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Ur wife's face falling as the realtor tells her the crime rate is very low    09/22/23  (3)
Another 180000 day of flying Soo CR (RSF)    09/22/23  (38)
May my enemies be held up in Zoom meetings with female speakers    09/22/23  (11)
May my enemies learn that all of their short story ideas have been done better    09/22/23  (4)
May the sons of my enemies discover SSniperWolf during puberty start    09/22/23  (5)
May the teflon on my enemies non stick pans scratch and rip    09/22/23  (3)
fetterman trans mesh shorts elsa spiderman    09/22/23  (8)
A MILF (who is at best a 5.5) keeps sending me pics of her in a strap on    09/22/23  (23)
Why didn’t television cause societal depression like phones/social media have?    09/22/23  (41)
May my enemies receive eBlasts from obscure blog abt fraud in Academia    09/22/23  (1)
"Wow, I'll really miss all those banal complaints" u tell ur wife's severed head    09/22/23  (5)
May my enemies' sons be introduced to "Homestuck" freshman year of college    09/22/23  (2)
karlstack is turning shitlib    09/22/23  (2)
Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson: America’s Cities Need Republicans, & I’m Becoming    09/22/23  (8)
if we all pray at the same time, maybe the demon will leave backspace    09/22/23  (1)
Menendez is a glimpse into our Third World future    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies' favorite ASMR channels get banned    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies spend $$ on a wedding and 15 months later have their wives    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies be sucked into their computer screens during Dark Seed twitchrun    09/22/23  (1)
Bboom has never once started a good thread    09/22/23  (36)
i've been taking a huge dose of benzos for nearly a year    09/22/23  (2)
my enemies have no idea what October has in store for them    09/22/23  (13)
May my enemies drop their phone in the gap between the elevator and the floor    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies fail to quit an online chat bort full of mentally ill people    09/22/23  (8)
May the wives of my enemies discover shopping on etsy dot com    09/22/23  (3)
Which States have the best Shape Phenotype?    09/22/23  (15)
May my enemies be subjected to a mediocre cleaned out continental breakfast    09/22/23  (3)
Floating Zardoz head booming "May my enemies" outside MFH office window    09/22/23  (5)
Have noticed that Karlstack is making more interesting/insightful posts recently    09/22/23  (16)
OYT, any good recent horror movies?    09/22/23  (4)
Milley knows what's coming    09/22/23  (22)
Have a meeting with my dad and his doctor. I expect stage 4 cancer.    09/22/23  (60)
May my enemies' small penises be the subject of a State of the Union laugh line    09/22/23  (1)
Rate this attempted armed robbery in Dallas    09/22/23  (4)
Election fraud confirmed in 2020 election    09/22/23  (2)
Trump emboldened, says if convicted he will refuse to go to prison    09/22/23  (7)
Why is masculinity not strong enough to win out?    09/22/23  (11)
May my enemies wives tell them a 1 hour work story that should have been 3 mins.    09/22/23  (7)
Mostly just a bunch of phonies out there    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies pull up to a nonfunctional gas pump and have to back into another    09/22/23  (3)
All excuses and you like to complain or it's in your head..it's not hard    09/22/23  (2)
stfu backspace    09/22/23  (6)
May my enemies buy an eco-friendly biodegradable German vehicle    09/22/23  (1)
May my enemies purchase a daily maintenance problem money pit jeep wrangler    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies get stuck in the dancing monkey frame    09/22/23  (3)
May my enemies purchase rotten produce from a gypsy street vendor    09/22/23  (1)
a lot of trashy people seem to drive Jeep Wranglers. Why?    09/22/23  (1)
May my enemies share an office kitchen & microwave w several Indians    09/22/23  (5)
May my enemies' YA fantasy series be dragged on Twitter for racism    09/22/23  (2)
Golfer tears shirt off, calls dude a "bitchboi." Which poaster is this?    09/22/23  (40)
does anyone else feel like they are waiting around to die    09/22/23  (32)
May my enemies accidentally put their favorite fleece quarterzip in the dryer    09/22/23  (3)
GPT5 will crash the economy with no survivors    09/22/23  (1)
Urgent Update: Shota the waiter's 5* sushi review REMOVED from google    09/22/23  (35)
Dude, Where's My F-35?    09/22/23  (4)
Ukraine is finally getting ATACMS - lmao @ Russiacucks    09/22/23  (18)
May my enemies discover that their Marriott points were going to their ex-wives'    09/22/23  (3)
Holy shit, Kiwi Camara got $110M pay as a CEO    09/22/23  (37)
Gov't Sinecure for $150K or Private Practice for $300K?    09/22/23  (13)
Day 576 of 3-day special military op: Russian Black Sea Fleet HQ destroyed    09/22/23  (4)
State and personal policies align on the matter of punishing my enemies    09/22/23  (1)
May my enemies have sons that are all bald, short, and skinnyfat    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies have their home rezoned into 70% black public school district    09/22/23  (1)
May my enemies have a lucrative job offer languish in their Spam folder    09/22/23  (4)
Latina Pens Emotional Poem on Dating Men Who Can't Speak Spanish    09/22/23  (41)
May my enemies discover a new food allergy while at a networking event    09/22/23  (3)
May my enemies be interrupted masturbating by wives returning early from errands    09/22/23  (4)
May my enemies spend $10k on private preschool just to have their kid get molest    09/22/23  (2)
NJ Sen. Bob Menendez and wife indicted for selling secrets to Egypt    09/22/23  (35)
Turdskins accuse Colorado University of racism because they reek of curry    09/22/23  (16)
May the hands of my enemies slip while filling out tax forms    09/22/23  (1)
“Are we dating the same guy?” Groups on Facebook    09/22/23  (2)
May the streets of my enemies be filled with potholes and unionzed roadworkers    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies be forced to a live a day in my life    09/22/23  (1)
Taking Qs from private jet (RSF)    09/22/23  (43)
Ride the Lightning Released Closer to WW2 Than Today    09/22/23  (6)
May my enemies have an Adderall induced nose bleed before an interview    09/22/23  (1)
May the toddlers of my enemies discover the joys of candle wax    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies get a paper cut on their tongue while ordering lemon gelato    09/22/23  (2)
Emilio sending 😍emojis & dog pix 2 faggy boi, nigger kike, kike killer tps    09/22/23  (7)
May my enemies' dogs ingest foreign objects requiring costly surgery    09/22/23  (3)
Just took some Adderall    09/22/23  (29)
May dancing grubhub minorities impede ambulances carrying my enemies' fathers    09/22/23  (3)
May my enemies have a wife that balloons up to a +30 BMI after marriage    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies be served with divorce papers while at Pizza Fest    09/22/23  (3)
May my enemies drop a quarter and be unable to recover it without back pain    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies be scattered to the chaos of home renovation during a holiday    09/22/23  (1)
May my enemies wives bring their AZN moms to live with them and live to 100    09/22/23  (4)
What do you do after you’ve made it?    09/22/23  (4)
Guy accidentally lifted 30 stories by crane, shits himself    09/22/23  (4)
May my enemies be dragged into an 'firmwide continuous improvement' project    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies be forced to return an outlet mall belt through the mail    09/22/23  (2)
Libs almost panicking about the audit(s)    09/22/23  (107)
May my enemies learn that they have a final exam in a class they never went to    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies marry a nice Jewish lawyer    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies get stuck in traffic after a tedious chewing out by "The Boss"    09/22/23  (1)
May my enemies download Wikileaks documents without a VPN    09/22/23  (2)
Driver in Vegas hit and run told police “I’ll be out in 30 days, I’ll bet    09/22/23  (4)
May my enemies lose the password to their Adobe password protected pdf    09/22/23  (4)
Just got a killer deal on shipping container full of tilapia (CSLG)    09/22/23  (12)
May the zippers of my enemies trousers erupt after a heavy meal    09/22/23  (1)
May the funny money numbers of my enemies zero out    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies ruin their suede loafers in a dirty puddle    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies fail to confirm the credentials of their Arab Lyft drivers    09/22/23  (2)
post nyc date ideas itt    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies' browers histories be plastered on interstate billboards    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies retain a Sudanese doctor for their hip surgeries    09/22/23  (1)
May my enemies wives spend all their $ and then yell @them for not making enough    09/22/23  (3)
May my enemies develop a resistance to their psychiatric medications    09/22/23  (2)
May My Enemies Dine On Tilapia "Sushi" Made By A Mongol    09/22/23  (3)
Protest Ants    09/22/23  (2)
Bill Gates & Prince Andrew playing Halo co-op in between child rape sessions    09/22/23  (2)
May the houses of my enemies be filled with inchoate polyglot shouting forever    09/22/23  (1)
May my enemies be born into the gynocentric kike dumpster fire "Amerikkka"    09/22/23  (2)
May My Enemies Not Be Able To Poast Bc XO Is Clogged w "May My Enemies" Threads    09/22/23  (3)
May my enemies taste the bitter tedium of Christmas shopping for distant relativ    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies have their favorite work shirts ruined by coffee stains    09/22/23  (1)
May my enemies be fatally stunned by phenomenological questions    09/22/23  (2)
I really need this two-headed rubber dick (tsinah)    09/22/23  (3)
seems liek only cr reason to have a gf/wife is to stack up money, then leave her    09/22/23  (3)
May the wives of my enemies balk at minor household maintenance tasks    09/22/23  (1)
May my enemies come home on to their wives crying over a minor work slight    09/22/23  (2)
i love cali bros, place is 180 if libs were all dead and no nigs    09/22/23  (1)
May my enemies be run down by golf carts of fire    09/22/23  (1)
What’s the real story on that missing F-35? Shot down ?    09/22/23  (32)
Black crime in 2023 America is 100% legal    09/22/23  (1)
Where can I live for $600/mo in the US    09/22/23  (17)
Just got banned from r/conspiracy for talking about the 2020 election    09/22/23  (2)
I really need this graphics card (TSINAH)    09/22/23  (3)
May my enemies gnash their teeth at my Jewishness    09/22/23  (1)
If you’re not heavy on bonds right now you’re insane. Buy buy buy    09/22/23  (6)
Is Bo Nix the best white skill position player in football?    09/22/23  (1)
Taking ?s with a meaty dick in my ass (RSF)    09/22/23  (1)
May my enemies be bogged down in shitty one poast threads    09/22/23  (1)
hotel im in blocks xoxo but not autoadmit    09/22/23  (9)
These "May My Enemies" Threads Are Very Jewish. Based On Rosh Hashana Liturgy    09/22/23  (4)
Japan Back To 86% Of Pre-WuFlu Tourist Levels After Chinks Allowed To Travel    09/22/23  (4)
May my enemies have their hair ruined by overly chlorinated pool water    09/22/23  (2)
My Daughter Ain't Playing with These White Baby Karens (video)    09/22/23  (39)
XOers look like fools AS USUAL. Idiot F-35 pilot was a WHITE MALE.    09/22/23  (2)
Ads help keep Grindr free    09/22/23  (2)
Crossword Fags: I Can't Get Today's WSJ Friday Contest Puzzle (Spoilers)    09/22/23  (2)
SPOILER: Elon bought Twitter for its user data, nothing else.    09/22/23  (12)
pretty cool how everything went up except wages haha    09/22/23  (2)
May my enemies be forced to eat soapy grey sushi rolls until the end of days    09/22/23  (2)
Most are boring fakes that do it all for show..it's sad! Anyone smarts knows    09/22/23  (1)
May my enemies be afflicted with minor lighting issues within their master baths    09/22/23  (1)
May my enemies be forced to read women's romantic fiction during work hours    09/22/23  (1)
Wait so Bill Gates raped underage girls and can still monetize youtube vids?    09/22/23  (6)
GPA Boost    09/22/23  (1)

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