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Absolutely brutal disrespect by Caitlin Clark against opponent    04/01/23  (7)
The AI Layoffs are going to come hard and fast    04/01/23  (3)
Indoor pool: bad idea or 180    04/01/23  (17)
Wife made poopoo    04/01/23  (1)
Wife made fartner    04/01/23  (3)
I am at 118 hours fasted. Got home today from work and mowed some of the lawn    04/01/23  (18)
Hypo: Caitlin Clark sits on your face    04/01/23  (4)
Map showing one month of Russian gains in the Ukraine:    04/01/23  (3)
How do these randomass posters like “Ricky” become popular on xo?    04/01/23  (40)
how do i find purpose    04/01/23  (1)
2+ hour sex sessions with wife. Full on dick in pussy for the entire time.    04/01/23  (171)
Fun fact: the actor Eric Bogosian was a music video actor in the early-80's    04/01/23  (1)
Wife made partner    04/01/23  (34)
Scumbag aesthetics that transcend Scumbag Clique: Jack Daniel’s    04/01/23  (29)
CAR QUERY FOR DRUNKARD    04/01/23  (7)
Trump’s “campaign crime” = reimbursing Cohen with own $ for paying off hoo    04/01/23  (9)
High Plains Drifter: so red pilled XO Clint Eastwood would be lynched today    04/01/23  (16)
WSJ reporter arrested in Russia was Russian and LOVED RUSSIA (WSJ)    04/01/23  (1)
๐ŸšจROOF COLLAPSES in Illinois Theater๐Ÿšจ    03/31/23  (6)
I am based, nigger.    03/31/23  (1)
PS2 library = doggie doo doo    03/31/23  (1)
Well she turned to whoring, out on the streets, with all the lust inside her    03/31/23  (2)
if u mock/defame/threaten Nintendo GameCube ur cool    03/31/23  (2)
Pretty sure I gave myself Peyronies from an all night drug fueled stroke sesh    03/31/23  (2)
Drunkard have you ever replaced a steering knuckle?    03/31/23  (4)
scaring the 304s bro    03/31/23  (1)
If you’re not watching Iowa vs South Carolina on ESPN right now you’re insan    03/31/23  (6)
So beebee is an actual glowie, yes? ๐Ÿšจ    03/31/23  (9)
Trumpmos MAF "Soros" DA's don't prosecute prostitution, ok with Trump hooker?    03/31/23  (1)
iowa beats scar!!    03/31/23  (1)
It's funny how the names trannies choose for themselves never quite seem to fit    03/31/23  (7)
if u mock/defame/threaten peptic ur basura    03/31/23  (1)
As a trans woman I'll always remember my one washroom confrontation. I was goin    03/31/23  (29)
Don't know who BAP is, but he's a nigger.    03/31/23  (1)
libs used to say you should spam the Internet w searches that LEO would flag    03/31/23  (1)
/r/RealEstate megathread is hilarious    03/31/23  (10)
bort has basically been the bar mitzvah from hell since AssFaggot retired    03/31/23  (21)
PSA: turn on ESPN now. Game of the year    03/31/23  (11)
yeah the billion dollar search engine is just confused bro    03/31/23  (1)
Nigger murders confused deaf person in Portland (article)    03/31/23  (13)
An unknown civilization had created a great CORPORATION in Decatur, Illinois!    03/31/23  (33)
Girl I matched with on okcupid today is same girl I messaged 13 years ago    03/31/23  (27)
BAP is a Christian    03/31/23  (1)
how do you deal with loneliness    03/31/23  (40)
This will blow your fucking mind, google "american inventors"    03/31/23  (75)
We have 3 more years    03/31/23  (3)
I saw Ricky returning a TV from the 90's at Costco today    03/31/23  (8)
ever wonder what Kristen Schaal's tits look like?    03/31/23  (38)
After TRUMP secures presidency Jews will constantly push for impeachment or assa    03/31/23  (9)
Honestly castration isnt that bad if you get everything paid for life    03/31/23  (3)
Anthropologist tells class there is no difference in male vs female bone structu    03/31/23  (1)
Does anyone have a template for a web server and stuff for AWS    03/31/23  (2)
the liberal spammer is lynn conway on an alt, btw    03/31/23  (49)
A furking CAT just appeared on my BOAT    03/31/23  (48)
I bought one of those dick stretching devices but I don't think I'll use it    03/31/23  (7)
Got scallops with partner today    03/31/23  (3)
If you don't mock/defame/threaten adoptive dads, and ur a mandated reporter,    03/31/23  (1)
Jesus BAP is actually Jewish    03/31/23  (64)
How's it going mainliming my friend?    03/31/23  (7)
What is the archetypical Gen-X 1) Movie 2) Band 3) TV Show 4) US Politician    03/31/23  (18)
Ducks are cute and come in pretty colors. I like their quacking sound    03/31/23  (41)
“WHERE’S HUNTER?”    03/31/23  (2)
Lynn Conway is 180    03/31/23  (1)
can't believe what's been done to this country in my lifetime    03/31/23  (1)
I'm up fucking huge rn    03/31/23  (21)
The most trans person I know had the parents that tried the hardest to stop her    03/31/23  (80)
Bought a new beautiful Cadillac(Boom)    03/31/23  (7)
Paul Town and Andrew Anglin arrested for election interference    03/31/23  (2)
Biden is too old, we need a new generation of leaders like Donald Trump    03/31/23  (1)
BAP is Jesus, Jew    03/31/23  (1)
Fuck you, homo!    03/31/23  (1)
Jesus was Jewish actually, BAP    03/31/23  (1)
Lock-in at Applebee's where you get unlimited food/alcohol for 24 hours    03/31/23  (4)
Shiv getting fatter each year is a metaphor for the decline of America    03/31/23  (4)
MLB crew roll through (2023)    03/31/23  (35)
Why hasn't Ivory Coast changed its goddamn name?    03/31/23  (9)
Weimar Republic, but 90 IQ    03/31/23  (1)
BAP arrested    03/31/23  (3)
Trump GoFundMe page for legal fees donations (link)    03/31/23  (1)
today I choose to mock and defame adoptive dads    03/31/23  (2)
xo home self-castration crew    03/31/23  (5)
Am I supposed to know who "BAP" is?    03/31/23  (3)
Update: "Right-Wing Twitter Influencer Convicted Of Voter Deception"    03/31/23  (45)
just got caught cheating.. HERE. WE. GO.    03/31/23  (19)
twice she grounder her butthold    03/31/23  (26)
You know whats even more cringe than freaking out over BAP being a jew?    03/31/23  (1)
Tax return has been pending with IRS for 2 weeks. HOW FUCKED?    03/31/23  (10)
What is the point of Sam Hyde    03/31/23  (7)
I've been in Japan this whole time (Ricky)    03/31/23  (1)
What loyalty is owed to a woman who bore me 3 healthy kids?    03/31/23  (1)
Where in South America do I have beat chance to get laid??    03/31/23  (7)
Remember the Las Vegas shooting? Odd things happened back then.    03/31/23  (1)
young nigga fuck that check up    03/31/23  (3)
small area on my cheek has been itching like crazy for days. leprosy?    03/31/23  (5)
I'm fucking up huge rn    03/31/23  (1)
I always assumed Ricky tp was Ricky Vaughn’s moniker here    03/31/23  (5)
This is the second poaster to make the news in the last 3 years    03/31/23  (16)
Disco Fries enters Outback Steakhouse; Head of the Table theme starts playing    03/31/23  (3)
i don't know how to spend my free time anymore    03/31/23  (5)
Imagine having a LTR in the military. Lmao at that charade    03/31/23  (1)
Mackey found guilty for SHITPOSTING: freedom of speech DOA    03/31/23  (122)
God I fucking love Karen's posts    03/31/23  (2)
The MOST trans person you know show    03/31/23  (1)
If you're mocked/defamed/threatened, I feel bad for your son    03/31/23  (53)
Rate this high stats kid and the TTTs he got accepted to    03/31/23  (85)
Kari Lake says it's going down for real    03/31/23  (2)
wtf there is an African country called “Benin”?    03/31/23  (79)
Once ur married u can smell ur wife's menstruation from miles away    03/31/23  (3)
Trumpmos - u stole 2016 election but lost everything else, why not move on?    03/31/23  (1)
They really should raise the thresholds for "accredited investor" status    03/31/23  (3)
some wheezing libertarians on XO    03/31/23  (3)
evan39 should disco fries be jailed & force fed kum n go pizza ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•    03/31/23  (11)
Megan Markle’s 2010 Bud Light commercial    03/31/23  (1)
Andrew Cuomo's advice to Democrats - indicting Trump is stupid (link)    03/31/23  (2)
WOW insane amount of destruction from the tornado today in Arkansas (video)    03/31/23  (2)
orlando guardiana (0-6) total shitshow. but that's the XFL South for you    03/31/23  (6)
Election Integrity Alert goes off in biglaw's pocket "Sorry I've got to take thi    03/31/23  (1)
First date: I offered coffee or drinks. She replied she wanted dinner    03/31/23  (7)
Bout to hit dat cancel on like 20 threads tonight    03/31/23  (3)
Was Achilles actually an immortal?    03/31/23  (1)
IRL Metalocalypse Moment: Tornado hits Morbid Angel concert (link)    03/31/23  (1)
2023 is 1/4 over. What have you accomplished?    03/31/23  (4)
Zurich midlife crisis update    03/31/23  (86)
RATE Megan Thee Stallion's first pitch    03/31/23  (17)
Summon: Consuela    03/31/23  (10)
Is there anything more pathetic than embiid sitting out the game vs Jokic?    03/31/23  (7)
Just took a "carrot ginger ginseng shot" - my cold is DONE here    03/31/23  (3)
Will having Sami Nation (Finland) heritage get me into Harvard Business?    03/31/23  (1)
President Vivek improving govt P&L by turning White House into Motel 6    03/31/23  (5)
Nothing ventured, no cum in ass    03/31/23  (5)
"I don't wanna throw up, I'm Spaceporn's rice kid" to tune of "Toys-R-Us" song    03/31/23  (9)
And if you mock/defame/threaten, in the snow-covered hills, well the landslide    03/31/23  (13)
Ted Cruz TP's new single is teaing up the Latinx music charts:    03/31/23  (1)
Fire Emblem is Nintendo’s most intellectual franchise and it skipped N64    03/31/23  (6)
An AutoAdmit poaster is getting a decade in federal prison for a tweet    03/31/23  (62)
Wife constantly snacks and cries if I say anything about it    03/31/23  (19)
Sp here: how many of my harassers actually made over $30k last year?    03/31/23  (10)
Really don't understand parents who hit their kids    03/31/23  (19)
If you are posting child rape fantasies here you are a pedophile. Hth.    03/31/23  (12)
Should I buy this Rummikub set?    03/31/23  (2)
Sp here! Anyone who would mock defame or threaten a man for adopting a kid is no    03/31/23  (4)
Sp here. If u poast weird rape shit about my kid, it’s not funny and it means    03/31/23  (15)
Pic of a convicted PEDO with the President!!!!    03/31/23  (6)
ITT we recount famous two word xo phrases. I’ll start with the most famous:    03/31/23  (110)
Julius Caesarelli: I mocked. I defamed. I threatened. I conquered.    03/31/23  (1)
a redneck uprising inclusive enough to include tbf (aka subrahmanyan chandrasekh    03/31/23  (7)
disco fries what are people saying to you irl about not eating/weight loss    03/31/23  (2)
First they mock u. Then they threaten u. Than defame u. Then u win    03/31/23  (5)
Are bluetooth earbuds really bad for you?    03/31/23  (1)

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