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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
if you arent using AI voice generation right now ur gonna miss out    01/31/23  (62)
xanax    01/31/23  (3)
White women literally only have to do one thing, stay thin.    01/31/23  (28)
Which BigLaw Firm will be the Latham of the next recession?    01/31/23  (15)
The lower bound of "rich" is at least $10mm net worth.    01/31/23  (31)
Those who left biglaw, would you ever go back?    01/31/23  (9)
I went to permanently escape from the snares and bondage of the Saturn beams    01/31/23  (7)
Irish Bond ordering six martinis and passing out in first 10 min of movie    01/31/23  (88)
The Irish accent engenders no confidence in business    01/31/23  (4)
I’ve had an eBay account since 1999    01/31/23  (6)
Best to avoid lib women with anger issues?    01/31/23  (7)
Princeton: "we need to get rid of the Honor Code because minorities cheat more"    01/31/23  (9)
asian women are the last implicit stand of white identity    01/31/23  (6)
If I ever get $10 million, I'm going to stop working.    01/31/23  (12)
do you have irl friends    01/31/23  (31)
Just watched Top Gun: Maverick. It was a fucking triumph    01/31/23  (3)
Instant Pot is the most credit cooking device ever    01/31/23  (72)
Gavin Newsom's wife made millions showing tranny videos to CA public schools    01/31/23  (52)
Ron DeSanctimonious    01/31/23  (50)
Best Philly Cheesesteak joint? Best NYC Pizza joint? Best KC BBQ iyo?    01/31/23  (48)
spent $3K to get my Prius C wrapped in Matte Gunmetal Metallic    01/31/23  (14)
DALL-E by OpenAI is helping me write a shitlaw children's book    01/31/23  (4)
Woman criticizes people smoking crack on NYC subway. Libs become irate.    01/31/23  (12)
Hulk Hogan paralyzed from fraud back surgery    01/31/23  (36)
87% of Westerb firms have exited Russia; 100k+ laid off since the war started    01/31/23  (1)
airbnb is completely out of control now wtf    01/31/23  (9)
Lmao look at how Russians live (video)    01/31/23  (2)
Chase has transferred me 4 times in 10 minutes    01/31/23  (1)
Fortuitous boulder smashes through Hawaii home, killing family on video    01/31/23  (2)
Gen X is solely to blame for nationwide mediocrity, chains like Starbucks & Pane    01/31/23  (25)
Most cr ways to get cash itt?    01/31/23  (3)
marie kondo: "fuck it, my house is a mess"    01/31/23  (2)
Brontarius Jackson? Imagine if his dick was fucking ur shitpipe bro    01/31/23  (1)
Most desperate ways to maek it and get cash itt cr?    01/31/23  (1)
Fuck "tech" go do Healthcare    01/31/23  (10)
what are your least favorite gamer words?    01/31/23  (6)
Trump finally comes clean on Epstein in leaked audio (link)    01/31/23  (5)
I’m not convinced blacks are the same species as me    01/31/23  (5)
You've been temporarily banned from participating in r/GenX    01/31/23  (36)
Bayleef is a quadrupedal, pale-yellow reptilian Pokémon that resembles a saurop    01/31/23  (1)
sex    01/31/23  (1)
do you feel sad a lot    01/31/23  (7)
Blacks figured out how to steal Kias with phones and now you cant insure them    01/31/23  (6)
saying anything pro-FLW is a surefire way to get a gaggle of retards following u    01/31/23  (9)
Whatsay, I turn 72 tomorrow and still owe 150K in student loans    01/31/23  (2)
The Menu was an incredible film    01/31/23  (11)
Mr Beast cured 1000 blind people    01/31/23  (26)
I'm so done with this place.    01/31/23  (9)
The concept of progress acts as a protective mechanism to shield us from the    01/31/23  (2)
italian girls have a dark complexion    01/31/23  (36)
just started reading DUNE. it's all over the place. worth finishing?    01/31/23  (3)
GF used to poast on social media as 'BlondieQOS32.' What does it mean?    01/31/23  (2)
Name 7 QBs who have won back to back Super Bowls    01/31/23  (5)
Woman: Princeton's rules against plagiarism hurts minorities, low income student    01/31/23  (5)
Tucker tonight: they are deliberately causing food shortages    01/31/23  (35)
(WaPo) The $400K conundrum: Why America’s urban rich don’t feel that way    01/31/23  (50)
XO's rules against plagiarism hurts antisemites, low income Canadians    01/31/23  (3)
How is Karlstack not homeless? He is getting paid somehow. Substack isn't enough    01/31/23  (33)
Rate Cat Stevens's hot dotters    01/31/23  (1)
The AK-47 is a fundamentally inaccurate rifle.    01/31/23  (21)
Need to talk to Hegemon ITT    01/31/23  (9)
Step dad selling his house to downsize... rate it (CSLG)    01/31/23  (57)
DBG is why ppl think Jews are sneaky    01/31/23  (10)
Seems like Ukraine is just trying to delay, not prevent, Bakhmut's fall    01/31/23  (4)
Aussie integrated with Ukrainian forces breaks it down. Ukraine = FUCT    01/31/23  (33)
Could Luka beat a d1 men's team with WNBA players?    01/31/23  (15)
Got way leaner + more energy with less fat and more carbs    01/31/23  (4)
If you click cancel on your HBO max subscription they offer it to you half off    01/31/23  (3)
has anyone ever tried to gatekeep you out of a job/career    01/31/23  (30)
Christopher Brunet (born Christkiller Brownstein) is a Canadian journalist and    01/31/23  (3)
I think "you people" on Netflix about Jews and Blacks talking about rap culture    01/31/23  (2)
Lex Fridman (/'lɛks 'friːdmæn/ FREEDman; born Alexei Fedotov )    01/31/23  (2)
Would you be turned off by perfectly realistic AI porn knowing its fake?    01/31/23  (13)
is cristiano ronaldo supposed to be a white man?    01/31/23  (10)
hey bro isn't that the show your asian wife was telling us about    01/31/23  (2)
Steyer Aug in Green NATO    01/31/23  (1)
You can tell people..Hurts is cool..something feels off about Mahomes    01/31/23  (8)
xo subculture is more complex than some languages and one day    01/31/23  (12)
Korean food is honestly 180    01/31/23  (80)
being an uber driver is more dangerous than being a cop. cops are huge pussies.    01/31/23  (1)
REMINDERS: blacks wanted more black police officers.    01/31/23  (11)
Finished Lawrence Farley's Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew; thoughts ITT    01/31/23  (1)
What, if any, skills/abilities/jobs are actually essential to modern society?    01/31/23  (22)
*swarm of cops beating you to death for not showing your hands while handcuffed*    01/31/23  (2)
damn thug u finna get fukt if u keep kissin on me like dat    01/31/23  (3)
David Haye shows off his huge gut after being off the octane for 3 months    01/31/23  (6)
How many people are cooking raw dried beans    01/31/23  (1)
Inconvenient fact that lex has a big dick    01/31/23  (3)
An air fryer inside another air fryer inside an instant pot is insanely credited    01/31/23  (2)
lex tp has a noble lineage like bruce wayne    01/31/23  (2)
Would you fuck this 30 year old woman with Marfan’s syndrome?    01/31/23  (3)
Jerry Jones’s coach hiring philosophy seems stupid, reactive.    01/31/23  (7)
Kell Brook snorting cocaine video is even better than Amir Khan masturbating    01/31/23  (9)
alexa bump every crazy pills poast    01/31/23  (13)
dark lex's hinge profile: "sensitive catholic thug"    01/31/23  (13)
McDonald's to $22hr    01/31/23  (3)
so "Strange New Worlds" is actually a decent Trek show?    01/31/23  (2)
i don't even consider non-internet addicts human    01/31/23  (6)
disco number one    01/31/23  (1)
TT bet it all on 8 black and 24 black Kobe! Kobe!    01/31/23  (8)
What do you think of David Ruffin?    01/31/23  (18)
so boner police and i were supposed to go to the bright eyes concert in forest h    01/31/23  (117)
"lex" is an anagram for "seven inches"    01/31/23  (5)
School food service director charged w/ stealing $1.5 million in chicken wings    01/31/23  (5)
Should I buy this boat?    01/31/23  (7)
lex do you prefer Cassandra Peterson today or when she was younger?    01/31/23  (4)
EPAH is a pedo    01/31/23  (1)
A/S/L?    01/31/23  (9)
Fucked the 47 year old Managing Director of my company. Taking ?s ITT.    01/31/23  (41)
Cats are little assholes    01/31/23  (10)
Yoga instructor got a little "handsy" on my hips tonight    01/31/23  (14)
The Nick Bostrom Scandal Differentiates Effective Altruism (Karlstack)    01/31/23  (5)
You need to marry someone addicted to the internet    01/31/23  (10)
Will the Big Dog Roman Reigns lose the title to The Rock, Cody Rhodes, or Sami?    01/31/23  (3)
m&m reacts to tyre protests    01/31/23  (1)
Cop is super lucrative    01/31/23  (4)
Remember when Karen was a relevant poster? That ended fast lmao    01/31/23  (6)
This season of the Bachelor is chock full of 10s. Lots more decent tits too    01/31/23  (18)
Meet your new AI comedy writing partner. You provide a joke set-up, and it gener    01/31/23  (116)
the lengths people go in this country to pretend to be "fancy"    01/31/23  (1)
"Will You Unload Me, Brother?" 14 Short Stories by XO Personalities Inspired by    01/31/23  (7)
seen cuties 6 times. not seeing what is so problematic?    01/31/23  (25)
You guys like any shitty network procedural shows for boomers like CSI?    01/31/23  (6)
why won't you listen to our rape podcast when we "cuddle" anymore    01/31/23  (1)
Fuck lib "school"! That's where our most important "time" was squandered    01/31/23  (7)
skip to content    01/30/23  (1)
i am a black celebrity    01/30/23  (1)
black celebrities thinking they're Hebrew Israelites is an interesting storyline    01/30/23  (19)
I run everyday    01/30/23  (57)
🔥 🧊 🐴 PSA: I just love SMOKING METH 🔥 🧊 🐴    01/30/23  (5)
Remember when Karen was relevant to her kids? That ended fast lmao    01/30/23  (1)
racist Chad friend calls all black guys "Shaq"    01/30/23  (4)
Good show on Netflix: Alice in Borderland    01/30/23  (11)
   01/30/23  (1)
i cant even read    01/30/23  (4)
i just realized i made an email recipient mistake when i was concussed    01/30/23  (1)
Karlstack, why not do an exposé on xo?    01/30/23  (73)
XO might be the greatest example of mental decline    01/30/23  (1)
Axl Rose might be the best example of vocal decline    01/30/23  (11)
The Indonesia scene in Ep. 2 of "The Last of Us" is chilling AF    01/30/23  (1)
Someone should do a substack piece on Karlstack    01/30/23  (3)
Look how easy it is to rile you up    01/30/23  (4)
Chiefs money line    01/30/23  (6)
INDIAN student Nandapu SHOT DEAD in Shitcago after just 10 DAYS in USA!!    01/30/23  (75)
moderna offers 15% discount on monthly booster plan when you pay full year in ad    01/30/23  (21)
fuck my dick    01/30/23  (2)
liberal males are such fags    01/30/23  (8)
Philly is favored so whatever    01/30/23  (1)
daddy can i go to nyu? "yes but you have to be on the 25 by 25 list by 20"    01/30/23  (1)

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