Where your hard earned money comes to die.  \

Where your hard earned money comes to die.
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it's official. Israel controls America. (pic)    09/18/17  (3)
Here's why the Ethereum platform will be the foundation for a new economic model    09/18/17  (5)
(((media))) is deliberately labeling Hurricanes as Category 5 so that the Goyim    09/18/17  (2)
Sticky: Peterman's lower back    09/17/17  (6)
I hear a lot of guys running the I-84 corridor are pumping and dumping Petercoin    09/17/17  (8)
Ugh. Just panic sold everything. Reassure me please. Feels like it will only go    09/17/17  (9)
What is this? How do we contact the mods?    09/17/17  (6)
the "back" button on the "new message" page redirects to the college board:    09/17/17  (1)
play poker with REAL satoshis for free:    09/17/17  (1)
Truckers playing cornhole using a full size Ikea bean bag and peterman's gaper    09/16/17  (6)
Any Truckers bi? Married? Curious? Straight? Just looking to get some amazing he    09/16/17  (1)
I'm going to advertise this board on /r/ethereum    09/16/17  (6)
Electroneum ico    09/15/17  (3)
Luis, lot of guys in this pump group are long on neo now    09/15/17  (4)
How do you know if its a bull trap or not    09/15/17  (1)
Looks like ETH is in serious trouble soon if this chart out of China is correct    09/15/17  (11)
Please send me some crypto. Pretty please with sugar on top.    09/15/17  (2)
Boiling Sierra MYST    09/15/17  (6)
Chinese Yuan BTC trading down to 6.5% last 24-hrs volume from 10% yesterday    09/15/17  (18)
2040: Peterman sticks wall mounted dildo to the front of a self driven BIG RIG    09/15/17  (3)
STICKY: Peterman opening a spread position on TRUKR    09/15/17  (9)
What are the next good ICOs to put money into?    09/15/17  (2)
crypto    09/15/17  (1)
Leave Peterman alone. But seriously when did this truckerfucker start?    09/15/17  (7)
wait wait hold up, did Peterman get the bullying vocaroo DELETED?    09/15/17  (2)
Peterman fucks and sucks truckers for $$$    09/15/17  (3)
Does anyone have experience buying/shorting BTC on margin?    09/14/17  (3)
How much are you buying the dip?    09/14/17  (4)
Interesting website to see proportion of currencies trading    09/14/17  (5)
hehe    09/14/17  (2)
If you don't want to see Peterman rape threads just stay "On-topic only"    09/14/17  (1)
peterman's foetid fuckhole is disgusting. just utterly revolting.    09/14/17  (1)
Short-term rally getting started?    09/14/17  (9)
Crazy line analysis is stupid    09/14/17  (1)
When did Peterman turn gay?    09/14/17  (7)
This will fail    09/14/17  (2)
Trucker sucking fagboi peterman asking to be paid in finestride    09/14/17  (3)
Not sure if we're going to break out of this downtrend    09/13/17  (14)
Opinions about WTC (Walton)?    09/13/17  (6)

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