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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
not a single sedating drug will be left in this apartment in 1 hr    11/29/23  (7)
Rate my $9.05 McDonald's order I just made with their shitty app deals    11/29/23  (32)
"McDonald's" has turned into overpriced fraud shit..much better places 2 eat    11/29/23  (8)
Boom, why do these frauds act like everything is so difficult?    11/29/23  (2)
Just a bunch of jealous buttt hurttt crybaby frauds is all this negative shit is    11/29/23  (5)
Gotten sick of gay sex lately because it hurts my butt    11/29/23  (2)
My balls smell like I just chopped the decaying dick off a dead rat right now    11/29/23  (1)
Everything is all stupid faggot lies    11/29/23  (2)
Crazy northern BIRDSHITS still won't answer to the fact that they didn't do SHIT    11/29/23  (3)
I get it Xo doesn't respect people with real jobs earning real good money    11/29/23  (1)
amazes me that people shell out big money for houses where you cant walk anywher    11/29/23  (23)
XO Poaster 1775: "Give me Liberty or Give me Death! XO Poaster 2023: "I'm Gay"    11/29/23  (1)
really gay retarded part of board- when ppl poast imgur pics of each other    11/29/23  (1)
Israeli girl released by Hamas: traumatized (link). ~500 Gaza kids: dead.    11/29/23  (7)
describe the biggest Scumbag you know    11/29/23  (30)
lol oh you want to be a mother you stupid old fucking dumb drunk bitch?!?!    11/29/23  (3)
lol at Charlie Munger’s circlehead    11/29/23  (15)
I'll fuck anything that moves    11/29/23  (6)
Rating poasters as NBA players    11/29/23  (45)
XO 2005: I Love Latham! XO 2015: I Love Lesbians! XO 2023: I Love Men!    11/29/23  (2)
*raspy batman voice* "It's 𝐍𝐈𝐆𝐆𝐄𝐑 𝐓𝐈𝐌𝐄"    11/29/23  (21)
Founding Fathers should have enshrined extra voting rights for landowners w kids    11/29/23  (3)
ZOZO decides. Do I need a quesadilla y/n    11/29/23  (4)
SOL $70 Watch    11/29/23  (11)
Being railed by a man is the ultimate experience (whok)    11/29/23  (6)
So are ppl finally paying back their student loans yet or what?    11/29/23  (18)
I get why I was shitmodded, it's cool    11/29/23  (27)
Auburn head coach made 8th grade girl change her shirt in front of him & spanked    11/29/23  (15)
ITT I teach you how to rack up 1,000 Duolingo points in 30 minutes    11/29/23  (18)
Both these QBs are like 7th round picks.    11/29/23  (41)
$hove your lying 🤥 no$e up your a$$ through your in$ide$&out ur throat    11/29/23  (11)
Pajeet Pajeet Pajeet Pajeet Pajeet Pajeet Pajeet Pajeet Pajeet Pajeet Pajeet    11/29/23  (1)
Reminder: the pressure inside my anus is 20 million niggas (link)    11/29/23  (1)
Reminder: the pressure inside the earth is 20 million PSI (link)    11/29/23  (1)
Remake of Aphex Twin #3 / Rhubarb using N64 sound chip    11/29/23  (5)
𝙉𝙞𝙜𝙜𝙚𝙧 Wednesday 🔥🥂🦍🍗🍉🇮🇱 🎉    11/29/23  (27)
Autoadmit is the Man of the Smart ppl. The ppl of Autoadmit they are veddy smart    11/29/23  (1)
FizzKidd: I'm retiring from public life and have moved into zozo permanently    11/29/23  (2)
Quite INSANE what a Car Centric Country Indonesia is    11/29/23  (3)
Iowa 2 Michigan 0! How hard would you laugh? Or 2-0 Michigan? FINAL?    11/29/23  (1)
Anyone want to see Michigan Murder Iowa?    11/29/23  (13)
*Christian Bale batman voice* i'm gay    11/29/23  (42)
Odd ca$e! Very intere$ting! Off to pig 🐽 pig 🐷 pig 🐖 farm has u go!    11/29/23  (201)
Sad truth about nyuug    11/29/23  (60)
Poll:How much do you tip pizza delivery after big delivery fee+tax on delivery    11/29/23  (20)
Screaming NIGGER at the top of my lungs right now. NIGGGGERRRRRRRF    11/29/23  (9)
Is RSF never not here? Constantly feuding. This is a 45 year old "man"!    11/29/23  (27)
Are lawyers "working class"?    11/29/23  (5)
benzo, why are you so mad? just relax and move forward    11/29/23  (6)
Getting penis implant so I can get it up for anyone and anything    11/29/23  (1)
Hunt down tho$e multi billion $ lotto tix    11/29/23  (1)
Food & Beverage: $19.99 Delivery Charge: $3.99 Taxes: $2.25    11/29/23  (1)
Lol Satterfield fucked it all up    11/29/23  (1)
Disney has lost almost a BILLION dollars in 2023 from their woke, shitty films    11/29/23  (107)
Underside of my balls smell like an outdoor Haitian morgue.    11/29/23  (15)
My balls smell like spoiled wine and olive garden breadsticks    11/29/23  (9)
I've been bedbound w long Covid since January but I still dressed for Halloween    11/29/23  (21)
Jesus my balls smell like a cat drowned to death in soy sauce    11/29/23  (5)
Jesus, my balls smell like a hamper at a Nigerian hospice    11/29/23  (12)
JFC, my balls smell like a Japanese corpse hotel after Fukushima    11/29/23  (9)
JFC, my balls smell like a homeless man's asshole    11/29/23  (13)
My balls smell like 10 yr old pickle juice mixed with spoiled milk right now    11/29/23  (1)
My balls smell like a forgotten can of rotting sardines in the pantry    11/29/23  (1)
My balls smell like a forgotten can of tuna salad, left out in the hot sun    11/29/23  (1)
My balls smell like a forgotten fish left in a bowl to decompose    11/29/23  (1)
Good Will Hunting friend somberly saying, “the balls smell good. balls are goo    11/29/23  (1)
My balls smell like bar spaghetti and hotdog water    11/29/23  (2)
My balls smell like a garbage dumpster overflowing with dirty diapers right now    11/29/23  (1)
Jesus, my balls smell like the piss trough at Lincoln Financial Field    11/29/23  (5)
My balls smell like a septic tank exploded at Leisure World    11/29/23  (3)
My balls smell like they teabagged Luis after he ate stinky Persian leftovers    11/29/23  (2)
My balls smell like spoiled mustard and cabbage    11/29/23  (1)
My balls smell like burnt clutch and mushrooms    11/29/23  (2)
as i said, after 12p EST, this place is dead    11/29/23  (1)
My ass is just a cumdumpster for diseased niggers    11/29/23  (34)
My balls smell like rotten barbecue sauce and piss    11/29/23  (1)
The inside of a boy's balls smell fucking amazing    11/29/23  (2)
my balls smell like a savory pork appetizer    11/29/23  (5)
i can barely read and my balls smell like ketchup    11/29/23  (9)
There are hundreds of threads describing the smell of the poaster's balls then    11/29/23  (2)
My balls smell like sweaty gay sex with a homeless nigerian right now    11/29/23  (1)
My balls smell like expensive cheese, mustard, vinegar and mushrooms mixed    11/29/23  (1)
Goddamn my balls smell like a gay nightclub tp    11/29/23  (2)
My balls smell like 1500 yr old Limburger cheese right now    11/29/23  (1)
So the cunt in “hey there Delilah” moves to NYC to get P+D’d by finance Ch    11/29/23  (22)
Calling other posters moishe, avi, and ari is the best part of posting on xo    11/29/23  (4)
Did your "anal cherry" pop only once, or did it pop multiple times as you took    11/29/23  (3)
500 Korean prostitutes sign open letter supporting nyuug    11/29/23  (4)
Russia has to use 60 year old tanks now    11/29/23  (1)
My balls smell like the diarrhea that was coming out of my ass last week    11/29/23  (10)
this place has serious issues    11/29/23  (1)
Oakland City Council speakers are 180    11/29/23  (1)
My balls smell like magic mushrooms right now    11/29/23  (3)
Ever visited a foreign city and felt like you were at home?    11/29/23  (26)
My balls smell terrible but I can't stop sniffing my sweaty boxers.    11/29/23  (5)
nyuug I saw you bought your NGK Iridiums on Alibaba; replace those shits    11/29/23  (2)
My hobby is wiping my balls on stuff & then selling it to retards like Ricky    11/29/23  (3)
Friend sat at fast casual restaurant next to hot girl & started choking on food    11/29/23  (1)
My balls smell like a rotting garbage dumpster right now    11/29/23  (2)
Sicario 2 was better than the original    11/29/23  (38)
just read about Ruby Ridge incident; that shit is fucked up    11/29/23  (115)
nyuug jacking his micropenis with a pair of chopsticks and a magnifying glass    11/29/23  (1)
Is this the sign I’m a “beta orbiter” or do I have a shot still?    11/29/23  (41)
women are attracted to muscles as men are attracted to big asses - fact    11/29/23  (3)
hey nyuug I'm coming to Seoul ... how much u charge for Incheon Airport pickup?    11/29/23  (2)
Friend gave me and ambien. Wow    11/29/23  (4)
nyuug's LEATHER DADDY turning her into a HUMAN TOILET    11/29/23  (1)
Five days in Tijuana: can only spend $500    11/29/23  (29)
nyuug's shiny taut yellow ass is definitely ripe for the fuckin    11/29/23  (4)
we talk about "mental illness" here a a lot but I think nyuug is the real deal    11/29/23  (23)
Nyuug waving her shiny yellow rump at me like a bitch in heat    11/29/23  (3)
That’s it. I’m getting on the next plane to Seoul to stuff nyuug’s kimchee    11/29/23  (5)
Glad nyuug is finally 100% fucking done here, ignored and ostracized    11/29/23  (25)
Your PLTR shares buying more PLTR / SOL, shorting other shit autonomously (2023)    11/29/23  (5)
Body of mentally ill Korean man found beaten to death outside brothel (Seoul Tim    11/29/23  (11)
How Old Is This Gook NYUUG That He Goes to "Clubs"?    11/29/23  (91)
Nyuug is pretty pathetic when you realize he has no friends or relationships    11/29/23  (7)
Stimulant abuse is serious shit. Toss your addy, faggots    11/29/23  (13)
Decomposed hooker corpses found wrapped in orange vinyl worry Seoul    11/29/23  (3)
I’m gonna fly to Seoul just to kick nyuug’s ass. Literally hate this guy    11/29/23  (7)
when will nyuug kill himself?    11/29/23  (23)
To instantly get rich program game mods targeted at furries    11/29/23  (1)
*cramming jukebox with hwhite music at a nigger bar*    11/29/23  (1)
plot hole in the nyuug story: how does he afford tables/bottles?    11/29/23  (26)
Solrise: The NUMBER ONE Project On Solana with 100X,1000X potential.    11/29/23  (143)
Why do WHITE guys hate INDIAN chicks but love AZN pussy?    11/29/23  (29)
nyuug comparing his tiny yellow nugget to his boyfriends BWC    11/29/23  (4)
LJL at UVT and NYUUG thinking prostitutes are normal for whites    11/29/23  (36)
Fuck "stimulants" fraud fag bullshit    11/29/23  (2)
nyuug steal my business model    11/29/23  (1)
so 70 mg of Addy & 10 lines of cocaine is too much??    11/29/23  (5)
Why do white guys so openly love WHORES?    11/29/23  (32)
I can feel the stimulants beginning to be cut down at the knees    11/29/23  (1)
why do white guys mate with azn girls?    11/29/23  (5)
Violence linked to drug-trafficking hits record in 2023 (story from FRANCE):    11/29/23  (1)
Seems like jewelry will die off with boomers    11/29/23  (7)
Went with my local Short Men's Group to see Napoleon. What a disappointment.    11/29/23  (1)
i wish i'd picked a harder, more meaningful career    11/29/23  (12)
Are MILFs just horny as fuck 24/7?    11/29/23  (16)
Female airplane passenger PERFORMS violent oral sex on man next to her.    11/29/23  (25)
Is there anything more embarrassing and shameful than being a sexpat?    11/29/23  (51)
Wife asked if I was ok with her and her make sharing a hotel room    11/29/23  (23)
holy f*** I'm a seasoned professional but this was too much    11/29/23  (2)
If you spend a lot of your day thinking about nyuug, get professional help    11/29/23  (4)
let me tell you, being a sexpat isn't all glamor and excitement    11/29/23  (2)
You're a pussy if you have to "work" for someone else&can't do your own thing    11/29/23  (3)
Lol&spending million$ and decade$ training to beg 4 a Jew $lave "job"    11/29/23  (1)
2023 Toyota Camry: 1.2 bitcoins    11/29/23  (8)
hot hapa on my fb feed argues that her dad is NOT a SEXPAT (pics)    11/29/23  (48)

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