    12/07/22  (19)
Sushi with brown rice - who buys this abomination?    12/07/22  (1)
TBF vindicated, Russia experiences wartime economic boom    12/07/22  (134)
Wow how Georgia has went lib    12/07/22  (28)
Space Force's official sidearm blue Glock looks stupid (pics)    12/07/22  (2)
Trump is going to get rid of carried interest    12/07/22  (88)
Luis will still be sexy in 30 years; your wife’s ovaries will be full of dust    12/07/22  (1)
Rate this Atlanta attempted robbery gone wrong    12/07/22  (9)
The South is the "base" of the GOP but it routinely loses VA and GA now    12/07/22  (1)
RATE day in the life of a 36 yo gymcel    12/07/22  (1)
RATE day in the life of a 26 yo BIGL shrew    12/07/22  (119)
You look at or into anything right now it's creepy :(    12/07/22  (1)
Atlanta is done here    12/07/22  (46)
I know what you are thinking: "my legal practice is drowning in technical debt!"    12/07/22  (3)
UK biglawyer & husband of fmr British #1 tennis chick on trial for RAPE    12/07/22  (1)
Odds ARKK just gets liquidated?    12/07/22  (2)
Trumpmos - u have any other mentally ill washed up athletes for senate in 2024?    12/07/22  (14)
Must I Mentor a White Law Student When I Requested a Black Mentee? (NYT)    12/07/22  (70)
Onions are so fucking overrated    12/07/22  (8)
(((alex jones))) attacks nick fuentes    12/07/22  (68)
Former Obama voters, what was the thing that red pilled you    12/07/22  (33)
Man Given Life Sentence So That Landowners Could Profit From Flood    12/07/22  (4)
*Benzo smugly deriding you as "another poor pathetic Dunning-Kruger fag"*    12/07/22  (1)
Awesome Buffalo Bills punter who was cut over rape claim NOT CHARGED    12/07/22  (4)
Russian disinformation is everywhere as far back as 2004 (link)    12/07/22  (1)
America has missiles w/ 1,500 mile ranges, doesn't need carriers to defeat China    12/07/22  (1)
🚨JORDAN PETERSON DEAD AT AGE 60🚨    12/07/22  (1)
are lawyers today like lords/knights in medieval times?    12/07/22  (12)
The most 180 part of using a CLEAR SLEEVE    12/07/22  (7)
I've been sleeping on a Japanese Tatami Floor Mattress    12/07/22  (1)
How do you build a house on raw land? Find a GC first?    12/07/22  (36)
it's over. virtually no space left in US w/ critical mass to maintain white race    12/07/22  (6)
Glyphosate, seed oils, HFCS. Only in America    12/07/22  (1)
What do you tell family (mom, aunts, etc.) who ask what you want for Christmas?    12/07/22  (32)
Does anyone else besides Orientals go to restaurants to cook own food?    12/07/22  (28)
Peru shit is crazy right now    12/07/22  (2)
Herschel Walker: “I like Nazis” Reptiles: “He stands against cancel cultur    12/07/22  (2)
Horrible idea to fuck gf with sleeve and see how hard she cums and squirts    12/07/22  (2)
US Army chose a mini Osprey to replace the Blackhawk (link)    12/07/22  (43)
Gorsuch mops floor with CO lawyer arguing Christians need to make gay websites    12/07/22  (115)
TX Department of Trans Investigations    12/07/22  (29)
Is height truly the “grand prize”?    12/07/22  (7)
Every major right wing conspiracy has turned out to be true    12/07/22  (36)
Fiancée embarrassed me on a fuckin podcast    12/07/22  (26)
rate this AI conversation    12/07/22  (10)
The Achaemenid Empire at its zenith    12/07/22  (12)
Avatar 2 Stuns Press in Rave First Reactions: ‘Visual Masterpiece,‘ ‘Mind-    12/07/22  (11)
How can people care so much about politics?    12/07/22  (15)
Citizenship for more than 2 million “Dreamers”    12/07/22  (43)
the winter solstice is two weeks away    12/07/22  (9)
what kind of fucking moron needs a powered third row in their suv    12/07/22  (39)
re-reading Mitchell Heisman's Suicide Note right now. it's even more based than    12/07/22  (8)
can't believe goyslop wasn't a term before like last year    12/07/22  (3)
*robot voice* your internet friend (pause, deeper voice) luis (pause) has posted    12/07/22  (3)

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