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I've never said the N-Word, but I think it a LOT    09/23/23  (33)
Do you believe hell is real    09/23/23  (7)
Wife called me a “sad and frustrated old man” this am    09/23/23  (26)
The period 2017 to 2027 will eventually be regarded as a putsch    09/23/23  (1)
a less white country is worse for everyone    09/23/23  (2)
"Retirement" is a fraudulent concept    09/23/23  (24)
Insane how lucky Biden is    09/23/23  (2)
"#2" Michigan points scored vs 3 (bad) G5 schools: 30, 35, 31    09/23/23  (10)
πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺNebraska Korps-huskers are basically undefeated    09/23/23  (3)
Meanest way you've ever broken up with a girl?    09/23/23  (77)
Bill Gates: “Planting trees is Idiotic”    09/23/23  (2)
doods named "Axel" always have nice big suckable balls    09/23/23  (2)
Jon Stewart is extremely Jewish and conniving and good at attacking cons    09/23/23  (6)
Cowshit is an Idiot    09/23/23  (2)
trains work in high trust societies    09/23/23  (5)
Crimea is Russia's red line. US is risking nuclear war.    09/23/23  (4)
ITT poast your all-time maxes for the BIG THREE lifts    09/23/23  (10)
People are still miffed about the N64 using cartridges and it needs to stop    09/23/23  (9)
today is the last day of summer    09/23/23  (3)
Ride the Lightning Released Closer to WW2 Than Today    09/23/23  (8)
Just got a script for xanax to stop drinking at work. Man this stuff is 18000000    09/23/23  (31)
Hypo: RSF hours you $100K to cum on his tits & let him record it    09/23/23  (1)
Business idea: build trains, lots and lots of trains, private cities on lines    09/23/23  (8)
LMAO at Stetson Bennett ruining his NFL prospects with public intoxication    09/23/23  (4)
Normie group chats where they poast relevant news a week after it happens    09/23/23  (5)
How are we going to stop cell phones? This cannot endure    09/23/23  (39)
WaPo: Pizzerias KNOW but don't CARE about Portnoy's misogyny and racism!    09/23/23  (28)
Go to therapy    09/23/23  (4)
how about some solutions instead of the 1000th thread on what the problem is    09/23/23  (1)
RSF's DD titties are just SO FUCKING MILKABLE    09/23/23  (8)
Is this the best live musical performance of all time?    09/23/23  (16)
Latina Pens Emotional Poem on Dating Men Who Can't Speak Spanish    09/23/23  (60)
Taking Qs from private jet (RSF)    09/23/23  (48)
GF just told me I'm the perfect size! :)    09/23/23  (2)
unbelievable how much things have declined in just ~20 years    09/23/23  (8)
how hard will boom cry when Coach Prime beats Oregon?    09/23/23  (2)
1930s-70s war movies vs westerns, which do you prefer/tolerate more?    09/23/23  (6)
Who all here is going to portnoy's pizza fest?    09/23/23  (2)
why do you guys give a fuck about portnoy    09/23/23  (20)
HLS professor Noah Feldman learns how to "Bring the Squish"    09/23/23  (34)
grew up in some semblance of actual America wtf is going on now    09/23/23  (1)
Newsom vetos the bill that removes custody from trans nonaffirming parents    09/23/23  (30)
Had great drunken sex last night, woke up and the guy is gone    09/23/23  (2)
Black Berkeley Law Student to Heather MacDonald "You're a racist eugenicist"(vid    09/23/23  (34)
the aging unattractive women still holding out for that 6' 3" guy with a $200k s    09/23/23  (114)
Condoleezza Rice is a lesbian    09/23/23  (6)
Zelensky asks satanist Marina Abramovic to be ambassador for Ukraine (link    09/23/23  (11)
200k    09/23/23  (2)
if God exists then who created God    09/23/23  (10)
Official JLAW jerkoff thread    09/23/23  (9)
Succession impossible without ritualized, localized hand off of power    09/23/23  (3)
Crystals seem like a legitimate energy source. Why have scientists overlooked th    09/23/23  (3)
Karma Sushi DESPERATELY needs to lower prices at least 30%    09/23/23  (14)
I can’t stand Pat MaAfee    09/23/23  (5)
Which is the best cock ring? Asking for a friend.    09/23/23  (4)
Upclose video of the Russian Black Sea Fleet HQ getting smashed by missiles    09/23/23  (1)
boomer brain in a vat, refusing to die    09/23/23  (7)
Jewish guy-Azn girl HYS law professor power couples are fungible    09/23/23  (1)
"I'm a sapiosexual," she explains to you 3 hours before she's gagging on Chad's    09/23/23  (20)
Chapo Trap House host dead at FOURTY from vax-induced stroke    09/23/23  (1)
Being ALIVE is furking flame    09/23/23  (1)
weed head friend is staying over and now my place stinks    09/23/23  (9)
Hunger Games is 180 and j law is cute    09/23/23  (2)
Explain the lib talking point about productivity and wages to me    09/23/23  (15)
FizzKidd enjoying a stinky golden shower from Chingada Madre    09/23/23  (5)
Rate this anaconda trap.    09/23/23  (3)
Will Ukrainian troops reach Crimea by October?    09/23/23  (3)
remember when Todd Driskill shot doobs?    09/23/23  (3)
My piss stinks    09/23/23  (37)
Hello, my name is Dr. Greenblatt. I like to have the face of a rat.    09/23/23  (8)
Ok my brother - we're gone    09/23/23  (6)
LAPD stops enforcing high capacity magazine bans    09/23/23  (9)
Rate this love story (are you this romantic?)    09/23/23  (3)
Anyone else rocking Cypress Hill this morning?    09/23/23  (3)
Retirement is one of the biggest flames there is    09/23/23  (57)
Beatniks lizards flicking out tongues & snapping to cheer Tommy T's pipe poem    09/23/23  (11)
when dogs eat chips, it sounds like a person eating chips.    09/23/23  (19)
imagine if XO allowed avatars    09/23/23  (2)
Whites and Indians are teaming up in South Africa to kill criminals:    09/23/23  (4)
why do you guys give a fuck about money    09/23/23  (2)
Will the Fed raise rates high enough to reduce nigger induced inflation?    09/23/23  (6)
Why do Ukrainecucks hate Poland now? Is Ukraine going to invade them next spring    09/23/23  (1)
Some military ranks sound cool, others sound terrible    09/23/23  (4)
Hypo: live long, happy, anonymous life, or die young but win glory eternal?    09/23/23  (3)
The Schism in Russia's Elite Is Only Growing as Defeats Pile Up in Ukraine    09/23/23  (14)
πŸ– STOP -- nigger time    09/23/23  (4)
All you had to do was stay with the basics and you'd have it all friends    09/23/23  (2)
Sting: walking through fields of gold. You: Purell    09/23/23  (2)
Gorgeous Turd CEO cuts own salary to help struggling workers    09/23/23  (15)
Nothing grinds my gears like powergoys who spend frivolously & complain    09/23/23  (6)
Why do no poasters account for COL when discussing Salary    09/23/23  (1)
In some ways, is life in the West too easy? That's where degeneracy comes from    09/23/23  (1)
Korean cultist MOONIES starve+beat MOONFACE girl to DEATH in "House of Horrors"    09/23/23  (3)
How can we take the faggotry on this site to the next level?    09/23/23  (1)
London police crack down on pride parade (video)    09/23/23  (1)
NYT headline: 'Sheeeeeeeeeeit.'    09/23/23  (1)
sir, we scoured the UK and 4 anonymous women say you sent mean texts 15 yrs ago    09/23/23  (8)
Portnoy confronts WaPo shrew who attacked him to his pizza fest advertisers    09/23/23  (86)
How do UberEats drivers make any money with gas, depreciation, time    09/23/23  (14)
bon jovi - runaway.mp3    09/23/23  (1)
Taking qs on Starfield (not doodikoff, certified Margit-beater here)    09/23/23  (16)
Pac 12’s remaining two teams after league collapse ranked in Top 25    09/23/23  (3)
"I have a filthy smelly bleeding slimpit, give me all your money" "Okay"    09/23/23  (5)
Urgent Update: Shota the waiter's 5* sushi review REMOVED from google    09/23/23  (78)
EPAH slurped Elvis Chan's cock for years    09/23/23  (1)
I know Ken Paxton is guilty, U know Ken Paxton is guilty, and I know it    09/23/23  (7)
Just ate 1/4 of a Marijuana Cookie, waiting for it to work    09/23/23  (63)
14yo runaway kills self as cop tried to take her home (video)    09/23/23  (8)
White Woman wins Miss Zimbabwe 2023, Shitlibs, Jews and Niggas going INSANE    09/23/23  (21)
Michigan always seems to hide from real competition    09/23/23  (1)
Michigan πŸ‡² @ Rutgers β™ž *official thread*    09/23/23  (8)
Jew$ given a licen$e to cheat and $teal in defense of their prerogative    09/23/23  (4)
Every season of "NFL" just becomes more and more ridiculous joke    09/23/23  (4)
Are army generals better tacticians than pro football coaches    09/23/23  (8)
GameCube level graphics on the N64    09/23/23  (1)
70 million Americans live in trailer parks    09/23/23  (6)
did you know that South Africa has submarines?    09/23/23  (12)
tickets to Rach's xoxofest are $2.50 each (link)    09/23/23  (1)
tickets to Portnoy's pizzafest are $250 each (link)    09/23/23  (67)
Ohio State πŸ¦ŒπŸ‘€ @ Notre Dame πŸ€ *official thread*    09/23/23  (8)
Explain the kind of guy who’s always like “that chick is NOT hot”    09/23/23  (3)
Air Force football 4-0 Coach Prime 2nd best College team in state right now lol    09/23/23  (2)
"Taxes" are their and fraud    09/23/23  (1)
NJ Sen. Bob Menendez and wife indicted for selling secrets to Egypt    09/23/23  (57)
TT if you were to bet how would you gamble? What are some gambles you'd take?    09/23/23  (1)
Niggas steal entire clothing rack from store in SF    09/23/23  (3)
New iPhone 15 Pro is even weaker, easier to crack than 14    09/23/23  (50)
14-foot alligator ate some folks (video)    09/23/23  (2)
Vegas teen behind hit and run said ‘I’ll be out in 30 days’ to cops    09/23/23  (35)
Is Xbox the Downmarket Console?    09/23/23  (2)
US "democracy" is just legalized corruption, simple as    09/23/23  (5)
Best place to stuff your face with pizza in america?    09/23/23  (13)
Canadian Prime Minister Anita Indira Anand    09/23/23  (1)
Fuck "paying" rent and bills    09/23/23  (2)
May my enemies be lured into normie small talk obligations with no escape    09/23/23  (11)
You always know you were a human. But today's the 1st day you know ur a mammal    09/23/23  (5)
It's all just a jew hoke.joke..    09/23/23  (1)
Real talk: Martin Bormann seems like most insufferable senior Nazi    09/23/23  (6)
Lmao that there are "musical notation" for drums. Come the fuck on    09/23/23  (38)
'Don't Stand So Close to Me' more sinister when u realize Sting taught 3rd grade    09/23/23  (1)
well I hope we're not to misogenic or a trifle to satanic    09/23/23  (1)
hoping for a major financial crash for no reason other than you’re bored tp    09/23/23  (7)
birth certifcate says PB&J is the father    09/23/23  (282)
good morning    09/23/23  (2)
Diet recap    09/23/23  (2)
Tips for Baldurs Gate 3?    09/23/23  (24)
Sting bought Shakespeare's quill pen at Sotheby's, used it to pen his memoir    09/23/23  (1)
My trans*- pupper doggo just got her first doggo dilator!    09/23/23  (39)

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