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Trump to appoint KUSHNER to pick his Cabinet staff for 2nd term    12/10/23  (5)
Donald Trump: 4 separate indictments. ALL OTHER 44 PRESIDENTS COMBINED: 0.    12/10/23  (7)
This is a truly sick, wrong and vile place    12/10/23  (6)
Sam Hyde’s open antisemitism is 180 imo    12/10/23  (21)
Bill Ackman and Karlstack soy-facing for the camera at ADL fundraiser (pic)    12/10/23  (3)
Fat people can save money by buying less food    12/10/23  (1)
Found an HVAC escort poast in the wild (link)    12/10/23  (1)
TSINAH Are You Really Engaged? You've Had A "Fiancee" Forever    12/10/23  (5)
ELON MUSK retweeted Karlstack (not flame)    12/10/23  (27)
Insane how many releases of the Same Game were just announced @ the Game Awards    12/10/23  (4)
Trial hack: have a case worth taking to trial, not a pile of shit that's DOA    12/10/23  (9)
If Wendi gets arrested, kids closest non-jailed relatives will be shortporch's    12/10/23  (2)
It's time to give Jews control of the White Christian identity movement    12/10/23  (1)
How quick can a person get good at Magic the Gathering?    12/10/23  (4)
Consuela thinks everyone who makes fun of him is in “group 2” or a tbf alt    12/10/23  (2)
Bill Ackman drops a Karlstack link    12/10/23  (73)
Girls without "dads" are some of the shittiest fucking people on the planet    12/10/23  (3)
RATE This Senior Citizen Gaza Civilian Surrendering (PIC)    12/10/23  (5)
will Cornel West catch fire cuz of Palestine, steal 10-15% from Biden?    12/10/23  (12)
You bout to be lickin my crack homie get dat spicey Raman flava pack    12/10/23  (3)
Jews cheered on shifting demographics because they wanted to fuck over whites    12/10/23  (37)
Will I be able to maek it on a $600k combined income? (TSINAH)    12/10/23  (18)
We are so fucked if Ricky is one of the "good" Jews jfc    12/10/23  (14)
Anyone with a "service" job is a fraud    12/10/23  (9)
driveby where shots ring out in triplet time    12/10/23  (4)
making bagels (TSINAH)    12/10/23  (39)
half-smoked zhongnanhai dangles limply from FizzKid's mouth as she chops charsiu    12/10/23  (9)
Signed up for match.com and eharmony    12/10/23  (20)
Skibidi dob dob dob yes yes    12/10/23  (2)
Donna Adelson not enjoying jail. TICK TOCK Wendi. TICK TOCK. The bell tolls for    12/10/23  (14)
kike tales! A-WHOO-WHO!    12/10/23  (1)
Michigan QB McNamara + Eric All to Iowa. Ohio State QB McCord + Fleming to Nebra    12/10/23  (1)
199,000 "jobs" yeah right..    12/10/23  (1)
let's be real here, if sam hyde wasn't Tall he would've already been in jail    12/10/23  (1)
important warning for birdshits tp    12/10/23  (3)
*gruffy trucker voice in ur Zog'd&ZoZo'd head* "Damn, u a real POASTPIG today!"    12/10/23  (1)
There is nothing more 180 than Skibidi toilet    12/10/23  (3)
did michael penix jr criticize israel a few weeks ago or something    12/10/23  (1)
What Does ID Shitlaw 10th Yr Associate In Tertiary Market Make?    12/10/23  (3)
Today's NFL schedule is loaded.. can't wait.    12/10/23  (3)
Rate this white cowgirl    12/10/23  (18)
How many Kardashev Type 2 civilizations are in the Milky Way?    12/10/23  (2)
Is CFB Transferring Inherently A Good Thing?    12/10/23  (4)
Funny thing about golf. Perfect shot feels effortless    12/10/23  (3)
Skibidi toilet to be inducted into Library of Congress National Film Registry    12/10/23  (1)
ITT we discuss our espresso setups    12/10/23  (2)
Tit Tickler    12/10/23  (2)
About to pull the trigger on a La Marzocco Linea Mini    12/10/23  (3)
Two Swarthy Mizrachi IDF Bros Get Engaged In Gaza (PIC)    12/10/23  (2)
who do you side with on this homeless person issue?    12/10/23  (21)
having a 180 kike moniker is truly a game changer    12/10/23  (2)
RANK these cities: Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig    12/10/23  (9)
Having a 180 bike is truly a game changer    12/10/23  (7)
Will Dyke WOC H POTUS Survive?    12/10/23  (5)
New startup selling Peter Pan type hats raises $100m    12/10/23  (5)
"most outstanding player in cfb" never played in a conf CG in his life    12/10/23  (3)
There’s only two places in the USA worth living—Los Angeles & New Jersey    12/10/23  (14)
EPAH to deliver closing arguments in CD Cal next Thursday    12/10/23  (19)
"I Dream of Penie" starring Larry Hagman and Bboom    12/10/23  (1)
WFH junior associates missed out on sleeping in an office.    12/10/23  (2)
Cut my brief into pieces, this is my last retort    12/10/23  (5)
Asked my wife what she thought of the crazy life she signed up for    12/10/23  (12)
Mom Used To Say Goyim Have Egg Nog In Their Brains All December    12/10/23  (3)
Having a 180 wife is truly a game changer    12/10/23  (26)
Like 51% of redditors think Kojima is pretentious and sucks    12/10/23  (1)
DeSantis campaign looks like fraud    12/10/23  (10)
oh look, it's another non-existent sassy nigger nuclear family on tv    12/10/23  (8)
Grab a $harp object and $lice your fucking jugular u lying 🤥 fraud fag$    12/10/23  (2)
The great myth of the US was that you can make it from nothing    12/10/23  (31)
Glock 19 for home defense - holosun or irons?    12/10/23  (37)
Quora Your comment has been deleted Your comment has been deleted as it was foun    12/10/23  (5)
America is truly vile! Shitting in a box&making delivery person transport    12/10/23  (3)
should i buy a whole Bitcoin    12/10/23  (8)
ITT: I ask CHAT GPT about Jewish Intellectuals    12/10/23  (2)
Name an elected official in Wasington with an Italian surname, ever    12/10/23  (21)
Belle thought she was getting at 7ft tall BEAST but instead    12/10/23  (2)
The board is fucked, stop hacking into us you Nerds    12/10/23  (3)
BALI is actually pretty CHILL place    12/10/23  (4)
jfc, ZoZo. you really outdid yourselfs again. jfc    12/10/23  (6)
Did you have friends in high school who were openly anti semitic?    12/10/23  (1)
Time Article Explaining Taylor Swift POTY Decision    12/10/23  (11)
Not Flame, Zelenskyy just gave Milei a giant menorah at his inauguration    12/10/23  (3)
TommyT rate these cities: Tokyo, Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh    12/10/23  (2)
Ever make egg nog?    12/10/23  (8)
I'm sick and tired of women and their constant desire to THING DO    12/10/23  (41)
If Hanukkah isn't in the Torah, where did the idea of celebrating it come from?    12/10/23  (12)
the whole george santos thing is honestly hilarious    12/10/23  (1)
Heroism, soldier bravely jumps on grenade to save his buddies.    12/10/23  (1)
lana del rey is best artist of the past decade    12/10/23  (9)
🚨Alex Jones is back 🚨    12/10/23  (5)
🚨Alex Jones is black 🚨    12/10/23  (1)
Is EGG NOG flame?    12/10/23  (9)
Fat girl farting so loud Alexa asks what just exploded and if u need cops    12/10/23  (8)
Farting so loud that egg nog company files a TRO    12/10/23  (1)
Pages and pages of "farting so loud" threads, stretching back years    12/10/23  (3)
No EGG NOG Covenant. Enforceable?    12/10/23  (1)
Gamecubism    12/10/23  (4)
Solana and ibonds were two things that I'd have only known from xo    12/10/23  (1)
I have never had, been offered, or seen eggnog (outside of a store), is it real?    12/10/23  (8)
Me and alzabo nude, 69ing on a lime e-scooter through the tenderloin    12/10/23  (92)
Making Latkes & Jelly Donuts Tonight (TSINAH)    12/10/23  (2)
*pushes Bbooom in a wheelchair off a 9th story balcony, ends his misery*    12/10/23  (115)
bet nurgle tp makes 180 egg nog    12/10/23  (13)
charlie brown voice: "Good grief! JFC, ZOZO!"    12/10/23  (11)
jfc, ZoZo. jfc.    12/10/23  (1)
I am sick and tired of all the fraud. The fraud forms fraudcicles on the trees.    12/10/23  (8)
AIDS-riddled FizzKid finally settling for me now like the end of Forrest Gump    12/10/23  (13)
Ever make cum nog? Dupa?    12/10/23  (1)
Alex Jones account reinstated on X.com (link)    12/10/23  (34)
*watches alien tripod vaporizing city* "They voted for this."    12/10/23  (39)
17 y/o passes the bar in CA    12/10/23  (44)
The muslims that have infiltrated this board are making it incomprehensible    12/10/23  (11)
Ukrainian Defense Near Bohdanivka Collapsed    12/10/23  (2)
they're giving heismans to fake players u never heard of    12/10/23  (2)
Lol    12/10/23  (1)
albany great danes upset idaho to make FCS semis    12/10/23  (1)
Penn pledges to set aside 60% of admissions for Jews    12/10/23  (13)
doodikoff and OYT should fuck to break their dry spells imho    12/10/23  (8)
jewish guy Bret Stephens on free speech on campus    12/10/23  (1)
Bethesda's Game Design Was Outdated a Decade Ago (Starfield is bad)    12/10/23  (3)
America is worthless    12/10/23  (5)
Hot cheerleader's arms explode after trying to turn arms into little duck wings    12/10/23  (2)
Time Travel Article Explaining Taylor Swift DATY Dimension    12/10/23  (1)
Thousands of Army and Navy personnel chant Fuck Joe Biden (video)    12/10/23  (4)
I'm attacking frauds on harder on other platforms than here threatening them    12/10/23  (8)
Going to be wheeled out it f rent of ur prolemobile hit&C$LG ha$ my back    12/10/23  (2)
Holiday PSA: pre-ground nutmeg is 100% GC Goy-slop garbage    12/10/23  (8)
Tonight is the fourth Night of Chanukah    12/10/23  (4)
fox butterfield returns (link)    12/10/23  (2)
Some intellectual Jews are Vox stalk remote agrarian villagers in Madagascar    12/10/23  (9)
Absolutely NEED xo's commentary on this vid of hipsters vs. Israeli instigator    12/10/23  (24)
ITT: share your best Hanukkah gifts so far this year?    12/10/23  (5)
dont forget to like and subscribe    12/10/23  (1)
Cowgod. Karlstack. Cowshit. Cowstack. Karlshit. Think about it.    12/10/23  (17)
gg tp listens to doja cat    12/10/23  (31)
what is 'doja cat'?    12/10/23  (4)
ZHPL diatribe on veganism & the JQ    12/10/23  (43)
RATE these LJL interactions w lit agents (RSF)    12/10/23  (1)
One of the few simple pleasures in life is going to a quaint cheese shoppe    12/10/23  (69)
Alex Jones Claims Aliens Want to Make Humans Into 'Cyborg Slaves of Satan'    12/10/23  (38)
will the xo Ottawa Senators finally make the playoffs this year?    12/10/23  (4)
I'm punching 👊 the next person I see in the face with brass knuckles    12/10/23  (8)
Audrey Hepburn - most beautiful actress of all time?    12/10/23  (28)
ITT we list things that make fat-ass 40-something shitcon "males" MAF    12/10/23  (63)
*grabs your cheeks, looks you in ur eyes* ''We. Are. All. Going. To. Make. It.''    12/10/23  (1)
The biggest benefit to being umc is being socialized to OCI    12/10/23  (46)
National Lampoon Christmas shows how common it was for "normal" boomers to escap    12/10/23  (3)
The GameCube was the most aesthetic console    12/10/23  (16)
Lay awake at night worried TBF will ask me if I'm Jewish    12/10/23  (3)
secretary walks in as i fork chef boyardee beef ravioli straight from the can    12/10/23  (14)

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