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An equality of proportion that puts man in the middle of nowhere

ATOM/MAN = MAN/SUN An atom to a man is like a man is to t...
bronze bossy friendly grandma
In other words, when we look down at the atom we see the Sun...
bronze bossy friendly grandma
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Date: November 25th, 2021 1:58 AM
Author: bronze bossy friendly grandma


An atom to a man is like a man is to the sun.

We are very small and incomprehensibly tiny compared to our life giver, the Sun. We are also immeasurably larger than the constituent parts of our bodies and everything around us, the atoms. We are giants beyond compare and we are smaller than bacteria by order of millions in comparison to the stars, whose glowing white dots sprinkle the clear night sky. We are giants and insects. Essentially, it is a relativistic universe, where no size exists, either large or small, unless compared with something else to give it perspective. Otherwise, it is simply a sea of many things swirling around each other, and by some measure, holding steady and simply holding ground.

Some shine with infinitely abundant light, multiplied by an infinity of number.

A worm crawls on the ground as the Earth moves at 100,000 km/hr around its star, while the Sun and everything in its orbit revolves around a super-gigantic black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy at the stupendous rate of around 850,000 km/hr.

How is this all possible, I cannot imagine, and it is only maybe possible because there are such demarcations of reality driven by such enormous gulfs in size differences.


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Date: November 26th, 2021 1:24 AM
Author: bronze bossy friendly grandma

In other words, when we look down at the atom we see the Sun, and when we look up at the Sun, we see the atom.

If the world of atoms is incomprehensibly small, then the existence of the Sun is incomprehensibly vast.

Just because the Sun shines as a glowing white hot ball somewhere in the corner of the sky, as if from within it, does not mean that its appearance to us constitutes a relationship built on a bridge of understanding. Just like we cannot see these phantom objects called atoms, or understand them, so neither do we truly "see" the Sun, as it is compared in scale to us. We merely see a phantom image that glows with painfully intense radiation and basks us in it, or from it, but we do not comprehend the Sun on an intuitive level like we do regular objects.

And that is merely the Sun, and other stars. Their amalgamations which spirally move together around a common center is perhaps another object of interest, another level of reality, much further removed from us than the Sun itself. There are one hundred thousand million suns in the galaxy, and that is a number many times larger than the number of human beings populating the entire Earth. Just as you cannot conceive of the entirety of the human race all at once, similarly you cannot perceive the much greater immensity of the stars that make up our galaxy, it is numerous beyond direct apprehension. What's a large gathering? One hundred thousand strong at a mega concert or an event? It's a drop in the ocean.

Or think about this fact: if the Solar System were the size of a quarter, then the galaxy would be the size of the United States.

We are merely there, wherever we are. Just put somewhere, in a vast ocean between incomprehensible vastness and incomprehensible vastness, into a definitive place to which we belong. Even to be an insect or a bacteria would bring an enormous change in perspective, but still would keep us locked away from even further worlds, much, much further than we can ever conceive of in the bones.

Life surely is an accident of nature's design. And at the same time, the center of reality and all creation, because it is just so. Everything sits in its place, without question, without demands, and firmly upholds reality, day by day, without fail. Almost like a never-ending dream.


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Date: November 26th, 2021 1:33 AM
Author: Thriller library police squad