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Anglin name-drops CXII    12/10/23  (49)
Hooked a Ukrainian refugee family up with sick Jets tickets today.    12/10/23  (5)
The bulk of the series. Not exactly a lightweight. And yet his son is a fucking    12/10/23  (9)
Having a 180 wife is truly a game changer    12/10/23  (28)
The GameCube was the most aesthetic console    12/10/23  (17)
Consuela thinks everyone who makes fun of him is in “group 2” or a tbf alt    12/10/23  (19)
My brother is in the Israeli military fwiw    12/10/23  (2)
IDF soldiers getting merc'd    12/10/23  (42)
Consuela, i found a PDF of that Hebrew letter consciousness book    12/10/23  (4)
HER to take on a growing role in Biden campaign    12/10/23  (2)
i have ~$6k in free cash right now. what's the best short-term investment?    12/10/23  (10)
OYT is Bald    12/10/23  (1)
   12/10/23  (12)
Asked my wife what she thought of the crazy life she signed up for    12/10/23  (13)
I have no clue about anyone in my family who died more than 20 years ago    12/10/23  (18)
“It’s just an msm lie that you need oxygen to live. Floyd OD’ed”    12/10/23  (1)
Vivek just promised to release Epstein client list on X    12/10/23  (17)
ITT we discuss our espresso setups    12/10/23  (3)
xo has been VERY bad for my images of koreans: chung, jjc, nyuug, etc    12/10/23  (7)
Spaghetti Legs and Arredonda reunited    12/10/23  (1)
No one has even attempted to sexualize MASE and it's been how long?    12/10/23  (1)
Rate this white cowgirl    12/10/23  (20)
WaPo: To Fight Antisemitism on Campus, We Must Restrict Speech    12/10/23  (8)
having a 180 kike moniker is truly a game changer    12/10/23  (3)
Funny thing about golf. Perfect shot feels effortless    12/10/23  (4)
is Trevor Lawrence a top 10 QB?    12/10/23  (1)
Donna Adelson not enjoying jail. TICK TOCK Wendi. TICK TOCK. The bell tolls for    12/10/23  (25)
Mom, no really I'm two degrees of separation from Elon Musk now    12/10/23  (2)
"Pistol" Pete Arredondo to be awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom    12/10/23  (2)
17 y/o passes the bar in CA    12/10/23  (47)
Skibidi dob dob dob yes yes    12/10/23  (6)
Jacksonville Jaguars employee Amit "Alpha" Patel steals $22 million from team    12/10/23  (17)
So "Bernie Sanders" was some fake CIA stooge? Or was he working for Russia?    12/10/23  (1)
Antisemitism is malicious compliance    12/10/23  (4)
RATE This Senior Citizen Gaza Civilian Surrendering (PIC)    12/10/23  (7)
Boner Police was such a lusty trencherman    12/10/23  (13)
Grandpa! Tells us about how you used to sexualize boner police again!    12/10/23  (13)
How do you pronounce MASE?    12/10/23  (6)
its about damn time we talk about sexism in gaming    12/10/23  (3)
Look honey, I know u think Epstein stuff is silly, but this came from Vivek    12/10/23  (1)
Scholarship is The 8th year of 1L The most satisfying. Im applying to ls    12/10/23  (9)
It's okay. You're in a dark basement nightclub in 1998 listening to deep house    12/10/23  (1)
remember these scumbag porn lawyers?    12/10/23  (4)
There’s only two places in the USA worth living—Los Angeles & New Jersey    12/10/23  (15)
ZHPL diatribe on veganism & the JQ    12/10/23  (47)
Campaign Finance Reform looks like it was designed to make politics dirtier    12/10/23  (1)
who the fuck is Same Hyde    12/10/23  (14)
Hehe women    12/10/23  (3)
Boomers blowing your inheritance that's stolen money from you    12/10/23  (1)
So Boner Police = MASE = GJR = Fizzkid = Sam Hyde?    12/10/23  (4)
Sam Hyde really mounted his gut on GJRs ass and pumped some of his dna into her?    12/10/23  (8)
Before? More like "beef whore" lmao.    12/10/23  (3)
ITT: "group 2" poasters    12/10/23  (5)
Here's a guide to all my haters    12/10/23  (300)
DeSantis campaign looks like fraud    12/10/23  (12)
One thing that sets XO apart from Stromfront: primarily populated by Jews    12/10/23  (1)
EPAH to deliver closing arguments in CD Cal next Thursday    12/10/23  (20)
Name an elected official in Wasington with an Italian surname, ever    12/10/23  (35)
Comedy studios keep releasing the Same Hyde.    12/10/23  (3)
If Wendi gets arrested, kids closest non-jailed relatives will be shortporch's    12/10/23  (3)
Did at least 1 guy on earth smother to det 69ing a morbidly fat girl?    12/10/23  (1)
I fucking hate spending money on christmas    12/10/23  (7)
Signed up for match.com and eharmony    12/10/23  (25)
Rate this beat ass escort (link)    12/10/23  (11)
Okay I am Boner Police    12/10/23  (2)
All around the world Same Hyde    12/10/23  (2)
Sam Hyde’s open antisemitism is 180 imo    12/10/23  (29)
Donald Trump: 4 separate indictments. ALL OTHER 44 PRESIDENTS COMBINED: 0.    12/10/23  (9)
How quick can a person get good at Magic the Gathering?    12/10/23  (9)
Alex Jones account reinstated on X.com (link)    12/10/23  (38)
crazed israeli, genocidal kike, and frothing kike rage attend kike agenda huddle    12/10/23  (7)
TSINAH wait is your fiancée preggers already? Congrats!! 🎉    12/10/23  (2)
If Elon interacts with realChrisBrunet again I’m going to jump off a bridge    12/10/23  (7)
So all the Ivy Presidents are backtracking their words and saying sorry?    12/10/23  (2)
MASE Are You Really Engaged? Aren't you around 20 years old, wtf.    12/10/23  (7)
"Who gave him milk milk milk 24-7 when he was a greedy little milkpig?" *soyface    12/10/23  (15)
let's be real here, if sam hyde wasn't Tall he would've already been in jail    12/10/23  (2)
Trump to appoint KUSHNER to pick his Cabinet staff for 2nd term    12/10/23  (14)
Next time xo is in the news it gets called neo nazi right?    12/10/23  (4)
yr 2nd cousin waiting at your front door, needs a place to crash    12/10/23  (1)
Not now mom; I'm on my Nazi gayboy lawchat site for Jewish autists    12/10/23  (9)
mocking bagels (TBF)    12/10/23  (1)
A troubled New York City Jew with a big online neo Nazi secret    12/10/23  (6)
Imagine how dumb and misinformed u’d have to be to be a neonazi!    12/10/23  (3)
"Mark Rothko, born Markus Yakovlevich Rothkowitz ..."    12/10/23  (1)
New app “NoThank” tells you which products are Zionist so you can boycott    12/10/23  (13)
TSINAH Are You Really Engaged? You've Had A "Fiancee" Forever    12/10/23  (17)
"these guys are based af ngl" MASE watching Incel Nazi documentary    12/10/23  (30)
It's time to give Jews control of the White Christian identity movement    12/10/23  (7)
Bill Ackman announces he's buying xo to uncover the identity of TBF (link)    12/10/23  (1)
Bill Ackman and Karlstack soy-facing for the camera at ADL fundraiser (pic)    12/10/23  (5)
Little ole ladies got the magic touch as the Ca$ino    12/10/23  (4)
How much white escort pussy has Kim Jong Un slayed,morethan nyuug's "conquests"?    12/10/23  (4)
making bagels (TSINAH)    12/10/23  (42)
Found news article calling both Sam Hyde and Alt-right "neo-nazi"    12/10/23  (1)
Rate 40 year old Alison Brie in a tiny bikini    12/10/23  (58)
All this nonsense for for a Trump Vs. Biden rematch    12/10/23  (1)
ITT: share your best Hanukkah gifts so far this year?    12/10/23  (6)
Blacks are dangerous and should be avoided (evan39)    12/10/23  (96)
Russia needs Ukraine to exist at all (video)    12/10/23  (4)
Ever make cum nog? Dupa?    12/10/23  (2)
Fuck that stinky pussy white boy / fuck that Asian pussy, nerdy    12/10/23  (41)
Rate this chick who has "LinkedIn Envy"    12/10/23  (3)
199,000 "jobs" yeah right..    12/10/23  (2)
Derek Carr is an incredibly shitty QB    12/10/23  (1)
skibidi rizzler ohio fanum tax sigma level 3 gyatt    12/10/23  (1)
Falling for a Persian Shrew in OC not flame    12/10/23  (18)
literally never heard of the "heisman" ASU transfer until 2 weeka ago    12/10/23  (1)
The purpose of life is to avoid being around black people    12/10/23  (15)
Uber now punishing drivers who avoid picking up criminal niggers (link)    12/10/23  (35)
lesson is clear, avoid interacting w blacks as much as possible    12/10/23  (12)
The cost of housing, private schools, etc. is basically $$$ to avoid blacks    12/10/23  (37)
This is a truly sick, wrong and vile place    12/10/23  (6)
Fat people can save money by buying less food    12/10/23  (1)
Found an HVAC escort poast in the wild (link)    12/10/23  (1)
ELON MUSK retweeted Karlstack (not flame)    12/10/23  (27)
Insane how many releases of the Same Game were just announced @ the Game Awards    12/10/23  (4)
Trial hack: have a case worth taking to trial, not a pile of shit that's DOA    12/10/23  (9)
Bill Ackman drops a Karlstack link    12/10/23  (73)
Girls without "dads" are some of the shittiest fucking people on the planet    12/10/23  (3)
will Cornel West catch fire cuz of Palestine, steal 10-15% from Biden?    12/10/23  (12)
You bout to be lickin my crack homie get dat spicey Raman flava pack    12/10/23  (3)
Jews cheered on shifting demographics because they wanted to fuck over whites    12/10/23  (37)
Will I be able to maek it on a $600k combined income? (TSINAH)    12/10/23  (18)
We are so fucked if Ricky is one of the "good" Jews jfc    12/10/23  (14)
Anyone with a "service" job is a fraud    12/10/23  (9)
driveby where shots ring out in triplet time    12/10/23  (4)
half-smoked zhongnanhai dangles limply from FizzKid's mouth as she chops charsiu    12/10/23  (9)
kike tales! A-WHOO-WHO!    12/10/23  (1)
Michigan QB McNamara + Eric All to Iowa. Ohio State QB McCord + Fleming to Nebra    12/10/23  (1)
important warning for birdshits tp    12/10/23  (3)
*gruffy trucker voice in ur Zog'd&ZoZo'd head* "Damn, u a real POASTPIG today!"    12/10/23  (1)
There is nothing more 180 than Skibidi toilet    12/10/23  (3)
did michael penix jr criticize israel a few weeks ago or something    12/10/23  (1)
What Does ID Shitlaw 10th Yr Associate In Tertiary Market Make?    12/10/23  (3)
Today's NFL schedule is loaded.. can't wait.    12/10/23  (3)
How many Kardashev Type 2 civilizations are in the Milky Way?    12/10/23  (2)
Is CFB Transferring Inherently A Good Thing?    12/10/23  (4)
Skibidi toilet to be inducted into Library of Congress National Film Registry    12/10/23  (1)
Tit Tickler    12/10/23  (2)
About to pull the trigger on a La Marzocco Linea Mini    12/10/23  (3)
Two Swarthy Mizrachi IDF Bros Get Engaged In Gaza (PIC)    12/10/23  (2)
who do you side with on this homeless person issue?    12/10/23  (21)
RANK these cities: Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig    12/10/23  (9)
Having a 180 bike is truly a game changer    12/10/23  (7)
Will Dyke WOC H POTUS Survive?    12/10/23  (5)
New startup selling Peter Pan type hats raises $100m    12/10/23  (5)
"most outstanding player in cfb" never played in a conf CG in his life    12/10/23  (3)
"I Dream of Penie" starring Larry Hagman and Bboom    12/10/23  (1)

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