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I fucking hate Karlstack so fucking much    12/09/23  (10)
making bagels (TSINAH)    12/09/23  (32)
Prograis looks furking awful    12/09/23  (6)
Anglin name-drops CXII    12/09/23  (25)
REAL TALK: sex is pretty disgusting and grotesque    12/09/23  (15)
Bill Ackman drops a Karlstack link    12/09/23  (37)
Glock 19 for home defense - holosun or irons?    12/09/23  (6)
Snl clowning Jews, ivies, dei    12/09/23  (3)
Why do birdshits get so MAF when they encounter a GENIUS Indian?    12/09/23  (2)
The Economist: “ One in five young Americans think the Holocaust is a myth”    12/09/23  (43)
Bill Ackman retweets CXII response to Karlstack post about Andrew Anglin    12/09/23  (1)
Trial hack: have a case worth taking to trial, not a pile of shit that's DOA    12/09/23  (2)
Russia: adopt the dog that ate the corpse of your loved one - link    12/09/23  (3)
will Cornel West catch fire cuz of Palestine, steal 10-15% from Biden?    12/09/23  (1)
America really hasn't recovered from Tom Petty's death    12/09/23  (6)
Taking cases to trial: tips and winning strategies (EPAH)    12/09/23  (1)
17 y/o passes the bar in CA    12/09/23  (24)
Bill Ackman: Decided to unretweet Karlstack post. Had no idea he was an antisemi    12/09/23  (2)
*graham hancock stroking chin* "Could this horrible Karlstack writing have come    12/09/23  (1)
is civilization older than experts say    12/09/23  (15)
twitter definitely throttles/shadowbans thoughtcrime accounts now    12/09/23  (3)
More than a feeeeeeliiiingg....    12/09/23  (1)
EPAH to deliver closing arguments in CD Cal next Thursday    12/09/23  (12)
New Netflix movie on the Ukraine war, looks good - link    12/09/23  (1)
Need a guy that can grab me by the wrists and spin throw me through drywall    12/09/23  (1)
List of Judaic Indians in the US Porn Industry...    12/09/23  (3)
Church for Mexicans has to be a billion dollar US industry and growing    12/09/23  (6)
Thinking of opening a shoe repair shop    12/09/23  (10)
How do I go about starting a new Jewish community in are country?    12/09/23  (2)
Bill Ackman and Karlstack soy-facing for the camera at ADL fundraiser (pic)    12/09/23  (1)
Reminder this is what happened to the Papa John's guy    12/09/23  (5)
Name an elected official in Wasington with an Italian surname, ever    12/09/23  (20)
Texas appeals ruling that allowed a woman to scrape a dead fetus out of her womb    12/09/23  (7)
They now force Marine drill instructors to give EEOC notices to recruits - video    12/09/23  (1)
I've decided to sit out the MPM postseason and prepare for the rdrama.net draft    12/09/23  (1)
Will I be able to maek it on a $600k combined income? (TSINAH)    12/09/23  (11)
Name Jewish DC Swamp Creatures With Italian First Names    12/09/23  (2)
Imagine being JEWISH and thinking you are OPPRESSED    12/09/23  (2)
LAKERS are NBA champs, u mad BIRDSHITS?    12/09/23  (1)
What happened exactly    12/09/23  (1)
List of Italian judges who were batshit crazy and pushed crazy leftist agendas    12/09/23  (3)
CSLG why do you literally look like a huge rodent?    12/09/23  (5)
Just watched LA Confidential -- seems extremely underrated    12/09/23  (6)
Claudine Gay, you should have stayed at home yesterday    12/09/23  (1)
Tucker lookin at Pence, trying to decide if he's fit to wear his shoes    12/09/23  (1)
Everything outside of Nevada sucks in AMERIKKA    12/09/23  (3)
Physically an ANUS is no diff than a VAGINA    12/09/23  (10)
Racist KKK Senator Kennedy berates Gorgeous Indian Scholarship Legal Queen    12/09/23  (4)
NOWAG's getting $700 MILLION to play Birdshit Baseball, lolercausting @ Birdshit    12/09/23  (1)
espn gives heisman to player u never heard of & made up "stats"    12/09/23  (6)
Rate this IRL italian mafia wife's biography    12/09/23  (1)
Paralegal Mohammed warily eyeing the Hannukah decorations in CSLG's firm    12/09/23  (2)
The movie "Gettysburg" had some good dialogue ... video    12/09/23  (3)
Italian man from Detroit becomes head of powerful dynasty in Arizona why    12/09/23  (7)
$15,000 gift for wife    12/09/23  (4)
Lolercausting hard @ Birdshits for ruining their civilizations hearty ROFL!!!    12/09/23  (4)
WTF Is A Graham Steven? Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Know This?    12/09/23  (2)
luis is Parsi    12/09/23  (8)
Some real tragedies happened in Germany under Nazi rule:    12/09/23  (1)
TBF is an unshaven Parsi princess    12/09/23  (1)
Chet Baker tp how do you see Haney vs Prograis    12/09/23  (2)
Rate this photo (CSLG)    12/09/23  (51)
activated almonds    12/09/23  (2)
The MSc in International Finance is ranked #1 worldwide for pre-experience progr    12/09/23  (4)
Oprah about to get cancelled after exposing Jewish satanism    12/09/23  (2)
Prince faked his death to hide his involvement in a satanic cult    12/09/23  (9)
JUST WON $75k AT CASINO    12/09/23  (18)
The death rolls are never high enough    12/09/23  (1)
you'd have to be nuts to get on a Roller coaster ride in America    12/09/23  (2)
IDF casualties since October 7: 420 dead, 5000 wounded    12/09/23  (3)
rate my new kike moniker and poast new ones if you got sum    12/09/23  (3)
WW2 Japanese were hardcore AF - link    12/09/23  (2)
completely checked out of any adjacent or conceivable social cohorts tp    12/09/23  (1)
I'm sick and tired of women and their constant desire to THING DO    12/09/23  (35)
Subthreading with TBF is the closest thing I've had to first base in a year    12/09/23  (4)
My ranking of top classical pianists    12/09/23  (75)
You're a mean one, Mr. Boom. You're an autistic, retarded freeaak    12/09/23  (304)
Netanyahu purged opposition/courts in Israel then committed genocide?    12/09/23  (1)
Rate 40 year old Alison Brie in a tiny bikini    12/09/23  (46)
Name anything itt that's not rigged    12/09/23  (1)
Medicare fix idea: kill of boomers with insane "protocols" + inflate USD    12/09/23  (2)
Chandler do you feel casino drawings and promotions are rigged?    12/09/23  (3)
Recently watched chubby girls porn    12/09/23  (1)
What is the rule selection rule for tests like this?    12/09/23  (4)
On track for biggest month ever    12/09/23  (37)
Loury & McWhorter went there: "Derek Chauvin Did Not Murder George Floyd"    12/09/23  (37)
The atmosphere on this site feels very different on the weekend    12/09/23  (1)
Most poasters are atheists and its embarassing the bort won't admit this    12/09/23  (49)
Fuckin yo shitpipe baby no cap get dat grease    12/09/23  (9)
FizzKidd, please expose your bare breasts, I need to tune in Tokyo    12/09/23  (5)
KAREN - do you ever hit up casinos and/or play slot machines?    12/09/23  (1)
TBF’s presence here is a necessary evil to combat Israeli misinformation    12/09/23  (7)
is Devin Hester a HOFer?    12/09/23  (13)
Did those kids Trump found at the border ever get reunited with their... parents    12/09/23  (1)
interactions with women should be capped at fucking and 5 min conversation max    12/09/23  (1)
Palestinians scoring points on Twitter while their homes are destroyed    12/09/23  (4)
"covid" is clearly manufactured    12/09/23  (4)
Lol holy fuck McCarthy was way worse than I thought    12/09/23  (38)
Still only "December 9th" in fraud amerikkka?    12/09/23  (2)
New York City Metro Area ($350,000) or D.C. Metro Area ($275,000)?    12/09/23  (25)
Vox: Magic the Gathering tournaments are the last bastion of white privilege    12/09/23  (2)
Ever punched an evil white woman in the 😈 face?    12/09/23  (1)
Odd Case Boom/Mainlining/Evam49 all "randomly" poast same time    12/09/23  (25)
Council Bluffs and Midwest casinos are impossible to win at you only lose    12/09/23  (1)
Aldi last shopped 700 days ago    12/09/23  (1)
Benzo have you ever sucked shit out of another man's ass w/ yr mouth?    12/09/23  (22)
Today on disco fries learns to grill—the Picanha    12/09/23  (38)
Are Jews playing 9-D chess? Seems dumb to publicize that everyone hates u    12/09/23  (1)
Been decided: XO Michael Fassbender is most ALPHA living actor    12/09/23  (6)
Commodores - Nightshift.mp3    12/09/23  (22)
This porno tells a real story - nsfw    12/09/23  (5)
Absolutely NEED xo's commentary on this vid of hipsters vs. Israeli instigator    12/09/23  (20)
what is 'doja cat'?    12/09/23  (1)
Jews are absolutely LOSING IT online rn    12/09/23  (38)
Rate the flagship of Monaco's navy:    12/09/23  (3)
"Exit all exposed positions!" NYUUG begged Darnell as his kimchi chute prolapsed    12/09/23  (34)
Bucees Car wash managers make 125k, more than doctors in Europe lol at Europoors    12/09/23  (3)
COVID is an effective bioweapon because it doesn't actually kill u    12/09/23  (1)
There’s only two places in the USA worth living—Los Angeles & New Jersey    12/09/23  (8)
Fiveish and kids bulldoze a Borough Park mosque    12/09/23  (7)
COVID was a bioweapon created by under contract with DARPA; the tech was leaked    12/09/23  (1)
We’re so lucky to have investing geniuses nyuug and benzo here    12/09/23  (1)
Slitting my fucking wrists this Christmas    12/09/23  (4)
Ricky at lunch meetup hands shaking eyes twitching from adderall/coke/weed mix    12/09/23  (8)
Going to cut your balls off after attending Caribbean oine "med school"    12/09/23  (1)
Both Trump and Biden are STRONGLY pro-vaxx, RFK is not    12/09/23  (1)
“They say the worst part of Gay’s comments was the antisemitism. But I disag    12/09/23  (1)
"Chri$tma$"=fraud    12/09/23  (1)
Sports are should have never been brought back after manufactured "covid"    12/09/23  (1)
heisman "winner" never played in any conf CG & led 3-loss LSU to reliaquest bowl    12/09/23  (2)
You sure spend a lot of time with women&have wives 4 gay fag$ u r ljl    12/09/23  (1)
Audrey Hepburn - most beautiful actress of all time?    12/09/23  (6)
Gucci is now a subsidiary of Kering owned by the French billionaire Francois Pin    12/09/23  (5)
NEVER FORGET: UVT admitted to having phimosis    12/09/23  (9)
taking ?'s on Phimosis    12/09/23  (25)
BREAKING: UPenn president fired    12/09/23  (97)
dreamt i was failing a quantum mechanics class taught by christopher nolan    12/09/23  (1)
Going to buy a mid-size SUV this year. What do you guys recommend?    12/09/23  (55)
heard it from a friend who heard it from another youve been squanched by a clown    12/09/23  (3)
Ohtani to LAD    12/09/23  (21)
Christmas bonuses    12/09/23  (4)
The Medicis were so prestigious they hired a roadie who invented the piano    12/09/23  (8)
Anyone go to law school with this member of the Medici family born in 1974    12/09/23  (1)
Got AMOG’d by 6’8” security guard at Whole Foods    12/09/23  (69)
Nebraska volleyball #1    12/09/23  (3)
Jews pay us money so we can give it to other jews    12/09/23  (9)
My ranking of top classical physicists    12/09/23  (1)
Remember when 40 seemed old?    12/09/23  (12)
The biggest benefit to being umc is being socialized to OCI    12/09/23  (38)
Pre hearing the oven to 450 to toss Ricky and consuela in there this weekend    12/09/23  (5)

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