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4chan saying a different guy is the shooter    07/14/24  (14)
Footage of gunman opening fire before being killed    07/14/24  (12)
Shooter identified as the ghost of Kiev    07/14/24  (4)
Actual pic of real shooter    07/14/24  (1)
Best full video I've seen of shooting and aftermath - link    07/14/24  (14)
On the Trump assassination attempt    07/14/24  (2)
Thomas Matthew Crooks posts twitter video from Hell.    07/14/24  (1)
It's odd coverage of the details from Verified Sources ✅ has been so slow    07/14/24  (1)
JFK, watching from hell: "he missed a stationary target from that distance?"    07/14/24  (5)
Ruling on $7.2M fees motion dropping July 8 🤞🤞    07/14/24  (77)
Bezos and Tom Brady just across some sand traps from Ivanka in Miami (link)    07/14/24  (2)
LOL XO jumped the shark hard today falling for this shit fucking literal retards    07/14/24  (29)
Trump shooter was a registered Democrat    07/14/24  (5)
ear got gangrene and Trump died    07/14/24  (1)
Think Trump motorcade just drove past me on Madison. Was parked by Smiley's deli    07/14/24  (3)
Hillary: "I've waited 35 years for this." Melania: "I'm 35"    07/14/24  (139)
What does the USA even COMPETE with CHINA in?    07/14/24  (7)
If PA shooter was right wing he'd be wearing a big dogs t-shirt    07/14/24  (1)
Trump n-word audio finally uncovered    07/14/24  (1)
Cons the Demolition Ranch shirt doesn’t look good for you    07/14/24  (7)
Son Of India's Richest Man Weds Indian Heiress (PICS)    07/14/24  (8)
Guess shooter's background itt    07/14/24  (7)
can’t wait to hear biden’s response in four or five days    07/14/24  (6)
Kasich, lipstick smeared, on phone: "I'm pregnant, Donald!"    07/14/24  (14)
Should've had US Mint Police guards protecting Trump    07/14/24  (1)
CIA to SS: "We got this building. You guys just hang out over there."    07/14/24  (5)
really absurd how many 5'4" women they have protecting Trump (pic)    07/14/24  (14)
SHOOTER’S HOME IS ON FIRE    07/14/24  (1)
The woman behind Trump nonchalantly recording on her iPhone    07/14/24  (9)
how does SS not have an agent atop every one of those buildings?    07/14/24  (31)
It's Joever    07/14/24  (2)
EPAH's son/tranny clitdick was the Trump shooter    07/14/24  (1)
Shooter ID'd as Nimarata "Nikki" Haley    07/14/24  (1)
Another pic of shooter - link    07/14/24  (14)
Bezos endorses Trump    07/14/24  (2)
Head of Secret Service had long and storied career protecting VIPs    07/14/24  (14)
Illegal Immigration Bar Graph On Screen When Trump Shot Is 180 (PIC)    07/14/24  (5)
The guy who killed Franz Ferdinand was only 19    07/14/24  (4)
Many libs / Many, many, many, many libs / Wish death on Trump / Lord I don't cry    07/14/24  (7)
REMINDER: Lincoln created Secret Service, was killed LATER THAT DAY    07/14/24  (1)
Ivanka Poasted At 851PM; Shabbat In Miami Ended At 851PM    07/14/24  (3)
The last POTUS candidate to be shot was George Wallace    07/14/24  (3)
Allen Dulles | Jim Angelton | Dick Helms | Davie Atlee Philips | Bill Harvey    07/14/24  (3)
Ricky exposed himself yet again as a complete fucking retard today    07/14/24  (11)
"Even Ricky?" ur voice waivers. "ESPECIALLY Ricky" glowers the Gestapo agent    07/14/24  (1)
I’d love to lock obeezy in a small jail cell then blast him with rubber bullet    07/14/24  (11)
explain the though process of npc shareblue pumo talking to self on xo    07/14/24  (5)
Saddest part about today is it brought tbf back    07/14/24  (1)
Would we be at war right now if the assassin had actually killed Trump?    07/14/24  (3)
are secret service agents required to wear french cuffs lol    07/14/24  (8)
Shooter could have gone down in history. Instead he’ll be a laughingstock.    07/14/24  (9)
THE SHOOTER WAS ONLY 20 YEARS OLD!    07/14/24  (46)
Libs realizing they will have to kill Trump to avoid losing this election    07/14/24  (36)
Gunman named: Thomas Matthew Crooks - link    07/14/24  (2)
Elder Scrolls lorists have my friendship    07/14/24  (26)
Benzo, why don't you sacrafice yourself for the greater good and kill Trump?    07/14/24  (4)
FBI at presser just now said SS "wasn't available" for the conference    07/14/24  (1)
They're planning to kill Trump and blame Iran?    07/14/24  (9)
Will libs put shooter on Rolling Stone cover like Boston bomber?    07/14/24  (1)
They will kill Trump before they let him become POTUS again    07/14/24  (3)
"My celly, Javon, showed me the ropes folks. We made ramen in the sink it was    07/14/24  (12)
Flashback: Trump mocks assassination attempt on Nancy and Paul Pelosi    07/14/24  (5)
Living pic of shooter - link    07/14/24  (22)
Trump on the ground bloodied, praying for his life    07/14/24  (1)
libs: DEFINITELY tie this back to paul pelosi’s lovers’ quarrel    07/14/24  (1)
Kamala's remarks    07/14/24  (3)
"Rooftop Incident"    07/14/24  (1)
In the wake of this we must legalize handgun caliber automatic weapons    07/14/24  (1)
My first rifle was a .243 Papa gave ANTIFA and ANTIFA gave it to me    07/13/24  (1)
Libs are having a really bad election cycle    07/13/24  (1)
The media is really going easy on how badly Secret Service fuck'd up.    07/13/24  (4)
well is sure hope counterfeiting is down this year due to the other 3000 ss agen    07/13/24  (1)
Looks like a .223    07/13/24  (3)
the shooter is EXACTLY how i picture lib pumos    07/13/24  (1)
Home Gym Bros: Dumbbell Set Advice    07/13/24  (22)
This lib makes some good points re Trump assassination attempt    07/13/24  (2)
Gym Bros: Rubbers or Bareback?    07/13/24  (7)
Remember when libs forcememed "stochastic terrorism"?    07/13/24  (5)
this is like that scene in 300 where Xerxes gets nicked on the cheek    07/13/24  (1)
Bill it all to my biggest hater    07/13/24  (1)
TRUMP SHOT    07/13/24  (293)
Libs drew first blood    07/13/24  (3)
what the fuck is "iAero Airways"    07/13/24  (1)
wait, so is this why they call Pennsylvania a BATTLEGROUND state?    07/13/24  (5)
Photo of the alleged shooter (alive)    07/13/24  (4)
Trump leaves hospital after apparent assassination attempt; gunman killed    07/13/24  (8)
Really want to go fuck up some libs right now    07/13/24  (1)
Depressed to think less than an inch saved his life today    07/13/24  (5)
LJL Biden tried calling TRUMP and it went to voicemail    07/13/24  (1)
Bystander says he told police and SS about shooter on roof and they did nothing    07/13/24  (19)
/pol/ thinks they have ID'd the shooter.    07/13/24  (12)
Gym Bros: Rubber Or Iron Plates?    07/13/24  (67)
I recorded my wife cheating on me and I can't stop watching it.    07/13/24  (14)
Are the aesthetics of the bloodied Trump photos too good    07/13/24  (4)
Hilary: thrown into car like side of beef. Trump: fight!    07/13/24  (3)
Roger "The Rocket" Clemens: I stand for this man. The angry American is here.    07/13/24  (2)
People named Shane    07/13/24  (1)
FOX has been playing the fist pump vid for hours now    07/13/24  (2)
Cons isn’t this exactly your argument for the 2nd amendment?    07/13/24  (17)
Cons, still think everybody should have access to assault rifles?    07/13/24  (8)
Trump auctioning MAGA hat worn during shooting    07/13/24  (1)
Trump refusing to pay for more secure venue resulted in shooting    07/13/24  (7)
Lmao cons: video proof that Trump didn't even get shot    07/13/24  (16)
Ramen + onion soup mix + cheese powder + butter = 18000000    07/13/24  (1)
Dulles and Kissinger wouldn't have fucked this up    07/13/24  (2)
Libs standing around Time Machine in 2155: "It's only 150yrd, nobody could miss.    07/13/24  (3)
Lab Friend Told Police Seconds Before Trump Shot: "Roof, Roof" (BBC)    07/13/24  (2)
It's a real damn shame how American whites are dying out    07/13/24  (2)
Shooter identified as r/politics mod    07/13/24  (1)
boart snipers how hard was that shot?    07/13/24  (77)
Trump coming out at all future rallies to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"    07/13/24  (9)
"Niggas are Retarded!" *Poasts abt "Bronny James" putting ball in hoop    07/13/24  (5)
Vampire survivors type game with more complex mechanics & diablo 2 art style    07/13/24  (1)
Info on shooter    07/13/24  (1)
Epic pic of bloodied Trump on the ground    07/13/24  (1)
Seeing the people rise up and roar when Trump pumped his fist    07/13/24  (11)
DJT telling Pittsburgh crowd that the shoes were Brioni - very nice - the best    07/13/24  (2)
quick q: Did SS already screen the impromptu liveUFC event Trump is en route to?    07/13/24  (1)
May you live in interesting times    07/13/24  (2)
Trump turning around to show off scorpion jacket    07/13/24  (1)
Undertake throws shooter from roof. He is broken in half!    07/13/24  (1)
NYTimes: Trump shot; Women and minorities hit hardest    07/13/24  (3)
President Trump arising out of coffin like Undertaker before accepting nominatio    07/13/24  (1)
Legit hot chicks used to post here. Now - FizzKidd, GJR    07/13/24  (31)
Dancing Israelis in the distance    07/13/24  (1)
Secret Service tossing Pres Harris in limo after seeing red dot on her brow    07/13/24  (7)
These Trump supporters being interviewed are articulate    07/13/24  (2)
Video of Trumpmo rally witness saying he saw shooter minutes before shooting    07/13/24  (3)
Home Gym Bros: Recs For Power Cage / What To Look For    07/13/24  (151)
Agent Jenkins - WTF?    07/13/24  (1)
Who’s ear is more damaged Trump or Evander Holyfield?    07/13/24  (5)
Just Got Back To IRL From Shabbos. Holy Fuck.    07/13/24  (7)
More historically significant ear: Trump's or Jenkins' ?    07/13/24  (1)
don't get sniped down by dishonest dealerships, come down to MARCO RUBIO TOYOTA    07/13/24  (1)
THE DAILY BEAST: "Trump Just Created One of the Most Iconic Photos in U.S. Hist    07/13/24  (3)
Trump put on one of the best WWE Smackdown performances ever today    07/13/24  (1)
White House confirms that Biden will call Trump first thing tomorrow morning    07/13/24  (8)
CBS: “Why didn’t Trump tell his supporters not to retaliate???!!”    07/13/24  (4)
What are normies saying about the assassination attempt?    07/13/24  (2)
Was in a movie and a lady said loudly "my god, Trump was shot"    07/13/24  (3)
Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.    07/13/24  (2)
Female Sec. Service agent was chanting "Gen Z boss and a mini" on ground    07/13/24  (5)
Tyson on stage playfully biting Trump’s ear at next rally    07/13/24  (2)
Trump adds Lust for Life to rally playlist    07/13/24  (3)
Trump walking out to chumbawamba at next rally    07/13/24  (1)
Trump has no reason to pick a moderate VP now. He should pick Tucker    07/13/24  (26)

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