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a boob job could save me (GJR)    07/22/24  (6)
Biden takes long drag on unfiltered Gitane, "see you at the Bataille box, jack"    07/22/24  (3)
"Gotham City is yours...unburdened by what has been." (Bane Harris    07/22/24  (1)
Dem party imploded and in complete disarray but this is good for libs!    07/22/24  (3)
LOL - secret service agents didn't want to get on the roof bc it was TOO HOT?    07/22/24  (1)
She is objectively the worst Democrat nominee in our lives    07/22/24  (27)
A MAJOR poaster inadvertently outted themselves in the past 24 hours    07/22/24  (35)
Trump: Fake News ABC, the home of George Slopadopolus    07/22/24  (14)
There's a certain thread on the front page right now that we should all ignore.    07/22/24  (2)
Temporarily suspending my queen Kamala schtick. Taking Qs    07/22/24  (19)
🚨 Biden to step down to make Kamala potus and boost her election odds 🚨    07/22/24  (2)
XO Daily Mail: “Kamala is autistic”    07/22/24  (10)
Biden is resigning today    07/22/24  (7)
🚨 SHITLIBS trying to SHUT DOWN Predictit!    07/22/24  (4)
What to do when a colleague seems to have a communication problem?    07/22/24  (5)
Trump's gonna win    07/22/24  (5)
When will Biden resurface?    07/22/24  (4)
Scoop: Biden doubted Harris' election chances (KAMALA HITPIECE)    07/22/24  (10)
On the Redneck Rebellion    07/22/24  (1)
Reminder: Kamala Harris committed MASSIVE FRAUD on the American people    07/22/24  (10)
American Communist Party jus arrive (link)    07/22/24  (22)
Ozempic former fatties have radically changed their shopping habits    07/22/24  (48)
WSJ: How the Bet on an 81-Year-Old Joe Biden Turned Into an Epic Miscalculation    07/22/24  (4)
the political events of 2024 or "The Metal Gear Solid election"    07/22/24  (1)
What’s insane is that DeSantis could have beaten Kamala. But old man Trump won    07/22/24  (1)
Why does China suck so bad?    07/22/24  (31)
Hey! Are Those Bullets in Your NPR Tote? (Ann Coulter)    07/22/24  (1)
Butt Rise: Mayor Pets is up from 1c to 2c on the betting markets    07/22/24  (3)
She can be president, unburdened by what has been (losing every single primry    07/22/24  (7)
So Kamala, acting as VP, will only count legitimate slates of electors?    07/22/24  (1)
Consuela, what was the article you linked    07/22/24  (3)
Biden: but, if, i were diagnosed with a medical issue then i'd step down. (lol)    07/22/24  (3)
Joe Biden too frail to run in 2024 but he’s still our president?(Miranda Devin    07/22/24  (3)
Biden should have SS arrest Kamala and hand nomination over to RFK Jr    07/22/24  (1)
🚨 They FORGED Biden's signature. He's still in 🚨    07/22/24  (29)
Kamala will serve until 2033, replace Thomas, Roberts, & Alito. Insane.    07/22/24  (1)
good morning    07/22/24  (4)
When Trump loses in November he will be sentenced and tried and sentenced    07/22/24  (2)
Does Kamala actually want to win?    07/22/24  (11)
Woman in heels lands CLEAN two-piece on soiboi, KTFO    07/22/24  (1)
I’m sorry but Trump is just too old. He was too old 7 years ago.    07/22/24  (2)
CIA activated FOXDIE inside Biden's bloodstream    07/22/24  (1)
Imagine buying real estate in Spain    07/22/24  (26)
Democrats Flunk Democracy (The American Mind)    07/22/24  (1)
Trump ON THE RECORD to sue Pulitzer Prize Committee within two weeks    07/22/24  (2)
do hot naked guys arouse you?    07/22/24  (7)
Willie Brown: you're goddamn right I fucked Kamala's tight 34 year-old twat    07/22/24  (9)
Just liquidated my 401k to take diaper the gathering and NPB tp to Bali    07/22/24  (12)
Biden was killed by the Covid jab    07/22/24  (1)
JD Vance immediately saved Rasquatch's slimetit pics    07/22/24  (1)
*drives around in a lonely forklift for overnight shift of restocking XO diapers    07/22/24  (10)
JD Vance used to poast here as “Black Eyeliner”    07/22/24  (5)
Kamala has never had kids = tight ass golden pussy ofs    07/22/24  (1)
why is the AutoAdmit server such a piece of shit today    07/22/24  (1)
Really annoying that Pelosi retained so much influence over elections    07/22/24  (1)
Hegemon, my gut thinks Belal is gonna wrestlefuck Leon to a gay win    07/22/24  (2)
Obama, Bill Clinton, Pelosi, and Schumer holding down pillow on Joe's face.    07/22/24  (30)
MASS-SHOOTING reported in EUROPE: libs, explain    07/22/24  (10)
Planning to jerkpff and ejaculate soon    07/22/24  (2)
simp supreme Brian Uecker poasting as .,.,.,.,.,...,.,,.,,.....,.,..,.
   07/22/24  (3)
I told my 11-year old daughter that Joe had dropped out    07/22/24  (5)
GJR here. I don’t post here anymore. I’m not that quotemo.    07/22/24  (47)
I actually think Kamla is quite cute and looks great(Boom)    07/22/24  (10)
"the truth isn't the truth until we say it is haha"    07/22/24  (3)
Teary-eyed Kamala feeding Joe cheeseburgers, letting him play in field before    07/22/24  (12)
"a cruel angel's thesis" playing as Kamala pulls Joe's life support    07/22/24  (1)
It's been years now of being scared to open the trader joe's turkey chili thread    07/22/24  (1)
Reminder: there has never been a "Joseph Biden".    07/22/24  (3)
Kamala. Camelot. Cum-a-lot.    07/22/24  (1)
Hulk Hogan just ripped off his shit at the RNC    07/22/24  (33)
rate my dinner: 2 cans of trader joe's turkey chili    07/22/24  (2336)
boomer Kamala (10/20/64) pulling up the POTUS ladder out of Gen X's reach    07/22/24  (2)
Porn stash found in woods    07/22/24  (6)
Trumpmo but voting for Kamala for PSLF lol    07/22/24  (7)
So they are going to keep Biden('s corpse) in the basement until after election?    07/22/24  (5)
Just shit at work    07/22/24  (1)
Mass Shooting @ White House: 27 Jew Donors shoot Kosher cum into Kamala's pussy    07/22/24  (1)
Voiceover at DNC: "Joe Biden died on the way back to his home planet    07/22/24  (4)
did Kamala Harris suck Jim Clyburn’s peepee too, or just Willie Brown’s?    07/22/24  (2)
Seinfeld addresses Biden withdrawal    07/22/24  (2)
TRUMP probably wishing he had picked GORGEOUS NIKKI now    07/22/24  (1)
Women never respect a man who withdraws    07/22/24  (1)
🚨🚨🚨 MARKETS CRASHING 🚨🚨🚨    07/22/24  (24)
Hey OYT how was Starfield    07/22/24  (5)
oh my god it's going to be a great week holy shit here we gooooo    07/22/24  (541)
Bort moderates/neutrals -- thought on Gretchen Whitmer being the Dem POTUS nom?    07/22/24  (14)
Pajeets are learning from Jews and will soon dominate politics    07/22/24  (15)
Chick cop deploys spike strip on stolen truck - Y/N? Results may surprise you    07/22/24  (2)
Protip: BIDEN will be the last Straight Birdshit Male POTUS ever    07/22/24  (3)
ITT: What does "JD" in JD Vance stand for?    07/22/24  (35)
TRUMP campaign paying BOTS to Tweet 'KAMALA ain't Black'    07/22/24  (1)
Will Trump require insurance to cover boob jobs? Would be 180    07/22/24  (10)
Aslan bust slowly replacing George Floyd in Mt. Rushmore photo from the future    07/22/24  (92)
Space Force Drop Ships Spotted Landing Nightly at Mar-a-Lago (CNBC)    07/22/24  (5)
Trust If Aslan    07/22/24  (21)
ACC matchup Cal vs Miami (oct 5) is proxy for Kamala vs Trump    07/22/24  (5)
Lob Friend opposes the Bake-A-Fish Foundation    07/22/24  (2)
Shabbos Kestenbaum    07/22/24  (1)
Torahvision is telling me to be VERY afraid. Jews?    07/22/24  (10)
Kamala Harris is a Jew.    07/22/24  (5)
A Golden Retriever named Aslan coming to save us all from the Rule of Tash    07/22/24  (31)
Trump announces special immigrant visas for Haggle-People    07/22/24  (3)
RATING POSTERS as things Israel will demand of us if Trump gets elected    07/22/24  (19)
Harris exposes Emhoff's nullo stubs: "This what happens if u don't lick it good    07/22/24  (1)
Tash began undermining your family and society at 3:32 am    07/22/24  (2)
RATING POSTERS as things Israel will demand of us if Harris gets elected    07/22/24  (2)
REMINDER: Trump is Bill Ackman's preferred candidate    07/22/24  (4)
Biden: "I am resigning...resigning myself to another 4 years in the WH"    07/22/24  (1)
When will Biden start Jade Helm 2.0 and start rounding us up?    07/22/24  (3)
awake people let’s castrate ourselves    07/22/24  (6)
'no babe, the ironic trump voters are all ironic harris voters now'    07/22/24  (1)
Poll: When will Queen Kamala push puppet Biden over?    07/22/24  (10)
Queen Kamala introducing Shift the Ape as new VP while Biden abandons Narnia    07/22/24  (4)
"Sir, your Jewish handler is on line 2. Should I hang up your line 1 call?"    07/22/24  (25)
Committing to the Bit, and Each Other (NYT Weddings)    07/22/24  (3)
FEC lawyer grimacing as he reviews filings about Harris 'No Loads Refused' fundr    07/22/24  (1)
Kamala's First Fundraiser @ Jew Donor's Home, themed "Cum Wherever You Want"    07/22/24  (2)
Accidentally told outside counsel "that's mighty white of you"    07/22/24  (3)
WEF loses home page to "Wanda's Erotic Farts" VOD fetish page    07/22/24  (2)
"Four Jews and 17 cocks ago... " -Kamala Harris    07/22/24  (20)
"More like Hillbilly Smellegy" Trump thought as Usha's cooking wafted    07/22/24  (15)
can’t wait to return to a dynamic, fast-paced work environment tomorrow    07/22/24  (11)
Happy auntie! Pipe is arrive, do not resist or Love will not be "So Nice" haha!    07/22/24  (89)
President Kamala refusing nuclear hotline call because "She on her break" (link)    07/22/24  (15)
Usha cowering before Auntie Kamala, tremblingly offering her Jerk Aloo Ghobi    07/22/24  (7)
Julia outslutted by YouTube 'Monika's Money Moves' (link    07/22/24  (2)
"They're calling it "My Ass" and some say, I need you to fuck it."    07/22/24  (2)
is it rape to take a bubble bath and waft the bubbles over ur dick    07/22/24  (2)
Rene Magritte questions French election integrity: 'This is not a pipe burst'    07/22/24  (2)
Consuela getting cavapoo, starting “neo-doodle review”    07/22/24  (3)
MPA did your wife ever try coordinating with you    07/22/24  (6)
Meet Usha Vance's Veddy Sexy 96yo Grand Auntie    07/22/24  (4)
xo is With Her.    07/22/24  (4)
su-su-sudio    07/22/24  (1)
ANDREW YANG is 180. Maybe better than QUEEN KAMALA.    07/22/24  (32)
Seems p wretched that evil fags are converting people into currency    07/22/24  (1)
who do you have for dem veep lads    07/22/24  (1)
Wait so do POTUS and VP both live at WH? Do they share a bathroom?    07/22/24  (1)
WH phone rings at 4am but no answer bc Kamala pressing MyPillow on Biden’s fac    07/22/24  (43)
NYT Op-Ed: The Power of Kamala's Post Menopasual Ambitions    07/22/24  (1)
White House flute plays at 3am; JD Vance undulates slowly out of basket    07/22/24  (31)
Blood from teleprompter shard hitting trump's ear was just leaking bronzer (DM)    07/22/24  (1)
Trumpmos sounding nervous af right now lmao    07/22/24  (23)
Pres Kamala answering WH Phone "Welcome to White House escort services this is K    07/22/24  (3)
Kamala Harris electoral history revisited    07/22/24  (16)

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