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UK data shows vax does nothing against infection.

Whether it is UK Health Security Agency (-2x infection rate ...
underhanded infuriating bawdyhouse

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Date: November 25th, 2021 6:41 AM
Author: underhanded infuriating bawdyhouse

Whether it is UK Health Security Agency (-2x infection rate in vax v. unvax 19-49 and higher in vax for all but the youngest) or Zoe from Kings College, the vax is pretty much useless, and may be negative. Sure, Zoe lumps all cases together and shows those with two doses and it makes it look like unvax are the issue, but when you back out the under 18 (which is like 40% of cases in the UK) you see the vax v. unvax track about the same percentage as percentage vaxed.

The real bad part is that this is with 25% of the UK with booster.

Yet everyone still says vax prevents infection pretty well (and thereby spread), and that is true, for about three months, and at six months, it’s almost gone, and at nine months, it’s negative.

Every bit of data is being presented as pro vaccine in the most misleading way possible. It would not surprise me if UKHSA pulls the vax v. unvax cases by age soon. I know that they have not updated on reinfection. The data must be very favorable to the previous infected for them to withhold it. Maybe XO Sweden will take up the charge ….