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Inflation still doesn't seem that bad imho    10/24/21  (42)
In MFH, even short guys with hot chicks    10/24/21  (2)
If Exeunt's SOL predictions are right, the price can still 100x from here    10/24/21  (41)
Thread of the Day. Experience of the Year. Laugh of a Lifetime.    10/24/21  (2)
Mold, cockroaches, mice - Howard University students protest living conditions    10/24/21  (1)
2022 will be the darkest year in recorded history    10/24/21  (2)
Coming up on 10 months of Biden's "leadership" - any accomplishments?    10/24/21  (2)
Official SOL vs AVAX vs FTM thread    10/24/21  (3)
Joseph Smith: 23 y/o 3d grade education, dictates 268,000 word book out of a hat    10/24/21  (24)
New Dune is 180    10/24/21  (64)
"Yeah come over man, the wife made some bomb ass Lumpia" i texted to spritezero    10/24/21  (3)
The Vietnamese Vince Vaughn    10/24/21  (6)
ESPN threatens to "ruin the lives" of employees who mention 8-0 UTSA    10/24/21  (10)
Rate this 35-year old white woman's body    10/24/21  (7)
Politico: Biden Quietly Deciding How to Cancel Student Loan Payments (link)    10/24/21  (15)
ITT i rate you as a mental illness & prescribe a drug cocktail    10/24/21  (32)
Lost 14 lbs since switching to cooking with duck fat & look 10 years younger    10/24/21  (5)
the only logical choice is to be gay    10/24/21  (7)
hypo: Germans nuke London, NYC, DC shortly before DDay, run out of bombs    10/24/21  (16)
Me and ricky watching NBA christmas games as our wives cook lumpia & pancit    10/24/21  (4)
Did you guys want a link to the new Dune movie?    10/24/21  (8)
Dune, except it's Christian Yelich and his mom leading to Eurasian Futurism    10/24/21  (5)
Almost went three weeks no sex    10/24/21  (22)
MASE Atreides = 180^180^180    10/24/21  (1)
some piping hot alpha for you: a presale for a Solana coin    10/24/21  (18)
OldHLSDude’s approach to life: prestige first, family second    10/24/21  (7)
House Atreides leading humanity along the Golden Retriever Path    10/24/21  (1)
Abortion is such a retarded hill to die on    10/24/21  (78)
I learned patience in life by looking at scrambled pr0n channels waiting for 1-2    10/24/21  (1)
CSLG's poasting becoming more mean-spirited of late    10/24/21  (4)
What is causing Americans to be so fat?    10/24/21  (58)
Wife got new AGC in house job (CSLG)    10/24/21  (36)
Coming home in the 90s and checking the answering machine, tp    10/24/21  (56)
so basically seems like grocery baggers don't exist anymore    10/24/21  (5)
you were insane conspiracy theorist 6 months ago for pointing out inflation    10/24/21  (13)
All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost;    10/24/21  (22)
My wife thought Trump was still president.    10/24/21  (1)
A lazy suburban Sunday afternoon circa 1996, magic hour daydreaming tp    10/24/21  (1)
need an emergent gas station snus order right now tyia    10/24/21  (8)
Board lunatics: tell me about your OpSec    10/24/21  (7)
"Abortion is murder!" screamed the Theocrat as hordes of libs overtake society    10/24/21  (6)
Showed my barber a picture of Joe from Netflix's You. Was escorted off the premi    10/24/21  (1)
Love: where does it come from? Who lit this flame in us?    10/24/21  (2)
BLM and KKK fighting together hand-in-hand to stop the Jews    10/24/21  (2)
And it seems to me that you lived your life like a candle in the wind    10/24/21  (2)
is death penalty worth the cost?    10/24/21  (88)
xo Vincent Zhou in first place after SP at Skate America    10/24/21  (5)
Soros watching Silence of the Lambs: "Bet u $1 we will have admirals like that"    10/24/21  (2)
Do you imagine your sufferings will be less because you loved goodness? Truth?    10/24/21  (3)
Is the depopulation vaxx more of the sterilizing or killing type?    10/24/21  (5)
I remember the first time I went to a law firm dinner at a nice restaurant    10/24/21  (25)
A golden retriever and an alpha AZN man playing Flower circa 2009 on PS3    10/24/21  (1)
Most of my staff call me "daddy" (CSLG)    10/24/21  (17)
Kenny: runs our XO firm with 4 staff and 300 cases You: Post (CSLG)    10/24/21  (48)
Another man sees the same bird, feels the glory, feels something smiling through    10/24/21  (1)
If you were a GM would you trade for Deshaun Watson?    10/24/21  (2)
Calm... that's where it's hidden: the immortality I hadn't seen.    10/24/21  (1)
how much $$$ have you made so far only because of exeunt?    10/24/21  (21)
girl begged me to cum inside her...no condom or BC..explain    10/24/21  (7)
Men are basically children their whole lives    10/24/21  (2)
English footballer Paul Scholes sucking his teen daughters toes on instagram(vid    10/24/21  (3)
No war can put it out, conquer it. I was a prisoner. You set me free...    10/24/21  (1)
the chinese chili davis    10/24/21  (40)
mainlining I'm writiing here and tell me what you think...    10/24/21  (72)
“Cosmic Bootcamp Lives Matter!” the golden retriever barked earnestly    10/24/21  (1)
Twitter bans for saying Man is Woman. Also bans for saying Trump won.    10/24/21  (7)
The Thin Red Line, John Carter, Interstellar, Dune marathon    10/24/21  (1)
Michael Keaton is as senile and gone as ol Sleepy Joe    10/24/21  (2)
trumpmo here just got my first vax shot    10/24/21  (1)
US Rep suspended from Twitter for saying Rachel Levine isn't a woman    10/24/21  (61)
My rug just got here from Turkey    10/24/21  (28)
Is Tiburon in Bay Area chill or batshit lib also?    10/24/21  (5)
Xo is full religious now ?    10/24/21  (16)
I just began liking to take shots.    10/24/21  (3)
Kamala 😻    10/24/21  (3)
Seems like there's still a severe lack of electric charging stations. Am I wrong    10/24/21  (2)
The myth of Global Warming: debunked (link)    10/24/21  (34)
Science: A Future for People With Disabilities in Outer Space Takes Flight    10/24/21  (1)
Visited a biglaw office today. Why so many lifted trucks in the parking lot?    10/24/21  (23)
vaccinated consumers    10/24/21  (1)
Pointing to BLM yard sign: “You see this? It means WHITE NEIGHBORHOOD!”    10/24/21  (56)
Old-fashioned patriarchal Christendom (Disneyland) is beloved by all: Odd case..    10/24/21  (3)
Dune felt like a cross between Lynch Dune and LOTR    10/24/21  (4)
I don't understand people who vote Republican and won't get the vax.    10/24/21  (1)
overheard some lib Asian chick talking and it really hit me    10/24/21  (202)
It begins: 2 killed so far in Texas Race War (link)    10/24/21  (6)
Off to see "Dune" for a second time, almost never see a movie twice    10/24/21  (15)
Companies that hire people but say you cannot take vacation the first year    10/24/21  (17)
SAMOmos should all tip NYUUG 5% if their gains    10/24/21  (48)
Lawyers who don't even own a hammer driving huge pick up trucks    10/24/21  (5)
Paul Atreides in Dune but it's me dreaming of Lily Collins joining Jews for Jesu    10/24/21  (1)
Women would rather be alone forever than settle for a non-Chad.    10/24/21  (14)
Hot wives who are Real Estate agents. Do they ever cheat?    10/24/21  (10)
90s libs: Free Tibet, anti-globalism; 2021 libs: Free Sauron, anti-Gondorian    10/24/21  (1)
🌴crypto Island crypto Island I'm jus tryin to make it on da crypto island🌴    10/24/21  (7)
BLM protestors beat back antivaxx rioters in Brooklyn    10/24/21  (10)
Immediately respect any male cigarette smoker bc they know hard times, have soul    10/24/21  (67)
Finally got my account back from the hacker. Gondorian Lives Matter. Period.    10/24/21  (1)
What is your opener on dating apps?    10/24/21  (71)
A golden retriever with eyes like Shadow from Homeward Bound, tp    10/24/21  (1)
what size lacrosse stick for kid?    10/24/21  (7)
everyone at the top of their field smokes cigs regularly    10/24/21  (2)
The whole reason Alec Baldwin killed someone is they used a female "armorer" ?    10/24/21  (49)
I just want to say hello again; I just want to say hello again: S. Stapp Mindset    10/24/21  (1)
Above all the others we'll fly... This brings tears to my eyes: My sacrifice    10/24/21  (1)
'Cause when you are with me, I'm free: I'm careless, I believe...    10/24/21  (1)
Saw the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen at a wedding    10/24/21  (49)
SF bros, rate my wife’s current location. Not looking too good (pic)    10/24/21  (161)
Am I stupid?Guaranteed a buddy of mine if he put $5k in safemoon & lost it I'd g    10/24/21  (1)
It feels so good to reunite: Within yourself and within your mind    10/24/21  (1)
9 bodies were found in the search for Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie (link)    10/24/21  (3)
Getting Phenibut; what do I get on Liftmode while I'm here    10/24/21  (35)
We've seen our share of ups and downs; Oh how quickly life can turn around...    10/24/21  (1)
nyuug to Fauci: can I have those dog leftovers when ur done with it?    10/24/21  (1)
Within my heart are memories of perfect love that you gave to: oh, I remember...    10/24/21  (2)
Whoa shit! What happened to Chiefs today?    10/24/21  (2)
how to meet hot stripper girls who like nu-metal & are cutters    10/24/21  (4)
James Joyce Jr. rate NY Mag writer Rebecca Traister as a farter    10/24/21  (5)
Hello my friend we meet again; it's been a while - where should we begin?    10/24/21  (1)
how bad is it really to smoke like a pack of cigs a week    10/24/21  (3)
boner police's two dads transitioning to two moms a la wachowski siblings    10/24/21  (3)
fauci inspecting NIH research experiment: "i clearly specified GOLDEN RETRIEVERS    10/24/21  (14)
can a single guy survive on a 50k/year job    10/24/21  (17)
Pinpoint the exact year in which Government Of, For, and By the People perished?    10/24/21  (3)
zendaya in dune w that thing in her nose like mark corrigan's sickly love rival    10/24/21  (1)
Biden lied, Emilio's cousin died    10/24/21  (3)
which premium escort tonight?    10/24/21  (7)
ricky & luis sitting naked, taking turns reading each other bible passages, gigg    10/24/21  (5)
is it true flw ran away from xo in tears over a $150 bet he welched on?    10/24/21  (1)
Trump is a Rejection of the Lawyer Style and Law as a Way of Life    10/24/21  (2)
Jason Momoa in Dune but it's cuttingtable saving elite golden retriever pedigree    10/24/21  (1)
“I love cum and cocks, brother” one of the realest things ever poasted    10/24/21  (11)
October update thread: What % of your NW is in crypto    10/24/21  (16)
Americans may freeze to death this winter due to global energy shortage    10/24/21  (27)
I really appreciated all the Mousemo cameos in Dune (gorgeous Muad’Dib tp)    10/24/21  (2)
Proof that crypto is not a bubble and the future of finance (vid)    10/24/21  (18)
Paul Atreides dreaming of Chani in Dune but it’s me daydreaming of luis    10/24/21  (1)
Biden voter here. Still loling that Trump lost by 7,000,000    10/24/21  (36)
Why is TMF so mad that the PS5 is faster?    10/24/21  (4)
WSJ: Home Prices Rise, and Single People Are Running Out of Houses to Buy    10/24/21  (10)
Trumpmos protest MORE when they're IN power. Explain this.    10/24/21  (2)
Used to think Russell Brand was dumb. He’s actually pretty smart.    10/24/21  (1)
Chandler, went to starbucks today, saw the old dude on his computer    10/24/21  (5)
Hypo: states legalize drunk driving: Nevada, S Dakota, S Carolina, New Hampshire    10/24/21  (2)
i love cigs, i dont care if they kill me anymore    10/24/21  (2)
I thought my dog was going to die last week. Called in sick, cried like a bitch.    10/24/21  (7)
so do these women have handmaidens costumes just ready for protest?    10/24/21  (3)
Insane that Trump is going to be GOP’s nominee again in 2024    10/24/21  (33)

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