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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Rate this white girl who plays soccer at a HBCU and describe her life    02/03/23  (10)
Which XO poster wifed up this law shrew?    02/03/23  (60)
So sick of working with retards and building nothing of lasting value all day    02/03/23  (6)
Why didnt birds evolve vertical stabilizers like planes have? Libs?    02/03/23  (8)
Who are the Top 5 Most Based Jews to ever live?    02/03/23  (27)
80s britpop was soooo cr    02/03/23  (1)
Guy who has had sex with over 1000+ women and 75+ men taking questions    02/03/23  (1)
will you take your kids to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie?    02/03/23  (7)
Hey ChatGPT, can you tell me how white people can improve themselves? Ok, now do    02/03/23  (3)
Frank Lloyd Extremely Asian and Jewish    02/03/23  (16)
Florida now wants to track young girls' menstrual cycles?    02/03/23  (11)
When did you first realize that Jews were the superior race?    02/03/23  (11)
libs: movement to cure disabilities is problematic and ableist    02/03/23  (11)
get pissed off whenever i think about obama    02/03/23  (5)
Smoker taking Qs about tobacco, work and life    02/03/23  (9)
Chinese balloon dumping Biden classified documents all over Helena    02/03/23  (2)
Biden judicial confirmations: 5 white men, 22 black women    02/03/23  (21)
This girl's a good example of wife material - video    02/03/23  (56)
Should I try out Seeking Arrangements on my next work trip instead of Tinder?    02/03/23  (15)
Chatgpt can praise any race except white people    02/03/23  (4)
*Psycho Karen ordering Boo Hoo Child to slap his own balls over webcam*    02/03/23  (10)
The average Boo Hoo Child thread had 8 posts, 5 from him    02/03/23  (1)
Making lots of money that you can’t spend because you will be fired tp    02/03/23  (2)
Remember when Karen was a relevant poster? That ended fast lmao    02/03/23  (12)
💞😍 boner police and GJR are getting back together 😍💞    02/03/23  (6)
🚨 Karen is *not* in a good mood today 🚨    02/03/23  (9)
99 Chink Spyballons...    02/03/23  (35)
How terrible is cancer? Assume u are totally fine with dying.    02/03/23  (18)
Alec Baldwin to take time off from acting to pursue his newest passion: Killing    02/03/23  (15)
Why don't ski racers drop their poles after the first few gates?    02/03/23  (1)
so basically if ur a woman u only have to work like 5 yrs tops, get creampied &    02/03/23  (23)
So did TSINAH get the DA job and MI bar admissions or what?    02/03/23  (5)
Kamala: “If you’ve nothing wrong, no reason to mind the balloon” (vid)    02/03/23  (6)
it's Friday afternoon why are pumos going insane    02/03/23  (5)
if a meeting has woman/man ratio > 1 = will not be productive, total waste of ti    02/03/23  (1)
rly good at business    02/03/23  (8)
4chan is making yellow stickers that say "this product contains insects"    02/03/23  (1)
Ukraine seems serious about using these new tanks right    02/03/23  (4)
*your son pretending to eat cat food* "look dad I'm TSINAH!"    02/03/23  (27)
Cricket trucks replacing taco trucks in Seattle and Portland    02/03/23  (1)
Tate brothers being held for 180 days, court experts say women were “brainwash    02/03/23  (2)
punxsutawney phil predicting 6 more weeks of dupa being a faggot    02/03/23  (4)
Now you can BUY your own breakfast.    02/03/23  (4)
Ron DeSantis has 0% chance of winning Michigan or Pennsylvania    02/03/23  (3)
ITT you link to interesting and funny Lex Tp threads    02/03/23  (32)
I wonder if the new multicultural gay goyslop show from Netflix is any good?    02/03/23  (3)
Reminder: "Cure for cancer" was discovered in 1972, but kikes are withholding it    02/03/23  (28)
There is absolutely no hope for America to ever return to normal. None whasoever    02/03/23  (4)
checking the KPIs on your "FizzKidd" flame vertical    02/03/23  (2)
Nina - 99 Chinkballons.mp3    02/03/23  (1)
Please come ITT and rate this Doodikoff vocaroo    02/03/23  (31)
shareblue out of control what is even the point anymore    02/03/23  (4)
Best state for warm weather but no retarded GOP state policies?    02/03/23  (1)
"Noooo we can't shoot down the balloon!" - guy who owns hundreds of Funkpops    02/03/23  (1)
He stopped unloading today    02/03/23  (2)
Biden admin mandates mask wearing to hide from the balloon    02/03/23  (2)
Top 5 all time QBs now that Brady retired?    02/03/23  (81)
come on Barbie; let's go party    02/03/23  (2)
Who actually abuses fentanyl?    02/03/23  (20)
FizzKidd vs. 433 mud wrestling showdown    02/03/23  (3)
Women who say "suck my dick" and similar things    02/03/23  (2)
Mrbeast curing 1000 ppl of blindness is actually evil and bad (buzzfeed)    02/03/23  (1)
Zelensky: there will be no retreat from Bakhmut - link    02/03/23  (15)
going to a brewery later    02/03/23  (6)
“Thats not a spy balloon!” Screams your 5 year old opening a paw patrol at b    02/03/23  (2)
TV shows that succeeded by identifying an A-lister in their first season    02/03/23  (36)
angry merchant tp why the hate for me?    02/03/23  (2)
new TikTok challenge just dropped. Teens try to fit Chinese spy balloon up their    02/03/23  (1)
What search engine do you use?    02/03/23  (3)
I get my news from cryptic numbers in my dreams    02/03/23  (1)
Awfully nice of Ukraine to let Russia decide when/where decisive battles occur    02/03/23  (14)
Unemployment rate the lowest in 60 years    02/03/23  (12)
Citizen Kane is the Ocarina of Time of movies.    02/03/23  (7)
"Another tombstone w/ 'I still unload'?" (teens smoking pot in graveyard, 2070)    02/03/23  (3)
WSJ: One Father’s Desperate Plan to Rescue His Son From America    02/03/23  (3)
Bathtubs with sliding glass door - let’s bash these TTTs    02/03/23  (2)
Which POTUS got the most pussy over his lifetime?    02/03/23  (5)
Jeremy stopped...unloading todaaaaay    02/03/23  (1)
Anyone fly first class internationally long haul a lot?    02/03/23  (3)
Live - Cum, Discussion    02/03/23  (1)
McDonald’s stock has 3xed since 2013    02/03/23  (1)
I built my first computer from scraps of old machines lying around the house    02/03/23  (4)
John Kerry under investigation for secret meetings with CCP    02/03/23  (8)
genetically engineered eyes in your rectum so that you can put a tv in there    02/03/23  (1)
Every room in my house has a phone jack    02/03/23  (12)
Biden delivering for Americans on jobs and infrastructure?    02/03/23  (22)
What % of married couples 'love' each other vs. settling down before too late?    02/03/23  (1)
*slaps Three-Day Notice to Poast or Quit on front door*    02/03/23  (2)
Will Russia launch a massive offensive on February 24?    02/03/23  (2)
just learned about the ballon. Americans are getting cucked hard    02/03/23  (4)
Gunneratt is a stupid fucking faggot    02/03/23  (77)
odds that China would float a spy balloon over Trump's USA? (hint: zero)    02/03/23  (1)
a certain sort of "chill" friday afternoon of internet poasters raging at each o    02/03/23  (6)
Do AUSAs who work in the DC Superior Court get good trial experience?    02/03/23  (5)
Blacks are a musical people! *puts on monotonous, tone deaf rap*    02/03/23  (18)
Should I order a bbq buffalo chicken pizza topped with Ceasar dressing    02/03/23  (11)
Confirmed: Russia took out a HIMARS launcher (proof)    02/03/23  (6)
Call of the Wild, but it's an attorney reverting to ancient tribal clan-law    02/03/23  (1)
Tolkien’s wife looks 180    02/03/23  (4)
Angel put your Sysco Slop in the oven at 2:26 PM    02/03/23  (16)
As an older guy, do you ever stop falling for much younger women?    02/03/23  (40)
General Counsel Confidential Jobs New York, NY Remote 3 weeks ago 65 applicant    02/03/23  (1)
Morning, libs! Ready for another day of carrying water for the Chinese gov’t?    02/03/23  (105)
I make about 15k a month after tax and barely save anything    02/03/23  (4)
We should have nuked China the second that balloon entered US airspace.    02/03/23  (6)
We can't make fun of proles on here anymore.    02/03/23  (59)
me chinese me pray joke    02/03/23  (1)
Minnesotan gets six months in jail for raping two girls under age 10 (guess race    02/03/23  (15)
REMINDER: FLW doesn’t have any alts. Also he’s not jewish.    02/03/23  (39)
lmao i just realized Kilns4Kikes tp is pepito    02/03/23  (7)
Meeting on med mal cases in a couple hours    02/03/23  (25)
gunnerattt, when did you start breeding shitpits?    02/03/23  (1)
Tired: 99 red balloons. Wired: 1 spy balloon    02/03/23  (1)
When Xi Jinping rears his head and his balloon enters the airspace    02/03/23  (4)
Can anyone name something a Banker has done for them?    02/03/23  (5)
No drinkmo here. Going to get a case of Budweiser after work.    02/03/23  (9)
How did couples pre-birth control only have 1-3 kids? Just never had sex?    02/03/23  (33)
luis, im back to on double cheeseburger diet    02/03/23  (22)
Ukrainecucks: guess which city Russia has designs on in the next 60 days    02/03/23  (37)
Who’s more satisfied with their side’s progress: Russiacucks or Ukrainecucks    02/03/23  (1)
A repeated unsolicited wall of text describing heinous sexual self-mutilatilatio    02/03/23  (4)
Chinese spy balloon fucking your ass and you loving it. R.I.P.    02/03/23  (1)
Gunneratt is a cute fuckable faggot    02/03/23  (2)
Is Mayor of Kingstown the most accurate show about the nature of niggers?    02/03/23  (2)
Why can't jews cook?    02/03/23  (28)
Chinese spy balloon staring down horde of BLM protestors in library    02/03/23  (2)
The U.S. should retaliate with thousands of Winnie the Pooh balloons    02/03/23  (3)
Happy auntie! Pipe is arrive, do not resist or Love will not be "So Nice" haha!    02/03/23  (80)
Oh! Bhahbi Auntie! The kisslove is so happy for chocobar, my mistress. Do touch    02/03/23  (3)
doodikoff i just bought a powered standing desk. I feel so fit and alpha now    02/03/23  (1)
Influential House Republican blasts Biden for not doing ENOUGH for Ukraine -link    02/03/23  (4)
Desi Auntie, You see now the bird who piped! He is here for you :)    02/03/23  (5)
Chinese balloon tearing it up at the club on Friday night    02/03/23  (3)
Chinese spy balloon currently hovering over US airspace    02/03/23  (76)
What one consumer item most captures America's decline and fall?    02/03/23  (62)
100% poverty, 100% real unemployment, 100% full employment job numbers tp    02/03/23  (3)
Does Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes (GameCube) hold up in 2023?    02/03/23  (2)
Could you handle this thicc powerlifting white girl?    02/03/23  (33)
Creed - My Sacrifice plays on loop as I battle simp crew in numerous subthreads    02/03/23  (4)
Former FBI Director McCabe: FBI must put Hunter laptop store guy in jail    02/03/23  (61)
**CNN'S Don Lemon IN HOT WATER for SCREAMING at Kaitlin Collins**    02/03/23  (3)
oy 'e got buggered in e's mouf 'e did    02/03/23  (1)
Happy America--balloon is arrive!    02/03/23  (1)
doodikoff is the most down to earth poaster    02/03/23  (52)
celebrate balloonar new year    02/03/23  (2)
Bill Watterson has become a legal recruiter    02/03/23  (12)
Who the fuck gets tats on their cleavage? How is that even a thought?    02/03/23  (1)

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