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Is Flannery O'Connor the GOAT?    05/10/21  (30)
Toxic Poasts if XO were all WOMEN: The 2021 EDITION    05/10/21  (15)
Hilarious how many people on xo believe in GOD    05/10/21  (137)
gee bee tee eye    05/10/21  (1)
Has Adnan Sayed gotten the needle yet? This turdnigger’s gotta go    05/10/21  (1)
Explain BALL LIGHTNING    05/10/21  (4)
Been watching Family Matters w my kids, surprising shows like this were made    05/10/21  (37)
Silver has no resistance past $35 until ATH at $60    05/10/21  (8)
Cigarettes After Sex - Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby    05/10/21  (1)
"there must be somethin over here he likes!" henry screamed at rowan on springer    05/10/21  (14)
$2.5M net worth by 40. How lame?    05/10/21  (8)
reminder: in hyperinflation your salary stays the same but costs go parabolic    05/10/21  (26)
shadowstats.com proves costco hotdog+drink combo should be $1,400 before tax    05/10/21  (2)
maybe if i post abt the same thing over & over people will think i'm interesting    05/10/21  (4)
When does Vietnam or Thailand reopen?    05/10/21  (10)
anyone have LEGIT irl friends? like straight up?    05/10/21  (29)
US Military commits to phasing out White Phosphorus for Black Phosphorus by 2028    05/10/21  (2)
Why is racism bad exactly?    05/10/21  (77)
Why has everything doubled in price since Biden took office?    05/10/21  (2)
Even breadsticks are too expensive now    05/10/21  (1)
Anyone else eat at least 5 candy bars per week?    05/10/21  (27)
Y2J Punches HBK's wife (shoot)    05/10/21  (2)
wtf, first ETH classic and now DRGN is back to $5?!?!    05/10/21  (5)
Maintenance manuals put out by the Brother corp must be seen to be believed    05/10/21  (6)
Are we at the point I need to stock up on thermal rifle sights for $3k a piece?    05/10/21  (3)
I don't think I want to work anymore    05/10/21  (30)
hacked? like, with a machete? *cackles*    05/10/21  (1)
spaceporn holding up "defund CPS" sign    05/10/21  (54)
Biden's Amerikkka: Tiger roaming Houston suburb, Birdshit treats it like Darnell    05/10/21  (1)
ETHEREUM classic made me so much fucking money    05/10/21  (7)
"there is no inflation, it's just that all supply chains were, um.. hacked?    05/10/21  (5)
The fact that these various "logistics problems" are a coverup for inflation is    05/10/21  (8)
Spaceporn asking for the menu @ Center for Missing & Exploited Children    05/10/21  (104)
NYT: Elizabeth Warren "blasts" gatormo for not instituting poaster UBI yet    05/10/21  (3)
XO India listed as the most racist country in the world    05/10/21  (14)
life spent collecting fiat to buy things that make you miserable    05/10/21  (2)
spaceporn picking up a nerf dart, smelling it, like an indian wilderness tracker    05/10/21  (18)
Eth $4k waiting room    05/10/21  (25)
Seems 1/10 poas know someone w covid, but 3/5 w adverse reaction to vaccine    05/10/21  (18)
Peak SOL: CTRL+F reveals 0 results for SOL on XO front page    05/10/21  (3)
3 years ago was 40 years ago...    05/10/21  (1)
Flannery O'Connor never had a boyfriend, probably died a virgin    05/10/21  (23)
"we need to fool dipshits re:inflation" "np lets go with russian hack again    05/10/21  (1)
SOL is beginning work on their improvements using their 100 M Investment    05/10/21  (8)
New Macbook is coming out    05/10/21  (10)
"The Racist" by Steve Miller    05/10/21  (13)
"There's no inflation, it's just that everything is worth more."    05/10/21  (2)
Haha yep we’re gonna tell the Goyim that a long tube of gas was “hacked”    05/10/21  (9)
Australian basketball star complains that Australian Olympic team is too white    05/10/21  (3)
ITT: Toxic poasts if XO was all women    05/10/21  (350)
if covid *only* killed 1% of <18 yr olds, boomers would have refused lockdowns    05/10/21  (5)
Have libs gone after Flannery O'Connor like Mark Twain yet?    05/10/21  (17)
Baron Trump, our 7 foot Charlegmane    05/10/21  (2)
COMEX officials urgently looking into creating ETH futures market    05/10/21  (4)
   05/10/21  (1)
anyone have LEGIT prole friends? like straight up?    05/10/21  (48)
Read some Flannery O'Connor tonight.    05/10/21  (3)
Is Flannery O'Connor cr?    05/10/21  (6)
Question, how are there people on XO saving money for kids' "college"    05/10/21  (1)
girls shaped like mewtwo    05/10/21  (5)
ITT Single white female version of JJC    05/10/21  (2)
the govt spends most of its time trying to entrap its own citizens?    05/10/21  (5)
How much are you paying in crypto taxes this year?    05/10/21  (15)
LOL at sellcucks    05/10/21  (14)
Eth up 4 bucks in 5 minutes LJL at sellcucks    05/10/21  (2)
bye kids, have fun @ state-mandated marxist anti-white indoctrination today    05/10/21  (3)
A sellcuck and a nocoiner walk into a bar    05/10/21  (1)
ITT Denzel Washington drops a TRUTH BOMB on the Mainstream Media    05/10/21  (6)
Want to party in MFH? You may need a vaccine passport    05/10/21  (17)
Truth is, as long you a thicky thick girl you know that its on... that its on    05/10/21  (1)
floyd "fiat money" mayweather    05/10/21  (3)
I can’t believe I got this bullshit vax    05/10/21  (41)
so basically you are ruled over by profoundly mentally ill freaks that hate you    05/10/21  (13)
Uber driver told me he's average $87/hr the last two weeks at night    05/10/21  (5)
Cuttingtable/physical silver tp... just word of advice that foreign currency    05/10/21  (5)
knees weak, dad is heavy, there's kimchi on his sweater already, xian spinelli    05/10/21  (8)
Which Megalopolis has higher total GDP? Northeast USA or Great Lakes USA + CAN?    05/10/21  (1)
Can we just ban TT already    05/10/21  (23)
decided to become an electrician apprentice    05/10/21  (2)
Xo posters are richboi fags making 350k who pretend they care about working clas    05/10/21  (17)
Date was saying all kinds of crazy shit this morning like I violated her. Freaki    05/10/21  (8)
How To Transition From Male To Female (WikiHow)    05/10/21  (5)
I love cum and cocks brother (cslg)    05/10/21  (110)
wow another day of getting money and trying to fuck awful women on a shit planet    05/10/21  (7)
are megachurches cr for people in their 30s    05/10/21  (7)
yeah honey im going to cum in that sexy bbw ass (ryder's rich h    05/10/21  (5)
Is the Millennial generation unsustainably large?    05/10/21  (5)
The Fed should just take a couple trillion out of economy quietly    05/10/21  (6)
Twitter employees "asked to view 1 hour of homosexual porn a week"    05/10/21  (11)
Essay by a 76-year-old man in 1913 reflecting on his 1840's childhood:    05/10/21  (18)
US trying to buy chinese goods in 2022: "do you accept CRT training as payment?"    05/10/21  (1)
my local mcdonalds is now 100% latinas    05/09/21  (4)
"alien" crop circles seemed to have only existed in the 90s    05/09/21  (4)
Smithsonian announces plans to construct new "False Flags Museum" in DC    05/09/21  (1)
Oil & brush just magically lend selves to painting nature but God doesn't exist    05/09/21  (2)
Why do Rothschilds list their height in Wikipedia articles    05/09/21  (2)
Silver coin inventory on eBay is rapidly declining    05/09/21  (14)
would Trump have let this extended federal unemployment thing keep going    05/09/21  (3)
What if someone acid attacked Spaceporn’s 🤡 face like joker origin story    05/09/21  (50)
Tim Pool on the looming hyperinflation    05/09/21  (23)
when did xo become really, really, dumb?    05/09/21  (156)
will shit be ok in 5 years    05/09/21  (6)
benzo is innocent until proven guilty.    05/09/21  (10)
remember: there are "professional" investors buying bonds w/ -10% real rate now    05/09/21  (15)
something "off" about election night..    05/09/21  (4)
Cowgod has an autistic callousness in his posting. Weirdly emotionally stale guy    05/09/21  (9)
Could QT get away with Dead Nigger Storage scene in Pulp Fiction today    05/09/21  (3)
reminder that we live in a post-scarcity world    05/09/21  (2)
Does anyone capture the cultural moment more perfectly than Gay Grandpa?    05/09/21  (6)
Society seems to be taking its time returning to normal    05/09/21  (16)
the cash me outside girl made 3 million in 3 days with her only fans account    05/09/21  (2)
So, Jews were reviled even before the Holocaust?    05/09/21  (8)
If you don't like what we tell you to believe in, we'll kill you.    05/09/21  (4)
what's a good all purpose revolver that also has good balance to spin on finger    05/09/21  (4)
Heard Jordan Peterson do the “see you ten more times before you die” line    05/09/21  (14)
Small firm lawyer. How do I set up so I pay the least taxes?    05/09/21  (1)
Sad story about Ma’khia Bryant, the girl shot by cops as she lunged with knife    05/09/21  (8)
America is taking back its foreskin...    05/09/21  (3)
When I Applied to College, I Didn’t Want to ‘Sell My Pain’ [NYT]    05/09/21  (4)
2,000 years: dead sky dude was your therapist for free; Now? $80/hr    05/09/21  (13)
Can my employer find out about side income if i work for gov?    05/09/21  (5)
they started with your foreskin and you gave in every step from there    05/09/21  (2)
Now a good time to buy vti or vtsax or no?    05/09/21  (6)
Princeton boasts that 68% of its new class identify as students of color.    05/09/21  (34)
whoa nigga that shit is fuk    05/09/21  (1)
Mig is a schizophrenic lunatic    05/09/21  (21)
why does Aaron Rodgers’ family hate him? because hes gay?    05/09/21  (7)
😷 🦍 🍗 🥂 SICK NIGGER WEAR THE MASK 🥂 🍗 🦍 😷    05/09/21  (1)
180 part of Ricky Schtick is asking about what car 2 buy for 8 years    05/09/21  (11)
"hey jaime, you want a pay raise huh? pull up that CPI graph for me    05/09/21  (1)
“Barstool Sports” should be illegal.    05/09/21  (5)
The cottage cheese they produce when horny    05/09/21  (2)
is BTC dead and ETH our new savior    05/09/21  (24)
remember: there are "professional" father figures w/ -10% god scores    05/09/21  (2)
I skip the Christopher scenes on Sopranos re-watches    05/09/21  (30)
Still tickets available for the Cardano rocket ship.    05/09/21  (2)
Basic issue for most XO bachelors    05/09/21  (193)
still pissed i didnt fuck those "fat" girls in hs    05/09/21  (2)
I hope to one day build a 500,000 square foot home on 2,000 acres    05/09/21  (2)
Why did human babies evolve to cry all the fucking time?    05/09/21  (10)
I could go to Glacier Park every day if I wanted to    05/09/21  (22)
If the governing principle of all your decisions is maximizing your childrens'    05/09/21  (4)
Imagine reading peter jordanson's new book    05/09/21  (1)
Solana will be worth 500 next year at this time    05/09/21  (3)
Times Square shooter is black, muslim sounding name, libs already in panic mode    05/09/21  (15)
Here's what David Lynch does before going to the same Denny's every day    05/09/21  (3)
Rate this teen Jacksonville rapper naming his murder victims in a song    05/09/21  (47)
So Doodikoff was only sick for like 12 hours?    05/09/21  (25)

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