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Down by the Bay Leaf, where the watermelons grow    01/29/23  (2)
Report: Russia has missles to carry out attacks "indefintiely." Ukraincucks?    01/29/23  (6)
Urban 'youths' hijack armored car carrying bay leaf shipment, resell on street    01/29/23  (1)
Rate my lunch ITT. (dupa)    01/29/23  (8)
Is it prole to watch Face the Nation?    01/29/23  (9)
"On the 'Interests' section of your resume you put 'Bay Leaf.' Could you explain    01/29/23  (3)
Tucker monologue condemning trans food spokesperson Bay Leaf Jay    01/29/23  (5)
Eating bay leaves causes microscopic tears in your intestines    01/29/23  (2)
2nd Cousin "Need some relief?", Shrew GF "Where's the bay leaf?!"    01/29/23  (6)
Gen-X buddy struggling with dating something fierce . Need help itt. (Reddit)    01/29/23  (54)
Swanson's releases "Oops, all bay leaves!" soup. It's canned water.    01/29/23  (1)
in a just world all white men will have 7 hapa kids & a horny asian boss    01/29/23  (1)
Not feeling terribly well bros. Should I cut this fast short at 60 hours?    01/29/23  (69)
White man fired from Google for rejecting Asian woman bosses advances    01/29/23  (95)
I want the Eagles to destroy the 49ers so that Dallas' loss looks even WORSE    01/29/23  (2)
Campbell's executive: "fuck it, we're putting five bay leaves in this soup"    01/29/23  (3)
Of counsel explaining to bored mid-level the importance of bay leaves    01/29/23  (2)
*Find in Page* 'Bay Leaf' *phone explodes*    01/29/23  (2)
"I don't get it." "I put 50 bay leaves in the soup."    01/29/23  (3)
"Anything can be a meme. For instance--" *glances at spice rack* "-- bay leaf"    01/29/23  (5)
Lemon Jelly - His Majesty King Raam    01/29/23  (2)
"BAM!" Emeril throwing a single bay leaf into giant pot of soup    01/29/23  (1)
Attending a Ukrainian event today. Which vyshyvanka should I wear? (Pic)    01/29/23  (1)
RATE my pancakes (TSINAH)    01/29/23  (10)
Did I ever tell u fags about the dinner I had w/ Hare Krishnas?    01/29/23  (3)
tough secured transactions issue spotter -- wtf is a "true bay leaf"?    01/29/23  (1)
Food Wars Season 4: 22 eps of Soma& co failing to overcome the Bay Leaf Bangers    01/29/23  (3)
Eastern Orthodox Liturgy includes throwing bay leaf and flowers in the air    01/29/23  (1)
"New bay leaf. What do you think?" "Impressive!" "Very nice."    01/29/23  (4)
*tastes soup* "U FORGOT THE FUCKING BAY LEAF" *throws bowl at wife*    01/29/23  (4)
spics for ukraine!    01/29/23  (8)
there ain't no forcememe like an xoxo forcememe    01/29/23  (43)
"Sir, he's dangerous." "How so?" "He's promoting bay leaf extremism."    01/29/23  (3)
Bay leaf is to soup as dryer sheet is to laundry    01/29/23  (1)
Buddhist reaches enlightenment pondering bay leaf contribution to soup flavor    01/29/23  (2)
GWB "Saddam has spice of soup construction"    01/29/23  (2)
GORGEOUS INDIA picture thread (RSF)    01/29/23  (21)
*walks in* *sees morning crew 'bay leaf' forcememe* *walks out*    01/29/23  (8)
PSA: You can get high as FUCK by keistering bay leaves.    01/29/23  (6)
"Vae victis," Brennus sneered as the bay leaf tipped the scales    01/29/23  (2)
🤔 hey there, whatcha doin? 🧑‍🦼 DURRRR PUTTING A BEAF LEAF IN SOUP    01/29/23  (3)
"They'll expect 1 of us in the wreckage, brother"(Bane putting bay leaf in soup)    01/29/23  (3)
"We sold the retard a jar of leaves and told him they're... Hi who just joined?"    01/29/23  (2)
bay leaves for ukraine!    01/29/23  (3)
Trump said Nikki Haley called and told him she was considering run for POTUS    01/29/23  (8)
Iranian drones had no effect on Ukraine    01/29/23  (2)
"spicy! you trying to kill me?!" (askav eating dish seasoned only wish bay leaf)    01/29/23  (6)
i love when mpa forcememes me like the little poast slut i am    01/29/23  (5)
In the past I have had a fear of living my life to the fullest    01/29/23  (2)
U.S. homeopathy society bans "bay leaf tinctures" -- "literally undetectable."    01/29/23  (3)
"I'm adding value" (bay leaf tepidly soaking in your soup bowl)    01/29/23  (8)
Cook fired from 3-star restaurant for rejecting bay leaves    01/29/23  (1)
Interesting soup thought experiment: Schrödinger's bay leaf    01/29/23  (3)
Making some red gravy, should I throw a bay leaf in?    01/29/23  (1)
spotter w/ binoculars: "Jesus, the hell is that?" sniper: "It's a bay leaf."    01/29/23  (2)
1st year associate seconded to kitchen tremulously placing bay leaf in stockpot    01/29/23  (1)
M. Prince: "put a bay leaf in your boot, and all day, rich flavor is your reward    01/29/23  (4)
so boner police and i were supposed to go to the bright eyes concert in forest h    01/29/23  (108)
Justification through bay leaf alone    01/29/23  (6)
Black Twitter chicken soup recipe calls for running bay leaf through dishwasher    01/29/23  (1)
Conan O'Brien on a "Remote" trying to get 0.5% the viewership of MrBeast    01/29/23  (4)
Love ur wife like Karlstack loves his VHS copy of Apt Pupil    01/29/23  (3)
Chiefs -2 and Eagles -2.5 are my picks    01/29/23  (6)
not that i care but idk if a guy could ever truly find me sexy w my cancer scars    01/29/23  (3)
U2's "With or Without You" except it's about bay leaves    01/29/23  (5)
i wish i didn't have to be stone mf cold but ya gotta do what ya gotta do    01/29/23  (1)
Just watched an episode of That 90's Show    01/29/23  (28)
Nothing else is known about the massive Iran strike?    01/29/23  (14)
Real estate versus Index funds??    01/29/23  (28)
Bro!    01/29/23  (4)
Asian man at the park tennis court yelling loudly at his elementary school age    01/29/23  (1)
I feel awful after sucking dick    01/29/23  (32)
Mario Game rankings    01/29/23  (23)
Rate my dinner at Citrin (Michelin)... had them remove 4% health charge (CSLG)    01/29/23  (14)
Cheers to the ones that lick us where we pee    01/29/23  (2)
Mr Beast cured 1000 blind people    01/29/23  (21)
The term "groomers" really strikes a chord with libs (including all board libs)    01/29/23  (2)
Official Beterbiev Yarde fight thread    01/29/23  (109)
Google HANDSOME rejects Azn woman coworker advances, gets shitcanned    01/29/23  (25)
cowshit landed a starring role in latest amazon prime Film    01/29/23  (1)
RWA Twitter guy outs self as “oppressed Russian” crybaby (link)    01/29/23  (24)
Huffpo: For racial justice we need white wounding    01/29/23  (104)
xo 1/29 weight loss/phenotype cultivation megathread    01/29/23  (1)
Ramdeep Mandeep Viral Dikshit    01/29/23  (2)
fmv sequences from command & conquer red alert were GOAT    01/29/23  (2)
I'm gonna work on BOAT for two moar weeks then FURK it    01/29/23  (1)
just threw a water bottle at some Hare Krishnas    01/29/23  (11)
The bay leaf is the dryer sheet of cooking.    01/29/23  (14)
Djokovic probably would have won 2022 too btw    01/29/23  (1)
Board libs are groomers    01/29/23  (1)
Board libs go apeshit when you point out their support for pedophilia    01/29/23  (23)
Holy Shit Mike Lindell got FOUR VOTES?    01/29/23  (2)
Any GORGEOUS MARATHIS have Bombay restau recos?    01/29/23  (45)
NFL has a fake "Damar Hamlin" in attendance today    01/29/23  (59)
XO memes collide IRL: Pallas cat discovered on Mount Everest    01/29/23  (2)
Whats the typical reaction when someone completely unqualified gets promoted?    01/29/23  (1)
Persian Gulf War cost the US $117 billion (link)    01/29/23  (6)
Costco pizza = 10x better than any faggot “pizzaria” in NYC    01/29/23  (32)
If you’re not 100% western european-descended you are subhuman filth    01/29/23  (44)
Gen X poverty caused the global financial crisis (theory)    01/29/23  (4)
***RSF 3-Day ST BARTH to INDIA Transit Thread***    01/29/23  (93)
colt: "no thank u, sweetheart. last time i ate bat i ended up sick as a dog."    01/29/23  (1)
Rate my guitar skills (CSLG)    01/29/23  (93)
good morning    01/29/23  (6)
GJR simp crew, brainstorm good thread topics for her    01/29/23  (32)
Henry Kissinger meeting with Finland PM: "I saw you wagging your pussy on video.    01/29/23  (11)
Joe Sobran on CSPAN describing Jewish/neocon persecution and smears    01/29/23  (46)
Men should never accept blowjobs, it is against Christ    01/29/23  (24)
Girl is wife material..one problem, she's fat    01/29/23  (128)
forgive your mother, lex.    01/29/23  (4)
Biden has single-handedly reinvigorated American patriotism    01/29/23  (2)
Chicken Farmers Blame Tainted Feed After Hens Stop Producing Eggs    01/29/23  (11)
Miller, who is Asian, told Olohan she knew he liked Asian women — referring to    01/29/23  (1)
Girl is fat material..one problem, she's wife    01/29/23  (4)
What 70s movie should I watch next?    01/29/23  (11)
Running list of interesting/kooky/gritty/etc. 1970's films    01/29/23  (64)
Video of dead LSU student threesome shows she consented    01/29/23  (93)
I'm a typical XO 6'3 Chad who loves to work out    01/29/23  (2)
Tori Amos reveals that she used to engage in "forced sex play" with Neil Gaiman    01/29/23  (6)
Wanted: Algorithm that automatically turns GJR poasts into “I Still Unload”    01/29/23  (3)
(Karlstack bawling at end of Schindler's List): "They could've caught more!"    01/29/23  (13)
SPH vid of Thai hooker wearing those giant talking Hulk hands    01/29/23  (7)
Skipping the black lady segments on Miss Rachel vids nationalism    01/29/23  (12)
"Bad News Bears" remake about scholarship teaching ducks to do doc review    01/29/23  (3)
Southwest Pilots dying at 6x normal rate, 10x disability rate    01/29/23  (1)
Best buzzer-beater shot ever? - video    01/29/23  (11)
Rate HANDSOME Roger Federer with these AZN girls    01/29/23  (2)
Lex, missing in ear from prior GF gift, telling GJR she's taking things too far    01/29/23  (2)
Hare hare Krishna hare hare    01/29/23  (8)
Should I just leave my family and go sexpat in Asia?    01/29/23  (5)
How do you keep people from poisoning all of your food?    01/29/23  (3)
A classic titty gif - nsfw    01/29/23  (4)
Max iq to be a willful contributing member of this non stop clown show    01/29/23  (1)
TT one time while sailing i went on the top and jacked off to the stars    01/29/23  (8)
How are you all enjoying the “fully self driving” teslas u bought in 2019?    01/29/23  (2)
XO Chet Hanks: “I didn’t have a strong male role model growing up”    01/29/23  (8)
Tom Hanks son Colin Hanks dead of self inflicted gunshot wound    01/29/23  (57)
Why do many whites wish they were black, but few blacks wish they were white?    01/29/23  (36)
online whores are starting to sweat at the thought of being replaced by AI    01/29/23  (25)
Rate this photo of Vladimir Putin taken yesterday    01/29/23  (4)
Ex-Virginia Tech soccer player who refused BLM kneel gets $100K in settlement    01/29/23  (8)
carriers no longer issuing policies for Kia, Hyundai in Chicago bc of teens    01/29/23  (1)
great moments in millennial music heat checks    01/29/23  (51)
This whole faggot country can burn in hell    01/29/23  (2)
Russians kill 3 Poles and an Israeli soldier in Bahmut    01/29/23  (4)
Do you guys like David Alan Coe?    01/29/23  (18)
What is a simp? Simpleton?    01/29/23  (1)
every girl wants a guy who will defend her/stand up for her/fight for her    01/29/23  (42)
*adolf’s daughters eating crumbs off the floor and begging 4 for food while he    01/29/23  (86)

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